Alabama will have to help LSU for Tigers to win

They call it Death Valley, the place as LSU head coach Les Miles put it earlier this season, “Where opponents’ dreams come to die.”

When the Tide and Tigers tee it up this Saturday night in Baton Rouge, it will be the third time the two colossal teams have faced each other in the last year.

The first two battles were epic; at least from a Bama fan’s perspective. Will game three bring the same emotion, drama and gridiron struggle as the first two?

Not so fast my friend.

You’d be a fool to predict a cake walk for Alabama on the road in Baton Rouge this Saturday night. LSU will clearly be the best opponent the Tide has faced this year. Unlike Mississippi State, where fans play dress-up and pretend they are a legitimate program, the Tigers have proven their stake on the college football landscape.

However, as good as LSU is, Alabama is better. As CBS’ Gary Danielson put it earlier this week, appearing on the Finebaum radio network:

“I see three elite units on the field: The LSU defense and the Alabama defense are obviously in the elite category of college football. The Alabama offense has earned the distinction of being in the elite category. When this game was played a year ago in the regular season they couldn’t say that.”

Danielson can be whiny, and can interject too much into a football game, in my opinion. But you can’t argue, the man knows what he’s talking about. He went on, talking about what both sets of defensive coaches have learned from the past two meetings:

“The other team can’t win when the defense only has to defend half the field, or ten and a half players. To really win this game you have to let your quarterback be involved too.”

“AJ has earned that right, and he did it in the national championship game. At this point, LSU has not gotten their quarterback play up to championship level.”

“I know LSU without extreme help from Alabama cannot beat Alabama with 10 1/2 players. I’m not sure if they use their quarterback they can win, but I’m positive they can’t win without him.”

“Unless LSU’s quarterback comes through Alabama is going to have to help them.”

(Hear Paul Finebaum’s interview with Danielson here.)

Finebaum also spent some time with ESPN’s Kirk Herbstreit, who gave the only scenario for an LSU victory:

“I think it’s pretty simple. I think LSU’s only chance of staying in this game and being competitive is their defense, which by the way, their defense is still an LSU defense. If the LSU defense does not create turnovers, which has been a real strength of Alabama, and get a short field for Zach Mettenberger, there’s no way they (LSU) can win this game.”

“They’ve got to suffocate this Alabama offense, which nobody’s been able to do.”

He then went on, talking about the seemingly insurmountable task teams are up against when Alabama comes calling:

“With Nick Saban and Kirby Smart’s defense, because it’s so sophisticated, each guy is kind of a part, kind of a cog to the machine and each guy knows his role. You very rarely see a bust when you watch Alabama, and that’s very uncommon when you watch college football. You’re typically going to see a guy who’s out of a gap, who makes a mental mistake, whatever it might be, and they give up a big play.

“You don’t see that from Alabama. They’re buttoned up. They’re very efficient. They disguise coverages. They own third down on defense. If they get you to third and six plus, your goal is just not to turn the ball over. And what they do is they show a variety of different looks, and it confuses the offensive line. And then you have this aura and reputation. When they get you to third down, there’s almost a ‘Oh no.'”

“But what’s different about Alabama now is the quarterback. If you can’t get pressure with your front four and have to put eight or nine in the box to stop the run, you leave your corners on an island and McCarron will make you pay.”

(Hear Finebaum’s interview with Kirk Herbstreit here.)

Before the season LSU purists looking for rainbows and leprechauns hailed Zach Mettenberger as the next great quarterback in the SEC…practically reserving a spot for him at the Downtown Athletic Club in New York in mid-December.

Instead, we’ve learned “Simple Zach” is hardly a threat to win a game for you. So, what in the world is Simple Zach going to do when Kirby Smart and Nick Saban have him seeing upside down with more coverages, blitzes and packages than he’s ever seen in one game in his life?

Lose, that’s what.

Forget Tiger Stadium. This Alabama team has played in formidable venues before. Forget the build-up. This is a program that’s pretty accustomed to standing up and thriving in the kind of spotlight that puts most teams on their backs.

