Auburn blows last BCS game to end SEC’s championship streak

by ITK

It’s one thing to get there. It’s yet another thing to have and do what it takes to win it.

The Auburn Tigers, fresh off the most unlikely, luck-filled season in their luck-filled history, had a chance at completing their mission of being the team of destiny.

Problem is, destiny apparently got held up in Dallas.

Jameis Winston showed guts, heart and the fortitude that made him the 2013 Heisman Trophy winner in leading the Seminoles to a last minute touchdown to claim the final BCS National Championship. The game’s MVP did what he does, slicing through the Auburn defense like a searing knife through warm butter.

Like many Auburn games this season, it was a game of what if’s. What if the officials had actually flagged Auburn for a myriad of penalties that went uncalled all night. Holds, facemasks, horse collars…even Tre Mason spiking the football in the endzone which should have resulted in a 15-yard penalty on the ensuing kick-off.

And now, Auburn fans will play the what if game. What if they had actually won the trophy, something the last seven SEC teams have done. But instead, the Tigers now fade into the shadows with the rest of the also rans that nobody remembers cleated up for the big game, opposite the eventual champs.

But instead, a third world country will now enjoy free 2013 Auburn National Championship t-shirts. Myself, I’ll have one for FSU very shortly, reminding every Auburn fan who sees it what they weren’t able to do.

All in. All family. All Auburn. All losers of the only trophy that matters.

And all uphill now for the Tigers, as only Alabama has found themselves in the big game the following year. Everyone else slips off the face of the earth.

But who knows. Maybe another incredible streak of unbridled, unprecedented, unbelievable luck will strike again in 2014. Maybe. Yep, I’m gonna go with that…

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    • 2

      It really shows how tiny your dick is by talking shit about a team that lost a great game to a deserving opponent. But keep the “little brother” diatribe going.

      • 3

        And it shows how dominated mentally you are by Alabama that you show up here shortly after your magical season has ended.

        But don’t worry, as sad as you are this morning, I am equal parts giddy, elated, happy, joyful, overwhelmed, overcome, estatic…you get the idea.

        You’ll be back though. Keep believing…

    • 4

      I have two words for you:


      It’s there you’ll find three crystal footballs like the one AU couldn’t win.

    • 6


      1st – Lighten up
      2nd – Sorry your team is responsible for ending the SEC’s NC streak
      3rd – Stop “pretending” to be a Bama fan. It is sad and pathetic….because you actually think you are fooling someone.

  1. 7

    Thanks for reminding me that “champions” right countless blogs about their rivals. And while the loss certainly stings, it is fun to get on here and fuck with your head ITK

    • 8
      The Conduit

      As you can see though, Auburn fans are one of our biggest markets. That’s what it means to be Little Brother in the first place. I think it would be silly not to “write” for our audience.

    • 9

      Stings? It hurts so bad, Steve, you don’t know the difference between “write” and “right.”

      This one is devestating for the Auburn program. Sheer, unimagineable good fortune got AU to that stage, not hard work. AU should’ve leveled off at 9-4, something they will do next year, at best…maybe worse when Robinson declares for the NFL.

      It was a fun ride. Hope you enjoyed it.

  2. 10
    The Conduit

    Auburn seemed to lose the discipline in the second half that was working out for them in the first, epitomized by Mason’s spiked ball in the end zone. At least he didn’t take his helmet off in the open field to celebrate on 3rd down…

    I’m just glad the hurry-up-no-huddle offense didn’t win. It looked goofy as ever if not just as effective and we missed at least a dozen snaps in the first half alone because the broadcast booth thought we had time to watch a replay. How silly of them.

    And frankly, I liked the way Florida State played football. If the goal of the BCS is to find out who the best team is, I have no problem agreeing it’s the Seminoles. Great story, great coach, and yes, great football. No major injuries on either side to argue about, no confusion on ref calls in big plays, no fights, Auburn had just about everything go their way in the first half and the benefit of some questionable-at-best referee calls or no-calls in the second half and it still wasn’t enough to become #1, and isn’t that what it’s all about?

