AU football tickets have fallen to $4

Wanna go to homecoming down on the plains? Wanna go see that neat-o bird whirl around before swooping down at midfield to attack a rubber mouse?

Well have we got a deal for you!

If you have a five-spot, you can get in this weekend’s matchup between the 1-7 Auburn Tigers and the 1-7 New Mexico State Aggies.

In fact, if you have a five dollar bill and want in, you’ll even get change! To put it in perspective, it’ll cost me more to go to my local high school football team’s game Friday night than Auburn University!

According to, $4 will get you in Saturday’s game.

That’s less than it cost to get in an Auburn A-Day game (they typically charge $5).

But don’t take my word for it; here’s a seating chart with some of the available tickets you can order:

Putting it in perspective, you can probably order a whole section. Auburn, this is yet again another reason why we laugh at you.

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