Simply, Alabama is a complete team and LSU is not. So unless Bama suddenly abandons every characteristic that makes them Alabama, the result will be a hard fought but decisive victory Saturday night for the Crimson Tide.

As an LSU friend posted on his facebook page this week:

“I’m not saying we won’t beat Alabama. I’m just saying the Capital One Bowl isn’t such a bad place to spend the new year.”

It’s that reality and the logic laid out by two of the game’s best analysts today that’ll likely keep the Tide’s dream alive and well after Saturday night…despite Death Valley.

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  1. 5
    The Conduit

    I’m going to try to keep this short, but this game is, again, history in the making. Don’t underestimate it, and don’t take it for granted.

    But I’m scared to death of LSU.

    I wouldn’t put it past LSU to bring late hits, dirty moves in the pile, dangerous tackles, fake plays, trick plays, anything they can to get the win over Alabama. They have too much to lose and redemption from a shutout in a national title game can’t be understated.

    But it can be repeated. So let me say it again in a different way. LSU beat Alabama in the national title game. Alabama didn’t score. But Alabama had a perfect season leading up to that, including beating LSU at Death Valley and winning the SEC Title.

    Now LSU is coming to Tuscaloosa after Alabama had a bye-week and nearly a year of boiled blood. What do you think would happen?

    I know Alabama is NOT LSU, and I know Alabama is a stronger team than last year (and LSU), but we’re hurting, LSU is rested and prepared and gets Alabama in their home. I can’t imagine how bad they want this win. I can’t imagine Alabama scoring zero points in a title game, or what we would do when we played that team again.

    But I know this game won’t be pretty. If any team CAN win, it’s this year’s Alabama team. You play the game long enough and there is a 100% chance of turnovers and injuries. Alabama has been mostly very fortunate for both, but this game will be legendary even if Alabama wins by 2 possessions.

    I have a big event in the morning and an outdoor event in the afternoon, but when it’s over I’m going to have 3 hours to WAIT for the game. I’ll be pacing, nervous-drinking, and probably shaking a little bit from lack of sleep. This game will be a battle, and I think it will take at least until the 2nd quarter (if not the 2nd half) for the game to really get moving, and it will go until the end again.

    • 6

      Condo – I understand. I’ve watched Bama play, man and boy, for about 35 years. I’ve met Coach Bryant, Joe Namath, Bob Baumhower, Robert Fraley, and scores of other players and assisant coaches during that time, and was good friends with several of them. All that to say this – I’ve never seen a more workman-like team of football players than this team this year. I think all of us who walked through the valley of the Curry/Dubose/Shula years are still gun-shy about big games with this team, and we don’t want to say or do anything that might mojo the karma of a game for the team. HOWEVER – this ain’t those teams, and this ain’t those coaches. After watching the shellacking of the Miss St. Bulldogs last weekend, in what was supposed to be the BIG CHALLENGE to Alabama’s secondary and overall team concept, I am willing to go on the record as predicting a blowout of unbelieveable proportions Saturday night in hallowed Tiger Stadium, and the LSU Tigers will be the “blowee”. I’m not sure that LSU will even still be in the game by the 3rd quarter, but that will be the only chance they get, since Bama always lets off the gas during the 3rd. However, during the 4th, Bama’s 2nd teams will take it to another level against LSU’s 1st and score at least once or twice again. You read it here first. If it doesn’t happen, I’ll be more than happy to come on this site Monday morning and apologize to all the LSU faithful who will no doubt be on here really giving it to us. Do not doubt this team!

      • 7
        The Conduit

        I agree!

        I don’t doubt the team. I just struggle with the intensity.

        tOSU and Michigan, that’s a huge rivalry. Huge.

        Meanwhile, people are arguing about whether or not LSU v Alabama is a rivalry at all.

        But the reason why it stresses me the hell out is the intensity of the football. It’s emotional, clinical, and absolutely brutal, but it’s also the absolute best football we get to see just about every year. That’s why so many people hate it—-they don’t love football. They love scores that look more like golf than football.

