The Never To Yield Foundation illustrates fanatical desperation, again

The Never To Yield Foundation

There are psychos and then there are psychos. If you have the time and the stomach, and need something to help you induce vomiting (only if poison control has instructed you to do so), then we have a read for you.

For years the “Never To Yield Foundation” has illustrated time and again what a bunch of whack jobs they are. Many of their contributors post here. Trust us, we know.

But the website that is the organizational personification of the typical Auburn fan is at it again.

The NTYF has made a pathetic attempt to channel all of its frustrations from the butt beatings their beloved Tigers have suffered through the years to Nick Saban into one article. The piece wreaks of desperation for someone, anyone to step in and make their nightmare go away.

Nowhere in the piece do they mention the throngs of unresolved issues that their own program faces. Instead they channel their focus on hail mary’s, no doubt lobbed personally at the NCAA, to try and make their anguish stop.

People who do what they have attempted to do are imbalanced at best, criminal at worst. And on good authority I can say that some in the business of defending the law are sniffing to determine if any action should be taken.

The thing is, in most cases, it shouldn’t. Because most people with brain activity know that the whack jobs who run the Never To Yield Foundation are the losers you read and hear about. Forty-somethings living in their mothers’ basements tracking the moves of college kids playing for their feared rivals.

From a source at the NCAA, I can tell you, pieces like this wreak of over-the-top propaganda that gets dismissed almost as soon as it is submitted. The word “fan” is the root word of the word “fanatic,” and desperate attempts like this article to create havoc is as fanatical as a person can get.

Read the article if you want. I laughed all the way through it personally. Like a 4-year-old child screaming “No fair! No fair!”, The NTYF simply illustrate what a bunch of butt munching clowns they are.

And they illustrate what a living hell Nick Saban has placed them squarely in since stepping on the Tuscaloosa tarmac in January 2007.

Thank you Nick Saban. And thank you Never To Yield Foundation. You make us all feel that much better about ourselves.

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  1. 1
    Capstone Report

    ITK, the NTY people are Auburn’s lunatic fringe. These are the types of fans that spit on people like Finebaum when he attends the Iron Bowl, and want him banned from campus.

    • 2

      As cultlike as I have experienced Auburn fans to be, I think you’re right. These are the radical extremists that make up the vocal, small but laughable minority. People that end posts on here with things like “tick, tock…” as they log off of CR in search of free porn. Silly barners…

  2. 5
    War Eagle, Bitch

    Hilarious irony that a blog that literally posted a picture of a pile of sh*t and referred to NtYF as “butt munching clowns” is trying to lable them fringe for a level-headed, well sourced and documented piece containing nothing but undeniable fact.

    Y’all scared.

    • 6
      Capstone Report

      Nope. Alabama isn’t worried. Haven’t you heard that the NCAA is our bitch? That the REC has another sting going on to hurt Auburn? And the SEC office is going to give us another easy schedule next season?

      Ahh, it is good to be the King.

    • 7

      Case in point. Thanks for illustrating the exact portrait of what this article is talking about. And why don’t you settle on one username and just publish all of your spittle-covered drivel under that so we know when we need to just move on?

      49-0, Bitch.

    • 8
      Capstone Report

      And one more thing. You are the guys who spit at Finebaum and try to ban reporters from campus. Yeah, you guys are just as bad as the Harvey Updykes of the world.

      You are the guys who trash well-sourced stories on the corruption at Auburn when the NY Times and other major media outlets report on the stuff that goes on down on the Plains.

      • 9

        Literally LMAO,
        Capstone Report talking trash to Auburn fans about how bad the Auburn fan base is by using one of bama’s fans as a reference point.

        Bama fan to an Auburn fan, “you know you guys are bad when you are as bad as Harvey Updyke, one of our fans.”

          • 13

            DC – I know a member of that family, and there’s a LOT more that’s not being reported about that particular incident. Expect to see the charges either reduced or dropped for that young man, and a likely case against the guy that spiked his drink.

