Nothing to see here! NCAA talks to Auburn RB Jovon Robinson’s summer coach

Biased Memphis Commercial Appeal at it again! Paper continues to publish stories about Auburn football and NCAA recruiting invsetigation.

The Memphis Commercial Appeal continues its anti-Auburn campaign with a new story about the NCAA and Jovon Robinson.

According to the report, “The summer football coach of former Wooddale High and current Auburn University running back Jovon Robinson said he was interviewed by the NCAA this month.”

Just reading this would tend to make one think it was all about Auburn.

But not so! The probe is more about Memphis. See, we’ve told you repeatedly this is a Memphis problem.

According to the Memphis paper, “Central High coach Lynord Crutchfield said Monday that he had recently spoken with an NCAA representative about various players and coaches in the Memphis area. De’Vinner said his conversation was similar.’They were asking about different players, coaches and different practices, because I’ve been around the recruiting process a while and what not,’ De’Vinner said. ‘And the 7-on-7, that was something they discussed.'”

Clearly, the NCAA is concerned about rogue recruiting by major NCAA superpower the University of Memphis.

What other conclusion could one reach? The Memphis paper is sensationalizing this to make it about Auburn. See, Auburn is the most popular football team in the whole world. Auburn has a reputation for spotless NCAA compliance. This is the move by jealous football boosters in other states and of course, Alabama troublemakers.


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    But Cappy, how can you talk about this when Alabama just reported 27 meaningless secondary violations which mean nothing?

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      Formerly Almightytmc1 (But I had to change my screen because auburn is suing.

      Them poor Aubbos. All they want is thier family. *God is on thier side because they are all in.
      You will see.
      And you are right! THIS is a Memphis problem. Much like the Reuban Foster thing is a Troop County problem.
      We will all see……
      *God is on Auburn’s side.. And everyone knows it and loves Auburn when they are not being envious of Auburn.

      *2009 registered trademark Auburn University. All rights Reserved.

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    Finebaum Junkie

    They are just making sure nothing fishy is going on. The Memphis area is infamous for scandals, such as accepting money for players from a certain University.

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      Almightytmc1 (Until Auburn declares Holy war for my blaphemy.)

      You are right FBJ. It sorta puts me in mind of a commercial I once saw.

  3. 6

    Whatever you do, omit this quote from the article:

    “It wasn’t about Jovon Robinson in particular. It was basically just asking questions about how are 7-on-7s run, things in those nature.”

    And whatever else you do, omit this part of the article as well::

    “Robinson wasn’t the only major college signee to play on De’Vinner’s team last year. Brian Kimbrow, who signed with Vanderbilt, Will Redmond (Mississippi State), and Nathan Cole (Cincinnati) were among those on the De’Vinner-coached West Tennessee Xpress, he said.”

    At least ITK acknowledged it…anything to divert attention from Yahoo Sport’s report showing that Bama cheated 27 times in the past 13 months.

    • 7

      I was critical of the paper for mentioning Auburn in first paragraph, but the real story being how this is all about Memphis.

      Get some reading comprehension there dude.

  4. 9

    So you’re saying that it wasn’t sarcasm and that you are truly defending Auburn? Somehow, I’m having a little trouble with that.

      • 11

        Well …your constant bias as proven by your content on this blog would cause anything other than a ringing endorsement of Auburn to be contrued as sarcastic.

        You aren’t even any good at being coy either.

        AU last had NCAA sanctions in 1993. That was 19 years ago. Bama has been cited and penalized many times since then. The denial by you Bammers of this difference is further proof of either your ignorance or arrogance.

        Bammer Arrogance ….the anesthetic for the pain of Bammer Ignorance.

        • 12

          Auburn is a beacon for NCAA rule compliance. It is only your worry that it isn’t true that makes you critical of my defense of Auburn.

          I LOVE how Auburn fans rationalize AU’s past cheating and history of non-compliance and the present history of moving from one recruiting scandal to the next by throwing stones at other programs.

          I’m defending Auburn and I get attacked by Auburn fans. It is very confusing. Well, unless there is something going on at Auburn. Maybe I shouldn’t be so quick to dismiss these stories from reputable news outlets.

