Prayers offered for Auburn’s Anthony Swain in the wake of his tragic knee injury

by ITK

Auburn linebacker Anthony Swain suffered a tragic and sudden knee injury in Auburn’s game against Arkansas Saturday night.

So sudden was it, that he didn’t even realize it until the very last minute, crashing what was left of his healthy body to the Fayetteville, Arkansas turf.

The odd, soccer-like flailing in the face of a furious Razorback drive drew immediate reaction from the ESPN commentators, calling him out for faking. And since then, the nation has watched the reel in astonishment at such blatant faking of an injury.

But he wasn’t faking. Gus Bus said he wasn’t, and true to form, the state media lined up and lapped it up.

We at however would like to offer Swain and the Aubuhn Fambly our sincerest condolences, and hope he is okay when he returns to practice at full speed on Tuesday when the team resumes preparations for next Saturday’s game.

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