        I love football. But I just plain get freaked out and stressed out by LSU. I try to fix it, never works. It just gets too intense. Every time. I never, ever count LSU out. I think Alabama will win, but man, I’m just gonna do my best to try to savor every down and learn a little more about defense and big boy football.

  2. 8

    The fucking idiots are at it again. For weeks the Miss St game was billed as the game that was finally going to teat this Bama team. They were undefeated, 11th ranked and beat UcheaT almost as bad as Florida did and worse than Georgia did. But now this Bama team is still unchallenged and suddenly Miss St is overrated and not ready for primetime. When we beat Oregon by 31 will they be overrated too? I’ve followed Bama for 48 years. Seen weird shit happen. Willy Joe cheated out of a TD against Texas. Snakes run in the mud. Barnies punt Bama punt. Miss St’s shotout knocking us out of a Natty. Notre Dame passing on 4th and long from inside their 10 with 2 minutes left leadin by 2 because Parsigian knew damn well Bama was gonna kick a field goal and win if he punted. Donte Hightower called for a horsecollar that gave Florida the SEC Championship. Andre Smith suspended which gave Utah the Sugar Bowl win. And Ingrams immaculate fumble in the Iron Bowl. I have learned not to take anything for granted in college football. That being said, I am not worried a out this game. Bama is going to impose their wilk on LSU. And the officials may even help a little bit because a Bama loss could cost the SEC millions if we miss the BCSNCG. Actually the game I’m worried about is Texas A&M immediately AFTER we whip LSWho. A very, very dangerous trap game. Anyway, just found out I’m going to Baton Rouge Saturday. Hot Damn! RTR!

  3. 9

    I was in Baton Rouge a few days ago gasing up. You would have to see my car to appreciate this story. It’s a Crimson Chrysler Sebring Convertible with my Bama decals in the rear window, Bama tag frame, one of those mirror type Bama tags on the front, a 2009 Natty plate, 2011 Natty Football, and a 10 in stuffed Big Al all in the windshield, snd 2 Bama window flags flying. So I was pumping gas in Baton Rouge and this Creole man walks up me and says, “you kniw I just recently got over the mental suffering from New Orleans and now I walk out here and see this”. Looking at my car and pounting at the 2011 National Championship window flag. He stuttered for words for s secind and then said, “This gave me a damn flashback, a nightmare”. He stopped for a few seconds and said, “I just don’t know what happened, don’t know what happened”. I kind of grinned and said you better prepare yourself, cause it’s gonna happen again Saturday. He just looked at me and walked away. The moral is that the whole fucking State of Louisiana is like this. They have one thought, one single purpose – revenge. The Bama football team better bring their A game with them and 4 full quarters of it or it will be a long night. RTR!

  4. 10
    The Truth

    “That being said, I am not worried a out this game. Bama is going to impose their wilk on LSU.” – Crimsonite November 1, 2012 at 9:06pm

    “The Bama football team better bring their A game with them and 4 full quarters of it or it will be a long night.” – Crimsonite November 1, 2012 at 9:42pm

    36 minutes can make a big difference in the mind of a gump. LMAO

    Drink up Crimsonite

      • 12
        The Truth

        Petie based on your reading skills you obviously did not (hopefuly) attend the University of Alabama. I say that because I posted nothing that I could possibly have to eat later.

        I only quoted Crimsonite’s confilicting sentiments about not being worried about this game and then 36 miniutes later indicating that he is WORRIED THAT bama might not bring its A game or why else whould he feel the need to post “The Bama football team better bring their A game with them and 4 full quarters of it or it will be a long night.”

        But I did notice that you did not post the same warning to Moose of B4bama who did make bold predictions, much like bama fans did before the game last November when the game was played in tuscalooser.

      • 15
        The Truth

        Conduit which statement of mine are you agreeing with that 36 minutes can make a big difference in the mind of a gump or that Crimsonite should drink up? Because those are the only comments I made, the rest of my post were quotes from Crimsonite. And what he said was a warning to bama that they “better bring their A game with them and 4 full quarters of it or it will be a long night”. So you even got that part wrong. You must be another bama fan that did not attend the University of Alabama.