  5. 13

    Seven-on-seven football is played in the spring and summer and is a tackle-free version of the game for skill players. Robinson wasn’t the only major college signee to play on De’Vinner’s team last year. Brian Kimbrow, who signed with Vanderbilt, Will Redmond (Mississippi State), and Nathan Cole (Cincinnati) were among those on the De’Vinner-coached West Tennessee Xpress, he said.

    • 14

      The 7-on-7 is viewed by many to be a similar corrupting influence on football as the AAU is on basketball. It is not shocking that the NCAA is looking at this type of issue. And, the 7-on-7 stuff has been looked at nationally, so I don’t think that is of particular relevance to Auburn.

      Unless there is something more to the situation in Memphis, which is what many will infer since the paper penned the story the way it was.

  6. 15

    Good point, cap. Auburn’s football program has been cited for major rules violations 5 times by the NCAA. Of course the last time was almost 20 years ago, and before that you have to go back over 30 years and nearly 60 years for the first two (right about the exact same time Bear was getting busted by the NCAA for the same thing at Tex A&M.) The important thing is that Auburn’s football program has been cited a huge whopping 5 times, while the pure, innocent bama football program has only been cited a measley, insignificant, starkly contrasting 4 times (3 of them being in the last 17 years.) What a monstrous difference. I can’t begin to imagine why the NCAA Committee on Infractions would refer to such a sterling program as a “serial repeat violater” with an “abysmal track record” of compliance.

    • 16

      Auburn’s athletic department is almost ready to tie SMU in the cheating department. Auburn has SEVEN SEVEN major athletic department infraction convictions. SMU has eight.

      But, Auburn does things the right way. Pat Dye is still hanging around and we all know Pat Dye won’t tolerate any NCAA violations.

      • 17

        Auburn’s football program has FIVE, FIVE major infraction cases; Bama’s football program has FOUR, FOUR major infraction cases. I realize Auburn’s basketball program has some history, but even I have to openly laugh about that. If Auburn cheated in basketball, that’s gotta be the lousiest job of cheating in the history of the NCAA. You’d at least think they could have gotten an NIT bid for their efforts.

        By the way, I know all the bama fans love to say that Auburn is in “3rd place” for the most NCAA major violation cases with 7. It’s very convenient to omit that there are a total of 7 schools that have the same number of violations. You could just as easily say Auburn is tenth on the list. If you want to drone on about stuff that happened in the freakin’ 1950’s, be my guest. I’d rather have 7 violations starting 60 years ago and none in the last 20 years than match Bama’s “abysmal” and “serial repeat violater” track record over the last 17 years.

        • 18

          This attitude is why it won’t take long for Auburn to tie SMU.

          This attitude is why Auburn skips from recruiting scandal to recruiting scandal in the current era. You best get control of your program down there.

          Auburn fans always like to ignore facts or use selective dates. The fact is Pat Dye still runs things and Pat Dye was the guy who got Auburn into its last NCAA trouble. You aren’t governed by Terry Bowden and Tommy Tuberville these days. Power has reverted. I’d be worried about my history if Dubose was back in power.

          • 19

            No, bama’s attitude is the reason that bama has been sanctioned for major rules violations three times in the past 17 years, and that attitude is why the NCAA referred to bama 3 years ago as a “serial repeat violater” with an “abysmal track record” of compliance. Auburn’s attitude is the reason that Auburn hasn’t been sanctioned by the NCAA in 20 years.

            I love the “Pat Dye controls everything at Auburn” mantra that bama fans cling to. If I’ve said it once I’ve said it a thousand times…just because you read something that is repeatedly posted on tiderinsider message boards and regurgitated by bammer callers on the Finebaum show doesn’t mean it’s true.

  7. 20

    So…Cappy ….a few days ago you posted some Memphis stuff on JR and basically insinuated that it was all about Auburn. You were wrong!

    You posted stuff about the NCAA and Foster insinuating that the transfer was about Auburn even tho foster transferred while a Bammer commit ….and you were wrong!

    Now another Memphis article comes out that further shows that you were wrong about Auburn and JR ….and you decide to discuss the NCAA’s interest in 7 on 7 leagues instead of taking this opportunity to do the right thing and admit you were wrong!

