Does Bama baseball need a new stadium? The answer is in your Sunday Cup of Coffee.

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Among Tide fans, one of the most popular debates these days has to do with Bama baseball. Not on-the-field play, though Alabama’s season hasn’t finished with the promise with which it started.

Instead, talk among Bama faithful is in the stands. As in, literally up in the stands…where they’re sitting.

If you want to spark a good debate these days, just challenge a “Bama needs a new baseball stadium” proponent with the idea that the team should display success in order to get a new park. In fact, recently I inadvertantly found myself in a little Twitter wrangle over the subject:

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Kendall Rogers is the managing editor of college baseball for Aaron Suttles covers ‘Bama sports for the Tuscaloosa News, and Kevin Russo is a utilty player for the Detroit Tigers…though that’s not the Kevin Russo I was jawing with. This one is just a sport enthusiast, an LSU grad, and an interesting read on Twitter.

All three are right; Alabama’s baseball stadium is way behind other schools’ facilities in the SEC. Though I’ve never been there, I’m told South Carolina’s is the baseball version of Bryant-Denny. Bama’s is more like, well, Denny’s.

But are we asking the right question when we ask “Does Alabama need a new stadium”? We all know that answer is yes. Should the question instead be “Does Alabama baseball deserve a new stadium?” Has baseball shown enough fortitude to garner the fan support to put butts in the seats?

In the late 90’s and the turn of the century, Alabama baseball was a force. But somehow the Tide baseball program has slipped into Shula-esque mediocrity. And I’m sorry, that may mean people aren’t going to support it.

Should they? That’s another debate altogether. There are some who would say if Bama’s taking the field in something…anything…we as fans and alumni should do what’s necessary to buy tickets, make the drive and be present to cheer them on. But that’s not reality. If you think I’m wrong, then check attendance this season. There have been a few games at the Joe where a line drive fouled into the stands was a threat to NO ONE.

It’s the old chicken or the egg argument…should people come to support the team into success, or should success draw people to support the team? I don’t know the answer. But I do know Bama’s baseball facility is bad. We’ll see if the groundswell becomes large enough to change UA’s commitment to having the worst stadium in the SEC.

Speaking of SEC baseball, here are the current standings…

Auburn is still dead last.

Auburn is still dead last.

When I pointed out in a March 29th article that Auburn was attempting to finish dead last in all three major sports, an Auburn poster who visits this site (shocker) carried the crybaby mantle for all Auburn fans, whining that the season was too young to make such an assertion.

Well, here we are, and Auburn has climbed from dead last to #10 in a fourteen team league. Way to go Auburn. We knew you could do it. They’re still last in the West, so I’m gonna stick to my point. Jay Jacobs is making a fine salary to lead Auburn into last place.

Speaking of Auburn, what in the world is up with Charles Barkley?
The dude is everywhere. He was an analyst for the NCAA Tournament. He’s on every other commercial, and of course he’s been an analyst for the NBA on TNT for 13 years.

The ever Aubsessed, Charles Barkley

The ever Aubsessed, Charles Barkley

Barkley is an entertaining figure to say the least. He’s the kind of guy Tiger Woods would like to cat around with to pick up chicks…in fact, he apparently did.

Chuck’s gambling problem has cost him major bucks…$10 Million to be exact. And Charles likes the firewater, and a little honey to go with it…even if it means a DUI.

I like Charles Barkley for several reasons. One because he’s Aubsessed with all things Alabama, not missing an opportunity to voice his disdain for the Crimson Tide. He only validates Bama by harping about them. But the main reason I like him is, he shows you don’t have to be bright, considerate, or politically correct to make it in America…and this in a country where political correctness rules the day. Apparently, neither do you have to win a ring on the collegiate or professional level to be an expert.

Seeking Charles Barkley’s opinion on something…anything…is like seeking the political views of Lady Gaga. Neither mean anything, but both are fun to hear. Somehow Charles has been granted a pass by society to run that mouth. And I say good for him. I have heard as many stories about Barkley showing generosity as I have stories that paint him in a negative light. Go Charles.

Finally, it’s Mother’s Day…and I hope you all get a chance to spend some time with your mom today…or at least speak to her. For the moms out there who visit here, thanks for the endless hours you spend wiping butts, preparing meals, cleaning up, rocking children, refereeing siblings, offering widsom, giving hugs, tucking in, and starting over…the next day doing it all again.

I’m thankful to still have my mom, but that won’t always be the case. Don’t miss the opportunity to tell or show her what she’s meant to your life.

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