  3. 11

    Will the refs refund Bobby Lowder his payoff money? I’ve never seen such blatant one-sided officiating. Auburn should have been penalized at least a hundred more yards.

    • 12

      You talking about the one play where the Auburn defender committed a facemask penalty with one hand and a horse collar tackle infraction with the other??


  4. 13
    The Conduit

    Also, a caveat here, I personally don’t like the hurry-up-no-huddle style offense. I know it’s here to stay, and no, the reason why I don’t like it isn’t because the two teams that beat Alabama this season used it.

    But between both Oklahoma and Auburn, I don’t think they needed it. On fundamental football execution, both teams had success and talent. No, they wouldn’t have won as many games without the hurry-up-no-huddle, but as a football fan is it wrong for me to want to see teams with that kind of talent just man up, line up, and play football? When Auburn played straight up, they still looked very good. Their defense in particular was impressive, albeit they didn’t like up against a HUNH offense.

    But even with the HUNH, they couldn’t be #1. I’m sure to Auburn fans it just sounds like I’m being a jerk, but maybe it’s for the greater good of the sport a more fundamentals-based team went undefeated and won the national championship game to seal the BCS era.

  5. 14

    I was totally shocked the PI penalty was called that late in the game with all that Auburn was getting away with. At least one fat ass out of shape official wasn’t wearing orange blinders. At least on that play anyway.

    • 16
      The Conduit

      It was almost a smart penalty. It’s hard to say he wouldn’t have caught that pass without the interference.

      But the interference was very agressive and obvious, plus it was on 3rd down in a 4th down must-score situation.

    • 17

      I guess the same official who called it was having a hot dog when Mason spiked the football after his last TD, something that is a penalty EVERY TIME in college athletics.

      Except when the barn is playing.

    • 18

      “At least one fat ass out of shape official wasn’t wearing orange blinders.”

      Must have been a mixup…and this guy was left out of the payoff.

  6. 19

    The simple fact that you wrote a page long article on your rival losing is very telling. Keep trying though. I didn’t realize we were in your head so bad

    • 20
      The Conduit

      You’re our audience. That’s why Auburn is called Little Brother. If Auburn fans showed up on Oklahoma sites to congratulate them, for example, rather than to gloat over an Alabama loss, or if “BEAT BAMA” wasn’t commissioned by Auburn to be installed on their campus and the entire culture changed, maybe it would be different.

      • 21

        I am starting to get a STRONG feeling that Cantdoit and ITK are really a ” Couple” . You can not say one thing or question anything ITK says without Cantdoit running in to defend his life partner. It has become so obvious that Candoit has started using words like ” Our” and ” us “. When did you guys go out of state to make it official? Then Cantdoit is trying to say he was in New Orleans for the Sugar Bowl, when really he was in some sleezy motel letting ITK plunder his booty. The Sugar Bowl might not have been sweet for bama , but Cantdoit would not know because he was face down in a pillow the entire game.

        • 22
          The Conduit

          Again, it’s spelled, “The Conduit.”

          And no, I was in New Orleans. I do my best to make it to Alabama’s bowl games, but I definitely wouldn’t have missed a BCS bowl game, ever.

          That’s some very creative writing though. Why not write for your team sometime?

          Oh, who am I kidding, right Little Brother? Roll Tide.

    • 23
      The Conduit

      Also, we’re football fans. Wouldn’t it make less sense not to write an article about the last game for nine long, boring months without football?

      Maybe it’s a good thing you didn’t go to the game after all. The better team won, maybe that can be a consolation.

    • 24
      # 1 al. fan

      Aww Steve, it’s not that you cow doctor wannabes or in our head so much, it’s just that whenever you get upset by Aawbarn in any sport it’s downright ‘EMBARASSING’ at least we got beat by a fairly good Okie team and not by some ‘basketball’ conference team! let’s keep things in perspective…….. RTR

    • 28
      The Conduit

      No it’s not.

      It’s great to be a champion.

      It’s great to go to bowl games.