    Then you try a coy insinuating-non-insinuation using the 7 on 7 article.

    You are an Idiot. You get away with it on here because your biased, barely literate followers don’t know better.

    • 21

      The MCA and AJC and others in the SEC are making this about Auburn.

      If you can’t see that then maybe you should get a clue. You should ask yourself why so many in the SEC are going after Auburn. I’m telling you right now that Tennessee, Florida and Georgia are leaking very bad things about Auburn and its recruiting practices.

      This isn’t my fault. I’d look at those writing stuff making sure to mention Auburn’s name. I’d also look at Auburn’s recruiting methods. There may or may not be anything wrong with them. But, I can guarantee that more than a few people in the SEC are bitching about them. The loudest complainers aren’t in Tuscaloosa either.

      • 22

        You sniveling rednecks. All you rednecks just blindly follow a man that has been dead for 30 years. Meanwhile, the next time I go to Jordan Hare, I’m going to bow down at the trunk of Toomers Oaks before I go to my tailgate to watch the Alabama game, then bow to the Cam Newton statue as I leave the anti-Alabama tailgate and travel home. I really don’t even know what home game it will be that week.

      • 23

        What is your fault is that you break your neck to post this stuff and then add biased insinuations. Quit deflecting.

        I guess we’re to believe that you have direct contact with those other SEC coaches? That is the only way that you can accurately say that UT, UF and UGA are making claims. Post proof regarding those coaches or I’m calling you out as a liar.

        I realize that your ignorant minions on this blog just believe every scrap of bias you spew, but I don’t. So prove it.

        Don’t post any more AJC stuff as evidence either. They don’t count, because the AJC is after everyone except UGA. They post negative stuff about Bama regularly and you ignore it.

  8. 24

    Gary Parrish certainly was all over the JR story on the radio today and yesterday here in Memphis. He usually doesn’t talk about college football – he’s a basketball guy. He’s saying that the NCAA is ALL over town wanting to talk to anyone connected to JR.

    Wasn’t Gary Parish the one that broke the Albert Means/Lynn Lang scandal a few years back?

    Not saying that Auburn’s done anything wrong, but if you’re an Auburn fan you don’t like the fact that Gary and Verno are interested in this story.

  9. 25

    NCAA asking about 7 on 7 camps screams illegal recruiting. A lot of these camps have paid ex players from major universities. These ex-players/coaches have been known to become runners from time to time.

    A lot of money is changing hands through these camps and mentoring programs these guys are running. Steering players to a certain school is done by these ” Mentors” These are the people the NCAA are after and it seems like they are finding things. Stay tuned. Its going to hit the fan within the next 2 weeks.

    • 27

      Mocking is so lame. I guess when your pathetic attempts to use redneck arrogance don’t work to argue against solid logic, then mocking is about all you got left.

    • 29

      Since 1993 …none

      Bama since 1993 around 4 or 5. We’ll start with Albert Means.

      Auburn has one of the best compliance staffs in CFB. We have to. Someone keeps sending notes to the media/NCAA about anything that can be dreamed up to implicate Auburn. If we were doing anything wrong …we would have been caught.

  10. 30

    Bammers mocking me are rednecks. I’ve lived in all 50 states and everything west & north of Auburn, AL are full of rednecks. Everybody who lives in Lee County are rocket scientists. Auburn University is equivalent to an Ivy League school. You go anywhere in the United States and everyone knows about Auburn University. I was digging for gold in a cave, and I saw another Auburn alumnus, and we had a War Eagle moment. WDE

  11. 31


    You overprivileged bastard…College football did NOT start in 1993 or 1982, which you Rednecks conveniently call “the modern era of college football.” you brainwashed bastard. OWN your history and stop selecting only what you want to remember.

  12. 32

    Hoopie thank you for your contribution of wisdom to this dull place.

    Since 1987, (the year SMU got the death penalty and changed the way people look at “imajor infractions”) Bama has had 3 major infractions in football. Auburn on the other hand, ONE INFRACTION……And if you go all the way back to 1957 then we have 4 in football. But hey , keep throwing up the & infractions arguement but it only makes you look ignorant. Tottally disregard the fact that you have as many as we do, more recently , and duting a shorter period……Just wow.

