PICKS: How good is this Alabama team & other items for College Football Week 5

Dale Jones
Sports in Paradise
by Dale Jones
It is hard to believe we are already into week five of the 2012 college football season. For the most part, week four went as expected but there were a few hiccups along the way. Alabama rolled. Auburn surprised a lot of people, taking LSU down to the wire. Even UAB held their own against No. 16 Ohio State.

I went 11-4 with my picks last week, moving me to 44-16 on the season, and keeping me at .733.

The SEC continues to show dominance with five teams in the top 12 in the country. There are still a number of very good undefeated teams, so things are about to get exciting.

Several schools are taking this week off including Florida, Mississippi State, Auburn, USC, Notre Dame and Michigan. Still, there is some exciting football to be played, so let’s take a look at how things should pan out.

UAB vs. Tulsa
The Blazers proved last week that it is possible for them to play with the big boys. UAB gave Ohio State all that they could for 3 ½ quarters. Still, Garrick McGee’s squad came up short and they are looking for their first win of the season as they enter conference play against Tulsa. The Blazers are a 13-point underdog to the 3-1 Golden Hurricane. Although it’s not my upset of the week, I believe the Blazers will find a way to win at home on Saturday.
UAB 21 – Tulsa 18

South Alabama vs. Troy
Even after a 30-10 loss to Mississippi State, the Jags did some things well. This game could sway the consideration of some recruits in coming days. I believe Joey Jones has the program headed in the right direction, but this season, it looks like the Trojans will be a little too tough for the Jags. Troy 28 – South Alabama 21

Southern Miss vs. Louisville
The Cardinals find themselves 4-0 and ranked No. 20 in this young season. Ranked 17th in rushing defense, Louisville hopes to keep their win streak alive against a struggling Southern Miss team just looking for a “W.” Look for the Golden Eagles to still be searching after Saturday. Louisville 27 – Southern Miss 10

Texas vs. Oklahoma State
Even before the season started, I circled the Longhorns as a team that could make some noise and surprise some people. At 3-0 and ranked No. 12 in the A.P., Texas is averaging 49 points per game. That all sounds good until you see that Oklahoma State leads the nation in points, averaging 62 points per game (although 84 of their points were scored at the hands of Savannah State). At some point, one of these teams has to be stopped. The defense that plays the best on Saturday will win this one. I like Texas at home. Texas 35 – Oklahoma State 31

Florida State @ South Florida
Florida State has pitched two shutouts, held another team to just 3, but showed on Saturday, in a hard fought game against Clemson, that they can give up some points. Still, the No. 4 ranked Seminoles have yet to score less than 49 points in a contest, making Saturday’s game to in-state foe South Florida (2-2) look like it will be a walk through the park. Florida State 44 – South Florida 17

LSU vs. Towson
I’m not sure I would want to be a member of the Tiger football team this week. The Towson Tigers I mean. That would mean that I would have to jump on a plane and fly to Baton Rouge to play an LSU Tiger team that just squeaked by Auburn and lost a position in the rankings. The Bengal Tigers are going to want to score a gazillion points and there will be little that Towson can do about it. LSU 51 – Towson o

Missouri @ UCF
As many expected, the newcomers to the SEC find themselves tied for last place in the SEC east, along with Vandy and Kentucky. The Knights (2-1) would love to get one more win under their belt before they head into Conference USA play next week. Although it didn’t look like it on Saturday, Missouri has a good enough defense to hold UCF at bay and come away with the win. Missouri 30 – UCF 10

South Carolina @ Kentucky
Steve Spurrier’s Gamecocks are exactly where they want to be right now. They are 4-0, ranked No. 6 in the country, and locked up with the Bulldogs and the Gators for the top spot in the SEC east. Kentucky is horrible, and I expect South Carolina to try to make a statement before their 3-game stint against Georgia, LSU and Florida. South Carolina 49 – Kentucky 9

Georgia vs. Tennessee
The No. 5 ranked Bulldogs enter the meat of their SEC schedule this weekend as they play host to the Vols. It is normally about this time in their schedule that the Dawgs find a way to blow it. Aaron Murray, Todd Gurley and the rest of the 13th ranked offense are all playing well, and while the Vols do have the ability to put points on the board, I don’t see Tennessee being able to come in and stir up any trouble. Georgia 31 – Tennessee 21

