Upward Football Comes To Auburn

Upward sports is an amazing thing. It teaches young children the fundamentals of sports without the pressures of winning. Kids learn the skills of the game, learn that everybody is a winner, and get a spiritual foundation in the process. And the best part, everybody gets to play, regardless of the outcome. In all seriousness, it is a great thing.

For K5-4th graders.

Now enter the Auburn Tigers. 1-6. 0-5 in the SEC, owning losses to Vanderbilt and Ole Miss, not to mention enough embarrassment to statisfy a Bama fan for years to come.

The Chiz has been exposed for the sham that he is, and the Fambly is chasing its preverbial tail as it realizes what a flash in the pan 2010 was.

But in the midst of it all, you have the embarrassing display that took place on the Auburn practice field today.

The same cultish following that gave us the uni-sing of “Lean On Me” in support of their embattled demi-god, Cam Newton, opened the practice field to some 400 fans, creating a make-shift Tiger Walk as the Tigger players made their way to the practice field.

If you’ve ever been to an Upward game of any kind, the similarities are staggering.

Watch the ridiculousness here. One program in the state is mowing down any and everything in its path. The other is playing pretend, again.

Auburn, this is yet another reason why we laugh at you. You are freaking ridiculous.

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