  3. 14

    That shit would be funny if it wasn’t so damn pitiful. I resigned myself to not post on it last night, as you wouldn’t have been able to understand the sentence structure with all the cursing. Even thought about threatening the dumbasses at NTYF, but on this particular computer I can’t divert my IP address. Bwaa Haww Haww! Guess the dumbasses don’t remember that about 2/3 of that bullshit they listed was thrown out the window after it was proven that the assholes at ITAT invented it to try and destroy Bama. And they really need to worry if it was all true, since it reads like a damn probation horror story and yet not one damn thing has come from it. In which case that could be construed that Bama IS invulnerable. LMMFAO! RTR!

  4. 15

    I had forgotten there even existed a NTYF. But now that I think of it, they did choose the correct name. They can never yield all they want; but they will never live up to the first part of that phrase – “Ever To Victory”! Bwaa Haww Haww! RTR!

  5. 19

    And dumbass, where in your maturbatory fantasy does UNC connect to Bama? There first would have to be enough of something to warrant the judicial system to open a case against someone directly involved with any legitimate wrongdoings at Alabama before anyone can be subpoenaed. Plus you would have to assume that Bama had even done anything wrong to begin with. Yes, it is possible that Bama could be punished in some form for the alleged problem with Fluker – but Bama is not responsible for what Fluker or any other player allegedly did in secret. As for HaHa, dumbass, that is over and done with. If it was the conspiracy you bastards want it to be, Bama would in all likelyhood have white washed it and buried it instead of self reporting it, which would have been suicidal. Go back to sitting in the desert watching for UFO’s, morons! RTR!

    • 21

      I hope they get an eyesore because without ORIGINAL PROOF, NOTHING can be done. Even with Original proof, butthurt rebuttals, and such NICK SABAN will take care of it. Keep having wet dreams though, you white trash Auburn fan!

  6. 22

    Curse of the Dumb Fucker – You wouldn’t know smart if it jumped up and bit your ass off. Fuck USAToday. Nobody gives a shit what desperate for attention sports writers print anymore. They look for the most controversial topics possible to get attention. The bigger the fantasy, the more popular the article. USAToday ‘aint shit compared to Yahoo, and you see just how far that bullshit got. And who was it that broke the HaHa story? You can’t even remember without researching it can you? You’re just a Barnshit/Corndog/whatever trolling homer who is so totally butt hurt and obsessed with Bama that you spend your life on a minor Bama Sports Blog trying to convince you betters that the sky is falling. Oh it’s falling all right. It fell on your asses if you’re a Barnturd to the tune of 49-0 last year; and it will fall again this year to around 45-13. get screwed! RTR!

  7. 23

    When are Auburn fans going to adhere to their “supposed” Christian roots and ethics and stop acting like white trash Southern Mafia members? You can send letter after letter to Indianapolis, you can call journalists that no one listens to anymore, it don’t matter! LOL, you’re all living in La La Land, but I will enjoy y’all pretending to be Christians while framing players. Must be a “God thing” for the White Trash Auburn fans

  8. 24

    When we point out Auburns problems it makes us look like we are interested in them, I say act like they don’t exist we go about handling our business and let them do whatever they do on the other side of the state. Lastly one thing I must touch on and I have said time and again as an Alabama fan. We finally pulled our head out of our asses and made a good hire in Saban. I can’t speak on the old days I wasn’t born until 1984, but we were largely mediocre at best from 1980 to 2008. That 92 championship team came from Curry’s great recruits and ended with Stallings great leadership. Until now Florida, OU, USC, Florida State and Nebraska have owned the college football landscape. Personally I’m loving this run of success we are having right now as much as anybody, but like I’ve always said if any other big name program like Alabama had gotten Saban 6 years ago, we would all be talking about them like we are about ourselves right now. Hopefully when Saban steps away we make another great hire, just throw this nugget out there before I go, I don’t think Dabo is cut out to be the head man at a place like Bama; no matter how much success he has at Clemson. Roll Tide

    • 25

      Ignoring the barn is certainly one approach. But don’t misinterpret interest in them as anything but sheer intrigue. Auburn is historically an also-ran, do-nothing program that has garnered support from the underwhelming minority of people tired of big brother Alabama. We poke fun at Auburn because they’re cute, like an ugly hamster in a cage. Their “normal fans” are cult-like to say the least. Their lunatic fringe, such as the Ever To Yield Foundation, are downright hysterical, piecing together rays of hope that the prison raping they’re experiencing under Nick Saban’s Alabama will come to an end. I don’t play golf, so it’s just sort of my hobby to take them out of their cage, let them scurry around the floor, then put them back in. They’re a humorous bunch of losers.

