First pieces of Petrino to Auburn falling into place

Back on April 11 of this year, I laid out a scenario that would bring ex-Arkansas head coach Bobby Petrino to Auburn. You can read this scenario here.

Now, with allegations of cheating in Memphis on Chizik’s watch, and with Petrino’s mea culpa on ESPN this week, the first pieces of that scenario are coming to be.

If you don’t think the situation in Memphis is serious for Auburn, you’re delusional. Grade changing is serious, especially for an athlete with aspirations of playing college football. Before you bury your head in the sand, the question is, why THAT athlete going to THAT university…a university where a faculty member accompanied him on a visit?

There are still questions surrounding other Auburn recruiting ventures, including Rueben Foster’s mysterious move to Auburn from his home in Lagrange, where ironically he became teammates with the sons of two current Auburn coaches. Just how did mommy get that job in Auburn?

If these and other situations the NCAA is aware of continue to materialize, Petrino’s move to Auburn begins to take shape as Auburn cans Chizik, making him the scapegoat. Ironic, since the man really isn’t running the program.

Next, Auburn is going to suck this season. It’s going to be another year of 5-6 losses. As I predicted on April 11, another mediocre year will further expose how 2010’s 14-0 mark was a complete joke…a combination of the perfect home/away schedule and a once-in-a-lifetime athlete in the perfect system for him.

The Chiz will be seen for what he is: Mike Dubose in Auburn. It’s much harder to be a contender year in and year out (like what Nick Saban’s Alabama is doing) than have one flash-in-the-pan great season every so often. Yearly consistency takes ability. Occasional success takes a great deal of luck, and cash.

So after another season of beatdowns, near wins and moral victories, the Auburn cronies pulling the strings will see the writing on the wall, realizing there is a real coach out there in Petrino who’s looking for a place to land.

Next, this week Petrino’s interview on ESPN went much better than expected. I predicted his first appearance on TV would be in 2013, but he beat me by a year. The sincerity of this interview was a home run in the court of public opinion, giving him a foothold into the hearts and minds of fanbases everywhere…especially if they’re pondering a coaching change.

It’s this seed of opportunity that could be the Chiz’s undoing. Because not only is Petrino available, he’ll be available for cheap. Something that could come in handy should Auburn have to pay a hefty sum to Chizik for showing him the door.

Another reason why Petrino could (and probably will) be Auburn’s next coach is, Tennessee will be in the running for a new head man after this season as well. Another crappy season that includes a sixth loss in a row to the Tide will sting the Vol nation, who haven’t been unified behind Dooley from the start.

So if the NCAA clouds get darker for Chizik, and if this season goes as I expect it will, the throttling Auburn will take at the hands of Alabama (again) this November will be his last game.

We shall see. But right now, what I predicted last April can clearly be seen on the horizon.

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  1. 1

    I’ve been saying Petrino was AU’s coach in waiting since his dismissal from Arkansas this spring. Everyone, outside of the AU family, knows this will be Chizik’s last season. Bless the AU family’s hearts.
    2 weeks and counting. RTR!!!!!

  2. 4

    This is sooo on the money and you can bet dye and company have made contact as well as Ucheat. I believed you last spring when you said it because i see desperation at both of these programs. Desperate because Saban is handing it to them on every turn.

  3. 7

    as per usual… more hate filled nonsense from the tide fans. just this week a tide recruiter was trying to get a kid’s family to move to a new town where he has a buddy that coaches that could resolve his “academic issues”. you don’t see a post on the war eagle reader about that. bama fans live off of auburn. i will never understand that. im an auburn fan, and i could not care less whats going on in tuscaloosa. you guys really are a sad group of folks.

    • 8

      Thanks for reading and posting on a Bama site, which you could care less about.

      How did you find this site again? Was it a link from the Auburn University website?

      What is the War Eagle Reader? Never heard of it. Can you give me that link?

      • 9


        • 10

          Alabama fans just laugh and look down at you vastly INFERIOR barners-fans of the cow college of Lee County. Bama will demolish your crappy team yet again this coming November it TITLETOWN! Heck, you will only have 5 or 6 opportunities to chunk crap paper in the dying trees in 2012. LMAO!!!!!!

          It must KILL you idiots that Bama won a national championship the year before AND the year after your TAINTED title (orchestrated by the purchased one $cam Newton). Just think, you will likely be dead the next time your cow college BUYS another tainted title in 50 or so years. Both 1957* and 2010* were years you cheated to win a title.

          14> 2*
          ROLL TIDE ROLL!!!!!!