Alabama vs. Ole Miss
We thought the Alabama vs. Michigan game was going to show just how strong this Bama team is coming off of their 2011 Championship. As it turns out, Michigan is 2-2 and no longer a ranked team. Many circled the Arkansas game as “the game of the year,” yet the Razorbacks are now 1-3 and scraping the bottom of the SEC bucket. Things looked promising for Ole Miss until the Longhorns beat up on them two weeks ago, knocking them out of the rankings. Bama is still ranked at the top, and rightfully so. But just how good are they? It may be November before anyone knows for sure. Alabama 42 – Ole Miss 14

Other games to watch:
Miami (Fla) 27 – N.C. State 24
Nebraska 23 – Wisconsin 14
Stanford 24 – Washington 10
Michigan State 30 – Ohio State 27

Upset of the Week:
Arkansas @ Texas A&M
Yes, I know that the Razorbacks have looked terrible this season, and like most of you, I agree that they don’t have a coach. But on paper, Arkansas still has a very talented bunch. Things are set up perfectly for an upset. There is pressure on A&M to get their first SEC conference win, they are coming off a huge win over South Carolina State and they know what has happened to Arkansas the past three weeks. Despite the coaching, the Razorback players will head west to prove a point, and indeed they will. Arkansas 28 – Texas A&M 21

—Dale Jones is a syndicated sports columnist, member of the Alabama Sports Writers Association, The Football Writers Association of America, and the Society of Professional Journalists. Email Dale at sportsNparadise@gmail.com or on twitter @sportsNparadise.


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      About as well as the Vol nation keeps a leash on you Idiot Vol. Just a few more weeks…. beatdown number 6? or 7? I can’t remember it has been so long. Maybe if you are lucky your QB will survive to play the rest of the season.

        • 4

          Surely you can do better than that Idiot Vol. MORON! (Who actually uses that word anymore except a backwoods hillbilly like you anyway?)

          At least I hit you in the face with FACTS, Idiot Vol.

          • 5
            Indiana Vol

            FACTS, you Bammer TURDS wouldn’t know FACTS if they hit you in the face!

            Definition of Hillbilly: Bammer football fans that are toothless, shine-sipping, goat-humping, inbred, mullett-sporting classless, uneducated rubes that think they know it all!

            GO REBELS!

          • 6

            Idiot Vol strikes again! Thanks for proving my point… that is all you have got? Just name calling? Oh, that’s right, you can’t really boast about how UT is going to be stomping anyones ass this year, or next year… so just call people names on a Bama site, yeah, that makes you feel better! Especially after Georgia curb stomps your team tomorrow.

          • 7
            The Truth

            LMAO Brando! Who uses the word moron? Who calls someone a corndog? I mean if that’s the most intelligent insult you gumps can come up with, well then you are morons and the nickname gumps fits you quite well.

    • 8

      Wow Indy. That was a very insightuful comment about the Dale’s article. I thought the parallel bwtween pickig the winners for this week and harvey Updyke was intriguing (?).

      All I can say is you are very witty. And funny. And just wow. You must have an I.Q. in the 200 range. I just cant get over the mastery you have of the english language. You sir….. ARE A WORDSMITH of epic proportions. And I dont just mean ordinarily epic. I mean EPIC as in otherworldly.
      What can I say. You are the MAN, man.
      And about Updyke. You are right. I AM my brother’s keeper. At my next meeting of the Red Elephant Club (It does exist and we call the shots for everything from Christmas to the C.I.A) I will send out a bag man to pay someone to take pictures of a hit man feeding Updyke to the hogs. It will be gruesome. Just for you Champ. Cause you are my new hero in life.
      Cause you are just soooooo witty.
      And funny.
      And smart.
      yeah. you are.

  1. 11

    I suppose we could try to keep tabs on every non graduate weirdo who decides to root for our team but we decided our efforts are better spent creating a “family” that does not produce 4 players that commit armed robbery…. And several more that just can’t stop smoking spice.