      Now, I agree about Dabo. I like Dabo, and got to know him when I was in school at Bama. He’s a great guy and a good coach. I’m not sure he’d be a fit when CNS retires, however. I’ve been wrong before. Once. 🙂

      Good thoughts though! Come back soon.

  9. 27
    Curse of Fluker

    How is it when a newspaper , T.V. Network, or any sports website comes up with anything negative they are looked at by bama fans as the most reputable source known to the sporting universe , But when the very same newspapers, networks, websites come out with anything negative about bama we get ” Nobody gives a shit what desperate for attention sports writers print anymore. They look for the most controversial topics possible to get attention” ? Or even more funny is the name calling that comes when a fan from another fan base mentions anything negative about bama , even though the bama fan base LIVES off of rumors and negativity of other football programs. Just scroll back and look at the posts by ITK and CSR over the last few years. Over 85% of stories posted here are either about Auburn, or auburn is brought up in it. Then people like RC and Crimsonshite wants to bitch and cry when its dished back to them? Really? Get the fuck over it! NO TEAM IN MAJOR COLLEGE FOOTBALL HAS BEEN LOOKED INTO BY THE NCAA , MENTIONED BY NEWS SOURCES WHEN DEALING WITH CHEATING, SWEPT STUFF UNDER THE RUG MORE THAN ALABAMA OVER THE LAST 20 YEARS! It is only a matter of time before it comes crashing down. What is really funny is that the 3 latest National Championships could actually be bama’s down fall for a couple of different reasons. 1). It is already coming out ( and has been for a while) what bama has done to get these types of players to sign with bama . 2). The entire bama nation, from top to bottom, has got too big too soon. The arrogance is overflowing . Constant thoughts of being untouchable are being thrown around. This is going to be so much fun watching your little hearts crumble slowly, bit by bit. Then crimsonshite can go back to worrying about his mexican truck stop girls he use to brag about . Has he ever told you guys why he is so angry all the time? Well he came home after a long days work at jiffylube and caught his wife watching ” trailer park whores go to the hood” . Well it went all down hill from there…….

    • 28

      Why is it that Auburn fans just can’t accept the fact that the University of ALabama’s football kingdom is here to stay. Have you ever been in business world, Curse of Fluker? If you had, you would realize why nothing is ever going to come from these “allegations.” USA Today, Yahoo, and other “periodicals” and “newspapers” can cry, whine, and write all sorts of stories and conduct hundreds of interviews and scream “NOT FAIR” all they want. The bottom line is nothing will happen here 1)Because the ORIGINAL SOURCE DOCUMENTATION cannot be subpoenaed and will not be obtained by the NCAA 2) Hurting Alabama would be counterproductive to the NCAA’s mission. Why I say this? Nick Saban, unlike Pete Carroll, is a great promoter and representative of NCAA interests. Go ahead and laugh Aubies, but I heard this firsthand. Besides, with all the murder AUBURN has committed in NCAA violations over the last 20 years, they have no room to talk about anything. This was also according to someone in Indianapolis. So, please continue to stalk Alabama players. BTW, UA players are also now being protected by local police, so please keep stalking and maybe you will find yourself on the wrong end of the law

    • 29

      ^^^^DIDN’T READ^^^^

      But your whimsical unicorn fantasies only point to an undying commitment to ending your desperation. I’m glad the last seven years have been a living hell for you. And when the “tick tock” fantasies don’t play out, and we both know they won’t, it will give me great pleasure knowing you’re sitting somewhere in your parents’ house dying inside.

