‘Bama now readies for 11 more overrated opponents this season

If you haven’t heard it, you soon will. It’s Labor Day, so most reading this (today) aren’t at work. But you’ll hear it around the water cooler at the office tomorrow. You’ll certainly read it on fan forums even today.

The news? Michigan was overrated.

How else was Bama able to pull their trousers down on this season’s biggest game of the weekend and embarrass the Wolverines like they did? 41-14 in the Jerry Dome, 12 hours from Tuscaloosa, in college football’s offering to the new college football season.

Before the game Denard Robinson was the great hope for anyone hoping, praying that Alabama would take a break from dominating college football. Those prayers appear to have bounced off the ceiling.

In the end the Tide held Robinson, an early Heisman Trophy candidate, to 27 measley yards on the ground, picking him off twice, one of those for a touchdown. In fact, Robinson probably injured his shoulder in keeping Dee Milliner from taking a second INT to the house.

But because the game was so lopsided, Michigan was overrated. Right?

Truth is, a team usually gets more credit if it wins 44-41 rather than 41-14. If it’s a high scoring shootout, the immediate assumption is both teams are good. If one team dominates the assumption is the other one wasn’t.

There is a prevailing notion that the top ten teams have to be pretty even, so if a couple are significantly better than the rest it throws off the equilibrium of the game. Forget that one team may work harder than any other in the land, so their games are over at halftime.

So when a death machine like Alabama totally destroys an opponent…even if that team was thought by voters in all the land to be a top ten team…that opponent was overrated.

If that’s the case, prepare for a season of overrated opponents on the Tide’s schedule. Because what you saw Saturday night in Dallas is going to play out again, and again, and again…

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