    • 12
      The Truth

      Even the FBI and CIA combined don’t have enough man power to keep tabs on every non graduate weirdo who roots for bama and helps fill your stadium on Saturday nights. But your number one fan, Harvey Updyke, aka Crimsonite, is an easy one to keep up with since he keeps showing up on police blotters across the south.

      • 13

        STFU Corndog. Mettengropedher is a convicted sex offender. 10 times worse than anything Harvey did.You should go volunteer for LSU’s offensive line. I’ve never seen anything so pathetic. LMAO@ needing 7 blockers to protect Mettengropedher against that weak Auburn defense.

        • 14
          The Truth

          Check your facts on Mettenburger you bama liar. Then again all you gumps are known for over exaggeration, ie. 14! LMAO

        • 17
          The Truth


          Mettenburer was an teenage college student who pinched a girl on the ass in a bar. “Harvey” was a grown man (yet stil a gump), who was a police officer at one point in his “adult” lie. I know I’m expecting a lot asking a gump a question that requires intelligence and reasoning, but considering their stations in life, and expected stages of maturity at the age of their acts, do you really believe Mettenburgers actions were “10 times worse” than “Harvey’s”? Think(again asking a lot) before you answere, because your answer could reveal a lot about you and the rest of the bama fan base.

          • 20
            The Truth

            Ok bamabimbo,
            So he grabbed both the butt and the breast, he was a teenage boy that’s what they are interested in. Not that you would know anything about that! And I’m sure that statement fits you no matter what gender you are gump! You probably pay someone to grab your butt.

            You still thinks that’s 10 times worse than what “Harvey” did? Of course I’m sure “Harvey” was drunk when he did it also.

          • 21

            U know you’re from Louisiana asshole, but even tgere sexually molesting a minor us worse than killing a tree. Or are you from Pa. Bwaa haww haww. By the way is LSU really really good or does Stanford and USC just really really suck? Never mind. RTR!

          • 22
            The Truth

            I’m glad you asked Crimsonite,
            I guess since Stanford was good enough to beat the AP’s preseason No. 1 ranked team, and both the AP’s and Coaches No. 2 ranked team at the time Stanford beat them, and Washington then beat that Stanford team, I would have to say they are pretty good, if you base how good a team is on the polls. So I guess the fact that LSU put an ass whipping on that team that just beat Stanford, you would have to conclude that LSU is pretty good. But I know you didn’t want to hear that, which is why you said never mind, but then again you arlready knew the answer to that question before you asked it. Didn’t you Crimsondyke.

            Now, you tell me Crimsonite, is bama good or does Michigan really suck? I mean Stanford is 3-1 with a win over the number 2 team in the country and Washingtion is 3-1 with a win over the number 8 team in the nation. Michigan is what, 2-2, with wins over who?? LMAO

            I hope all the pansies bama is playing is helping them prepare for when they have to play a team good enough to win a conference championship last year.

            Explain this to me Crimsonite, bama supposedly has the number one ranked offensive line in the country, and they have played nothing but poor weak teams so for, yet both of bama’s top two running backs are ranked behind two of LSU’s running backs (one of which didn’t even play last week) in total yards? And don’t try and use the excuse that they don’t play much, because both of LSU’s running backs also have larger yards per carry averages. And what about that great quaterback of yours? How is it that as bad as you gumps like to talk about Mettenburger, he has a better completion percentage than McCarron has throwing behind that great offensive line? And he has been sacked more too?

          • 24

            Not real sure Vol. However I’m sure we could arrange for a private encounter between the two of you since you’re so interested. Do you prefer your teabags au-natual or do you want strawberry flavored lubricant? RTR!

          • 25
            The Truth

            Wow Crimsonite even knows all the flavored lubricants! Is strawberry your favorite Crimsonite? Is that why you asked if that’s the one Vol wants?

  2. 27

    IdiotVol just can’t leave well enough alone. He just has to show up over here spontaneously from time to time to get Bitch Slapped. It must be those childhood memories. Wonder what else happened to him as a child? Updyke is not from Alabama dip shit. He’s from Louisiana and lived most of his life in Texas. Bama cannot control which people want to be fans of the best football program in America. The man’s a little bit unstable – maybe because of his Louisiana inbreeding. Don’t piss him off Vol, he might kill Smokey next. Bwaa Haww Haww! RTR!

