Former Auburn player chastises Auburn Family over treatment of Rashaan Evans

ITKFormer Auburn tight end Phillip Lutzenkirchen has had enough of what he’s seen and heard.

Lutzenkirchen took to Twitter today to let his voice be heard about the mistreatment of the Evans family at the hands of Auburn people.

His commenting on it marks the first official word (I’ve heard) of an Auburn representative speaking out on the harrassment being committed against this poor family.

Lutzenkirchen’s tweets:


Auburn talking heads like Al Del Greco, Justin Hokanson, Phillip Marshall and others are yet to report what is really happening to this family in Auburn, condoning the activity with their silence.

At the time of this article, neither has Jay Jacobs, Gus Malzahn, or anybody in leadership at Auburn University.

We applaud Lutzenkirchen’s courage to go against the grain and boldly do the right thing, regardless of the storm that’s sure to follow. Afterall, you don’t speak out against the Fambly.

Will Auburn’s leadership now follow suit? Or will more cheap comparisons and stone throwing ensue?

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