REPORT: Alabama assistant strength coach placed on leave

An Alabama strength coach was placed on leave for giving illegal benefits to HaHa Clinton-Dix.
An Alabama strength coach was placed on leave for giving illegal benefits to HaHa Clinton-Dix.

Alabama strength coach placed on leave in connection with HaHa Clinton-Dix

A report from the Tuscaloosa News provides more information on the situation with HaHa Clinton-Dix. Yesterday, Alabama football coach Nick Saban announced HaHa Clinton-Dix was suspended for a violation of team rules. (See what the Alabama football coach said about HaHa Clinton-Dix and the suspension here.) Now, it was revealed an Alabama athletic department employee, Corey Harris was placed on administrative leave for providing illegal benefits to HaHa Clinton-Dix.

According to the report, “Corey Harris has been placed on administrative leave for providing impermissible benefits to suspended football safety Ha Ha Clinton-Dix.”

More from the report, “In looking into the matter, the UA compliance office also discovered that Harris had a connection to a representative of a sports agent. UA’s internal investigation has found no indication that Clinton-Dix has had contact with any agent or agent representative. Efforts to reach Harris were unsuccessful.”

This is an important piece of work from the Tuscaloosa News and Tidesports in this case. You should visit the website to read more details on this breaking story involving the suspended Alabama football player.

Stay tuned for more updates. If UA releases a statement, or there are more developments we will update.


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    Curse of Fluker

    Come on Vol! You and I know there is NO WAY that this coach only gave money to anyone else but HAHA. And we all know since nicky acted so quickly that all will be ok……

      • 4

        Nothing will happen?

        You’re under investigation for players being paid by agents. You have a former player running money from those agents and now you have a current player getting paid by a current coach and the money is tied to an agent.

        Sure, everythings A-OK.


        • 5

          NOT UNDER INVESTIGATION. No investigation has or will be initiated in the Fluker case without OFFICIAL DOCUMENTED EVIDENCE, NOT Internet printouts or pictures from rival fanbases

  2. 6

    Funny how retards can figure out typing on a computer when their reading comprehension skills are worse than pre-school.

  3. 8

    What an opportunity! Nick Saban demonstrates what happens if the University of Alabama Compliance department learns of any indiscretion
    Vigilance. Institutional Control. Monitoring.
    Literally, a demonstration of how Bama follows rules.

    • 10

      Earlier you gumps were bragging about how bama had the best compliance department in the nation. Well a lot of shyt has been hitting the fan at bama lately for there to be such a great compliance department. Or maybe the term Compliance Department at Alabama means, covering up and cleaning up the mess after acts of noncompliance have been brought to light.

      Saban himself was even bragging about how he spends a lot of time and money talking to and educating his players about agents. Well either he is full of shyt or his players disrespect him by not listening to him with all the agent problems his players have since he has been at bama.

    • 15

      Oops, accidently hit submit, anyway Monday Sept 30 12:52 pm.
      Baaaaringggg, baaaaaarinngggg, Hello. Mark hey its Nick, what are you doing? Nothin, sitting here eating a salad, whats up? Oh not much, just wanted to give you a heads up. Oh yeah? Whats going on? Well Scotty had some idiot working for him and he gave Haha a couple hundred. Okayyyy. Well compliance found out and now they are riding my ass about coming clean. Well come clean. Yeah I probably will Wednesday, I just know the boogs,corndogs and volunTEARS will be raising hell. And? Well I just wanted to give you a heads up. Ohhh, ok yeah we’re good Nick, besides you know I aint gonna give the corndogs the satisfaction, I hated every moment I was in that shithole baton rouge. Haha yeah I know me too. Ok? Okay. Hey Nick? Yeah? We still on for the golf trip to St.Thomas in May? Of course, thats all Miss Terri talks about. Ok good, call me back. Ok, bye.

      You bunch of whining crying wishing and hoping losers need to understand THERE ISNT ANYTHING GOING TO HAPPEN TO BAMA!!!! IF YOU WANT TO BEAT THEM MAN UP!!!! MAN UP MAN UP REAL SIMPLE AND DO IT ON THE FIELD. OTHERWISE QUIT CRYING LIKE A BUNCH OF LITTLE BITCHES AND TAKE ANOTHER RAMMER JAMMER WITH A LEAST SOME TINY BIT OF DIGNITY. DAMN oh by the way sniveling crying replies from corndogs baneroids and viles in 3.2.1…….

  4. 17
    Curse of Fluker

    yeah nothing will happen …..sorry I really tried to keep a straight face while saying that, but just could not hold it any longer. LMFAO! Let me be the first rival fan to ever say this on this POS website. I HOPE BAMA WINS THE NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP THIS YEAR!. Yeah I said it. Will be just 1 more to take away when the hammer falls. ROLL F***KING TIDE! There is no way in hell that the NCAA can get away with over looking all this money being given to CURRENT and former players. As far as people like yellowhammer who think we want nick gone because our team cant beat him……keep dreaming. Unlike you ass clowns I have a REAL life . I get more upset at one of my son’s games then I do over any college game. The reason I want nick to leave town is the melt down would be of biblical status. There would not be a trailer park left standing if Nick was to jump ship for another job. Mullet nation would swear they never needed nick and how they made him the coach he is.

  5. 18

    Damn Fluker, er Fucker, your team is going to get ass raped in 2 days and you’re over here on a Bama board writing novels about your fantasies. Aubsessed much? Bwaa Haww Haww! RTR!

  6. 20

    Lmao . This is the only way these foolish fans can hope to beat Bama. . Off the field . Cheating ? Smdh . The Tide is gonna roll and roll over you guys once again so keep hope alive guys . That’s all you have . BwahahahahahahHah .

