PICKS: Alabama will win, Arkansas will rebound, Michigan over Notre Dame & LSU vs Auburn prediction

College football picks involving SEC and national powers including: Mississippi State, Troy, UAB, Arkansas, Ole Miss, Georgia, Vanderbilt, Ohio State, South Carolina, Missouri, Kentucky, Florida, Auburn, LSU, Alabama, Notre Dame and Michigan.

Dale Jones
Sports in Paradise by Dale Jones
Week three of college football was very friendly to this prognosticator. We missed only three games, one of them being Stanford vs. USC. The Trojan loss does nothing but help the Tide in their quest for another championship, but now things really get interesting around these parts as the month of October is just around the corner.

SEC play is about to heat up big time and things could get interesting.

I was 12 out of 15 last week, taking me to 33-12 on the season for a .733 winning percentage. I also had one perfect pick last week with Missouri beating Arizona State 24-20.

Here is what will happen this coming Saturday.

South Alabama at Mississippi State
The timing is obviously off for the Jags to venture into SEC play. They are about to run into a Bulldog team that has some high hopes for this season, and there is no way that State will allow South Alabama to get in their way. Mississippi State 49 – South Alabama 10

Troy at North Texas
Both Troy and North Texas enter this game with the same 1-2 record and both teams held their own last week against very respectable foes. I would feel more confident about this game if it were being played in Troy, but even on the road, I’m going to give the edge to the Trojans. Troy 28 – North Texas 24

UAB at Ohio State
The Blazers took a beating at No. 8 South Carolina last week, and things don’t get any easier this Saturday as the green and gold travels to tangle with the No. 12 Buckeyes. Ohio State is averaging 41 points per game and UAB is giving up 44 points per game. Ohio State 48 – UAB 21

Arkansas vs. Rutgers
The Scarlet Knights enter this game at 3-0 and an impressive win last week over South Florida. Nobody expected the Razorbacks to be 1-2 at this point, and it is not so much that they have a banged-up QB. Arkansas is giving up lots of points. Still, they are a much better team on paper and I expect them to bounce back this week after their embarrassing loss to Alabama. Arkansas 31 – Rutgers 24

Ole Miss vs. Tulane
It was painful to watch the Rebels get beat up by the Longhorns last Saturday, but Ole Miss should bounce back this week and get back in the win column before they head to Tuscaloosa next week. Ole Miss 38 – Tulane 9

Georgia vs. Vandy
Poor Vandy. They were supposed to be better this year. Instead they come out of the gate 1-2 with their only win against Presbyterian, and now they have to travel to Georgia to play a No. 7 Bulldog team with something to prove. This one might be close for a quarter. Georgia 28 – Vandy 10.

South Carolina vs. Missouri
I know that coaches and players don’t like to look ahead, but the Gamecocks need to be undefeated in two weeks when they play Georgia. Missouri is ranked 21st in defense, and that is the only way to beat Steve Spurrier. This game has the potential to be a good, old-fashioned “barnburner” but look for South Carolina to come out on top with the home crowd behind them. South Carolina 27 – Missouri 17

Kentucky at Florida
The Wildcats are just not a good football team. Although the Gators have looked a little soft at times this season, they looked great against the Vols, they are undefeated and they continue to move up in the rankings. This one will be no contest. Florida 42 – Kentucky 14

Auburn vs. LSU
The Tigers (the ones from Auburn, that is) finally got a victory last Saturday, although it wasn’t an easy task. It’s doubtful that the celebration lasted very long, since they have to play host to the Tigers of LSU this week. With Auburn’s struggling offense vs. LSU’s 4th ranked defense, one has to wonder, will Auburn even cross the 50-yardline? A win for Auburn could completely turn their season around. I just don’t think they have the firepower to do it. LSU 34 – Auburn 10

Alabama vs. Florida Atlantic
The Tide has yet to score less than 35 points in a game. The Owls, at 1-2, have yet to score 21 in a game. This will simply be a tune up game for Alabama before they host Ole Miss next week. It will be over before it starts. Alabama 50 – Florida Atlantic 3

Other Games to Watch
Florida State 27 – Clemson 25
Tennessee 38 – Akron 10
Georgia Tech 27 – Miami 24
Western Kentucky 24 – Southern Miss 13

Upset of the Week
Notre Dame vs. Michigan
This game will be fun to watch. Both teams are loaded on both sides of the football. I wasn’t very impressed by Michigan’s 63-13 win over Massachusetts last week, but I am impressed by this football team. The Irish are known to have early-season letdowns and I believe Michigan has the better athletes. Michigan 28 – Notre Dame 27

—Dale Jones is a syndicated sports columnist, member of the Alabama Sports Writers Association, The Football Writers Association of America, and the Society of Professional Journalists. Email Dale at sportsNparadise@gmail.com or on twitter @sportsNparadise.


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      He did add this jewel..”A win for Auburn could completely turn their season around.”

      I thought that happen last Saturday?

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      Coach Pat Dye

      Do you mean your husband is an Auburn Man? You are a lucky girl. All the ladies know that Auburn men have dinosaur sized penises. I member this one time. I was a drinkin a little Jack and I had to take me a manly leak. I accidently knocked down a redwood tree in Oregon. And then Auburn won a National Chamionship with my hand puppet. John Chism coaching the team (officially, but everyone here knows the truth.)

      Ya’ll excuse me one of of my exwives is on the phone wanting her child support payments.

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    Coach Pat Dye

    Shut up Truth. If that is your real name.
    I am Pat Dye. Feared by Bammers world wide. Auburn will win this weekend or I will kick les Miles in the nuts at halftime.
    We own the stadium. We own the refs. We own football if we want to own it.

    Auburn is my family. Sure, I might have played football at georgia.And I might have six-three bastard children. But Auburn is my family. Are you messin’ with my family. Post your address and I will kick in your door and sodomize your dog.
    I am Pat “KING KONG” Dye.
    I am the human form of Viagra.
    Every man wants to be me and every woman is scared of my sexual prowess.

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