        • 16

          I’m pretty sure you are another LSU fan that did not attend LSU.

          BTW, that is the lamest statement ever made.

          Death Valley – 90K+ ….all graduates of LSU?
          Jordan Hare – 85K ……all graduates of Auburn?

          If you are able to answer the questions, you will realize you are stupid.

          • 17
            The Truth

            Well you would be wrong once again Whore, but I’m sure you are used to that.

            Your questions and last statement are what is stupid.

            Of course not all of the 90K+ in Death Valley are graduates of LSU. At least 15k of that 90k are current students and 7k are fans from the opposing team.

            And I don’t know or give a shyt about Jordan Hare or Auburn.

    • 18

      LSU better play their best game of the season so far to win. If Bama plays like it already has the last three games, Bama will win. Going into this game, Bama clearly is better on both sides of the ball. Don’t really see a significant advantage for LSU, except they may have better defensive ends. I expect Miles to take some risks, a trick play or two, a fake kick or something. If Bama plays their best game, it could be a rout.

      I think Bama shows up. 31-9 Bama.

      • 19
        The Truth

        So obviously Brando what you are saying is that bama didn’t play it’s best game last November in Tuscalooser, or the previous November in Baton Rouge or the two Novembers before that, because bama either lost those games or barely won them in fourth quarter or in overtime. Yet you are somehow convinced, despite the last four years of history in November, that this time bama is going to play it best game and its going to be a rout? Sounds more like gump wishfull thinking than logical thinking. Maybe don’t theach those skills at UA.

        • 23

          It wasn’t a rout, Bama made some mistakes in the game for sure. But they overcome them, and won the game. It must really suck for you to think you had the game won, high fiving your buddies, players getting the gatorade bath ready, and BAM! you lose. Which loss hurts the most? I would say this one. This one was a heavy kick to the balls for you guys at the end. Very funny how that happened. So go ahead and circle the date for next year.

    • 25

      I would take 3-0 and a win. But another rout would be so much more fun to watch in the aftermath. Nobody melts down like LSU fans after a Saban win over LSU.

      • 26
        The Truth

        And I would take ANOTHER 9-6 win. Because I saw and heard quite the melt down from Bama fans last November in Tuscalooser when Miles beat Saban for the third time.

  5. 30

    Gee, now I’m being quoted. Does that mean I’m in the same light as Plato and Socrates? Will some future coach use those words to inspire his team to a championship? Corndogs are so easy! Hey ToothDog, Saying Bama needs to bring their A game is not a cinflict with not being worried. Bama has been bringing their A game for lesser opponents all season. They’ll be bringing it to Red Stick too. You’ll have to score more than 14 to win. Much better offenses have tried and died. That’s why I’m not really worried. As for the other direction, two teams with far inferior offenses to Bama’s have scored 20+ on your defense. Even Floridumb scored 14. Another reason why I’m not worried. Death Valley – LSWho’s dreams have died. Dozen times at the hands of Bama. RTR!

    • 31
      The Truth

      Well if bama has brought the A game every time and you are not worried the why post “The Bama football team better bring their A game with them and 4 full quarters of it or it will be a long night”? Because deep down in places you don’t even want to admit to you know what can happen. Hell you witnessed it last November didn’t you Crimsonite?

      • 32

        It must suck for LSU fans. They all circled this day and dreamed about the revenge. They played well enough to win, except for the bonehead Les Miles trickeration. And there at the last second, Bama snatches victory from the jaws of defeat. At least this time your team put up a fight. Let the Saban-Miles comparisons and second guessing begin for the bi-polar LSU fans!

  6. 35

    LSU doesn’t have enough offense to win this game. Their defense will keep them in it for a quarter or two then it’s over.
    After we win everyone can still say Bama hasn’t really played anyone this season .