      Roll Tide! We own you!

  10. 33

    Any idiot suggesting Bama is buying players need look no further than Jameis Winston.

    Alabama is as close as is possible for Nick Saban to being in a “sent for and didn’t come” situation at QB. We had Winston, from a Bama family, and everyone who has seen the guy play as a freshman knows what he means. He is a heavy contender to be the second Heisman winner as a freshman. With a Bama family, us with the need, us with the program, us wanting and badly needing him badly, and yet he goes to an ACC school?

    This will forever be known as the Jameis Winston clause if anyone ever again claims UA is buying football players. It just ain’t so.

    Now for the idiotic NTYF Abarn absurd retort in 3…2…1…

  11. 34
    Curse of Fluker

    Winston is further proof that the University of Alabama and black QBs do not mix. Too many good ole boys still in power ….. and glad you can count from 3 backwards, so proud of your little gump self!

    • 35

      And you know this how?! FYI, aubur fans were calling Cam and Bo the “N” word in several different variations for 2 different reasons throughout their respective Heisman Trophy campaigns in 1985 and 2010. Bo was called the “n” word for taking himself out of the ganes for minor injuries like the UT game in 85, lot of AU fans were obser ed calling Newton the “N” word because they thought his ineligibility was going to deter their season. Also, i remember an AU fan callung Dameuyne Craig a treehouse “N” at the 1996 IB game in Bham, not to mention the nasty things Pat Washington was called as the starting QB at AU. Dont forget the Klan Toga Halloween parties by AU Greeks either. Im sure youll bring up our Greek issues, but AU only integrated their Greeks in 2001.

      As far as your expected George Wallace retort, remember your GUMP Auburn family reelected him several times over, and your Gump AU family cheered him for renaming Jordan Hare Stadium. Auburn hates black ppl who are not athletes and hides behind institutional racism through their admission standards. There will be more on that story later

  12. 36

    Wow, The Cunt Of Fluker, I guess Phillip Simms wasn’t black. And what would you call our backup and starter to be – Chocolate? Blake wasn’t even recruited as a QB because we had Phillip. He was recruited as an athlete. But he has still won the job. Phillip couldn’t beat out AJ. No QB could – not in Saban’s system. And before anyone thinks he didn’t get a fair shot, he won the starting job in his home state of Virginia for half a season and got replaced, then he quit football. Oh yeah, there was Star Jackson too. I guess he just had a dark tan. No he couldn’t beat out McElroy. So he transferred to where? Div ll Chattanooga and could never even make the rotation. He too quit football. You don’t know shit about Bama football. You are so butt hurt and obsessed that you can’t sleep at night can you. There has been one bullshit accusation after the other against Bama. After every one you MF’s get on the blogs and scream “It’s all over this time Gumps!” Oh really? Ever heard of Chicken Little, shitheads? How about “The sky is falling, the sky is falling!” Well shit, looks nice and sunny outside to me. You know, over half that shit the NTYF listed, was proved to be made up shit by the people at ITAT who were conspiring to get Bama in trouble. You motherfuckers probably gave Harris the money for his runner to give to Fluker. Damn sure wouldn’t be the first time a piece of shit Awbie booster paid a Bama alumnus to screw over Bama. Recall Gene Jelks, dumbass? We know damn well a piece of shit Awbie took Julio and Ingram on an illegal fishing trip and gave Jerrell Harris a fucking laptop and then somehow it all leaked out. You sons of bitches are gonna keep it up until sooner or later some loose canon Bammer is gonna go ‘Updyke’ on something besides your fucking trees! Now shut the fuck up! RTR!

  13. 37

    How do ya’ll like my new Avatar? Bwaa Haww Haww! I found it on an Oregon site 3 years ago, but lost it somewhere in a different computer until just now. Always wanted to use it. RTR!

