The Never To Yield Foundation illustrates fanatical desperation, again

The Never To Yield Foundation

There are psychos and then there are psychos. If you have the time and the stomach, and need something to help you induce vomiting (only if poison control has instructed you to do so), then we have a read for you.

For years the “Never To Yield Foundation” has illustrated time and again what a bunch of whack jobs they are. Many of their contributors post here. Trust us, we know.

But the website that is the organizational personification of the typical Auburn fan is at it again.

The NTYF has made a pathetic attempt to channel all of its frustrations from the butt beatings their beloved Tigers have suffered through the years to Nick Saban into one article. The piece wreaks of desperation for someone, anyone to step in and make their nightmare go away.

Nowhere in the piece do they mention the throngs of unresolved issues that their own program faces. Instead they channel their focus on hail mary’s, no doubt lobbed personally at the NCAA, to try and make their anguish stop.

People who do what they have attempted to do are imbalanced at best, criminal at worst. And on good authority I can say that some in the business of defending the law are sniffing to determine if any action should be taken.

The thing is, in most cases, it shouldn’t. Because most people with brain activity know that the whack jobs who run the Never To Yield Foundation are the losers you read and hear about. Forty-somethings living in their mothers’ basements tracking the moves of college kids playing for their feared rivals.

From a source at the NCAA, I can tell you, pieces like this wreak of over-the-top propaganda that gets dismissed almost as soon as it is submitted. The word “fan” is the root word of the word “fanatic,” and desperate attempts like this article to create havoc is as fanatical as a person can get.

Read the article if you want. I laughed all the way through it personally. Like a 4-year-old child screaming “No fair! No fair!”, The NTYF simply illustrate what a bunch of butt munching clowns they are.

And they illustrate what a living hell Nick Saban has placed them squarely in since stepping on the Tuscaloosa tarmac in January 2007.

Thank you Nick Saban. And thank you Never To Yield Foundation. You make us all feel that much better about ourselves.

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