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Shane: On Urban Meyer

Urban Meyer: mad genius or drama queen By Shane from Centerpoint A race driver hits the wall extremely hard. A bull–rider gets slammed and stomped. A batter takes a fastball on the chin. Inevitably, it usually takes some “down time” before these athletes are back to full speed, especially from a mental standpoint. Ditto for […]

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Shane: Does the SEC really care?

By Shane from Centerpoint What do college basketball, pro golf, and NASCAR racing have in common? All three couldn’t pay the bills if they depended on SEC fans for income. In spite of media-generated perceptions designed to convince us otherwise, I believe these and many other sports mean very little to SEC football fans. I […]

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Shane: F-bomb targets the nation

By Shane from Centerpoint Paul Finebaum is not your typical sports radio talk show host. The majority of those who get paid to sit behind the microphone avoid controversy like it’s the plague and the resulting broadcasts are usually a benign mix of stats and information they read from the newspaper. Not Finebaum. He thrives […]

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Shane: Respect Auburn’s pugnacity

You’ve got to respect Auburn’s pugnacity By Shane from Centerpoint Standing in the White House and being acknowledged by the President as the 2009 national champion leaves no doubt that the University of Alabama is once again an elite college football program – a powerhouse. At the rate they are progressing the Crimson Tide already […]

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Shane: 2009 Tide was one of football’s best

2009 Crimson Tide – one of college football’s all-time greatest teams By Shane from Centerpoint Throughout the course of college football history fans have witnessed some truly amazing performances on the gridiron. They’ve seen dominant teams produce amazing results on the road to the national championship. In fact, several of those champions left permanent impressions […]

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Shane: AU family vs. Crimson empire

The Auburn Family versus the Crimson Empire- A juxtaposition By Shane from Centerpoint I have information coming from a usually reliable source telling me that the Auburn football program is well on its way back to national prominence. That same source also tells me that head coach Gene Chizik believes that his team is loaded […]

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Shane: Early 2010 SEC rankings

Getting a head start on 2010 SEC pre-season rankings By Shane from Centerpoint Finally, college football’s recruiting circus is over. The real work is about to begin. Off-season conditioning programs, spring training, and eventually fall camp will replace the over-hyped drama of the events surrounding national signing day. Attention can now be directed towards the […]

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Shane: Auburn gains momentum

Auburn gains momentum with amazing recruiting success By Shane from Centerpoint New head coach Gene Chizik came to Auburn amid controversy and doubt. The infamous “heckler” incident along with the Tiger fan base’s general lack of confidence in the young football coach’s abilities (mainly due to his 5-19 career record) were indicative of the uphill […]

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Shane: Auburn reaches for the stars

By Shane from Centerpoint I’ve often said that the Auburn football program would probably never be able to compete with the University of Alabama unless it cheated. Apparently, as evidenced by the multiple punishments and resulting probations over the years, several of the head coaches who’ve lead the Tigers in the past agreed. So much […]

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Shane: Saban could be Bama’s next Bryant

By Shane from Centerpoint After watching the Alabama Crimson Tide football team physically whip the Texas Longhorns – the second most talented squad in America – an old, yet familiar air of confidence began to envelope me. You know, that winning attitude every Alabama fan carried like a badge during the seventies, a 10-year era […]

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Shane: SEC bowl results embarrassing

By Shane from Centerpoint SEC Commissioner Mike Slive should send a special thank-you note to Urban Meyer and Houston Nutt. He could add Mark Richt to the list as well. Those three head coaches helped salvage the nation’s perception that the SEC is America’s toughest football conference. He could also acknowledge Gene Chizik and Bob […]

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Shane: Urban Meyer taps out

By Shane from Centerpoint Wow! Lately, the Gator nation must feel like they’ve somehow gotten the wrong part in a bad movie. First, disaster struck when Florida fans were forced to witness the dismantling of their football empire by the Alabama Crimson Tide in the SEC championship game. Now, the man who built the empire […]

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Shane: 11 reasons why Alabama will defeat Texas

By Shane from Centerpoint Warning! You are about to be bombarded from all sides with an enormous amount of (mostly useless) information. Soon every talking–head that can get his mouth in front of a microphone, hand on a pen, or face in front of a TV camera will spew his opinion on the upcoming national […]

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Shane: Ingram leaves the mark of a champion

Photo from fOTOGLIF NCAA College Football Alabama runningback Mark Ingram speaks to the media after winning the Heisman Trophy at the Marriott Marquis in New York City on December 12, 2009. UPI/John Angelillo Photo via Newscom By Shane from Centerpoint University of Alabama running-back Mark Ingram is the best player to ever wear the crimson […]

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Shane: Florida no contest – Texas is toast

By Shane from Centerpoint With seven minutes left in the 2009 SEC championship game, the television announcers were attempting to keep people tuned in because it was evident by that point that the game was over. CBS’s Verne Lundquist finished by pointing out that Urban Meyer and his Florida Gators’ 22–game winning streak was over […]

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Shane: The Iron Bowl—it is what it is