      It’s great to write for your alma mater.

      It’s great to see your Hesiman winners in person at your bowl games.

      It’s great to see replay, the snap on every down, and the football itself.

      • 29

        heisman winners? heisman winner………you already claim mythical championships,now your claiming heismans,just great…How about this,genius..Mark Ingram,your one Heisman winner,plays for the New Orleans Saints,the Sugar Bowl is played in New Orleans,are you following A pattern here?Or do I need to dumb it down.The Sugar Bowl is played in the same dome that is home of the New Orleans Saints,,Mark Ingram didnt have to travel far,I am sure If Cam Newton played in the same city that hosted the corresponding bowl game,he could have made it.BTW,college football didnt start in 2009,like so many of you BAMAGUMPS think nowadays,,do you even know who the hell Bo Jackson is?,was he not there ,I do believe so,if you dont know who he,here is A hint,most folks consider the greatest college running back ever,,,wore # 34,yea,as much as you have tried to wash that image from memory,there it is,you know who he is now.,,,,,,,damn Gumps

        • 30

          LOL….now barners are reaching some 30 years into the history books to try and grasp relevance with two clinched fists!

          Bo is fat, he stutters, and his face is in dire need of rhinoplasty. And he’s like that creepy guy who graduated years ago but still lurks around your high school.

          I just regard him as the runningback who lost his last two Iron Bowls to Bama and never won a championship.

        • 31
          The Conduit

          No, you don’t need to dumb it down—-you already did without even knowing it.

          I love Bo Jackson. I wish more Auburn fans represented the university like Bo does.

          Bo knows. He was incredible.

          Mark Ingram was there at the Sugar Bowl in New Orleans where he plays pro football, yes. He was also at the other championship games (not including the one he helped win himself, before you throw that at me). He was at the SEC title game last year, for example, and the Tennessee game in October etc.

          Cam spent 8 months in Auburn. What, you think he can’t take a jet to California? He can. He didn’t. He wouldn’t. Getting prepped for losing the playoffs in week one? Good grief.

          I can understand why you don’t go to bowl games when Auburn gets into one. I just can’t relate. I went, and I came back because I had work to get back to, just like Cam Newton would have if that’s the argument.

          And yeah, more mythical championships garbage. How about I’ve seen AJ McCarron win more titles than Auburn “claims?”

          Regardless, I wasn’t claiming Alabama has multiple Heisman winners. That’s your own Little Brother bias putting words in my mouth again. But yes, Alabama’s winner goes to Alabama games, and I saw plenty of other Heisman winners at their alma mater’s bowl games. As a matter of fact, it seemed like Cam Newton was the only one who couldn’t show up? Weird, or representative of Auburn?

  7. 38
    Elite tiger

    It is great to be an Auburn Tiger, and you will never understand that. Congrats to FSU on the win. We came up one play short, so there is nothing to be ashamed of. We proved we belonged in the game by our play on the field. The refs did miss the horse collar, as they did miss all the holding on their offensive line. Number 50 for us was blatantly held on the last td, but no call. That is the breaks, and the one fan base who benefits more from missed holding, pass interference, and celebration penalties, with never a flag thrown, doesn’t need to complain about anybody else. Forgot to mention targeting as well.
    I look forward to next year. We will be better on defense, and we return nearly all on offense. Robinson will go pro, but we have recruited well on the offensive line. This years IB may be an elimination game for the playoffs, and though I hope you lose every game, I want it to be another winner take all type game. If it is, I like our chances.

    • 39
      The Conduit

      You’re right about one thing; I’ll never understand being an Auburn Tiger.

      For example, congrats to FSU on the win? Why not say congratulations to FSU but actually say it to FSU and their fans?


      I’ll never understand being an Auburn Tiger.

