Lousiana Justice: Jeremy Hill free to play for LSU this season

LSU running back Jeremy Hill rushed for 755 yards and 12 touchdowns as a freshman last season, and apparently that’s enough to avoid jail time for sucker punching a fellow student in the face.

If you haven’t seen the shocking video, too bad. Apparently being the prize running back at LSU enables you to get footage of your assault yanked from YouTube as well.

On Monday, state district judge Bonnie Jackson elected to extend his probation instead of punishing hill from popping a defenseless LSU student in the face. An act that sent his homey’s into a frenzy, even joining in. If you haven’t seen it, it’s hard to explain the animalistic behavior you saw to those who haven’t.

“Extend his probation? For what?” you ask… Well, for forcing a 14-year old girl into sex acts with him and a buddy while a student at Baton Rouge’s Redemptorist High School.

Jeremy Hill internal punishmentsWonder how her father is taking Bonnie Jackson’s ruling today? Furthermore, I wonder if parking passes were thrown in with the judge’s season tickets?

Oh but don’t worry, Les Miles wouldn’t let a criminal like Hill back on the team, right? Wrong.

Hours later, Les Miles allowed Hill to rejoin the team after he met with the team and players voted to allow him back. Hill practiced with his fellow Tigers Monday afternoon.

Good move Les. Let emotional teenagers make the decision to let a compadre back in the mix so you don’t have to be a man and make hard decisions yourself.

But don’t worry. Ole Stonewall Les Miles is gonna lay down the law in the Red Stick.

“He will have further punishment,” Miles said Monday. “It will be internal. It will be comprehensive. We will see the whole person.”

We will see the whole person? What the heck does that even mean?

The only thing Jeremy Hill should be seeing is the inside of a jail cell, but instead he’ll see 12-15 carries a game, starting with game one against TCU.

Miles was asked if Hill would miss game time as punishment, to which he responded:

“I’m going to review this and make a quality call the best I can.”

Translation? “Hell no! I need this horse to get me my bonus and give us a shot against Alabama this November!”

Bottom line, send your son to LSU to play football for Les Miles and you’re sending him to a place where discipline and consequences to your actions don’t reside. If you want your kid to play where it’s all about the W’s and not about getting him ready for life, “Geaux Tigers!”

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    The Conduit


    For all the hate I’ve seen on here about how dirty Alabama is for having players that beat up a student, at least they didn’t come back or ever play a down of football (keep in mind they were rising stars like Hill, not 3rd-stringers). I’m sure it won’t matter to many people, but it is interesting.

    I think Hill simply won the perfect-timing award. Johnny Manziel stole the spotlight when this happened, regardless of the whole thing being on video. I was already surprised more people didn’t know about it when it happened, if for no other reason than the video.

    I never like to see a player be taken out for a mistake that can be fixed anyway. You get a pass, but just the one. I’m not saying he didn’t deserve to at least miss a game or something more substantial, but I’m ok with getting a pass. What can I say? I’m a football fan, and he’s a great football player and deserves an opportunity to prove he’s worth giving a second chance.

    What I can’t say is it makes me proud that Alabama would have done the same thing. They wouldn’t. They don’t. Carlos Hyde and Jeremy Hill would be playing tetherball with the Honey Badger behind a kindergarten if they were at Alabama.

    Then again, Alabama has more depth than Lake Superior, so they can afford to get rid of any violent player after his first mistake, whether he hits a male or a female.

  2. 2

    les …will suspend hill for the tcu game at least but maybe not announce ala’ brady hoke and their rb vs bama opener

    • 4

      Fact, Bonnie Jackson is a 1978 graduate of LSU law center. No conflict of interest there huh? lamo, you are still the biggest example of an imbecile to EVER grace the Capstonereport. What a turd! Hahhahahahahahhahajhhahahahahahahhahaha!

    • 5

      Fact, Bonnie Jackson is a 1978 graduate of LSU law center. No conflict of interest there huh? lamo, you are still the biggest example of an imbecile to EVER grace the Capstonereport. What a turd! Hahhahahahahahhahajhhahahahahahahhahaha!

