Basketball: Were we watching the end of Anthony Grant at Alabama?

Alabama lost to Auburn.

That is never a good line to read if your job is the Alabama coach. It doesn’t matter the sport.

But, if it is a major sport, and if it is on television then woe to the coach.

Wednesday night Alabama lost to Auburn in basketball. The score Auburn 49 Alabama 37.

Horrible. Is this Anthony Grant’s signature game at Alabama?

Alabama led by ten at halftime 23-13.

Yes, Auburn had 13 points at halftime. Yet, Alabama found a way to lose.

Alabama shot 28.6 percent from the field and 10.5 percent from three-point range.

“We got outplayed in every facet of the game,” Alabama basketball coach Anthony Grant said.

No kidding.

That is not a good thing to hear. However, the post-game analysis gets worse for Alabama.

“Their energy in the second half was much better than ours,” Grant said.


Alabama fans must ask is this typical of the Grant era? If it is, why endure another year of this?

Has Grant lived up to expectations?

The answer is no. A trip to the second round of the NCAA tournament is not good enough.

Grant was hired to take Alabama to the next level.—to get deeper in the NCAA tournament and win conference championships. Yet, Alabama continues to languish.

Alabama basketball fans have had little to cheer about since Wimp Sanderson. There were moments of hope under Mark Gottfried, but Alabama has been consistently inconsistent in the post-Sanderson era.

Alabama fans want to be good at basketball. The question is whether Anthony Grant can help in that goal. The second half of the Alabama-Auburn game was not encouraging. As Grant said, the team lacked energy. Furthermore, the games border on unwatchable. It isn’t fun to be an Alabama basketball fan right now.

Even if Grant survives into next season, and knowing how Alabama approaches basketball there is little reason to doubt he will be around next season, this game could become the signature game of Grant’s Alabama career. It will take major wins for Alabama fans to get over this loss to a crappy Auburn basketball team.