“NCAA Is Investigating Auburn”

According to Danny Sheridan, two Auburn assistants have been pulled from the recruiting trail as the NCAA is investigating the Auburn football program.

The remarks came Monday night in a speech to the Tuscaloosa Quarterback Club.

“Based on what I’ve heard, the NCAA is looking at their program,” Sheridan said after his speech. “I’ll say that on the record.

“I will quickly say, I hope they are exonerated. But if it’s true that they’ve taken two of their coaches off the road, that generally speaking is not a good sign. Usually when you take a coach off the road, it’s an effort to placate the NCAA.”

Much of what he went on to say about Auburn was off the record.

Sheridan has a colorful history, including his assertion regarding “the bagman” in the Cam Newton scandal. Nevertheless, Sheridan generally knows what he’s talking about.

So is it true? Rumors of Auburn assistants Trooper Taylor and Curtis Luper being removed from recruiting duties have been swirling for weeks. We’ll know for sure in the near future, but one thing isn’t up for debate.

The Tigers’ 2012 season has looked alarmingly similar to Alabama’s 2000 season. That year, following a championship season (SEC), the Tide lost an offensive star (Shaun Alexander) and went on to be exposed for its poor coaching, window dressing for the fans and pitiful team chemistry. The team that started #3 that year finished 3-8 with NCAA clouds looming that sank the Tide into oblivion for the next seven years.

Could history be repeating itself?

UPDATE: In Tuesday’s press conference (10/30/12) Gene Chizik was asked about this allegation and did not deny it.

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    Did ya’ll read what Glen Guilbeau wrote about Chlorofil Lester? He said Miles wasn’t happy spending Saturday night with Alabama. According to Guilbeau, Chloro Less said that he watched every snap of the Bama game and that it looked just ss bad on the coaches copy. Bwaa Hawe Haww! Must have been a nightmare to watch Bama asß rape an undefeated, 11th ranked Miss St like that. Especially since it was Miss St who played both of us tpugher than anybody else last year and they are better this year. Wonder if he let his team watch the horror shiw seeing as how it’s Halloween. LMMFAO! RTR!

  2. 7

    Sheridan is trying to yank the chain of Bama fans because CNS won’t let sniff a jock strap at Bama or run around talkinf to his pimps for info. Don’t believe anything a gambler says!!!!!

  3. 9

    Have ya’ll seen Chloro Les’ YouTube video. LSU vs. Alabama 2012 Trailer. They are pulling out all the stops. Can you imagine Saban making a YouTube video? NOT!

  4. 10

    BAMA BY 18, 28-10.

  5. 12

    Actually Bama did make a video – Alabama vs LSU 2012 Trailer: The Redemption. Bur the copyright is by Fanatics. LSU’s copyright is Les Miles.net. They cannot change the team like a dirty diaper. We’ve all seen how they perform. Hell, against A&M’s mediocre defense Meth-inbugger only managed 97 yards passing. They had to win by running which they couldn’t do against Florida and I’ll lay odds they won’t against Bama. It is what it is, so you know they are going try some serious trick shit. I told AJ that on the first play he needs to hand it to Lacy on the flea flicker and send Cooper, Bell and Jones smokin’ it for the endzone. A guaranteed TD cause their D will want to kill Homeboy Lacy and their DB’s cannot run with those three. And remember they could not stop Florida outside, so they should send Yeldon and Drake to the corners, and then hit ’em wirh Simms out of the Wildcat. Seriously though, it wouldn’t surprise me if the Corndogs don’t cross the 50 yard line again against Bama until 2020! RTR!

  6. 13

    Sheridan is a washed up loser looking for attention. I can’t believe those $aban butt sniffers at the Ttown QB club let Sheridan come to speak ….oh wait! ..yes I can. Those boyz love to spread rumors as much as any other Bammer.

    • 14

      Did Auburn pull Trooper and Luper from the recruiting trail? No comment. Sometimes, when it rains it pours. I hope that Auburn hasn’t been cheating to get recruits. But the motive has been there, and there have already been some close calls with bending the rules. The only thing that would be shocking about it would be imagining how bad they would be if they weren’t. Is Auburn better at getting away with cheating than coaching? Time will tell that answer.

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