    • 21

      Yea keep telling yourself that gump. Mean while get pumped about playing a team that hasn’t even been playing football for 4 years and has won a total of 4 games in there history! What the hell is the “great and all powerfull” team even doing playing a team like this? And don’t give me that BS about the schedule being made 10 years in advance, because this team didn’t even exist 10 years ago. And besides bama just proved the can and will cancel games already on the schedule. IE Mich. State.

      • 22

        I have to agree, we are playing too many of those lower tier teams this year…..Colorado State, Georgia State, UTC, Auburn….

  7. 23

    Yeah, instead of Ga St we could have played that Louisiana Junior College powerhouse, Nichols St like Oregon did. I’d give 14 and take Ga St against Nichols St any day.

    • 24

      Everytime you post the what you are thinking in that sick head of your crimsonut, you prove how ignorant you are.
      Are you drunk again?

      • 25

        Nichols St is FCS and has been beat by 70 twice. Who was it Jax St or someone like that actually beat then worse than Oregon. Bwaa Haww Haww!

        • 26

          So you lowered yourself to comparing how you and Oregon have played the weaker opponent! LMAO

          The sad part is bama only scored 4 more points on Georgia State than LSU did on the sixth ranked Georgia bulldogs. And don’t try and come on here and talk about playing your second and third string most of the game, because your fourth team players were more highly ranked recruits than any of Georgia State players and they should have been able to beat them by 50 points if they had played the whole game.

          Answer me this, how many of McCarron’s 15 completions were caught more than 7 yards from the line of scrimmage. From all the highlights I saw there were only 2 or three. Any passing yards he got were after the catch. McCarron and that powerfull bama offense could only dink and dunk against mighty Georgia State. LMAO

  8. 27

    I have the solution to the whole Clinton-Dix loan situation. CNS should let the team vote when he is allowed to come back.I am sure lamo would agree. Corndong reply in 3.2.1….

  9. 28

    Oh, you mean the Georgia who was run off the field by Tennessee? Who beat Tennessee only because a Tennessee player tried too hard to score and let the ball roll out of bounds in the endzone? The Tennessee who lost to Oregon by about 48? Remind me again Corndog, Who won the Georgia-LSU game???? Yeah, it’s a crying shame that Bama never runs the score up on anyone, while LSU has the starters throwing for td’s from the 5 yard line with two minutes left and leading by 35! We’ll see how many you score this week when you finally play a team with a defense good enough to stop someone besides a jr college. By the way, isn’t that 2 weeks in a row you’ve given up 500 or more yard of offense and a total of 70 points? Bwaa Haww Haww! After watching this weekends SEC games the NCAA has decided to give Bama a bye into the BCSNCG. They figured it is a waste of time playing the rest of the schedule since the other SEC teams all suck! RTR!

    • 29

      Are you saying that you think Georgia State’s defense is a good or better than Georgia’s. The team you guy barely beat in the SEC championship game last year?

      Do you not think bama’s third or fourth string 4 star players are not significantly better than any of the players on Georgia State winless team?

      Be honest Crimsonut, bama doesn’t run up the score on anybody this year because their offense hasn’t been that good. Hell Auburn scored more points on Ole Miss than bama did! And if you don’t know how bad Auburn is, just read most of the post on this site. LMAO

      And I don’t know what game you are talking about but LSU didn’t throw any passes from the 5 yard line with two minutes left. That’s just your ignorant ass making up shyt again.

      And I’m sure you and the rest of the gumps figured is was a waste of time playing any of the schedule at the beginning of the year and that the NCAA should just give bama the BCSNCG crystal ball at the beginning of the year. Right gump?

      Now tell me again how bama is just as good of a team as Oregon because of having played Georgia State. LMAO

  10. 30

    Laugh it up dumbass, that is your screen name. You’re already laughing out the other side of your ass after losing to a Georgia team with the worst defense in 50 years; not the Georgia team we beat in the SECCG. I wasn’t talking about Miss St dumbass. I was talking about general philosophy. Bama never runs the score up on anybody, but especially not helpless teams. It’s a thing of respect. I’m not going to try to pick any one of LSU’s games – I don’t give a shit about LSU. But I do specifically remember both Lee and Jefferson throwing for td’s inside the 5 against 5 or 6 of your helpless opponents with less than 3 minutes in the game during the 2011 season. Miles along with teams like Oregon and West Va and Wisconsin and too many others, has a mentality of disrespect. As powerful as West Va’s offense is, they were only up 17-0 on Ga St at the half and 20-7 at the end of the 3rd quarter. Their 1st string played the entire game to end up scoring 41. By contrast Bama had already subbed true freshmen half way through the 1st quarter and AJ and TJ left after 20 minutes. Simms logged more time at QB than his total in 3 previous years together. You are a sick excuse making dumbass aren’t you? Yeah, Bama has 3rd and 4th string 4 and 5 stars, and with zero playing time they are more talented than Georgia St’s starters, but not better. Not yet. There were gobs of mental errors and stupid penalties after they came in. Still they beat Ga St 13-3 and only gave up 110 yards in 2.5 quarters. The Corndogs have been giving up ungodly amounts of points and yards to everybody, even your shit opponents. I can’t wait to see our offense feast on them. Nor can I wait to see what the best defense in the country does to an offense which has yet to play against a top 25 quality defense. I would venture to say that this team remembers the embarrassment of losing to an inferior team at home in 2011 and will have something special waiting for the Corndog’s asses in 5 weeks! RTR!

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