Alabama Football Injury Report: Hart & White out for rest of season

Alabama football players Dee Hart and DeAndrew White are out for the rest of this football season.

Here is the official release from UA Media Relations:
Listed below is a comment from head coach Nick Saban regarding running back Dee Hart and wide receiver DeAndrew White. Both players suffered injuries in Saturday’s win over Ole Miss.

“The MRI indicated that both Dee and DeAndrew sustained knee injuries that will require surgery and they will be out for the year,” Alabama football coach Nick Saban said.


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    It’s a man’s sport. Injuries happen. CNS plans for them and has backups that need to be ready to step in when they happen and keep the performance level high. ANY other team has this happen to them, the season is over. Bama is stacked in depth, and our true freshmen can perform at as high or higher a level than other teams 5th year seniors. And anyone who thinks things to to hell if AJ goes down are not true believers – Ely may be green, but he can step up and manage the game as well as anyone if he has to. AJ could have done the same thing if GMAC had gone down. Pull your pants around and zip em up the front, boys. Football is for men!

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    Denny Chimes

    No matter what the depth chart says, Blake Sims is the Plan B QB from what I hear. I don’t think Ely is ready from primetime.

    I just hope AJ stays healthy, because at least we know for sure what we have with him.

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      I’m with you, DC – rather that AJ stayed healthy. But CNS is such a master planner that I don’t believe for a second there’s not a go-to plan for any conceivable disaster outside of the sideline caving into a sinkhole. I’m not worried if it’s Ely or Sims, adjustments will be made in the game plan and the game goes on in the hands of a different manager. I don’t think Coach Bryant even had this level of organization and structure at Alabama. It’s truly awesome.

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    White was the fastest guy on the team and one of our gunners in punt coverage. That will be harder to replace than his contributions at wide receiver.

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    We already lost one change of pace guy in Jalston and now we lost the other in Dee. Hopefully Kenyon is ready for primetime cause he’s sort of a combo of Dee and Yeldon. Hate to lose DeAndrew. I predicted last year that he would be the next star wideout. However who knew Amari was a ready for primetime player in November last year. Instead of losing we just may have gainnved. I wonder if Black will be back in a few weeks as was speculation. Calloway could make up for Jalston or what about AJ’s little brother? He’s a monster. Must has kicked AJ’s ass of the tit and got all the milk. Haha. RTR!

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