Alabama getting love from Forbes again

People don’t read Forbes magazine for the cartoons or advice columns. There isn’t a lot of filler fodder to take up space.

No, Forbes is about power. Dollars and cents, and a whole lot of business sense. And the periodical read by the ultra successful (and those who want to be) is in love with Alabama. In its latest copy, as usual, the magazine is on the money.

Forbes on the money, again
For instance, the September 2008 issue tabbed Nick Saban as the most powerful coach in all of sports…after his 7-6 run in 2007. Before the Georgia black out. Before planting his foot Phil Fulmer’s throat. Before making Tuberville run away. Before sending Urban Meyer to the emergency room. And long before his continued and unprecedented run at the Capstone.

Nick Saban is the kind of opponent that would make The Bear come into work early and stay late. In fact, earlier this year Forbes identified Nick Saban as the “Best College Football Coach of All Time.” Something else that would’ve gotten Bryant’s attention.

Saban is way smarter than to take on the history laid by Coach Bryant, who was a pioneer for the game he loved. But Forbes isn’t afraid.

Today the magazine illustrates what the Saban effect is having on the University of Alabama as a whole, seeing enrollment jump by 33% in during his tenure. It even chronicles a high school senior from New York who desperately wants to enroll at Bama, though he’s never been there.

It’s an interesting read to say the least, and another among many reasons it is good to be Crimson.

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  1. 1

    Good read.
    I ‘am sure there are more than a few who are praying for Bama’s downfall. But honestly, they weren’t there crying when Bama came through the wilderness so who cares what they think.

  2. 2

    Well with that being said, according to the Aubs, Bama lost out on a 4 star linebacker the other day and therefore the reign of terror is over. Somehow I doubt Forbe’s agrees, but hey what would a premier journalistic publication know?

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