BREAKING: NCAA to meet with 5-star Auburn commit Reuben Foster

The Atlanta Journal Constitution breaks news that NCAA investigators want to speak with an Auburn recruit.

Another day, another story where the NCAA eyes Auburn over boosters and illegal inducements.

Check the AJC website for the story, but here is the money quote:

“They [the NCAA] are talking with Reuben and me,” Anita Paige said. “They want to make sure there was nothing illegal done to get us down here, or anything like that. They want to make sure there wasn’t a college booster involved. No, there was not a booster involved or anybody from the college involved. There was nothing illegal.”

Of course there was nothing illegal going on.

There is nothing improper going on in Memphis either. Sure, some guidance counselor created a false transcript, but that is Memphis. Those Memphis educators love doing that for their star scholar-athletes.

There was nothing to the HBO Real Sports story where four Auburn players said they were paid by Auburn to play college football.

These are energy vampires. No, not Danny Sheridan this time.

This time the NCAA is causing all the trouble by asking a few uncomfortable questions involving Auburn’s recruiting methods.

However, Auburn fans should not worry. Clearly, this is just one more bad thing happening to the good and honorable people running Auburn football.

Just look at all the bad things which have happened in the last few years. We already mentioned Auburn is getting a bad deal from media over the Jovon Robinson scandal and there were those lies from HBO Real Sports alleging Auburn paid football players.

And more lies like the Cam Newton situation.

There were the lies about Big Cat Weekend.

There was the basketball point shaving investigation.

There were the four foolish footballers arrested for felony robbery.

These are clearly not issues related to Auburn’s athletic department or its leadership. It is just bad luck, or worse a conspiracy led by rampant Alabama fan pretending to be a Tennessee booster known as Roy Adams.

These are truly times that try a Tiger’s soul. But know that all these dark clouds will lift and the light will shine on the truth of Auburn’s innocence.