      • 40
        Elite tiger

        There is no shame in losing to a good team. And when you do, you can carry yourself with class, or you can be a Bama fan. Because when you lose, the other team cheated, the sun was in your eyes, or whatever the excuse of the day is. I don’t like losing but it is going to happen. We are losing several starters, but we have a lot coming back, and because this staff coaches up the players, we will be in the mix for it all next year. It is more important for me to do a good job, and provide for my family, than it is for us to win a title. It is called perspective, and right priorities. Obviously, I want all of them, but if not, the sun shined today. And if it didn’t, it wasn’t because of the outcome of a game. That is what your fan base will never understand. If it isn’t the title, it is worth nothing according to y’all. How about doing your best, or trying to? Isn’t that what “the process” is all about? Doing your best all the time, and when you do that, the results will follow.

        • 41
          The Conduit

          But you’re the one making excuses and saying Alabama fans said them?

          Then you talk about class… by gloating about it on your rival’s Web sites?

          And the only thing important to Alabama fans is winning titles? Can you please stop putting words in our mouths then basing your opinion of us and your argument against us on those very words?

          You asked about doing your best. Well, that’s what Alabama teaches us explicitly and deliberately. Winning titles is a side effect of that process.

          Auburn, however, doesn’t say the same thing. Instead, Auburn preaches, “Beat Bama.” Maybe now you can start to see the difference.

          That, or you can spend more of your time on Alabama websites making up reasons to tell them how much you hate them and how Auburn is a better culture for you telling us how awful we are. Good grief.

        • 42

          Elite Tiger, thank you for your moving statements. And for generalizing an entire populace of people called “Bama fans” based on your own narrow experiences, biases and views.

          We are now all better people from having heard your wisdom. Oh, and…


          And if you think you’ll be “in the mix for it all” next year, you’re smoking crack! Check the history books, pal. Only Alabama has returned. UNREAL luck got you there in the first place. Yeah, THAT’S gonna happen in 2014 too. LOL 🙂

    • 44

      You’re losing seven quality starters, possibly 8 if Mason goes pro (and he certainly has the stats to do so).

      But this is where you tell me that player X is better than your starter anyway because of explanation Y. You know, how you regard Jeremy Johnson as “actually better than Nick Marshall.”

      AU propaganda….it’s alive and well!

      And, you’re right, it IS great to be an Auburn Tiger…as long as you redefine the definition of “great” to mean lower shelf expectations and being fine with not winning it all.

    • 45

      Elite Tiger-
      “It is great to be an Auburn Tiger, and you will never understand that.”


      “The Family”


      “All In”

      Sounds cultish.

  8. 47
    Bama Born

    ROLL Noles ROLL,

    The cows are back in the pasture.

    I think gustoff did it to himself. At 1:49 left in the 2nd quarter, he decided to play fundamental football. His outcasts didn’t play very well from that point on. There is more wrong with gustoff’s offense than basic fundamental football. The scheme is based on misdirection and disguise. Of course, that’s what the barney’s bite on. Pretending to be something there are not. How many hearts were broken last night in a belief of destiny? Reality sitting in today?

    You best believe I am thrilled. The next best thing to a BAMA victory is a barn loss, and when it was in your grasp and true fundamental sound football snatched it from you, I celebrated. I will continue to celebrate your defeat as I can’t thank the Noles enough.


      • 53
        The Conduit

        Wait ITK, maybe he’s right? Maybe it’s good to be Little Brother?

        I guess we’ll never know.

        See, because we’ll never be Little Brother. We’ll always set our own goals, that way Little Brother can have the goal based off that, again.

        • 54

          Well, it’s good to be Little Brother because the Big Brother is the one that has to do all the hard work.

          Little Brother just sits back and lives in Big Brother’s wake.

          So, yes, it must be good to be Little Brother. Weegle!

          12-2 and NO CRYSTAL FOR YOU!!!

    • 57
      The Conduit

      Why is it so great to be Little Brother? Or are you just trolling Alabama fans for the sake of representing Auburn’s culture?