    • 29
      Indiana Vol


      I heard you were the teabagger that offended in NO last January. Are you out on parole?


      Updyke is a BAMMER MORON you jackass; don’t think for one minute you can disown this typical Bammer IDIOT! Updyke is indicative of the entire Bammer Moron Nation! BWAAA HAWW HAWW!

      GO REBS!

  3. 37

    Some of the shit I’ve read in his column over the past two weeks leads me to believe he fired by The Bleacher Report. Bwaa Haww Haww! RTR!

      • 39

        Hey idiot Vol. Guess Derrick Henry would rather play a little for Alabama than a lot for UcheaT. However since he was interested ib UcheaT we need to check him out real carefully since he may have a criminal mentality. Vwaa Haww Haww! RTR!

  4. 40
    The Truth

    “He fired by the Bleacher Report” – Is that a bama education on display or are you just another…how did Donald put it…oh yea…another non graduate weirdo who decided to root for bama? Bwaa Haww Haww

    • 41

      And you expect us to believe that you graduated from anywhere? Your delusions with reality and obsession with Bama really sets you apart. I think it puts you in that lunatic fringe of your own fanbase, but you are just too stupid to know it.

    • 45

      Truth, you should never call out anybody on grammar and spelling errors. I’ve seen too much of both from you.

      Remember, ignorance can be fixed…..stupid is permanent.

  5. 46

    MOST of EVERY fanbase INCLUDING AUB & Corndog U are made up of non-alumni…Go clean your bed sheets for your next Klan meeting, TRUTH

    • 47

      No RC you are wrong! Auburn has a 87,000 seat stadium and every person there actually went to AU !!

      Ask any Aubie! Why would they lie?

    • 49
      The Truth

      Whoooo “Klan meeting”, huh RC. Someone seems to be stuck in the 60’s and 70’s. Grow up RC and move on with your life, the rest of the country has. In case you haven’t noticed we have a black man as President, well half a black man anyway, albiet he’s not a very good one, President that is.

    • 56

      It is shaping up that way Tracie. We are having the AFL grand final over here today. Hawthorne and Sydney. I cant say I am a huge fan but I know a lot of the footy players and they are really a nice lot of guys. ( so far)

      • 57
        Tracie Marcum

        I was actually watching some of that last night! I am stuck up here in NYC and it just happened to be on the TV where I had dinner. Pretty interesting!

        Alabama Grid Iron Girl

  6. 59
    # 1 al. fan

    ITK, I want to know who went out and pissed ol Pat Dye off!! I saw a sportscast yesterday and it was reported that ol Pat says that he wouldn’t trade CheeseStick for 10 Nick Sabans!! That very thought is reassuring, it can only mean that the Barners have faith in Chizic and will sign him up for another 20 years or so. LMAO!!! RTR

  7. 60

    da troof!! coming to the defense of a fellow sex offender i see!! lmao hang in there bud! all yall corn dog smelling gavin grey wanna bes will have ya day in the sun soon enough! please bathe and wear some deodorant before yall stand out in the sun all day!! that smell would e atrocious if yall dont!!!

  8. 61

    oh and putting stock into what ol shitzinsky has to say??? BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA you may has well went to camp at Penn St. cuz youre scarred for life man!!!

  9. 63

    Nobody cares about the fukkin twees! Auburn takes better care of the twees than their own personal health judging by all the fat asses that went to the LSU & come to the Bama game

    • 64
      The Truth

      RC and bamatruth even talk like a gump! Think like a gump, talk like a gump, and probably walks like a gump, must be a gump!

      • 65

        You stated twice that they talk like a gump. It seems as if you may be running a little short on material. Probably not the first time you have ever been told you are coming up a little short huh? Instead of the truth we’ll start calling you “the peewee” hahhaaha this cant be made up!!!!!

      • 66

        I just finished watching “Swamp People”. I catch more shit over here about that damn show than you can imagine. They speak english over here but the accents on the show are so deep that the producers have to sub-text what the characters are saying. So once again Truth. Tell me about talking like a gump.

      • 70
        The Truth

        If going 1-1 last year and 3-3 over the last six games is owning somebody in your mind, then I guess you own us ITK, if only in your gump mind. LOL

        • 71

          45-24-5 says Bama has owned LSU all-time. The only game that matters is the next one though, and Bama is in the head of your crazy coach already. I think one more loss to Bama might just put him over the edge.