  3. 6

    Hey Yellowshitinyourpants,
    The majority of judges in Louisiana are all graduates of LSU. The chances of anyone going before a judge that graduated from LSU, including Alabama’s no. one moron fan, Updyke the tree killer, are more likely than not. But you my ignorant friend have not presented one piece of evidence or fact that just because this judge graduated from LSU, that she did anything different than is done in any other similar case in Louiaiana or Alabama for that matter. The only turd around here is the one in your pants.

    Alabama already has the easiest schedule in the SEC, by far. I’m sure you gumps would love for A&M and LSU, the ONLY two decent teams bama plays all year to be without two of their better players, right gump?

    • 7

      Why not Shit For Brains? Alabama was without 7 starters and part time starters last year by the time they played LSWho and aTm, plus AJ with broken ribs and Barrett with a busted up knee. And fuck you and anyone else who doesn’t like our schedule. It wasn’t hand picked to be the be the 8th or 9th easiest in the conference. No one expected USCjr to be a rising power, and besides we have already done our turn with them including the year they played for the SEC Championship. Maybe you would like to go back to pre Urban Meyer and switch Florida for Tennessee with us, but I doubt it unless you’re stupid. Besides, all you whining dumb fucks never take into account that we’ll be playing in the SEC Championship game which will jump us to as tough a schedule in the SEC as anybody. And by playing for the SEC Championship and the National Championship our entire schedule will be one of the toughest if not toughest in the nation. So fuck off Corndog.RTR!

      • 8

        Yea but it sure is easier to get to the SEC Championship game and therefore the National Championship game when every year in the regular season you get to avoid playing any one of the best three teams in the East Division. Even with your crimson glasses on surely you can see and admit to that, right Crimsonite?

    • 11
      The Conduit

      We didn’t want Colt McCoy to go down.

      We didn’t want Manziel to put his eleigibility in jeopary.

      We don’t want Hill to keep punching people and put his eligibility in jeopardy, either.

      When you want to be the best, you have to beat the best.

      tOSU gets to play the #23 team in the last game of the season. Rough stuff. Get on their websites and complain if you want. Meanwhile, Alabama always schedules a tough out-of-conference team for its season opener. Not many teams do that. Clemson does. Georgia is pretty good at it, too. Some schools aim for an easier schedule. I think it’s just plain inaccurate to say that Alabama does that. Even outside of the VT game and everything else being luck-of-the-draw with teams that might not be stellar this year, including the team that has beaten Alabama more than any other team in the country, it’s still a tougher schedule than most, certainly including tOSU at preseason #2.

      • 12

        Conduit did you really just say “Meanwhile, Alabama ALWAYS schedules a tough out-of-conference team for its season opener”?

        You gumps really do live in your own imaginary or make believe world don’t you?

        Here is the list of the “tough out of conference” teams bama has scheduled for its season opener over the last 12 years:

        Middle Tennessee
        South Florida
        Utah St.
        Middle Tennessee (again)
        W. Carolina
        Va. Tech
        San Jose State
        Kent State
        Va. Tech (not ranked in the top 25)

        Sorry Conduit but that list does not support you claim that bama “always” schedules a tough out of conference team for its season opener. That is unless you gumps think San Jose State and Kent State are tough.

        You would have been more accurate if you had said bama “rarely schedules a tough out of conference team for its season opener.

        • 13
          The Conduit

          K, I’m sure I can’t give you an answer that you will agree with.

          However, I will always side with Alabama at least always making a concious effort under Nick Saban to strengthen their schedule, particularly at the start of the season.

          If you think VT is a terrible team, go back and watch that game, (the year Alabama won their first title under Saban). If you really think VT are comparable to Middle Tennessee, no wonder you’re so upset.

          Michigan, no? Really? If you’re saying scheduling the winningest team in college football history isn’t a deliberate attempt to avoid a strength-of-schedule issue, I’m going to have to disagree. It’s probably the single-toughest team tOSU has to play this year, and they don’t get a choice.

