Another big game week, another Saban to Texas Hail Mary

by ITK

I don’t know if Vegas lays odds on such things, but if so, and if you’re strapped for cash right now, bet everything you have on a bigger, juicier “Nick Saban is going to Texas” rumor to waft in the wind the week of Nov. 30’s tussle with Auburn.

Forget the 60 Minutes piece where the news journal’s Armen Keteyian followed Saban on and off for 6 months, coming away at the end of his work with the notion that Bama’s head coach is as happy and comfortable in Tuscaloosa as he can be.

Forget Saban’s own wife, Miss Terry, saying in the piece that the reigning king of college football “has mellowed a bit,” according to his assistants while in Tuscaloosa.

Forget Saban’s own words in the piece that, quote, “there isn’t anywhere better [than Alabama]…there isn’t a University of Mars.”

And forget Alabama head coach Nick Saban’s words earlier this year…hmmm, ironically another big game week [Texas A&M]…when he responded to rumors on his weekly call in show, saying “I’m too damn old to take on a new challenge.”

Nick Saban is going to Texas. How do we know this?

Because of a phone conversation (reportedly) between two Texas regents last January.

A new conversation, you ask, separate from the one we’ve heard about over, and over, and over?

Nope, same one.

But…BUT…now we have new information in our hands…Jimmy Sexton, Saban’s agent, told one of the two regents that Texas is the only place he’d consider leaving Alabama for (though I remember when the story went that “someplace” was Notre Dame…but, I digress…).

So we have Sexton quoted as saying this?

Nope. We have one of the regents, bent on this love affair starting between his beloved Longhorns and Nick Saban, saying that Jimmy Sexton said this.

Couple of things. Isn’t Sexton supposed to keep whatever doors are available to his clients open for them so that they have the most and best options available to them? So if Jimmy did say this, so be it.

But what we have today is the same, old, tired non-story surfacing the week before Bama’s biggest game of the season, again, and…like the others…just prior to Saban’s Wednesday night presser. At midnight, to be exact, so that it can fester all day long leading up to it.

I don’t know how to say this any more plainly. If Nick Saban chooses to leave Alabama, we have nothing but gratitude for the man who restored the dignity of college football’s grandest giant. And in true fairness, Saban has Alabama to thank for giving him the keys to the kingdom, enjoying the level of consistency and success he had enjoyed exactly nowhere prior to coming to Tuscaloosa.

However, to echo the throngs of people who know him well, Nick Saban is not leaving Alabama…not for Texas.

But, like a cheap chinese buffet pillaged by a busload of morbidly obese patrons, today’s story is yet another picked over non-story finding its origins in January, not November.

We’ll just have to wait for the next regurgitation the week of the Auburn game.

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