    Dont play the cheatin; Barn card bammers. That is the epitomy of the pot calling the kettle black.

  13. 33

    Once again BPI, college football did not begin in 1957, 1987, 1993, 2002, or 1982. OWN YOUR HISTORY. Even the negative. It will make you a better person. You guys want us to own our negative history, in return, you must own yours. You cannot expect peaceful coexistence in a fractured society if you do not meet people in the middle.-RC, 12:25PM, 8/16/2012

    • 34

      Auburn HAS owned it’s history. We learned our lesson in 1993.

      Back in the day, everyone cheated. Bear cheated the entire time that Auburn was getting caught in the 60’s-70’s. No one told on the Bear, yet someone told the NCAA about Auburn repeatedly. I grew up a Bama fan. My dad graduated from Bama. I saw the cheating first hand from players i knew at both schools. It was no different at Bama than at Auburn, except that someone repeatedly told the NCAA about Auburn.

  14. 35

    I am fully aware of that…..But Cap brought up the SEVEN infractions arguement….It’s irrelevent and that is a subjective statement as we are talking football….Well , the seven infractions spanned nearly 60 years and multiple sports were involved. So technically the arguement is flawed. 4 were in football…2 were in the 50’s……THE 50’S !!!! oNE IN THE 80’S and the other in 1993 !!!! Good grief son. That’s not a pattern of infractions like Alabama has racked up in the last 15 years alone.

    I’m not bending stats to suit my arguement but simply stating the obvious historical facts…..

    Oh, and I don’t expect peaceful coexistance in a fractured society because I will never meet someone who is dead nuts wrong in the middle……BPI.

  15. 36

    BPI, technically the AU football program has a total of five. 2 were in the 50’s, 2 were in the 70’s, and the last one was in 93. Bama’s football program has 4. The first one was in 1964 (don’t worry bammers, we won’t put an asterik beside the NC bama won that year despite the fact you’d do it in a heartbeat to Auburn) and the other three were in the last 17 years. Auburn’s other 2 problems were related to basketball and the freakin’ tennis team. There’s nothing selective about that, it’s the whole truth. See, the reason that the bammers want to keep screaming this fantasy about Pat Dye being in charge at Auburn is because it’s the only way they can fabricate a connection with Auburn to trouble with the NCAA. Otherwise, they have to admit to themselves that Auburn has been free and clear for 20 years while bama has drug itself through the sewer during that same period (A.K.A. the truth).

  16. 37

    Forgive me Abraham.,I was incorrect and I thank you for your insight.. We must also keep in mind that Bear owned this state during that 60’s – 70’s period and no one could touch the program in that span. Nearly every crooked coach that the NCAA pinched in the following 3-4 decades traced their roots to Bear Bryant. He was a legend fo sho.

    • 38

      Shug Jordan was a legendary cheater. Auburn was on probation from 1957-64. They were placed on probation TWICE within the same period. Look it up. Fo Sho!

  17. 39

    Yes they were. No arguement from me there.

    But he couldn’t compare with Bryant’s ability to cheat. He was a legend.

    • 40

      Based on what evidence? You know how you like to tell us, prove it in regards to all of Auburn’s cheating and the Cam Newton scandal? AND NOT WORD OF MOUTH. Where is the evidence? Phil Fulmer? NOT EVIDENCE

  18. 41

    You see, genius…I don’t have to prove anything as I am not the NCAA…Not only did they prove it they sanctioned your football program for it too….Or did you forget ?

  19. 42

    RC, you know who else got placed on probation during that same period for cheating? Bear Bryant at Texas A&M. Look it up. Fo Sho!

  20. 44

    By the way, the AJC has finally admitted that their contention that Reuben Foster was meeting with the NCAA was wrong. Of course, they put all the blame on Foster’s mother Anita Paige, but admitted it was factually incorrect. Here’s what the AJC had to say about their latest conversation with Paige:

    “On Thursday, Paige set the record straight: “I thought you were asking me if was I meeting with the Alabama high schools that day. Maybe I did misunderstand what you were saying. Maybe I did.” She also said it was her own choice – and under nobody else’s orders – to not clarify who she met with on Monday. “I didn’t want my name slammed around again like it was slammed on Monday about a misunderstanding,” Paige said. “Because of what you said and what I thought I said, that’s why I didn’t want to talk anymore on Monday. That’s all.”

