Rank the Best Alabama Football Teams of All-Time

Here is your chance to rank the best Alabama Football Teams of All Time. Tell us which Alabama Football team you think is the best ever.

The list below is your chance to tell us which Alabama Football Teams are the Best of All-Time.

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    I think head-to-head the 2011 team could beat any other Alabama team there ever was. Its really hard to compare teams from different era’s. As good as Bryants 60’s and 70’s teams were they would probably get manhandled by any of Alabama’s teams from the last 5 years. Different styles and players are on another level than back then.

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    I’m partial to the ’92 team. Lights out defense, power running game, all-around play from “The Deuce.” The only defense I’ve ever seen play an 11 man line of scrimmage and dare a Heisman QB to throw the ball. The 1945 team is one of only 5 teams in the history of the sport to beat every opponent by 14 or more points. They’re also the team that made the west coast take their ball and run home and tie-in with the Big10 for the Rose Bowl.

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    Hunter Ford

    I was a kid in 1979 and that team made a big impression on me. 1961 team had a tremendous defense

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    As an Auburn fan I still say that Gene Stallings is one of the most under appreciated coaches in the history of CFB. Bear and Nick’s names come up often when talking about the best , but they did not have to put up with all of the distractions ( personal and job related) as CGS did. Bear and NS run their programs with an Iron Fist , and seeing how the Bama program wavered without a dictator type coach , I can see why. As a fan of a Rival team , I would say the 92 team would be tops on my list and 2011 and 1978 tied at the #2 spot.

  5. 9
    crimson hammah

    votes for 41 are barners mocking….but 41 was hot at the right time and how many times in bb and bb do you see a hot lower seed team win the championship…

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    My only issue with the 1992 team is that they were so regarded as the underdog. That’s not to say they weren’t a great football team; they’re still my “favorite” Alabama team of all time, for what it’s worth, and Jay Barker is still my favorite Alabama quarterback.

    But Miami was the heavy favorite because the 1992 Alabama team wasn’t the clear champion before the game against Miami was played (yes, Alabama claims the 1992 national championship).

    The 2012 team, however, it’s hard to argue against. Losing to TAMU, for example, seemingly came down more to the OC making 4 terrible calls in a row rather than the team not being the best in the country from head to toe.

    Truth be told, that 2012 team could have won a title in any year against any team, including against the 1992 Alabama team. Beating that 2012 Alabama team netted Johnny Manziel a Heisman (no trophy without that win) and over $100 million for TAMU’s stadium, the largest in its history and a long overdue one at that.

    It’s all a bit subjective anyway, so Roll Tide!

  7. 11
    crimson hammah

    71 Bama should be on this long list….obliterated the barn with the heisman winner …the game defines both programs yesterday today and forever….turned the ball over and got into a unrecoverable ditch vs a greatest nebraska squad

  8. 12

    everybody has their opinions. There will never be a uniform agreement on this subject. For me it’s the 2011 team. The one loss was a fluke and was redeemed in historical fashion. The greatest defense in the history of college football. And that’s not just an opinion. It is a statistical fact. An offense that just blew away everybody including the second best defense in history in the BCSNCG. The only win I can think of that was sweeter than the 20-0 shellacking of LSWho was the 50 year belated annihilation of Notre Dame in Miami.

  9. 13
    Hunter Ford

    The 1994 team was really good. It went 12-1 with the only loss coming by one point in the SEC Title against Florida.

    The 1991 team lost to Florida early in the season but recovered to win nine or 10 in a row including a bowl game against a pretty good Colorado team.

  10. 15
    Hunter Ford

    The 1999 team was one I always felt could have won a natty with a couple of good breaks.

    We lost Shaun Alexander to injury for the Tennessee game and lost that game, and we lost a game to La Tech we never should have lost.

    Beat Florida twice, won the SEC and lost to Tom Brady and Michigan in the Orange bowl after blowing a lead and missing a PAT in OT

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