          Clemson has been the best they’ve been in decades and steps away from winning a title. They schedule more SEC teams than any non-SEC team and they’ve been winning them, too.

          I would have been more accurate if I had said Alabama deliberately tries to schedule more tough week one or week two opponents in the Nick Saban era. You left out the obvious schedules relating to the argument for strength of schedule because they were probably in week two, rather than reflect on the point itself of Alabama not wanting Manziel to miss this season whether it’s his fault or not.

          Nevermind skipping over tOSU completely. They’d beat you guys too though, so it’s probably incidental. The point is you don’t know when teams like Tennessee, Auburn, Arkansas and LSU are going to be bad. It could last a year, or it could last a decade. It could be all in the same year. So at least trying to plan ahead is all you can really do to prove you’re the best.

          That is, if you think you deserve to be called the best by the rest. Roll Tide.

          • 14

            No Conduit, the point is I was replying to your exact words. I didn’t point out the teams bama plays in week two because YOUR comment SPECIFICALLY said “Alabama ALWAYS schedules a tough out-of-conference team for its season opener”. YOU didn’t say a word about week two opponents or strength of schedule. You are just trying to crawfish now that your original statement has been proven to be laughable.

            And I never said I think VT was a terrible team as you try it imply in your latest post, or that Michigan or Clemson weren’t strong teams, but that’s 3 teams in 12 years!! 4 in 13 if you count Va. Tech for this coming year, but we all know this Va. Tech team is not as “strong” as the last time bama played them, hence the reason they are not ranked in the preseason top 25. But hey even if you want to make yourself feel better and consider them a “strong” team that’s still only 4 teams in 13 years, a far cry from your original claim of “always” playing a strong team in the season opener.

            Admit it, you were caught in a typical gump exaggeration, like 14. Bama is a good team and program, with a great history, why do gumps feel the need to exaggerate your accomplishments which really only takes away from them in the eyes of all college sports fans not wearing crimson glasses.

            And with regards to your second to last paragraph, you are right, you don’t know when teams like Tennessee, Auburn, Ark. or LSU are going to be good or not, but don’t try and use that logic and claim bama ALWAYS tries to schedule a tough opponent for the season opener when you have scheduled teams like Mid. Tenn, Kent State, San Jose State and Utah State and the likes. Those teams were never going to be strong. LMAO

          • 15
            The Conduit

            Admit it?

            I already did, didn’t I? I already said I said it wrong.

            Unfortunately, the point is still the same. I did, in fact, clarify about week two in my response; the one you’re responding to saying I didn’t. I don’t get it? Gump glasses? I think you just hate Alabama.

            It’s not exaggerating, it’s clarifying. And yes, every year with Saban. Saban hasn’t been there 13 years. I know it feels like forever, but it hasn’t been that long. You could go back 100 years to the first Rose Bowl Alabama won to really make yourself look like a jerk, but I’ll stop you from making that mistake and say again I am talking in the current generation under Nick Saban at Alabama.

            Regardless, it’s still missing the point that most teams deliberately try to schedule the other direction. Alabama with Nick Saban deliberately does not.

            And they still win championships. That’s no Gump statement. I’m sorry if this is too tricky, but we’ve gotten way off-topic here. It was a response to not wanting guys like Hill or Manziel or Mettenberger to lose their eligibility so we can play against them regardless of how much money they make or how many people they punch and girls they assualt.

          • 16

            NO you didn’t admit it Conduit. No where in your response did you admit it. You made a weak arse statement saying “I would have been more accurate if I had said Alabama deliberately tries to schedule more tough week one or week two opponents in the Nick Saban era”. Problem is you’ve got to be accurate to begin with before you can say “you would have been MORE ACCURATE”. Your first claim was flat out wrong and inaccurate, no matter what you or Crimsonite try to say now about you meant the second game, or Penn State wouldn’t play bama until the second game, blah blah blah. But you are right your first claim was not exaggerating, it was just flat out wrong or lying and if I had not called you out on it you wouldn’t have come back on here and clarified crap.