  21. 48

    Mike Dubose was a Bryant clone….Really, Bryant’s DNA was actually meshed with Dubose’ after ya’ll dug up Bahrr in the late 80’s….

    Shame on me.

  22. 49

    And the NCAA forced Auburn to ban Pat Dye from the program for five years because he was a cheater, and now Auburn has not only given him a place of honor within the athletic facilities, they named their damn field after him.

    Need I say more?

    And BPI, going along with your mantra, Pat Dye was also a Bryant clone. Does that mean he, and all he has influenced at Auburn thereafter his time there (as if it’s ended) is also wrapped in cheating?

    We know the answer, but indulge us.

  23. 50

    Absolutely Dye was a Bryant clone…..Every time you ‘tards bash Dye for “cheatin’ up a storm” you are really taking a swipe at your beloved BAHR who taught the man everything he knows.

    Ironic, itsn’t it ?

  24. 51

    ITK says, “And the NCAA forced Auburn to ban Pat Dye from the program for five years because he was a cheater…”. Yeah, and the NCAA banned Bear from the program for 12 years because he was a cheater, and bama is about to be given the death penalty by the the NCAA in the coming months, and the Loch Ness monster and Big Foot were spotted last week. Pat Dye was never banned from the program for a single day by the NCAA. Isn’t it fun just to make stuff up, pass it off as fact, and hope nobody notices that you’re full of bovine excrement?

    By the way, the fact that Bama got busted on Gene Stallings’ watch didn’t stop you bammers from putting up a statue of him, so spare me the righteous indignation about Auburn naming the field after Pat Dye. At least Auburn forced Dye to resign when they got put on probation.

  25. 53

    Using BPI’s logic, every player that Pat Dye, Shug Jordan and Gene Chizik ever coached is a cheater, every Cam Newton associate is a lying, cheating thug, and every player Jerry Sandusky coached is a child molester just by association. What Mike Dubose did or didn’t do has nothing to do with Bryant, you stupid fucking Auburn redneck

    All the hate I see comes from BPI and Hoopie, and the rest of the Auburn CULT. Hoopie claims his father was an Alabama fan, but his bias and hatred for everything Alabama suggests he has some issues. Most Auburn ppl I know are hateful rednecks. They are in no position to throw stones. I attended Auburn, but that place is not for a minority if they are not an athlete. Fake, OLD SOUTH. All in, bitches!

  26. 54

    Read my posts RC , then go back and read yours…..Who is spewing hate ? Who is blogging full blown untruths and not correcting anything they posted as fact ?

    My posts are simply responding to the full blown bull put on here every day.

    Fact is Auburn has cheated and will again…..
    Fact is Alabama has cheated and will again….

    No hate , just fact.

    • 55

      This may be so, BPI. But you can’t disagree, Bama is in far less a position to “have” to cheat compared to Auburn.

      Secondary violations are about all we have to worry about with the most powerful coach in the game at the helm. Auburn is throwing hail marries just to stay in the conversation, and it may be about to catch up with them.

  27. 56

    You’re a big fan of playing that race card, aren’t you RC? If you think the majority of the fat gutted, beer swillin, skoal dippin, meth smokin, spouse slappin, truck drivin, confederate flag wavin, trailer park livin people in this state (the people you affectionately refer to as “rednecks”) are Auburn fans then I’ve got a bridge you can buy.

    By the way, what year(s) did you attend Auburn? What classes were you taking? Where around campus did you live? Just curious.

    • 57

      I’m not revealing my identity and getting in a pissin match with you. Yes, there are a lot of redneck Alabama fans who became fans because they identified with a winner. However, Auburn University and its alumni and fan base are closet racists. You see, they’ll be nice to your face, sometimes over nice, to overcompensate for their hate. They are OLD SOUTH, fake hypocrites. Sometimes, knowing somebody is like that up front is better than “institutional racism.” I was in Knoxville on September 1985 when Bo Jackson took himself out of the Tennessee game. I had a drink with a well known Auburn alumnus earlier that day. When Bo took himself out of the game, that same, nice Auburn alumnus and his Auburn cohorts (who were only fans) called Bo the “N” word and every other racist name in the book. One gentleman told me if I didn’t like it, he knew of a tree we could talk about it under after the game. You see, it’s not limited to that experience.