  7. 36

    Turn overs will kill LSWHO.. Meatburger will throw two int and fumble when he is pressured..He will have his worst game Saturday night..Yeldon will show off his skill at catching two or three screen passes and breaking for long gains..This Crimson Tide offense is so much better than last year..Look for this to be something like Tenn game ,where we go in and out on downs a couple times,like LSWHO will in first quarter and then we take over and blow it open..Early!!!! 30 10 BAMA.. RTR ..I love to think positive…

    • 37
      The Truth

      There is a big difference between thinking positive and thinking you are smart enough to actually predict the future as you just did JW, but hey a gump is going to gump, right!

      But you are right about one thing JW Alabama’s offense is SO MUCH better than last year. This year they are aveaging 436 yards per game compared to last year’s 430 yards per game. 6 yards more per game is definitely SO MUCH better.

      • 38

        Keep running that fuking mouth retard. We all know that in addition to being deranged you’re also a ass sucking masochist. But that’s fine ’cause you give us someone to drop our loads in when we feel sadistic. Prepare your ass fo later tonight honey. Bwaa Haww Haww! Bama 34-10. RTR! Oh by the way, I’m just arriving in Red Stick. Ready to start dealing out some Coonass misery.

      • 40

        …and you still got beat, tooth. Hurry, find a link that says LSU is better, or compare statistics, grasp at anything to prove that Bama is beneath LSU. I look forward to it.

  8. 41

    Tooth – You’ve been running that fat pie-hole on here for 2 days now, but I’ve not seen anything from you but insults toward the other writers – no predictions, no support for the Bengals, no actual facts – just your stupid mouth putting out smack your azz can’t cover. Give us something for the record, Tooth. What happens tonight from your point of view? Back up some of that badazz talk you’re putting out.

  9. 42

    I’m glad he’s here. Gives me a Corndog to ass rape – figuratively speaking. But damn it must be a rotten life spending over a year nearly daily on your conquerers’ team blog. Welcome to our little Corndog slut that keeps taking it in the ass. Bwaa Haww Haww! RTR!

  10. 43

    Leaving now to go to Stadium with my only son now ..God how i wish my youngest son could be here..He died one week after BCS game last year.He was a great Bama fan and was sent off in Bama fashion.Not looking for pity here ,just saying what”s on my mind..And i will say hug your children daily because time can be short..I know for a fact because we hurt 24 hours a day 7 days a week.. RTR

  11. 45

    JW may God bless you. As a Momma and a GrandMommy I can’t begin to imagine your pain. I lost my Daddy and best friend June 10th We shared a love of Bama football. But to loose a child….the ultimate heartbreak.
    Hope you and your family have a great day and of course ROLL TIDE ROLL

  12. 46

    Haven’t had a chance to watch Gameday. We’ll be alright as long as Dipshit doesn’t put on the Big Al hat. That’s the fuking kiss if death. LMAO! RTR!

  13. 47

    Well he went with Big Al’s head. Funny thing was someone put a BAMA Sucks (it was upside down) sticker on Big Al’s forehead. Too funny!!

  14. 48

    I swear to God I’m thinking of putting a fucking contract out on half the Goddamn NCAA officials. Today has been the absolutely fucking worst officiating across the board that I’ve ever seen. And even after reviews that don’t get it right. If they pull that inept or crooked shit tonight you just might see me down there on the field.

  15. 49

    Talk about snatching one away from LSU! Another epic game! Man, Tooths butt is going to hurt from this one for some time to come.

  16. 50

    Yea buddy and thank you Be4Bama ./God bless you and your family..What a game!!I will say the corn dogs gave it all they had but number 4 came thru ..A J showed why he is the best QB in nation on that last drive..Of course i have to say Les Miles is a idiot and lost the game for the corn dogs..

  17. 53

    This will piss off Truth more than 21 – 0.

    I guess we have a new score to throw in his face!….(if he ever comes back)

  18. 54

    We can combine the last two games if tooth wants….Out scored 42 17..Dam that:s gotta hurt..Yea if you were not there it was so much fun looking at the faces of the Lswho fans in that winning drive..LMAO so much high fiving and drunk hugs and then BAM in your face Lswho fans..Also found out they are the rudest fans in football tonight ..Had to drag my son away all night from hurting one of them..They are foul and disgusting fans.Will never step foot on that campus again in my life time..Wish we could have put forty on there ass tonight…RTR!!!!!!

