BREAKING: Alabama football player suspended

Alabama Football Coach Nick Saban announced Alabama Safety HaHa Clinton-Dix was suspended indefinitely.
Alabama Football Coach Nick Saban announced Alabama Safety HaHa Clinton-Dix was suspended indefinitely.

Ha Ha Clinton-Dix suspended indefinitely

By Hunter Ford

Alabama Football player Ha Ha Clinton-Dix, a key player on the Tide defense has been suspended indefinitely for violating team rules. HaHa Clinton Dix is a junior safety for the Alabama Crimson Tide.

Nick Saban dropped the bombshell a few minutes into his press conference today after beginning with remarks about “focus” and “doing the little things right.”

Saban immediately cautioned reporters not to ask follow-up questions about the Alabama football player. He said it was his policy not to discuss specifics about player suspensions.

“I’m not going there so don’t ask me,” Alabama Football Coach Nick Saban said. He said there is no timetable on Clinton-Dix’s suspension.

“If you do right, you won’t be suspended,” Saban said.

Saban said Nick Perry, who is out for the season with an injury, would have backed up Clinton-Dix. Landon Collins and Geno Smith are expected to see playing time in Clinton-Dix’s absence.

Alabama Football player numbers changed:

Saban said there would be some player number changes because of confusion on special teams. Players can share numbers as long as they are not on the field at the same time. Alabama has been flagged this season for having players wearing the same number on the field, during special teams.

Check back for updates on this breaking story. Share your thoughts in the comments section below about what the suspension means for Alabama’s secondary.


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  1. 2

    Whats going on at Alabama? Borrowing from some past comments; “where there’s smoke…..”.

    How many players will be suspended this year? DePriest, Geno Smith, now Dix (not to mention whatever was going on with Drake). The Yahoo investigation, a former player running money from agents.

    Gonna be interesting to follow….

  2. 3

    He will be back by LSU. Keep hoping Peachy. The names of the players you just mentioned are playing. The only smoke I see is the smoke you are blowing. Have a nice day.

  3. 12
    Curse of Fluker

    Nicky is running out of closets to hide skeletons in. lol Even bama faithful who seemed so confident that the Fluker thing was dead and gone are now posting that this is agent related. BOL is in full melt down from bammers ready to lynch HaHa. Calling him selfish , disrespectful , greedy , etc. I would say that would meltdown next but you actually have to more than a hand full of readers to do that. lol Hey ITK when is the ” bama bag man ” cartoon going to be posted!?

  4. 15

    Now that we have the dumbasses remarks taken care of I’ll give my thoughts. I’m trying to put Saban’s individual remarks together and reading between the lines to make a story. What we have is Saban screaming enough to be extremely hoarse. That tells me it is something both serious and stupid and could involve more players than just Dix and he is big time pissed. Then we have Dix being suspended ‘indefinitely’ and Saban not knowing for how long. And Dix is still practicing with the team. So just playing devils advocate here’s what I came up with: If Dix failed a drug test or was drinking and driving, or boffing a teacher or whatever – Saban would know what his punishment should be, and if he was going to be suspended for like 2 games he probably wouldn’t practice with the team. However, if there has been some connection to an agent or benefits, he will have to sit until he is cleared or Bama might have to forfeit the games he played in.There will have to be an investigation and therefore neither Saban or anyone can say how long the suspension will last. Hence, indefinitely. However, if he is cleared then he can play immediately, hence he practices with the team in hopes that he will be cleared. Understand that this is speculation of the highest order. But I do not like what I am thinking about this shit. If it turns out this is agent related and there are still more players involved, somebody in the administration needs to have their asses kicked. I mean we are talking about a Dynastic team which has sent 15 or more players to the pros each of the last 5 or 6 years. You think those fucking money grabbing piece of shit vulture agents are just sitting on their lawn sipping a cool one and waiting. Someone needed to be following our star athletes around; and as soon as a fucking agent sets foot in the State of Alabama he needs to fitted with a damn GPS ankle bracelet. I’m waiting impatiently for more to come out about this whole mess, and if the shit hits the fan and destroys these three seasons, I’m finished with football. I’m getting too Goddamn old to go through another Albert Means/Logan Young crock of shit.