          • 11

            Alabama fans just laugh and look down at you vastly INFERIOR barners-fans of the cow college of Lee County. Bama will demolish your crappy team yet again this coming November in TITLETOWN! Heck, you will only have 5 or 6 opportunities to chunk crap paper in the dying trees in 2012. LMAO!!!!!!

            It must KILL you idiots that Bama won a national championship the year before AND the year after your TAINTED title (orchestrated by the purchased one $cam Newton). Just think, you will likely be dead the next time your cow college BUYS another tainted title in 50 or so years. Both 1957* and 2010* were years you cheated to win a title.

            14> 2*
            ROLL TIDE ROLL!!!!!!

          • 13
            Terry Simms

            you tells dem aubs good ace – wait – fries is ups – gots to git back to work

            rtr and saban can molest me anytimes

      • 15

        This site shows up on google more when you search for Auburn that than you search for Alabama.

        The google ads used to feature Auburn ads until I pointed it out in a comment and someone finally learned how to filter google adsense.

        • 16

          There’s just more to talk about in Lee County than Tuscaloosa right now. I assure you, the gloves would come off if the shenanigans going on at Auburn were happening at ‘Bama.

          In fact, this site’s original name was, then changed to after Saban was hired.

          This is obviously a Bama site, but we are not blindly biased. What’s taken place at Auburn in the last four years is just hard to put into words, especially with a fanbase completely given to denial and delusion. It just makes for easy writing, and we’re not going to ignore it just because it’s little brother and not us.

        • 18

          Those Google ads aren’t filtered. I want whatever yields the most dollars. I’m greedy like that. 😉

  4. 19

    I remember reading that last April, and thinking …naw wont happen. Now with all this I’m starting to wonder. Think Coach Chiz is wondering also? RTR

  5. 20

    DJ that’s pretty low. AU fans are “all in” and “family” that continues to keep their heads in the sand. I know many AU fans and they are great folks….just ignorant when it come to their pitiful football program. Bless their hearts!!!!

  6. 21

    I have two words for the Bama fans who are so quick to throw stones at Auburn’s latest recrutiing scandal. Albert Means. Both schools are as dirty as any in the business and I find it rather comical to see one call out the other for being dirty.

    • 22

      Interesting you would bring up Albert Means when it was TennStud that brought up that scandal in the first place, and it took place in Memphis, TN, as well. If anything, any Boog fan should look upon the name Albert Means and shiver. The comparisons between the two incidents is a little alarming, and the result for the Barn may end up being similar to that for Bama.
      Ya’ll may want to go find yourselves a Mike Shula to coach for the next 5-10 years and prepare yourselves for a decade in the basement of the SEC West. Chiznick isn’t leaving you with anything near what Dubose/Fran left Bama for those years.

    • 23

      Wasn’t that like 12 years ago? Almost 13?

      And barners say we Bama fans hold on to the past.

      Well, you better learn to do so. Past glory is all you’re going to have for a while.

  7. 24

    Get a life, losers & get out of your mom’s basement. Bama is being accused of a similar situation offering to take care of a comittment academically. If we were so concerned, would Robinson have been signing autographs today?
    No way Petrino comes back to Auburn anyway, he burned too many bridges after jetgate. The only school greedy enough to take a morally corrupt guy like that is Bama after Saban leaves for TX or the Cowboys.

    • 25

      The funniest thing, lx, is you’re probably right. So when Chizik gets the axe, Auburn won’t even be able to get a legitimate coach on the cheap because of bridges burned on both sides. You’ll be stuck with an upstart coordinator forced to learn on the job. Six wins a season is nothing to shake a stick at though. Have fun!

  8. 27

    Hey guys! lets meet at the bear statue today and jump around in houndstooth. Then we can go sit under the saban statue and talk about how Auburn is going down! I will bring cookies you bring the kool-aid! rtr my bama buddies!!

    RTR!! bama #1 14 baby!!!

    • 28

      I have a better idea. Let’s pleasure ourselves under the Cam Newton statue, or as we like to call it, “The Auburn monument to cheating.”

      Better see if Western Kentucky and Central Michigan is free the next ten years. You’re gonna need ’em to get bowl eligible.

  9. 29

    Auburn’s got those ‘coloreds” cleaning up all that cow manure on campus. Yeah, “we ain’t rednecks, weagle beagle wah damn eagle!”

    • 34

      Chapman’s was a clerical error, not a complete fabrication of his transcript to get him eligible. The NCAA looked into it and cleared him. Can’t say the same for JR’s situation, can you?

  10. 35
    Joe K.