  9. 58

    BAMAGUMP NATION in full affect…No matter how hard you rag Auburn about losing in the BCS title game,it won’t wash away the humilitation of getting owned by Bob Stoops and Oklahoma,especially after he shit talked SEC defenses at the beginning of the year,and you were A 17 point favorite,what did you do,you got slapped in the mouth and cowered down like A bitch,so before you shit talking Auburn,take A look at your huge embarrassment.Little ol Oklahoma walked up and slapped you right in the mouth,what did you do,you drop to A knee and start crying for mamma.ROLL GUMPS ROLL

    • 59

      I believe we call this tactic a deflection. Because we’re all supposed to be dumb enough to believe losing a meaningless bowl game is the same as choking on applesauce, blowing an 18-point lead (the largest in BCS history) for ALL THE MARBLES.

      Yep, they’re the same alright! HAHAHAHAHAHA!

      • 60
        The Conduit

        Wow. Losing to Oklahoma is one thing. Blowing a lead like that in the BCS National Championship game then citing Stoops’ comments on SEC defenses? That’s Auburn for you. Wow. Unreal.

        Look at all the Oklahoma fans here gloating. Oh, no, wait, they don’t do that, they’re a respectable culture and a historic program with a leader for a coach.

    • 61

      Oh really asshole? If memory serves me, It’s Alabama who has 3 of the last 5 National Championships. It’s Alabama who has a 72-9 record over the past 6 years. Oklahoma doesn’t have diddly shit since 2008. Free Shoes has nothing but 1 National Championship after an embarrassing last second win over Awbie who has a suckass defense. Awbie has a Questionable National Championship after getting away with continuously mugging Oregon’s players and winning at least five games they should have lost. Nobody wins them all. Bama doesn’t have a damn thing to be ashamed of. It’s all of you three motherfuckers who need to be keeping your fucking mouth’s shut and a low, low profile. And by the way, Bama’s offensive and defensive stats against the Weagles were better than Free Shoes were. You never dominated Bama, much less lead 21-3 in the third quarter. AJ pounded your asses while date raper Jaboo looked like a fool most of the game. Give AJ back the ball with 3 timeouts and 73 seconds on the clock and it would have been Bama stomping shit out of FSU, because their defense isn’t as good as Bama’s and Bama has been hell on pro style offense’s like FSU runs for 6 years now. Free Shoes went undefeated – barely – so they deserve the National Title. But FSU is not even close to a great team. Would have finished 6th or 7th in the SEC. Next year there will be four, so none of you bastards can escape us, regardless of what happens in the regular season. Bwaa Haww Haww! Roll Fucking Tide Roll!

  10. 64

    And while we’re talking about being embarrassed let’s remember that Bama has only lost 9 games in 6 years. Bama has only won 3 games in 6 years where they could have lost – the 2009 Weagle and UcheaT games and the 2012 Corndog game. Every other game we’ve won in 6 years has been a good old time ass whipping. And that includes this years A&M game where Johnny Football was real damn lucky he didn’t lose by 21 to 28 points. We also stomped shit out of our 3 BCSNCG opponents, all of whom were better than this damn FSU team. On the other hand this year alone Weagle should have lost 7 games, FSU was given all they wanted, and only beat a terrible Boston College by 14, and Oklahoma besides barely sneaking by some lousy Big 12 teams, was totally embarrassed by mediocre Texas. I laugh my ass off and piss acid on Toomers Oaks, Oh wait! Bwaa Haww Haww! at the thought of some dumbass Weagle thinking we should be embarrassed by Bama. ROTFLMMFAO!!!!!! RTR!

  11. 66

    ITK NOTE: Read this Auburn fan’s post pretending to be an Alabama fan at your own amusement/descretion. Bamaboy, you fool no one.

    This is exactly what I have been talking about. We are on a LOSING STREAK and all us Bama fans continue to talk about Auburn? We just lost one of , if not the best, OC we have had in the history of our program.We also will lose a ton of talent along with him . We are in the middle of the biggest rebuilding phase at Uof A since Saban’s first 2 years here. Why do we continue to worry more about Auburn than we do our own program? This is really sad to watch. If Kirby takes a HC job , we are screwed. The process has been great , but I never knew it would fade so quickly.

    • 67
      The Conduit


      I think the question isn’t why we don’t worry so much about Alabama, but why do you?

