AU football tickets have fallen to $4

Wanna go to homecoming down on the plains? Wanna go see that neat-o bird whirl around before swooping down at midfield to attack a rubber mouse?

Well have we got a deal for you!

If you have a five-spot, you can get in this weekend’s matchup between the 1-7 Auburn Tigers and the 1-7 New Mexico State Aggies.

In fact, if you have a five dollar bill and want in, you’ll even get change! To put it in perspective, it’ll cost me more to go to my local high school football team’s game Friday night than Auburn University!

According to, $4 will get you in Saturday’s game.

That’s less than it cost to get in an Auburn A-Day game (they typically charge $5).

But don’t take my word for it; here’s a seating chart with some of the available tickets you can order:

Putting it in perspective, you can probably order a whole section. Auburn, this is yet again another reason why we laugh at you.

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  1. 1
    Denny Chimes

    Remembering Tubby holding up the 6 fingers…Then 2 BCS championships…now this.

    Funny yet surreal at the same time.

  2. 2

    I need 4 tickets to the AU game. It’s my grandson birthday and he wants to witness the beat down in person. Any of you AU fans want to give me your tickets to the game?

  3. 6

    Is the Fambly going to the games now to watch their team take a beat down or Chizik try to break the world record for gum chewing? That would be a sweet banner to hang up “World Champion”, maybe they can train the bird to pull it around during the game to keep their eyes off the score.

  4. 7

    I’ll trade a jar of peanut butter for an Auburn ticket. On 2nd thought, a jar of peanut butter costs more and I love peanut butter.

  5. 9

    Actually …Fans are giving the tickets away.

    It’s commonly discussed around the SEC that the great masses redneck Bama fans let their team’s success determine their own self esteem. (by the way ..for you rednecks …you will need to leave the state every now and then in order to know this) How many times have we heard …”Bama’s a winner and that makes me a winner”. I could even understand when Bama was getting beat many years in a row how that low self esteem could cause hate for their cross-state rival. I got all that.

    Here’s what doesn’t make sense tho ….Bama is on top of the world ..yet the typical redneck on this blog still has such a low self esteem that they still take every opportunity to make fun of others ….Oh yeah ….I remember now …It’s the ARROGANT, overly opinionated redneck element of this group’s personality that I forgot about.

    • 10

      Give it up hoopty. I recall a certain arrogant fanbase in 2010 that was living vicariously through a shady player that was under scrutiny the whole season. Yet the Auburn fanbase rallied, the phrase “All In” became the mantra, and Chizik was matching Saban tit for tat.

      And here we are, just two years later, Bama winning the last National Championship, and poised to play for another. And as on ‘top of the world’ Bama is, Auburn is on the complete and utter opposite end. How does that happen? I feel bad for you guys, I really do. But, if the roles were reversed, your Bama hatin brethren would be as obnoxious as any Bama fan seems to you right now. You enjoyed your time kicking at Bama when they were down.

      How ARROGANT are you, to come to a Bama site, and try your best to put Bama fans down because we are discussing how far Auburn has fallen? Is their no truth to what has been said in this article? You all thought Auburn was on the same track with Bama, even though most reasonably sane people knew better. You guys brought it on yourselves more than anyone else.

      FYI, no one has forgotten Auburn’s arrogant behavior since Chizik arrived, either.

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