  5. 16

    Ok, just got back from ‘Talk Of Champions’. Apparently all the pessimism is pure bullshit. It is mostly being picked up on Barnturd websites. The inbred bastards are playing it for all it’s worth. There are already reports that it includes half the starting lineup. Let’s see, we have Dix, Collins, Sunseri, Foster, Cooper, Drake, Mandell and others. Dumbass Homers. There is a longtime member of TOC who is well connected to the team and who is noted to be very accurate with his information. According to him one of the current players, who cannot be named has told him what happened. He says it isn’t agent related and isn’t that serious, and that Ha Ha will be back. He says calm down and quit worrying. Everybody over there feels confident that he has the information. At the moment that’s all I have. Sleep well. RTR!

  6. 18


    I will pucker up and kiss your fat ass if anything comes from the ordeal or Dix suspension. The NCAA has no legal recourse to obtain information if it’s not turned over to them. Consult an attorney. If I were you, I would be worried about the stench following Les Miles from the OSU allegations which I have been told involve drugs, gambling and prostitution. My sources tell m that is f more concerning. Stay tuned

    • 19

      I meant to say Fluker ordeal. BTW we all know or should be smart enough to know that “self reporting” to the NCAA is a joke. Don’t be stupid Peachy, it ruins any credibility you strive to obtain with us

  7. 22

    As a matter of fact I cannot wait to see the Ole Miss v. Auburn game.
    I can give you some great reasons why this slug (sorta) fest will be the best game of the week.
    I have personally dubbed this one the “Gimmick Bowl”.
    1. Ellis Johnson will once again display that he is incompetent when it comes to Mississippi football as his defense gets gashed.
    2.Both Hugh Freeze and Gus Malzahn will open up the playbook in an effort to out HUNH DDT (hurry-up no huddle, Dippsey-Do Trickeroo) each other,. Just think of all of the double reverse punt fakes and kick off passes there will be.
    3. Nick Marshall and Bo Wallace will probably go to overtime finding new ways to gift wrap the game for the other team.
    4. Jake Holland. (’nuff said.)
    5. Hugh Freeze may kick a field goal.
    6. Pat Dye might have a coronary over all of the missed blocks and tackling.

    :Like I said this one is shaping up to be a real Barnburner at the …well….barn.

  8. 23

    Btw….The Reason Nick Saban has a doghouse is someone will always be in it. The real story would be if no one was in the doghouse this week.

    • 24

      So the real story would be if he DIDNT suspend a player indefinitely?

      Sad that you’ve come to expect that of your program..

    • 26

      FU Crimsonut! I ain’t scared of shyt especially your fat ass. I will weigh in on the mess and cheating goning on in bama when I’m good and ready!

  9. 27

    Just a few weeks ago you guys were saying all this agent stuff was going away and nothing would come of it. Now we have the first casualty. And this is just the beginning. And some of you know it. There will be more and there will be punishment.

    • 28

      Sorry to burst your Barner or Tiger bubble, but there will be no punishment without original, certifiable evidence obtained and found. Nothing will happen to Saban’s Alabama program

  10. 30
    Curse of Fluker

    One of your players let it slip on twitter…..

    Tweet from Amari:

    Amari Cooper ‏@amari_coop2 48m
    Hate to lose my brother for the rest of the season but we gotta get it #roadto16 let’s go!! @HaHa_CD6

    For the SEASON? Hmm does not sound like a drug test issue to me.

  11. 32

    Serious question to everyone and please take stupid fandom out of your response: Do AUBS or LSU fans understand that the NCAA has to follow legal procedures in evidentiary proceedings just like a law firm or police department, even with the absence of subpoena authority? Seriously, sending letters, emails, printouts and such to Indianapolis gets shredded if you are independent in fact and appearance. C’mon morons! LOL

    • 38

      Suck what? Do you understand NCAA bylaws? A $500 loan that was repaid is a secondary violation if anything. Saban had no knowledge

      • 39

        The NCAA doesnt allow for you to say your head coach “didnt know” when its other coaches giving the money. And the money is tied to an agent. Alabama is about to get REAMED!

        • 40

          WRONG AGAIN. An NCAA compliance “expert” said this was a secondary violation if anything. Members of the media including the Auburn biased media are concurring. Go to Matt Scallici’s article on by trolling the Bama site and you will find it. Sorry, loser 🙂

          • 41

            Sure, everything is ok. An ongoing investigation into agents paying players (and a former player running the money) leads to current player getting paid by current coach (tied to an agent) and its “nothing to see here”.

            This is just the beginning. More names coming out soon. This is about to hit the BIG TIME!

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