Prayers offered for Auburn’s Anthony Swain in the wake of his tragic knee injury

by ITK

Auburn linebacker Anthony Swain suffered a tragic and sudden knee injury in Auburn’s game against Arkansas Saturday night.

So sudden was it, that he didn’t even realize it until the very last minute, crashing what was left of his healthy body to the Fayetteville, Arkansas turf.

The odd, soccer-like flailing in the face of a furious Razorback drive drew immediate reaction from the ESPN commentators, calling him out for faking. And since then, the nation has watched the reel in astonishment at such blatant faking of an injury.

But he wasn’t faking. Gus Bus said he wasn’t, and true to form, the state media lined up and lapped it up.

We at however would like to offer Swain and the Aubuhn Fambly our sincerest condolences, and hope he is okay when he returns to practice at full speed on Tuesday when the team resumes preparations for next Saturday’s game.

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    Curse of Fluker

    Facts that you have left out.

    1. Injury ( fake or not) had no impact on that play much less the game. There was 2 seconds left on the clock and was running. Arky would not have got another play off.

    2. Gus was probably worried about his defensive players safety with arky trying to run a HUNH offense.

    3. where was the outcry by ITK when LSU and Texas A&M both had questionable injuries when they played Auburn?

    4. Auburn ran maybe 4-5 plays all night vs. Arkansas. If Gus wanted to do anything classless , he would have easily put another 2-3 TD’s on the scoreboard…..much like saban did when bama played the hogs.

    Do not worry ITK….I am sure gus will hold back against bama also. lol

    • 4

      What else would you expect from chop block U? Different staff but still the same captain at the helm. The worst part is it was premeditated because he obviously got a signal from the sideline,since that is where he was looking when he began his fish dance. Lastly Fluker was a curse to the barn, Bama had third and fourth string most of the second half and was still scoring and still denying Arky points. Ouch that hurts, and to think you barners believe there is a chance in hell of beating Bama, you should start a comedy career.

    • 6

      Stupid ass retard. You won only because Arky blew themselves up with turnovers, mistakes and stupid runs up the middle in goal line situations. I expected Awbie to blow them out, but instead the score was deceivingly one sided. Awbarn had to play their starters for 60 minutes with Arky using a freshman QB who had never played before and you still only won 35-17 and until your last drive had lost the stat battle. Bama totally destroyed Arky from the first snap 52-0 against their starting QB and was playing reserves in the second quarter. I will take Bama and the 24 against Awbie any day and twice on Sunday, dumbass!

      • 7

        So if Arkansas hadnt had turnovers, passed the ball better, tackled, stopped Auburn and scored more points they would have won? Thats some Grade-A analysis there.

        Auburn cruised through that game using the same 5 plays over and over. When Auburn scored their second TD (on their third possesion) Arkansas never got closer than 11 points the rest of the game. It wasnt much of a challenge for Auburn. They rarely even had to throw the ball they were so dominant on offense.

        Also, a bit of a difference in getting Arkansas at home after back-to-back-to-back games against ranked teams (Florida, TAMU and South CArolina) and getting them on the road after they’ve had an off week to prepare.

        • 9

          Wrong. Home field advantage is between 3 and 6 points when both teams are competitive. It is zero when one team stinks. My ‘analysis’ was an observation, dumbass. Big difference. I don’t care, take all of my observations away pussy fart. Here are some concrete facts. 1: Beliema came to the SEC with one intention – beat Alabama. If you don’t think Arky was more ready for #1 Bama than they were for stupid ass Awbie, you really are retarded. 2: Arky played a QB that they intended to redshirt, because their backup got hurt. That was a 21 point difference right there. 3: Bullshit – those were the same 5 plays you use in every game along with the trickeroo shit you didn’t need. I watched the fucking game. Arky turnovers is all that kept them from taking the lead early which would have made a huge difference. Stupid dive plays on the goal line also kept them from getting back in it. Then when it was 28-14 a turnover on Arky’s side of the field was how you got your 35th point. 4: ‘Coasting’ to a hard fought 18 point win = a 52-0 annihilation that could have been 80-0 if Bama hadn’t started subbing in the 2nd quarter. Bwaa Haww Haww! Stupid ass Homer. RTR!

        • 10

          Great, Auburn was so dominate over Arky. Then why did the coaching staff feel it was necessary to have a player fake an injury? Is that ethical? Is that something Auburn fans are proud of or condone? Also don’t answer with some elementary deflection like ” well does Nick Saban think its ethical to sacrifice baby deer before every game?” Admitting can be difficult I’m sure.

    • 11
      The Conduit

      Injury didn’t matter, so why not just let Arkansas score?

      Because letting the other team play football like men means they might beat Auburn.

      Good grief. I can’t imagine what it must feel like to see your team do something like that. Disgusting.

  2. 12
    The Conduit

    The only way the Auburn Fambly can prevent injuries like this is with a psychiatrist.


    100% Auburn though. Man, am I glad we don’t ever have to see garbage like that from the Alabama Crimson Tide.