  19. 56

    Miles is a fucking idiot. That was a hell of a game. LSU brought it to our asses. We made mistakes and didn’t seem like we were in it at times. Thst last drive was classic. So much emotion. Aj and his offense stepped up and showed why BAMA is the #1 team in the nation. That’s what CHAMPIONS do. Hope LSU took some notes. It was so nice to see all these haters and doubters on this oil rig almost cry after the shit talking that went on this week and last night. That was better than a blowout. So lets hear them excuses. And the refs made some good calls last night. ROLL TIDE ROLL.

  20. 58

    I’ll do the right thing and admit I was wrong about the monumenal blowout, but, Truth be told, the better team won. As I remember, Alabama had the statistical advantage last year on 11/5 and came out with a loss. Kudos to LSU for bringing a great game plan, and to Mett for playing the game of his life. LSU won the trench battle exept when it counted, and I call that a mistake on the coaching staff. The Mad Hatter Strikes Again!

  21. 59

    I can’t wait to hear Tooth explain how LSU really won and Bama really lost. LSU had played its best game of the year, and Bama played its worst. And beat LSU at home, snapping the 22 home game streak. That will become one of the greatest victories in Crimson Tide history, and one of the most devastating losses in LSUs.

  22. 60

    Brando- He will be back to explain that someway. He may not be back as Truth or The Flash but he will be back. Just like IndyVol will. RTR

  23. 61

    I’ve never seen 90,000 people cry before. The whole State is in Septic Shock and denial. The bastards deserve it. The Bama fans were there just cheering on the team, but those inbred swamp bastard were just down right rude and nasty. They were sneering and yelling slurs and innuendos as soon as Yeldon fumbled and with 94 seconds left they were acting on an acid high. 40 seconds later the SOB’s looked like they’ed OD’d on Speedballs. I’m just leaving RedStick at 2pm. Had to stay and fuk up some Coonass mornings while they were stikl suffering from hangover. This is one badly fuked up State right now. They put their hopes and dreams on that game. Not many expected to win and then with the way the game went their hopes soard to the outer limits. They were giddy with joy – only to have the most horrible nightmare immaginable slammed on them instantly. I seriously think there should be a check to see if the suicide rate jumped last night. Shit loads of them went on benders after the game. I just love it. Hell of a game Miles and his team dialed up. They deserved better. Just damn glad they didn’t get it. And all the bullshit about what would have happened if Miles had made some different calls is a crock of shit. If a frog had wings he wouldn’t bump his butt when he jumps too. You can also say that McCarron missed a wide open Cooper for a zTD and Yeldon drop a handoff. Change those 2 unforced errors and Bama has 10 to 14 more points and then it doesn’t mattre what the hell Miles does. The game is what it is. So Corndigs choke on it and and eat shit and die! RTR!

    • 62

      Yea dude i had to get state police who were walking around in stadium to get a guy away from my son..My son was about to choke this SOB and then police take up for the SOB!! They tell us well yall harass our fans when we come to Bama!! It took everything i had to not go to jail Sat night..And will not go back..It was like another world in that stadium,,IDIOTS!! I have no respect for young or the old fans there anymore…They can kiss my ass!! RTR!!

  24. 63

    Oh and they are all saying that this one hurts worse than the January loss. Adding insult to injury. It must have been like being gutted alive and seeing your innards laying on the ground in front of you. That was the look they had on their faces. RTR!

  25. 64

    Judging by all the posts I have seen on the droppings the hurt is deep. Balls deep. They are in denial, they want Miles head. Some are wishing harm on gumps everywhere. I love it. Asking what if on blown plays. What is isn’t gonna happen. We won. Game over. 2 losses. No rematch. Suck it. Damn right I’m gonna rub it in cause I know it hurts. It hurt last year when we gave the game away. But all that is better now. I will sleep like a baby tonight. ROLL TIDE ROLL.

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