      I don’t care how you dress or your grooming habits if you REALLY think that doesn’t make you racist. I can see it when I first meet you. Finally, if you really believe Auburn fans don’t fall into the same racist, redneck behavior of other people in the State they share with them, OR they don’t follow wrestling, NASCAR, and other type sports, I have a bridge I can sell you.

  28. 58

    Only Alabama fans are rednecks. We truck driving, skoal chewing NASCAR Auburn fans aren’t rednecks because we practice institutional racism

  29. 59

    RC, when did I ask you to reveal your identity? I couldn’t care less about who you are. I just question whether you actually attended Auburn. If you attended the 1985 AU-TN game, you must have attended Auburn decades ago, so there’s no way that you could be identified by saying where in Auburn you lived at the time. Just admit that you never attended Auburn.

    By the way, I love this statement: “I don’t care how you dress or your grooming habits if you REALLY think that doesn’t make you racist. I can see it when I first meet you.” So you’re saying that you instantly judge people as racists upon first meeting them without even getting to know them? Do you even understand the definition of prejudice?

    • 60

      Once again, dumb ass, I don’t reveal ANY personal info over the Internet, HENCE SCREEN NAMES. SECOND, I wonder if you know what prejudice is? From what is sounds like, any beer bellied, NASCAR fan is instantly a redneck no matter if you know him or not, while all well-groomed, corporate raider business like looking people are darlings of the South and not REDNECK. If you are racist, LIKE YOU ARE, you are a redneck. Most AU people that I have ever met are rednecks. CASE CLOSED.

  30. 61

    This is a post that I put on 2 different Auburn blogs. Why is it here? Because I’m pretty sure that the CR will be all over the Scarbo article on Monday. I’m also failry certain that the Cr will exaggerate as much as possible on this subject. Scarbo’s article is fair and this is how I think that the Auburn team should be handled. UPDATE: Rumor has it that the Auburn team now has an 11 pm curfew. That is a step in the right direction ..although a little late.

    I have no problem with Scarbo’s article. I started calling out the coaches after the shootings.

    I view the team/coach relationship as a child/parent relationship. Forget all of this ..”they are men and they can be accountable for themselves …..blah blah”. That is 1960’s-type personal freedom blather that I used to BS my parents into turning their head and look the other way. When a child makes a mistake, you punish them. When a child does it again, a good parent realizes that the kid is not capable of learning from mistakes and policing themselves. It is then time to put in some long term restrictions for that child such as who and where your child can associate. This is where we are with the Auburn Football team.

    I have no doubt that Chizco mentors and instructs these kids in how to act. I see the swift, tough but fair punishments. That ain’t working. It’s time to use the legal clauses in the scholly contract and place restrictions in time/places/people that these kids associate. These kids haven’t earned the right to have “freedoms”. These kids have no ability to self regulate. Some groups of kids do and some don’t. The coach is responsible to know the difference. Chiz’s dad was a Marine. Chiz knows all about this type of discipline. Some recruitniks will say that this type discipline hurts recruiting. I say that we don’t wan the kids that would shy away from this type control. That’s obviously what we have now.

    Why was our starting center out at 2 am drunk … week before the first game? Since other players were with him and didn’t get punished, I’m assuming that no restrictions were violated. Since other players were with him, I see that our players can’t regulate each other. What I’m proposing is a basic military discipline tactic. Restrict everybody because the team knows better, yet can’t regulate themselves. $aban took an enitre season before he did this at Bama, but when he did he finally separated the kids that really wanted to be at Bama from the thugs along for the show. Yes …it is waaaay past time for Chizco to imitate $aban.

    As soon as I heard of the nefarious cast of characters with past legal/gun issues that were frequenting the player parties and at the shooting party, I realized the depth of the problems.

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