Spencer Tillman joins Tim Brando and Tony Barnhart as CBS buffoons

CBS is not the network it once was. The petty and foolish Tim Brando is the face of its college football coverage. Brando’s crusade against Alabama has turned him into a joke. He is an embarrassment because his pro-LSU, pro-Ole Miss bias shows in every broadcast. The rest of the CBS crew is equally biased. Who can forget how Mr. College Football led the crusade to get an Alabama football player in trouble after blocking the Georgia quarterback during the SEC Championship Game.

Not content to let Brando and Tony Barnhart be the punch line of CBS programming here comes Spencer Tillman making his own opinion known. Nick Saban is afraid of Texas A&M, Tillman said, according to the Tulsa World Sports Extra.

At least Tillman’s opinion is an opinion and not a crusade like Brando and Barnhart led following Georgia’s loss to Alabama. I bet that dramatic Georgia loss to Alabama still hurts these two. All that crying following the loss showed their pain. It could take years to get over the loss.

However, Tillman’s recent opinion on Alabama, Nick Saban and Texas A&M is comical.

A coach with three national championships in four years, top recruiting classes every year and the best defensive mind in all of college football is afraid of the Aggies.

It is laughable.

Without a doubt, Saban respects what Kevin Sumlin accomplished this year with A&M. Sumlin improved a program and put his quarterback into a position to be successful.

What makes Tillman’s opinion laughable is that his argument boils down to this: Alabama is not infallible and A&M showed its system works against Alabama and with great talent at A&M, Sumlin’s system will be better than at his previous coaching stops.

The same could be said about Les Miles and his LSU system.

Miles has the athletes and has shown he can keep a program among the top teams season after season after season.

Don’t forget, LSU showed in 2011 the way to beat Alabama in Tuscaloosa in the Game of the Century.

Of course, Nick Saban was so scared of Les Miles and the LSU system that Alabama dominated the Tigers in the BCS National Championship Game—a rematch that still irritates some CBS personalities like Brando.

Every time a new scheme or coach comes along, talking heads anoint it as the future of college football.

Of course, some talking heads take the rhetoric further.

Nick Saban is petrified of the spread and Tim Tebow.

Saban answered that opinion with the masterpiece known as the 2009 SEC Championship.

If history shows anything, Saban doesn’t get scared. He gets motivated.

When Saban is motivated, he gets revenge.

But let us all ignore history. Saban is afraid! The dynasty is already over! The king is dead. Long live the king!

Respecting Texas A&M, Johnny Football and Coach Sumlin is not being afraid of them. If only CBS television personalities were capable of understanding that.

CBS needs to reconsider its college football pregame and halftime show. With bias on display, how can anyone take this network seriously?


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    Bama is going to be ready for A&M . Second half of the game showed we could handle them. But a loss is a loss and that Nat champ trophy sure is sweet. A&M won’t have the season they had last year Johnny Football and all . We are on the path to another one and it sure feels good. ROLL TIDE ROLL!!!!!!!

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      I was impressed with A&M and its play in the first year of its SEC membership.

      I believe Alabama’s defensive gameplan was poor and the player’s were spent thanks to the dramatic LSU game. Those aren’t excuses, but some reasons that the team can try to correct for next season.

      Hopefully, the gameplan will improve and the team will get more disciplined pressure on the QB next season.

      If not…..it will be a very long day.

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        The Conduit

        I think time means a lot.

        Nick Saban takes two days off after winning a BCS title. Then he wins another one, and people are still surprised he only takes two days off…

        When he gets a month to prepare, his team wins 42 – 14.

        Or 21-0.

        But get his team at the end of a 5-game stretch in the middle of the season after 3 road games and two rivals and you MIGHT beat him…by less than a touchdown, of course, but still.

        Everyone loses football games. Everyone. Alabama has won two titles in consecutive years and still lost a football game in each year. But Alabama doesn’t lose football games by touchdowns.

        Time matters. And next year, TAMU gets to play Alabama not after Alabama plays a top-ten rival away, not after a five-game stretch with four conference opponents, but rather TAMU gets Alabama after Alabama’s bye-week. If I were an Aggie, that part alone would shut me right the hell up, and not in spite of the 2012 game but because of it. For as impressed as I was with TAMU this year, that was simply Alabama’s worst game of the year and the win was still in their grasp. What an amazing team.

        Besides, TAMU IS Manziel——if Johnny Football has any injury, even a little bloating or a sinus headache, forget it. For all the talent TAMU has it means practically nothing without Manziel, and that’s what I don’t like about teams like that (and what I love about the teams Alabama has been winning titles with, unless you want to argue McCarron and Richardson couldn’t have won in 2009 replacing McElroy and Ingram, just for one example). Alabama has more depth than the Mediterranean, and Manziel, crap, I think I got off-topic there… Oh well. Screw CBS (mostly). ROLL TIDE.

        • 4

          Conduit, when TAMU played Bama last year it was TAMU’s third SEC road game in a row. Bama played LSU the week before, but TAMU played LSU a few weeks before as well. Most importantly, BAMA WAS PLAYING AT HOME. There is no way that you can say that TAMU had some type of scheduling advantage over Bama last year.

          I swear, the one thing that is unique to Bama fans as opposed to any other fan base in college football is that they can never simply admit that their team got beat. Bammers always have to throw in some type of excuse for the loss, like unfair scheduling or corrupt referees. And God knows, the refs only blow calls against Bama. Every questionable call that goes in Bama’s favor is exactly right and anyone who attempts to debate the call is a communist. (BTW, it also doesn’t change the fact that you’re making up excuses when you preface the excuse with, “These aren’t excuses, but…) You guys even cough up excuses for close wins, like saying that Auburn intentionally caused a traffic jam at the 09 Iron Bowl. Bama lost to TAMU last season for the same reason that a lot of other teams got steamrolled by TAMU late in the season…Manziel got in a groove and was absolutely on fire. Would it kill you guys to simply to credit TAMU and then shut up?

  2. 6
    Ricky B

    CBS – Crazy Brando Sucks!!!

    Not like he has ever contributed anything significant to sports broadcasting like Whammy!!! Or Boogity-Boogity-Boogity…

    All that cool stuff other announcers say – he just ruins it!

  3. 8

    correct massive butthurt of brando tillman pre ga bama – give barnhart a pass being a ga guy – but archie manning got ticked off at the obvious bias and made derogatory comments toward brando tillman barnhart…and cbssports voted ok st #1 nc in 2011

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