            The problem with your “clarifying comments” Conduit is that you want to bring up VT, Michigan and Clemson but completely ingnore the fact that Saban was Alabama’s coach when they played San Jose State and Kent State just a couple of years back in their opening games.

          • 17
            The Conduit

            You know LMAO, you worry an aful lot about crimson-colored glasses, yet you seem to have the greatest propensity for prejudice to begin with.

            I did admit I was wrong and tried to clarify, specifically by using your terminology in response to, “You would have been more accurate if you had said bama “rarely schedules a tough out of conference team for its season opener,” which is simply inaccurate.
            It’s a blog comment—-it doesn’t deserve a dissertation. I’m not sure you better I could have worded it to count as an admission of being not entirely accurate, but you ignored the part where I clarified the second week regardless, so it’s shouldn’t be a problem anyway.

            Instead, you use it just to hate on a guy implicitly because he’s an Alabama fan. On an Alabama website. Again, just to clarify Kent State (arguably not the hardest team, but you do realize why Alabama played them specifically, yes?) and San Jose state were both week one, follwed by Penn State, one of the winningest teams in the sport’s history.

            I’m starting to believe you’re either deliberately just not listening or you’re here because you have more hate for all things Alabama than any crimson-colored-glasses-wearer has inaccurate information relating to Alabama’s success.

        • 18

          Clemson was start of the season #5, Va Tech was start of the season #6, San Jose and Kent were because Both of those years Penn State could not schedule us before the second game. Michigan ended up being the #4 team in the Big 10, and VT has been the class of the ACC for over 10 years. Technically it may be easier to get to the Championship game with an easier schedule, but after we beat the Easts’ best there, then you can pretty much figure we would have beat the other 2 also. But while we’re dissing schedules you need to go back and look at LSU’s out of conference schedule from last year. Probably the most pathetic of any team in the Big 5 conferences ever. I mean Towsen and Idaho? Please. Tennessee is by a wide wide margin the #2 team all time in the SEC and the only SEC besides Bama in the National top 10 all time. Yeah, we got the luck of the draw this year with Kentucky – but am I wrong in remembering that lowly Kentucky beat your last national champs? Bwaa Haww Haww? RTR!

  4. 19

    I may not have presented evidence otherwise but Thomas Alonzo, a defense lawyer quoted in the link you provided certainly disagrees with you. Haha dumb as the day is long!! Secondly, I would agree that Updyke is a disgrace to Bama fans but I assume (hey you know all about assuming dont you?) you think all LSU fans are the best right? Thats why you are so proud of and can totally relate to these guys. In fact you are probably one of them in this video. Nice job lamo, you are so cool, can we hang out sometime?

  5. 20

    Les didn’t suspend the kid. Maybe he should have just medically processed him. Lil Nicky is still doing it I see:

    Gulledge gets a medical disqualification from Nicky …yet is eligible to play for Jax St.


    • 21

      Hoopie I get where you’re coming from but you got one point wrong, the kid was suspended ever since the incident happened and has not been allowed to have any contact with the team until his issue was just heard by the courts.

    • 22

      Yeah dumbass, just shows 2nd division schools don’t give a shit if their players are hurt or not. Besides, he won’t be getting hit by SEC caliber players every week in the Gulf South, or whatever it is. He could have stayed at Bama and got a free education. the possibilities are thus: #1 Stay at Bama and get a free education and go to work like the rest of us. #2 If you’re not really hurt badly then don’t get a Medical Pass, and instead stay on the team and be used for a tackling dummy never seeing the field in a game. #3 Go to a 2nd division class school and play, accomplishing nothing on the field until you graduate. #4 Go to a division 2 class school who doesn’t care if your injury is serious or not, play and end up in a body cast the rest of your life. – Ok dumbass, which would you choose?

    • 23

      Perhaps Jax St. is willing to take a chance that Alabama doctors arent. But reasoning is a strange and bewildering concept isnt it?

    • 25
      The Conduit

      I’m not sure what you’re trying to say with this link. It’s completely unrelated to the story, though, and you didn’t say what you think it means regardless. Just pointing that out because maybe it was for a good reason but you forgot to put the lead-in with the link.

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