Alabama Football: The latest on Nick Saban to Texas

Rumors of Nick Saban to Texas: What is the latest from Tuscaloosa?

The rumors are heating up that Alabama football coach Nick Saban might leave Tuscaloosa to coach the University of Texas Longhorns. Speculation about Saban’s future was enhanced as Paul Finebaum reported that Alabama sent the football coach a contract extension on Friday, but as of this morning, Saban had not signed the new contract.

Cue the weeping and gnashing of teeth on the Internet and talk radio.

Is Alabama football coach Nick Saban headed to Texas?

Is Alabama football coach Nick Saban headed to Texas?

Regardless of what happens, you can count on one thing—Alabama fans, boosters and message board warriors will form the traditional circular firing squad.

Alabama fans are already looking for a scapegoat even though Nick Saban has not boarded a jet for Austin and the University of Texas. (And it remains highly unlikely that he will leave Tuscaloosa for Texas.)

Bill Battle is the AD. Maybe he is at fault if Saban might possibly could leave?!? Yeah, he does not want to kowtow to Alabama’s football dynasty.

Finus Gaston is the culprit. After all, he is always the culprit.

It is the new president. Whoever she is, she isn’t Dr. Robert Witt.

It is the NCAA. There must be another NCAA probe and that is why Saban is even thinking about Texas! Of course, even though this is not an issue, some people will overreact and reach for any explanation of for why Saban is the subject of all these Internet rumors.

The best information within Alabama circles is that Nick Saban will remain at Alabama. However, there is one enormous caveat from someone close to the university administration. Specifically, this person told the Capstone Report that fans should not dismiss Terry Saban’s comment regarding complacency. Mrs. Saban was quoted by the Wall Street Journal as saying that she and Nick wondered about the appreciation at Alabama for what Saban has done.

This person believed the quote was not a misquote, as some fans speculated. This person close to the university said the comment should be viewed as a message regarding what Nick Saban thinks.

I asked the source about whether the message was appreciation, why the statue was not enough to show the university’s appreciation and if a museum would be enough? I was told that missed the entire point.

The message was not about such shows of affection or admiration, but more about complacency within the fans and the organization. Fans and opinion leaders within the university should not have an air of entitlement. Alabama cannot expect to win unless it continue to improve. Alabama must continue to win the arms race within college football and that requires a willingness to invest and do what Saban thinks is best.

And who are we to disagree with what Nick Saban thinks? Saban is the greatest football coach in the BCS era, the greatest coach since Paul W. “Bear” Bryant and possibly even greater than the legendary Bryant.