          • 72
            The Truth

            LMAO you gumps are so full of yourselves!

            Quick tell me gump, which SEC team and which current SEC coach has had the most success against Saban?

          • 73

            Quick, tell me which SEC coach has won 3 National Championships? And you consider 3-3 as a victory for Miles? (who has not, by the way, won a National Championship since Saban has been at Bama, and the one that he got, it was with Saban recruited players) Keep on twisting, you know it is coming. Bama is not Towson or Auburn.

            Bama under Saban in 6 years – 2 National Championships and currently ranked number 1.

            LSU under Miles (since Saban came to Bama) – 0 National Championships and currently slowly descending in the rankings due to poor play.

            Face it, LSU peaked last season under Miles. “The greatest team of All-Time™” got their ass beat in a humiliating fashion. The butt-hurt from you is still hot and strong. Keep coming to a Bama site and exposing yourself. That should make you feel better.

          • 74
            The Truth

            Boy, brando you really are retarded or simply can’t read. Show me anywhere brando where I said 3-3 is a victory for Miles? You can’t you ignorant gump because I didn’t. One of you gumps, maybe even you commented bama owns LSU, I simply pointed out the FACT that LSU is 3-3 against bama in the last six games, and all six of those bama was coached by Saban for your information. I also conceded if that is owning a team in a gump’s mind then I guess bama own’s LSU. Do you have a gump mind brando?

            Oh and by the way I guess Saban has only earned one BCS championship at bama since he won the first one with Shula players like Miles won his with Saban players right, or due you just make up the rules to fit you? You can’t have it both ways gump! Well I know you can in your own mind but the rest of the nation laughs at you, like they do when ya’ll claim 14 “igitimate” National Titles.

          • 75
            The Truth

            Oh and by the way Brando the answer to my questions that are obviously painfull for you to answer, are LSU and LES MILES!

            But hey you own us! LMAO Delluuusssiooonall!

    • 76

      It reads like a regular sentence, but then the content makes you scratch your head.

      I’m not buying that “truth” is an LSU fan. He is an Aubie going undercover because they suck so bad. He uses Aubie logic too much. Dead giveaway….

  10. 77

    gump= world traveler millionaire played for the best football program in The past and present! defender of our country ad an overall WINNER!! cajun= uneducated swamp donkey inbred shit heel that can give you 50 ways to cook shit and eat it! YOURE DAMN RIGHT IM A GUMP!!!

  11. 78

    Are ya’ll watching the Georgia-Tennessee game? swear to God that’s two of the worst SEC defenses I’ve ever seen. And Gawd Almighty, West Virginia and Baylor may have the two worst defenses in the history of college football. Bama’s got this season dicked! RTR!

    • 79

      LMAO@ both Georgia and Tennessee. Georgia needed another choke job from Stringbean Donkey Bray to win. If a football was a beer bottle and UT’s receivers were car windshields, UT might win one.

    • 80
      Indiana Vol

      I heard Crimsonite, aka Harvey and Bammer (can’e tell the) truth, aka the Teabagger are engaged to be wed. When are you lovebirds going to tie the knot? I am betting on halftime of the Bammer – Auburn game. Thta way, all of your relative Bammer Morons can witness the debacle and the Auburn fans can get a great laugh!

  12. 81

    Oh tell me it’s not Twuth, tell me it’s not Twuth! It’s Twuth, it’s Twuth, it’s Twuth! Towson is leading the Corndogs just before halftime!!!!!!!!!!!! Bwaa Haww Haww!!! RTR!

    • 82

      Mettengropedher looks like a 40 year old Johnny Unitas when he tries to run. LMAO@ struggling with Towson. LSU could easily lose 4 games this year. They’ve shuffled the O-line, are still using 7 blockers in pass protection, and still getting sacked vs Towson.. LMAO

  13. 83

    Oh my goodness! Amazing article dude! Thanks, However I am experiencing problems with your RSS.
    I don’t know why I am unable to join it. Is there anyone else getting similar RSS issues? Anyone that knows the answer can you kindly respond? Thanks!!

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