    How delusional is the company that actually lets you write fo them is a better question. I don’t care if your the biggest Alabama or Auburn fan that hates the other more than anything, post like this are ridiculous. A non bias person with half a brain would know these facts:

    1- Chizik isn’t going anywhere. He’ll win 6-9 games in the hardest division in college football with a top 10 recruiting class coming in. He’ll stay on again next season with a better team and win 9+ games.

    2 – Every SEC school cheats for recruiting. Reuben Foster isn’t the first mysterious flip between sides of the iron bowl rivalry. It’s just the first one who went from Bama to Auburn so Bama fans don’t know how to handle it. (Cyrus K., TJ Yeldon, and Brent Calloway…..). All SEC schools pay and do shady backdoor deals to pull in recruits. Anyone who is blind enough to point the finger at one school in particular is just ignorant.

    3 – Auburn may or may have not known about the changing of Robinson’s grade. I don’t know that answer, but I’m sure the NCAA will take care of it. Making blind accusations into the dark about what happened doesn’t make you the prophet Moses it just makes you look stupid.

    Love Alabama football and enjoy college football because it is the GREATEST time of the year, but don’t be an idiot. Auburn is a respected rival to have and you know it. They did beat you 6 times in a row once. Auburn will be a good program for a long time to come, and I’d be willing to bet that they will have more good years under Chizik as well. Looking forward to the season and Wreck em Tech!

    • 36


      In order:

      1. You’ve seen the last time the Chiz racks sup more than 8 wins.

      2. “Every SEC school cheats for recruiting”, admitting that your school subscribes to cheating. I love it when barners admit they cheat.

      3. If the kid came to Auburn, you’re compliance department is RESPONSIBLE for verifying his transcript. If there’s a discrepency, YOU’RE RESPONSIBLE for finding it before the pen ever touches his hand to sign. That you enrolled and dressed him MAKES AUBURN RESPONSIBLE.

      You’re doomed. Simple. And we LOVE it.

  11. 38

    Everyone! Stop picking on Auburn. This is obviously, an innocent mistake. Memphis educators are known for their ethics. Auburn is known for its rigid adherence to NCAA standards of conduct as the Cam Newton saga clearly illustrated.

    Stop casting stones at what is a sad situation for a student-athlete.

    • 39
      bama's daddy

      like when Hoover High made their ‘innocent mistake? does bama’s repeat offender status end in 2017 or 2018’?

      • 40

        Why so defensive of someone defending your team? Are you afraid of something? I’m trying to point out that this is all nonsense and people are distracted by this. Why are you so interested in grade changes? Are grade changes the same as a false transcript? Did anyone lose their job in Hoover? How are these the same?

        The truth is, this poor kid in Memphis and Auburn are innocent victims of rogue Memphis educators trying to help out an at-risk student.

  12. 43


    • 44

      By “virtually” I guess you mean every bit of it.

      Face it James, the jig is up. The NCAA has a hard on to hammer an SEC team, mainly one that made them look silly in the Cam investigation.

      Grab your ankles. This is gonna hurt.

    • 46

      At 42-14 the last time we met, and no running game now that your freshman hope is ineligible, and no downfield passing threat to speak of, I’m not sure we’re scared.

  13. 47
    Chizik is a Pussy

    Bama’s Daddy must be a Notre Dame fan, because any time Auburn has been anybody’s daddy is when the traditional teams suck ass, or their coach was a pussy, you know, like Gene Chizik

  14. 48
    Auburn Revisionist Historian

    As an Auburn Revisionist Historian, I will never admit Shug Jordan was the dirtiest cheater in NCAA history, I will never admit good ole Auburn University is the 3rd most sanctioned program in NCAA history, I will never admit that Alabama has kicked our ass many more times than the opposite. Bama will always be evil and full of rednecks, even though Bobby Lowder was our biggest donor, and Auburn is an agricultural shithole (literally). Wah Damn Eagle, Beagle Weagle!

    • 49
      Bama Realist

      As a bama realist, I will never understand why (we) as a fanbase call out other schools for cheating when our own program nearly received the death penalty from the NCAA in 2002. Furthermore, our longevity of NCAA probation has crowned us the dirtiest program in recent history with consecutive NCAA infractions on top of one another over the last 20 years. Our probation has barely passed and our repeat offender status does not end until 2017. As a bama realist, I really hope people forget we won our past 2 titles on NCAA probation and that our boosters understand the magnitude of our next infraction. Why anyone would want to live in Tuscaloosa that smells like a dumpster (literally) is mind boggling. Role tahd Role!

      • 50

        There is nothing more pathetic than pretending to be a fan of a school you hate in an attempt to call that school out “from the inside.”

        Face it, barner. You’re about to burn, and JR is only the beginning.

