What I will remember most about the 2012 Alabama football season

The 2012 Alabama football season was filled with exciting games and special moments. From a personal perspective, this is what I will remember most.

Note: I am playing catch up since the SEC Championship in Atlanta and the BCS National Championship in Miami. My apologies for fewer posts, but it was an exciting and weird season for me including special memories and pneumonia. Here are a few thoughts, observations and stories on my personal experiences for the 2012 football season. Feel free to share your thoughts on what you remember the most in the comments section.

I enjoyed the SEC Championship. The win over Georgia was one of the most exciting college football games I can remember. It was more dramatic than Alabama’s win over LSU. It ranks up there with the dramatic The Kick game in the 1985 Iron Bowl. I still prefer that game, but this Georgia game was amazing and my preference for that Iron Bowl win could be built upon the nostalgia of childhood memory.

When Georgia blocked the field goal and returned it for a touchdown in the third quarter, the Georgia fans felt the title was within their grasp.

Too bad Georgia’s Mark Richt does not know how to build a tough, disciplined team. Pro Tip: Georgia if you want to win the SEC title, you might want to learn how to stop the run. Winning in the SEC starts with stopping the run.

While the game was amazing, I made two mistakes.

First, we rode MARTA. I can assure you that MARTA is not SMARTA. We were packed in like animals. It was a miserable right back to Dunwoody station to retrieve our car and get to the hotel.

Second, on gameday I awoke feeling bad. It was a mild cold with some coughing. I felt bad and the cough was annoying, and I made the decision to go to Wellstar. So, instead of enjoying SEC Fanfare, I wasted all morning at the clinic hoping to get something to deal with the cough and maybe a steroid shot to feel better. Unfortunately, the doctor told me to suck it up. No medicine. No cough medicine to reduce the cough. So, I wasted a $75 copay and my time.

Of course, the cold turned into pneumonia and this necessitated a few hundred dollars more in copay and almost being put into the hospital. At Wellstar, I asked the doctor for a steroid shot and was told that was “Old-timey medicine.” How did the board certified in emergency medicine doctor treat me for pneumonia? Steroid shot and oral steroids later to deal with the persistent cough issues. That “old-timey medicine” worked better than the new medicine of not giving people antibiotics or anything else.

Thus, my trip to Miami for the BCS title game was punctuated with a lingering cough. I blame Atlanta. I would suggest moving the SEC Championship out of Atlanta and back to Legion Field. However, I think I would pick pneumonia over being shot while trying to park beside the Old Gray Lady. Still, that lingering cough made it hard to flirt with the ladies enjoying Miami’s hot night scene.

OK, taking the wife and 11-month-old along probably had more to do with that than the cough, but I still blame Atlanta.

Speaking of babies, we brought along a babysitter so our child would not be going to the game. However, I saw at least four infants inside Sun Life Stadium. One of the infants looked to be less than six months old. Tiny. These infants were with parents supporting both teams—this wasn’t only an Alabama or Notre Dame issue.

Seriously, in a loud environment is that really a good idea?

The BCS title game was in a great setting. Sun Life Stadium is getting old, but I enjoyed the elevators. Food service was a disaster. Before kickoff the concession stand was out of souvenir cups and it took over 35 minutes to get a small pizza.

My intention was to provide a few daily posts from Miami before and after the game. Unfortunately, while our condominium offered amazing views of the water and downtown, the Internet did not work. Also, the cable offered just about every channel except ESPN. So, I had to wait several days before getting a chance to watch the game again. What is it they say about the best laid plans? Still, with those little problems and being out of touch with writing, it was worth the trip.

Miami is a fun place to visit. It looks as beautiful in person as on television in shows like Burn Notice.

The entire football season felt different. I found myself often thinking about the intersection of the sport with our families.

My parents loved football. Throughout my childhood, I remember mom living for Alabama football games. My dad enjoyed watching the Crimson Tide and some NFL. His enjoyment of the NFL diminished in the 1990s, but he never lost his love for Alabama. Fortunately, the 1992 national title came about 18 months before he died at too early an age.

I enjoy watching football and following the personalities and leaders. My mother loved it. She cared about it because it brought enjoyment to her from the days of being in the stands watching Joe Namath play to the last few years of resting at home in her hospital bed watching every Alabama game in HD.

During the last few years of her life, as she struggled to walk following a significant (bleeding) stroke, she consumed football. Her iPad was one tool for her to follow Alabama. And with ESPN on her LCD television, she watched every game.

