Lousiana Justice: Jeremy Hill free to play for LSU this season

LSU running back Jeremy Hill rushed for 755 yards and 12 touchdowns as a freshman last season, and apparently that’s enough to avoid jail time for sucker punching a fellow student in the face.

If you haven’t seen the shocking video, too bad. Apparently being the prize running back at LSU enables you to get footage of your assault yanked from YouTube as well.

On Monday, state district judge Bonnie Jackson elected to extend his probation instead of punishing hill from popping a defenseless LSU student in the face. An act that sent his homey’s into a frenzy, even joining in. If you haven’t seen it, it’s hard to explain the animalistic behavior you saw to those who haven’t.

“Extend his probation? For what?” you ask… Well, for forcing a 14-year old girl into sex acts with him and a buddy while a student at Baton Rouge’s Redemptorist High School.

Jeremy Hill internal punishmentsWonder how her father is taking Bonnie Jackson’s ruling today? Furthermore, I wonder if parking passes were thrown in with the judge’s season tickets?

Oh but don’t worry, Les Miles wouldn’t let a criminal like Hill back on the team, right? Wrong.

Hours later, Les Miles allowed Hill to rejoin the team after he met with the team and players voted to allow him back. Hill practiced with his fellow Tigers Monday afternoon.

Good move Les. Let emotional teenagers make the decision to let a compadre back in the mix so you don’t have to be a man and make hard decisions yourself.

But don’t worry. Ole Stonewall Les Miles is gonna lay down the law in the Red Stick.

“He will have further punishment,” Miles said Monday. “It will be internal. It will be comprehensive. We will see the whole person.”

We will see the whole person? What the heck does that even mean?

The only thing Jeremy Hill should be seeing is the inside of a jail cell, but instead he’ll see 12-15 carries a game, starting with game one against TCU.

Miles was asked if Hill would miss game time as punishment, to which he responded:

“I’m going to review this and make a quality call the best I can.”

Translation? “Hell no! I need this horse to get me my bonus and give us a shot against Alabama this November!”

Bottom line, send your son to LSU to play football for Les Miles and you’re sending him to a place where discipline and consequences to your actions don’t reside. If you want your kid to play where it’s all about the W’s and not about getting him ready for life, “Geaux Tigers!”

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