        And we love it. LOOOOOVE it.

        • 51
          Bama Realist

          As a realist, it is obvious you, a bama fan, failed to see my post was in response to one of your bama brethren attempting to be an Auburn fan. Furthermore, as a realist, does this mean another Plains burn story is coming?

  15. 53
    Auburn Revisionist Historian

    As an Auburn Revisionist Historian, I don’t understand why those Bammers can’t understand that having the 3RD most NCAA probations doesn’t make us the dirtiest program in SEC History. Those Bammers can’t understand why we take someone’s OPINION about them and MAKE it fact, while ACTUAL RECORDED FACTS about Auburn are not entitled to opinion. Damn, why can’t those Bammers understand that although they’re not even in the Top 10 in NCAA infractions, they are dirtier than us? We Barners can cast all the stones we want because we have a “fake” connection through 2nd generation family members to Auburn while Bammers don’t. Even if Bammers do, they’re still sidewalk while are supporters are proud representatives of the Black Belt. It’s still OK to fuck your sister, as long as she’s an Auburn graduate. Wah Damn Eagle, Beagle Weagle Deagle HEY!

    • 54
      Bama Realist

      As a bama realist, It is crazy to think the we call out other schools when the NCAA nearly gave us the death penalty in 2002. Our fanbase representatives such as Harvey updyke and the tea bagger are a proud reflection of our heritage. George Wallace made a stance at our University at one time but Harvey Updyke has reaffirmed our commitment to worship all things revolving bear bryant. Our fanbase has the most sidewalk fans in the SEC and most uneducated. Yet, we claim we have ‘class’ while singing rammer jammer to opposing teams and taunting teams during pregames. Furthermore, as a bama realist, I wish our admission standards were higher at our University. It seems we admit everyone that yells ‘roll tide.’ Long live the bear and role tahd role!

  16. 55
    Auburn Revisionist Historian

    Why would anyone want to live in the 5th largest metropolitan area in the State when they can live in the inbred dump in Lee County. We have a tree and a lemonade stand, dammit!! Wah Damn Eagle, Beagle Weagle. We’re all Christians at Auburn even if our cheer sounds like sinful sniveling rednecks (Wah Damn Eagle). All Alabama fans are going to h-e–, Wah Damn Weagle Eagle, Boddha Getta Deagle, Hey!

    • 56
      Bama Realist

      As a bama realist, in Tuscaloosa our cities ranks with the likes of Birmingham in terms of crime per capita. While all that crime surrounds our campus, in 2010 it was released that our UAT campus was second in the state with most crime on campus and led the state in forcible sex crimes. Hopefully, the students we admit because they are able to yell ‘roll tide’ will major in criminal justice to help our beloved city out. Furthermore, hopefully one of our beloved roll tide graduates will be able to solve the dumpster smell problem in our city. Long live the bear. role tahd role!

  17. 57
    Auburn Revisionist Historian

    Why can’t Bammers understand that I is only normal to research Tuscaloosa crime stats at 11:00 on a Sunday night, even if the higher profile crimes involve trailer park armed robberies and shootings by and of football players at pool parties on the Loveliest Village of the Plains? Sure, a young Auburn freshman was murdered and thrown out of a moving car in 2008, but we don’t let FACTS get in the way of trying to gig our more respected cross state rival in athletics. So what if US NEWS & WORLD REPORT has Alabama ranked higher than us in Top 50 Public Universities. They were probably paid off by the REC like all those officials in ONLY 19 of the 25 Iron Bowl Wins in Birmingham during the Bryant era. Those 6 victories of ours were all fairly officiated. We still have a lemonade store even if our tree is dying…Praise Cam Newton, I hope he continues to fuck my daughter. Wah Damn Eagle, Beagle !

  18. 58
    Auburn Revisionist Historian

    I will sell my kid into slavery, as long as doing that will insure that we beat Bammer. I’ll just cover my hate with prayer, just like the rest of us at Old South Auburn University. I’ll even throw in a couple of homespun slogans like, “Lean on me family, we’re all in. Beagle Weagle, speagal. Wah Damn Eagle Boddha Getta, Yippy Kai Yay

  19. 60

    Only problem with your scenario is that for it to be a good hire they have to put butts in seats and half the AU fanbase would not show up to see Petrino coach AU…

    • 61

      That would depend on W’s and L’s on the scoreboard. If Petrino could take what’s left after Chiznik is run off and actually win a game or two, there will be sold out season tickets for all home games, with about half deciding to actually drive to the games at SE LA, WKY, and Central Iowa. Barners would fill the stadium with a mule coaching the team if they win.

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