Nick Saban says he’s ready for the next challenge

“I don’t know where all this stuff [about the NFL] comes from. When I say I’m looking for the next challenge, it’s the next challenge here and the next challenge with our team next year here. This is where we want to be and what we’re happy doing.”
-Alabama Head Coach Nick Saban

ESPN’s Chris Low’s article today is a good read, focusing on Nick Saban’s ability to zero in on the next challenge with the pin-point focus of a laser beam.

In it he quotes a couple of legendary coaches (Bobby Bowden and Gene Stallings) who seem to be amazed at Saban’s evolving stature in the folklore of college football history. My favorite from Stallings:

“He’s such an outstanding recruiter, and his players play hard and play smart. It’s even more remarkable what he’s done when you look at all the juniors he’s lost to the pros. Imagine the kind of teams they would have had if all those guys had stayed back and played another year.”

So true, Bebes. Had Ingram, Richardson, McClain, Jones, Dareus, Kirkpatrick and others stayed, we might be talking four in a row right now, with fewer if any losses.

But in the piece Nick Saban reiterates his humor with the media’s insistance to create a story that isn’t there.

“It’s to the point now that anything you say about this, nobody believes. So it’s almost like, ‘What the hell?'”

Nick Saban, despite the prayers, wishes, and voo-doo doll hexes from Tide haters everywhere, is not leaving Alabama. Also from the story…

“Alabama quarterback AJ McCarron, in his own way, offers the best insight on why Saban isn’t planning to go anywhere.

‘I always mess with him,’ McCarron quipped. ‘Mrs. Terry [Saban’s wife] is happy here, so …

‘And she runs that family.'”

So as Saban prepares the Tide for it’s first repeat national championship since 1978 & 1979, and college football’s only triplicate championship in four years since Notre Dame did it back in the 1940’s, if you hate Alabama, the nightmare may not be over just yet.

He is on his way to signing the top class in America…again…while seeing several Tiders off to the NFL’s first round.

In fact, bank on it.

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