DJ Fluker Scandal: Perspective on the Alabama situation

Alabama’s handling of the crisis; Pat Forde’s envy

Alabama fans and all of college football are focused on the DJ Fluker illegal benefits story. Here is the latest information on the DJ Fluker allegations.

Alabama football player DJ Fluker allegedly accepted cash and other benefits from an agent, according to a new report.

First, the University of Alabama knew of the DJ Fluker situation prior to Yahoo Sports asking for comment on the story. According to Alabama’s statement on the DJ Fluker allegations, the university’s compliance was already on the case.

Second, Alabama has a much more professional staff running things now than just a few years ago. Anyone who was around during the time prior to 2007 remembers the constant leaks coming not only from the athletic department but also from the general administration. It makes it much harder to know what is going on, but it does illustrate how much better the entire operation is today thanks to Dr. Witt and Nick Saban.

That said, I reached out to a source familiar with coaching in the SEC, and was told that there is concern about the personalities involved in this story.

Third, Yahoo’s Pat Forde is obviously upset he is no longer with ESPN. His shot at ESPN and sensationalist attack on Nick Saban amount to journalistic malpractice. Forde’s piece on Saban is laughable in its attempt to tie Saban’s press conference attitude to a concern about the story. This is not exactly news, but Saban is somewhat irritable any day of the week and even more so before a big game. Forde’s anger at ESPN reveals a deeply envious reporter that cannot let go his anger at a previous employer. Forde’s column was an overreach that tainted the entire Yahoo editorial process.

Fourth, any Alabama fan that frequents or listens to WJOX’s local morning programming should know they are helping enemies of the program. If the morning crew did anything but deliver Auburn talking points, it might be worth tuning in; however, now, Alabama fans should cease putting dollars into the pockets of people with an anti-Alabama agenda. Be smart consumers.

Lastly, Alabama fans must remember that, as of yet, there are no allegations of institutional misconduct. Furthermore, there are no indications the information used in the Yahoo report will be provided to the University or the NCAA by the “source.” This element will bear further watching as Alabama and the SEC investigate.