Alabama Football: Saban says it’s hard to think of LSU as ‘Another game’

Alabama vs LSU

By Hunter Ford

In his Wednesday morning teleconference, Nick Saban said the LSU game is hard to look at as “just another game.” He said the key, as always, is focus.

“In preparation for a game like this you really want your players to focus on the things they need to do to play their very best football…you’d like them to do that for every game, “ Saban said. “But, based on the history of this game, the quality of team LSU has, the guys who have been in the program and played against them before, it’s hard for everybody to think that this is just another game.

“Based on the history of this game, they know the very physical, difficult games we’ve had. It’s hard for them, hard for me, hard for LSU’s players probably… hard for everybody to think that this is just another game. This game has great significance…you’d really like for your players to focus on what they need to do to play well, and not worry about (the importance of the game.)”

Saban said the two teams are probably “geared up to score points” in this year’s contest. He also said he admired LSU’s brand of pro-style football, which is similar to Alabama’s.

“I like this kind of football. I guess this is more the kind of football that we grew up with in terms of the team has two-back runs, which you hardly ever see anymore. It’s one of the most effective ways to play football in my opinion,” Saban said. “They have a really good drop-back passing game, a really good play-action passing game, it’s not running the spread, it’s not zone-read, quarterback option, you know, all this stuff we seem to play a lot against. I do respect, very much so, the quality of how LSU executes what they do. That’s what makes it good. They are well-coached and a very challenging team relative to the players they have, the scheme they have, and what they’re capable of.”

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