Anthony Grant supporters attempt to divide Alabama fans

Alabama Basketball: Coach Anthony Grant Tenure Death Watch

Alabama basketball Coach Anthony Grant’s future is in doubt. As the ultimate Alabama reporter dropped a hint on Twitter last night about pressure building to fire Anthony Grant.

Alabama basketball needs new leadership.
Alabama basketball needs new leadership.

According to Cecil Hurt, “Sounds like substantial 11th-hour pressure being brought to bear on Bill Battle re: UA basketball program.”

But that isn’t shocking, or at least should not be shocking considering the horrible state of the Alabama basketball program, and the improving fortunes of Auburn’s basketball program thanks to strong leadership from Auburn Athletic Director Jay Jacobs.

What is shocking is how some Anthony Grant defenders want to characterize the mood in Tuscaloosa.

One prominent Alabama basketball blogger said, “A mob mentality has taken hold of certain groups of the Bama Nation… It seems like a contest is in progress to see who can be the biggest jerk in the world. It’s a close race. It’s a contest that none of you will ever win. You all lose, and this dash to see who can be the most outrageous and most offended is a joke.”

It is not shocking that people are sick of Alabama’s pathetic performance in basketball. It is not shocking that people post mean things on the Internet; however, I have not seen anything offensive about Anthony Grant. Truth is most Alabama fans wanted him to succeed just as much as they wanted former Alabama coach (and Alabama player) Mark Gottfried to succeed.

What is offensive is when Anthony Grant defenders attack another caste of Alabama fans. Like this example, “Let me say this, if you are not a graduate of the University of Alabama you don’t get to have an opinion. I know many of you love Alabama. But this a problem for people who attended the University to decide. I’m not calling you second class or saying you don’t love Alabama. I’m sure that almost of you do. This is like a family squabble. The family has to do the right thing.”

Yes, you are calling Alabama fans that did not graduate second class when you tell them to butt out of your “family squabble.” The imputation there is clear—non-graduates are not part of your family.

This is the most divisive thing written to Alabama fans in years.

It is telling fans, “Thanks for your cash, but shut up.”

It is intolerable and a disgusting attempt to divide Alabama fans while Anthony Grant’s future hangs in the balance.


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    Y’all know I was BIG Fan of AG…But I agree he had to go..Be careful hat you wish for…Steve Prohm is my choice now…I hope BB gets a winner…NOT a loser…
    Roll Tide

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