COMMENTARY: Nothing to see in Memphis; Auburn fans should focus on season, not silly rumors

Auburn fans have nothing to worry about in Memphis. There is nothing to see here. Move along.

Sure, student-athlete Jovon Robinson had a transcript falsified by a guidance counselor. But what do you expect? This is Memphis. Stuff like that happens all the time! The school staff just really, really cares about students. They routinely do all they can to get students into the right college. And they do this with no thought of the cost to themselves! Just ask Lynn Lang how much sacrifice it takes to help a Memphis kid.

So, once you know the self-sacrificing nature of Memphis educators, this whole situation clearly becomes a Memphis problem and has nothing to do with Auburn. Auburn was duped by a false transcript.

This whole thing is a conspiracy against the Auburn Tigers. Roy Adams is nothing but a Thayer Evans and Pete Thamel wannabe. Besides, Roy Adams obviously is a closet Alabama fan.

Why else would Adams spread these allegations on the Alabama-loving Paul Finebaum Radio Show?

Besides, what Adams said on the Finebaum show illustrated the previous point—Memphis educators really care about their students.

Specifically, Adams told Finebaum that a Memphis teacher went so far as to take this young man on his visit to Auburn. What a fine example of going the extra mile to help Jovon Robinson get to the right college! Can anyone doubt the professionalism of Memphis educators? Can anyone doubt Memphis educators’ devotion to helping their students?

However, these fine educators have unfortunately snared an innocent student-athlete and Auburn University in a scandal. Now Auburn has been forced to hold Robinson out of practice at a critical time for the 2012 season.

It is bad luck.

Yes, bad luck for Auburn that these erroneous scandals continue to engulf the Auburn football program. Jealous Mississippi State and Alabama fans concocted all that hot air about Cam Newton. It was unfortunate that Auburn was targeted for the fallacious HBO Real Sports Report where former football players alleged Auburn paid them. Why did HBO Real Sports target Auburn? Obviously, because of Auburn’s high profile in the world of college football. Seriously, is there a bigger name than Auburn right now?

Auburn fans should forget these distractions. The Tigers are poised for a strong campaign on the gridiron and this Memphis stuff is nothing more than a problem for the Memphis school system.