Alabama #7 in the Academic BCS; leads the SEC

When you hear Alabama Crimson Tide, you think football factory, right? Well, apparently the team contending for its third BCS National Championship in four years is more than that.

According to the “Academic BCS,” the New America Foundation’s annual academic performance rankings of the top-25 college football teams, the Tide ranks seventh in the country in academic performance, leading the way in the SEC.

Other SEC schools making the cut were Georgia (10), LSU (11), Texas A&M (14), Florida (15) and South Carolina (19). Auburn and Tennessee apparently suck at football and academics, as neither made the list.

The complete list, as compiled on December 11, 2012:

The New America Foundation bases its rankings on several factors: how a football team’s graduation rate compares to that of the school’s overall male student body, how a team’s black-white graduation gap compares to the male black-white graduation gap in the general student population, and the spread between a football team’s black graduation rate and the school’s overall graduation rate for black men.

So when you think of the top academic institutions in the country, add Alabama to the Stanfords, Notre Dames and Northwesterns of the world. The Tide does more than just dominate on the gridiron.

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