Fortunately, 2009 came after a decade of misery. She enjoyed the national title, but I think the most enjoyable game for her was the 2009 SEC Championship win over Florida. The 2010 season was a disappointment, and the 2011 loss to LSU was too. However, Alabama made it into the BCS game against LSU. Unfortunately, she died New Year’s Eve and did not see the BCS win over LSU. However, that game was on her mind during the entire month of December.

This season was different. Both my parents are gone. I think that loss hit me the most on the first Saturday of the season with Alabama getting ready for Michigan. I’m not sure why it was this day that it hit me the hardest.

And there is another reason this season was different—this was the first football season with my son. When the season started, he was six-months-old, and while sitting in my lap watching ESPN College GameDay —he laughed when Lee Corso put on the “Big Al” head prior to the Alabama-Michigan game.

Even with the SEC Championship, the BCS national championship, that simple laugh from a child is probably the highlight of my football season. It is something I will always remember.


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  1. 1
    # 1 al. fan

    A GREAT column ITK! I sorta figured you had a lot of things on your mind along with the health issue. I really enjoy your posts, and more than gladly give you the time it takes to put these posts on. I for one appreciate all that you do here and I am really glad that you have a ‘thick’ hide! cause from some of these posts that I’ve read, you certainly need it!! LOL take care…… RTR

    • 2

      This was actually Cappy’s post. He’s dealt with a lot this season, but thankfully is getting back on his feet from his health issues to provide his keen insight here. He’s the best.

  2. 3

    My dad and I have been sitting in the same seats since 1992. I can’t imagine the day when he won’t be sitting next to me at a Bama game.

    I’m depressed now. Thanks!

    Roll Tide!

  3. 4

    Great read. Made me tear up for obvious reasons. ;). Hope to watch a few more with you in the future. RTR cuz! Love ya!

  4. 5

    Sorry about all the probs you have had. I for one will always remember that short pass from AJ to Lacy and the spin move and the two ND players knocking the Hades out of one another. RTR

  5. 6

    My most memorable moments: #1 Stomping Notre Dames ass and exorcising all those demons of the past. #2 Breaking LSU’s heart after they thought they had redemption. #3 Beating JawJaw and ruining their pay back plan. #4 Ass raping Barney 49-0. #5 Johnny Football batting his fumble up in the air, catching it and throwing a freaking td pass. At that moment I felt like winning wasn’t in our cards and that we should have sacrificed a virgin (maybe Katherine Webb) instead of those damn chickens. And by the way you don’t take antibiotics for colds, flu or pneumonia. They are caused by viruses and you take antiviral medicine or as in your case steroids which actually don’t do a damn thing except make you feel better until the illness passes, but can actually do you harm. Say thank you Dr. Crimsonite. LMAO. RTR!

    • 7

      True, but I did get an antibiotic for the pneumonia both a shot and Levaquin tablets. Kept me out of the hospital because I made a good improvement pretty quick….. Doctor was worried I had pericarditis with all the chest pain. I got pretty lucky. Worst part was while I was this sick, the baby got very sick and had to make two trips to Children’s for IV fluids. That was very bad.

      I have to admit that Auburn victory was sweet. And when A&M made that play for a touchdown it felt like one of those days that the breaks are going against you.

  6. 8

    Thanks for the responses. I’m really not trying to complain. It was a magical season and it was fun witnessing so much history made.

  7. 9

    Well actually you do take antibiotics for pneumonia once it becomes sn infection in your lungs. But you said you woke up with a cough and cold or flu like symptoms and then the first doctor wouldn’t give you antibiotics or steroids. So, if you actually had a cold or flu then the onset of the pneumonia would have been viral instead of bacterial and a flu shot may have prevented it from advancing. However, it sounds like now that you never had any kind of viral infection, that it was bacterial pneumonia from the start and the first doctor erred when he refused you antibiotics. Glad the baby is alright since bacterial pneumonia is extremely contageous. FROM: Dr. Crimsonstein. RTR!

  8. 11

    I can relate as the 1992 national championship was the last I was able to experience with my dad before he died. Alabama football has always been special for me, as some of the best memories I have growing up are spending the time watching Bama games with my dad. I know he would have loved these times with Saban at Bama. But, his love for alabama football has lived on through me as well. I don’t think I would feel the way I do about Bama football without my dads influence. I mean, I probably could have rooted for another team if I wanted to. But I would have likely been an orphan LOL! But really, it wasn’t a hard choice. I will always cherish those memories, and these new ones that are created now with my own family. Roll Tide and enjoy these special times that we are privileged to witness.

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