  14. 39
    Curse of Fluker

    Yall are REALLY reaching. Auburn has had more Black STARTING QBs in the last 10 years then bama has had in its entire history. Lets not even get started on black Asst Coaches/ Position Coaches. You bama fans do realize that George Wallace is not standing at the doors anymore right? Oh and I am sure that since I am posting FACTS that RC can back up his statements about Cam and Bo being called a racial slur. I will wait on that civil response. roflmfao

    • 40

      See, the difference between me and you is that I can care less if you believe me or not while you go off spewing biased statistics that are unrepresentative in nature in order to win some “debate.” The problem is, nobody cares except you, and Auburn fans in general always skew statistics and reality to make their delusional theories seem rational. Such as “we have had more black QB’s” like Auburn is all about radical change, when The Frats and Sluts through a Klan Toga Halloween Party and didn’t integrate their Greek System until 10 years ago. The fact AU has had black QB’s is mostly due to Cam being purchased and Auburn not being able to recruit outside the Southeast for a number of years.

      As far as the namecalling the Auburn “fambly” did to Bo Jackson, I happened to be at the UT-AU game in Knoxville in ’85 when AU was ranked #1 and Bo took himself out of the game. AU lost 38-20 and several Auburn fans said they wanted to lynch him. Believe me, don’t believe me, I don’t care. You know it’s true, and it obviously got under your skin because you tried to write a rebuttal. Auburn fans’ reactions to Bo Jackson, Pat Washington, and Thom Gossom is chronicled in the book “Alabama Showdown” by Geoffrey Norman, written in 1986. Thom Gossom even said in his autobiography that Shug Jordan disliked Blacks.

      Auburn fans had a “wait and See” attitude with Cam Newton. Lots of them told me that if he was found to be paid, they were going to hurt his family and he was a typical “N”. Believe me, don’t believe me, I don’t care. However, if you continue to respond, I will engage, and it shows it gets under your skin. That makes me correct.

  15. 41
    Curse of Fluker

    Is this not what you gumps have been crowing about? Sounds like yall might have been wrong…again.

    ” Yes, the new structure holds head coaches more accountable for what happens in their program. What we settled on was not the presumption that the coach knows everything, but that the coach is responsible for the program and should counsel assistants about what is appropriate and have processes in place to monitor whether the assistant coaches are doing what they are assigned to do in an appropriate way. And unless the head coach can provide that kind of mitigating evidence if something happens, then he or she is just as culpable as the assistant coach who does something ”

    ” First, it was clear we needed to have stiffer and more predictable penalties, so that people who were doing the “risk-reward” calculation would think twice about whether it was in their interests to engage in bad behavior. Having penalty guidelines – and having the penalties that are in those guidelines be more severe than what we have now – was a good way of sending clear signals to people. ”

    Boy I sure hope that crow taste good to you gumps…

    • 42

      That looks like a rule that needs to be amended while Alabama waits at least a decade for the NCAA to conduct its investigation. I’ll write Saban a letter to warn Emmert. I’m sure Battle will warn Emmert that Collegiate Licensing COmpany will stop funding the NCAA as well.

      Thanks for the heads up! We were all scared

    • 43

      Dumb shit! That regulation you are trying to custom fit to your Barnturd imagination, is referring to a coverup of violations intentionally seeking to gain a competitive advantage. It is not there to bitch slap a Head Coach or University for one assistant coach wrongly helping one athlete in an emergency situation. But by all means please let it keep you up all night fantasizing; and may it give you 6 months of nervous indigestion and drizzling shits when nothing ever happens. RTR!

  16. 46
    Curse of Fluker

    Good deal! Maybe you will not be wrong on this one like the last 12 you gave dealing with Cam Newton/Auburn. By then there will be a bunch of games to forfeit for the bammers. lol RAWL TAHD!

    • 47

      Bless your heart, You’re so uninformed and delusional. Maybe you need to pick up a newspaper or engage in some critical thinking. It was reported today that Moody’s just downgraded the NCAA’s credit rating. The NCAA is pretty much bankrupt now due to lawsuits and such. Do you REALLY think they want to take on Nick Saban, Mike Slive, BIll Battle and Alabama football NOW?

      I drink your milkshake, “Curse.” You are my huckleberry

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