Nothing to see here! NCAA talks to Auburn RB Jovon Robinson’s summer coach

The Memphis Commercial Appeal continues its anti-Auburn campaign with a new story about the NCAA and Jovon Robinson.

According to the report, “The summer football coach of former Wooddale High and current Auburn University running back Jovon Robinson said he was interviewed by the NCAA this month.”

Just reading this would tend to make one think it was all about Auburn.

But not so! The probe is more about Memphis. See, we’ve told you repeatedly this is a Memphis problem.

According to the Memphis paper, “Central High coach Lynord Crutchfield said Monday that he had recently spoken with an NCAA representative about various players and coaches in the Memphis area. De’Vinner said his conversation was similar.’They were asking about different players, coaches and different practices, because I’ve been around the recruiting process a while and what not,’ De’Vinner said. ‘And the 7-on-7, that was something they discussed.'”

Clearly, the NCAA is concerned about rogue recruiting by major NCAA superpower the University of Memphis.

What other conclusion could one reach? The Memphis paper is sensationalizing this to make it about Auburn. See, Auburn is the most popular football team in the whole world. Auburn has a reputation for spotless NCAA compliance. This is the move by jealous football boosters in other states and of course, Alabama troublemakers.