    • 15

      ITK, How is it possible that you all missed the Gus “Death Stare” that crippled poor Tony Swain in his tracks?????? RTR

  3. 16

    LSWho is really, really crying in their beer. They don’t know whether to shit or go blind. You can’t even get them to answer a flame anymore. I have posts on their top four threads that have been there for days, with no answer. The LSU Rivals site, unlike nearly every other site in the country will automatically lift their ban every 6 months. Every year for 6 years I have been banned either before the Bama game or real damn fast afterwards when Bama wins. This year they not only haven’t banned me, they won’t even answer me. That is some seriously butt hurt people over there. If Bama kills them I don’t think they will get the chance to argue about firing Miles – the fanbase will run him out of town on a rail. Bwaa Haww Haww! RTR!

    • 17
      The Conduit

      Something tells me you might not have left the most civil posts on an LSU message board you were banned from. I’m just sayin’.

      What’s the deal with people going to rival teams’ message boards and web pages anyway? For example, I’m not into throwing up, stabbing pandas, or visiting Auburn websites.

  4. 20

    An Aubie friend told me he saw #43 afterwards with a walking boot on. He wasn’t clutching his foot when he played possum.

  5. 21

    That’s the problem with faking an injury, after the game you have to remember what injury you were faking….because nothing is actually hurting. I’m surprised that Barner didn’t come out of the locker room with his arm in a sling.

  6. 22
    Elite tiger

    It did look bad, but he didn’t play the rest of the game. If he was faking, he would have played later on(still a quarter of play left.) To say that he will practice full speed on Tuesday proves anything, is faulty logic at best. We all have seen players get hurt, and they are back the next day, and sometimes sooner. If he winds up being out this week, will we see an apology from this site? We all know the answer to that, and that is no we won’t.

    • 23
      The Conduit

      Wow. Wait, are you serious?

      So since he didn’t come back into the game that means he didn’t fake it?

      Good grief.

      He didn’t just fake it, he got the other coach and the media so upset about the fake that you at least have to, well, nevermind, that’s just Fambly for you.

      Wow. What a nightmare.

      If he’s out next week you won’t get an apology from ESPN or the live commentators or Brett Biellema, either.

      Then again, we won’t get an apology from Auburn for faking it, so let’s just keep it Fambly.

  7. 24
    Elite tiger

    I will type slow so you can follow. If he had faked, he would have went back in. If the coaches told him to take a dive, we would have seen it, because a camera is always on the sidelines. And if that were the case, then we can say he faked it, and the coaches told him to do so. As far as apologies go, we never get that, though BSPN owes Auburn many for the crap they try to stir up. But when on air people, and 3 in the top levels of programming coming from UAT, we know that wont happen. But thanks for playing.

    • 25
      The Conduit

      The camera is on the sidelines?

      Doesn’t that make it worse?

      For example, I’ve been to an Auburn football game, but I admit I didn’t know what they were saying to the players, what the play calls meant, or what the cards with the pretty pictures signified, etc. If they signaled him to blitz would you know what the signal looked like?

      But for faking an injury we’re all supposed to know?

      You’re also saying if he had faked he would have gone back in the game. That’s just not accurate, but also I think anyone can at least understand why he wouldn’t go back in regardless, right? It was such a blatant fake I think the only thing to do is stick with it and at least that part makes sense. I hate to say it but I think that’s the only reason it’s blinding so many Auburn fans—-if he had gone in, maybe they could see the possibility of what everyone else seems to think from the footage and the timing of it.

      Unless he got hurt on his way to the floor when faking he was hurt.

      Or his knee was sniped by a blow dart from the upper deck which we couldn’t see in HD.

      He was told to go down, he went down. If he wasn’t told to go down, I don’t know how anyone jumps to the conclusion that it was a semi-sudden (enough time to crawl to the ground, anyway), painful injury while staring at your coaches to relay information about the next play. Best case scenario is he faked it on his own without influence by the coaches, but that sounds even less likely.

      I can’t relate. I can’t believe some people think he was actually hurt, or at least can’t believe this isn’t some Alabama-Auburn hate or media conspiracy thing. That’s Fambly. I don’t mean that as an outright insult to the Auburn culture, I just don’t know how else to explain such blind faith in the face of such disparaging video evidence.

  8. 26
    Big K

    Elite tiger
    Knowing how the barn operates, I would bet that they changes jerseys and put him back in the game. No wonder no one respects the Aubs
    GO Vols
    Go Dogs ]

  9. 27

    I feel lonely. After two whole years I don’t know what to do without LMAO on here running his pie hole about the Corndog’s. NOT!!! I guess he finally had enough of being embarrassingly beat down. Bwaa Haww Haww! RTR!

  10. 28

    Well it seems as if CGM is not happy with Swain’s acting abilities, being quoted as saying he understood why people may question the incident and promising that it would never happen again. That is coach speak for a more efficient way of making it not so obvious. Perhaps he should get the drama dept. involved. They could give acting classes to the players, maybe get the sociology dept. to help with procedures as to not raise red flags. It is a “family thing” right?

  11. 29

    Typical behavior from the Aubs.

    Remember the fire hoses used on Georgia fans? the antics of Nick Fairley a few years ago? The chop blocks? Par for the course.

    Nick Fairley & Trooper Taylor, 2010-

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