      You have a very doom-and-gloom attitude about Alabama.

      Let me tell you my fundamental #1 college football rule; everyone loses football games.

      There is no exception.

      Alabama has lost football games despite being the best team and even the national champion in seasons past.

      If Saban never wins another national championship, what then?

      If Kirby takes a HC job we are screwed? Really? The argument lately has been that they’ve found Kirby’s number with the HUNH offense, but why so sad, panda?

      The process has been great but faded quickly? Do you know what the process is? Did it fail in the last two losses or did the failure to adhere to the process have anything to do with that? Just how bad do you think Nick Saban and Alabama really are, and is it really that wrong to think Alabama could have won either of those games?

      We talk about Auburn in this case because they were in the national championship game—-the last game for nine long months—and they are a gigantic audience for us here, if not our number one audience. It’s part of their culture, and their failure was perhaps the most epic in a BCS national title game.

      Coaching attrition happens, especially at Alabama where some of the best talent comes. Nuss has been a great coach at the University of Alabama. He deserves his success.

      But hasn’t history taught you anything about O/D coordinators at Alabama?

      Look, I get that you’re more than a little pessimistic about Alabama football and I do understand your passion. I do. But there isn’t anything I can say to make you happy, and I’m afraid there isn’t anything Alabama can do to make you happy other than win a national championship. If that happens, that’s a year from now at the absolute earliest. Good luck, Bamaboy. In the meantime, I’m going to enjoy Alabama football and I’m excited about the changes, not afraid, not complacent, and definitely not angry with the University of Alabama.

  12. 68

    Whoever this Bamaboy is he is a certifiable nut case. I think he is a Weagle in disguise. I’m not even going to debate that stupid shit he said. It’s all dumbass bullshit. Even the pundits are aware of all that shit he said, and Bama is still pick #2 fot 2014. Yeah dumbass, it all went to hell in a handbasket. As for Nussmier, good riddance. The way he called the first half of LSU and all of Miss St, Weagle and Okie, we’d have been better off if AJ had called the games himself.

  13. 69

    What is the first thing the authorities in Pasadena warned the barners not to do. DON’T ROLL the beautiful palm trees we have with your TOILET PAPER. Leave it at home in the out house in Auburn where it belongs. As if the natinal perception of the state of Alabama weren’t bad enough as it is. The fans were told don’t trash our beautiful city with your shit paper. Think of how embarassing it would have been for the state had the barn won and all that shit paper strown all over Pasadena.

  14. 70
    AU Fan

    Pretty sure it’s not the auburn fans tradition that embarrasses the state of Alabama. Positive it’s the Alabama fan base however. Nice track record the last three years guys. Keep up the good work.

  15. 72
    AU Fan

    I am not talking about your team or ability to play football. No question it’s been incredible. Much respect for Bama. But if Bama FANS think auburn fans are embarrassing they may want to remember which fan base it was that made NTIONAL news with their “fanatic” behavior. Not auburn. But Bama. Not being an aubie as u like to call us but pointing out facts. I can’t dispute Bama’s run. It’s been amazing to watch but can u guys please refrain from calling us out on a tradition? It’s not even an embarrassing one.

  16. 73

    CrimsonFag and InTheKeyster represent the “embarassment” of the SEC being slapped down like a transvestite to Oklahoma. Pathetic losers now with the worst panty child OC in America who his own team wouldn’t play for him, yeah fags remember USC. What a pathetic loser fanbase who will call for Lames head after two games. See you next IB where we will kick you in the nuts again.

    You are LOSERS this year. That is the bottom line this year. You are LOSERS, repeat LOSERS.

    Roll Midget Roll.

    • 74
      The Conduit


      Remember USC you say? I remember USC. Do you remember USC?

      Because that’s where Lane Kiffin helped secure two national titles as offensive coordinator and turn Matt Leinart into a Heisman winner.

      As for your hate crimes, I’m not compelled to respond to any of it. Sometimes Little Brother can be so cute. You’re not cute. Way to represent Auburn though. Disgusting.

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