By Shane from Centerpoint I’ve got to give the Auburn “family” a great deal of credit. The coaches, the players, and the fans invested every ounce of their hearts trying to upset their ultimate rival Alabama. I have no doubt that Pat Dye – Auburn’s former head coach and current top spokesman – is proud […]

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Shane: Trouble on the Plains

By Shane from Centerpoint When Auburn head football coach Gene Chizik took the job he said he was prepared to step up and do whatever it took to establish authority and gain complete control over the football program. Chizik promised an almost militaristic (drawn from years spent as military brat) approach to team discipline, vowing […]

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Shane: A simple plan – Tide’s stats tell all

By Shane from Centerpoint There is nothing new or revolutionary about the “process” Alabama coach Nick Saban uses to build a winning football team. The Crimson Tide head coach utilizes an extremely tough off-season conditioning program and combines it with the simple philosophy that great defense and a superb running game are paramount to being […]

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Shane: Ring of Crimson Fire

By Shane from Centerpoint In spite of the over-hyped pomp and pageantry surrounding last Saturday’s match up between Alabama and LSU, the Crimson Tide resolved the contest in its typical business-like manner, using brutal football fundamentals to relentlessly pound the Bengal Tigers into eventual submission. With Nick Saban football is a four-quarter game, and his […]

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Shane: The SEC after nine weeks

By Shane from Centerpoint This league is definitely no place for the weak. On the other hand, it may be even more dangerous for the strong. On any football Saturday in the SEC, the weakest team can rip the strongest team’s chance to play for the national title away in a split-second. Actually, overall records […]

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Shane: Survival of the fittest

By Shane from Centerpoint Make no bones about it, SEC powerhouses Alabama and Florida are getting their opponents’ best shots. Coaching staffs from middle-of-the-pack conference foes are burning the midnight oil attempting to dethrone the divisional “bell-cows”, showing the nation that life in the SEC truly is a weekly battle to survive. Want proof? In […]

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Shane: Chinks in the armor

A Critique of a champion By Shane from Centerpoint In my opinion, Alabama running–back Mark Ingram cemented himself firmly as the front-runner in the Heisman trophy race Saturday night in Bryant-Denny Stadium. He sliced and diced his way through Steve Spurrier’s South Carolina Gamecocks like a Ginsu knife through butter. Ingram touched the ball 26 […]

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Shane: A theory on Lane’s latest comments

Tennessee’s Kiffin praising Saban’s staff for a reason By Shane from Centerpoint Question: When does an SEC head coach help another conference team recruit? Answer: Never. On Wednesday, October 14th (out of the blue), Tennessee coach Lane Kiffin decided to lavish praise upon Alabama coach Nick Saban and his staff. Tuesday, in the middle of […]

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Shane: Tigers trapped, Tide keeps rolling

By Shane from Centerpoint Separation Saturday has always been a day when the best SEC football teams begin to separate themselves from the rest of the pack. The competition gets brutal and every game presents an atmosphere filled with urgency. Survival of fittest becomes realistic fact. The Auburn Tigers traveled to Fayetteville, Arkansas, undefeated and […]

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Shane: Great athletes abound in the SEC

By Shane from Centerpoint With his sidekick Dont’a Hightower out with an injury Alabama linebacker Rolando McClain took no prisoners in Kentucky’s Commonwealth Stadium. He devastated the Wildcats with 12 tackles, a momentum shifting interception, and a tipped pass that lead to another pick. The Crimson Tide’s defensive captain also caused a fumble that was […]

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Alabama football: Pennington lives his dream

By Shane from Centerpoint Many young men in the state of Alabama grow up dreaming of playing football for the University of Alabama. There are only a few who actually complete the journey and fulfill their desire to wear the famed “crimson jersey”. However, there are some who are destined to reach that goal and […]

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Shane: Through Crimson-colored glasses

By Shane from Centerpoint The Alabama Crimson Tide cruised through Saturday’s dominating victory over Bob Petrino’s Arkansas Razorbacks like a bull elephant, stomping the Hogs with surprising ease. That’s two years in a row that Nick Saban (actually Kirby Smart) has made one of the nation’s best offensive minds look clueless. Petrino entered Bryant-Denny stadium […]

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Shane: Who’s number one?

By Shane from Centerpoint I saw the best team in the country play football Saturday, and it wasn’t playing in Austin, TX or Gainesville, FL. Urban Meyer and his Florida Gators struggled at home to beat a very average Tennessee Vol team and Texas still hasn’t played anybody yet. Before you throw it out there, […]

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Shane: The Tide and Tigers advance

By Shane from Centerpoint In the preseason pundits pontificated profusely about new Auburn head coach Gene Chizik, claiming that his chances for a successful first season would clearly fall at the feet of Tiger offensive coordinator Gus Malzahn. So far, Gus looks like a genius. However, considering the competition Auburn’s faced to date, I’ll hold-off […]

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Shane: Crimson Tide in the hunt

By Shane from Centerpoint After we watched this year’s version of the Alabama Crimson Tide perform in the 2009 season opener one thing is certain – this team can make multiple (normally fatal) mistakes, easily overcome them, and recover quickly to pound their opponent into the turf. Eventually, the Tide offense hammered on a stout […]

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