‘Bama now readies for 11 more overrated opponents this season

If you haven’t heard it, you soon will. It’s Labor Day, so most reading this (today) aren’t at work. But you’ll hear it around the water cooler at the office tomorrow. You’ll certainly read it on fan forums even today.

The news? Michigan was overrated.

How else was Bama able to pull their trousers down on this season’s biggest game of the weekend and embarrass the Wolverines like they did? 41-14 in the Jerry Dome, 12 hours from Tuscaloosa, in college football’s offering to the new college football season.

Before the game Denard Robinson was the great hope for anyone hoping, praying that Alabama would take a break from dominating college football. Those prayers appear to have bounced off the ceiling.

In the end the Tide held Robinson, an early Heisman Trophy candidate, to 27 measley yards on the ground, picking him off twice, one of those for a touchdown. In fact, Robinson probably injured his shoulder in keeping Dee Milliner from taking a second INT to the house.

But because the game was so lopsided, Michigan was overrated. Right?

Truth is, a team usually gets more credit if it wins 44-41 rather than 41-14. If it’s a high scoring shootout, the immediate assumption is both teams are good. If one team dominates the assumption is the other one wasn’t.

There is a prevailing notion that the top ten teams have to be pretty even, so if a couple are significantly better than the rest it throws off the equilibrium of the game. Forget that one team may work harder than any other in the land, so their games are over at halftime.

So when a death machine like Alabama totally destroys an opponent…even if that team was thought by voters in all the land to be a top ten team…that opponent was overrated.

If that’s the case, prepare for a season of overrated opponents on the Tide’s schedule. Because what you saw Saturday night in Dallas is going to play out again, and again, and again…

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      Hoopie, you still can’t see the truth. Bama started with Clemson a few years back, and showed you how to open a season with a big win over a ranked opponent. To bad your Tiggers stuggled so much, but that hasn’t been a trait that Bama has had to worry about for a while now. Just admit the truth: Auburn isn’t playing at the level that Alabama is, and needs more recruits and more coaching right now. I know you Auburn cult members really believed this off season Chizik had done enough to catch Bama this season, but this just shows how retarded you guys are in your cult thinking. Any word on the twees? Buck the Farn.

    • 5

      Hoop the loop still playing out his fantasies over the internet. Why not go out in the world and talk to people like that, hoopie? see how long you’d keep those teeth, if you have any.

  1. 6

    Clemson couldn’t even be Bama’s scout team Hoopie! The Barn would qualify for water boys or managers so that should make you feel good. That was some pitiful football between those two teams.

  2. 7

    ITK, I do believe you are right about this being an overated opponent but Bama has always had to overcome the naysayers of the media but one was working the game for ABC and he drank Shut-up juice on the air Saturday night and that is always good to hear!!!!!

    • 8

      Just to be clear, I didn’t say Michigan was overrated. My point is, Alabama makes everybody they play look overrated. We are witnessing something special in Tuscaloosa right now; the kind of domination my dad used to tell me about from the ’60s and ’70s.

  3. 9

    Hoopie, you guys were deplorable at best on Saturday! And Clemson barely beat you guys! So for you to sit over there and run your ignorant mouth shows just how uneducated you are when it comes to college football! I tell you what, watch the games (because it’s apparent you had your head buried in the dirt for both games), read up on statistics and then come back with a non-retarded response to make some of you Auburn look less dumb!! Geez, it’s a no win situation with you idiots! You blow a team out, that team was overrated, you barely squeak by a ranked opponent and Bama should have been more dominant. Truth be told you guys haven’t been better than a mid-level team except for once, when Scam Newton was your paid QB! I have friends that graduated from Auburn, half of my family are Auburn fans but when they see a dominant performance and see their squad struggling, they call a spade a spade and don’t make excuses like YOU DO!! The only game that matters is on November 24…until then support the SEC and bring another National Championship back to the SEC. Stop making dumb statements that Clemson would have beaten Bama, we would have whipped anyone on Saturday including USC! So try again!!

  4. 11

    Hoopshit has been ranting lately about how reasonable he is and how off the wall we are and then the dumb motherfuker makes the most retarded statement of the day. As for dipshits saying Michigan was way overrated. Well 90% of those dipshits are just like Hoopshit – irrelevant. I’ve been scouring the internet from California to New York to Florida and in between. The consensus from those who matter are completely impressed and overwhelmed with Bama including in Defroit and Ann Arbor. Some are saying Robinson is overrated also. The same ones who Friday said Bama couldn’t stop him and were touting him for Heisman. Some Michigan fans are saying he sucks and can’t wait for him to leave. The same ones who Friday were saying Bama couldn’t stop him and were touting him for Heisman. This is the second game in a row Bama has stomped shit out of a top 10 team and made their QB look like he just arrived from the sand lot. And afterwards the QB sucks and the team was overrated. I just fucking love making all these dumb bastards miserable. Bama will be #1 this afternoon. That’s how overrated Michigan was. Bwaa Haww Haww Haww Haww Haww. ROLL DAMN TIDE ROLL!!!!!!!

  5. 13

    Bama rolled like I thought they would. And I hear all the bs about LS who 41-17 win over hoover high. Any thoughts on the spectacle that’s is supposed to be LSU?

  6. 15

    Even at 0-11 the orange and blue will be over-rated. Still giving up third and roof every time. But I forgot they are still so young this year. Next thing we know Petrino will experience a spiritual conversion and the jet will start warming up. Chisnik is now 16-11 without the best player money could buy.

  7. 19

    I read.on Espn that honey badger is enrolling bACK at LSU. When asked if her son would play for LSU again honey badger mom said yes she is hopeful. Is this scripted? I thought he couldn’t play for LSU again?

  8. 20

    Sorry, ITK, but Bama intercepted Denard 3 times – Milliner, Mosely and Lee. 🙂 Just wanted to set the record straight. ROLL TIDE!

    • 21

      Oops…almost forgot that the last pick was off of their backup QB. Oh well…didn’t want Dillon Lee to lose his 15 minutes of fame. RTR! Sorry for the confusion.

    • 26

      Come back and see us in say 2014 or 2015. Until then Bama is on their way to the first ever in history 3 peat. This team only has 9 seniors on it and not all of them start. I’m already licking my chops waiting on next year. RTR!

    • 27

      You may not “cant” wait but you can bet your trailer rent you will because the process is in full effect and your worst nightmare is reality!! 42-14 will be a pleasant memory after this years beating!!!

  9. 28
    A Ganger

    Bama’s performance can be summed up in one word
    Auburn’s can be too…
    Roll Tide Y’all
    BAMA Dominated the skunk bears…Hey six… Bama will hang 50 on the Farging Barnterds…Mark it down amigo…
    Protect America, Build Submarines

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