Trouble brewing in Memphis for Auburn?

Roy Adams is a character. The longtime University of Tennessee supporter doesn’t hide his love for the Volunteers, and isn’t bashful about the love and affection he has for Memphis high school football.

Adams, known also online as “Tennstud”, has a long, infamous relationship with the University of Alabama, finding himself at the center of the Albert Means investigation, an NCAA inquiry that eventually sent Alabama football into the abyss for a decade. The man is eccentric, maybe a little unbalanced. But if anything, he is plugged in to what’s happening in the Memphis area.

Now Tennstud has more to say regarding the “buying and selling” of another Memphis athlete, but this time the warm lights have shifted to the other side of the state.

Apparently, according to Adams, Auburn has gone after Memphis area runningback Javon Robinson $cam Newton style. Last night he had this to say:

“As many of you know, the recruitment of highly touted Wooddale HS rb, Javon Robinson, has been the subject of several posts on this board re: him riding around town in a new Dodge sports car, approx $30,000, with Auburn flags flying on the auto. In fact, I was hosting several Memphis high school coaches during the Memphis Grizzlies playoff run and was standing in line, (yes, I stand in line!) at Second & Beale in front of Blues City Rest. when Javon approached the red light in the auto, much to the chagrin of the Memphis high school coaches present.

“Well today, according to a most highly reputable source, the NCAA entered Wooddale with several folks investigating Javon Robinson. There’s a rumor that some $135,000 was deposited in one individual’s account and he wrote the check for the auto. The single parent mother had been telling folks she inherited $$$. Things are getting hot!

“I’m supposed to know more this evening and if it’s pertinent, interesting, I shall post. Now please, please, I have NO doubt about any of this but DON’T run to Tunica and bet that Auburn shall be given severe penalities as this is all second hand!

“Yes, more opportunity to tarnish Memphis’ well deserved reputation of paying $$$ to recruits. At least in this instance, the high school coaches weren’t involved! Big Sam Henderson coaches at Wooddale and is clean as the driven snow. So is the head football coach, Keith Spann. Both great individuals, coaches, and deserving of positive accolades!

“They told the young man he was stupid, wrong, to be driving around town with those Auburn flags blazing!”

So did the NCAA visit Wooddale High School yesterday to investigate Auburn’s recruitment of Robinson by Auburn? That’s what “Tennstud” is alledging. But is it true?

I’ll put it to you this way:

There are as many people in the world that believe OJ Simpson’s not guilty verdict in the murder trial of his wife and her lover that believe Auburn’s not guilty verdict in the Cam Newton saga.

So if this kind of thing could happen “once” down there (I almost typed that with a straight face), it’s not rocket science to assume it could happen again. In the war of public perception, even the mosted hedged-in defendant eventually loses footing when perception shifts.

In this regard, eventually, the heat caught up with OJ, a man whose reckless and odd behavior eventually landed him in prison for other crimes. Is it now getting hot in Auburn after similar behavior and results now on the way? With several storylines still swirling regarding “interesting” recruiting developments this off season by a staff committed to doing whatever it takes, how long can they hold up?

We’ll see. The story may be nothing. People inherit hundreds of thousands of dollars and buy their top high school athletes sports cars every day.

But in this case, if the driving glove fits, it may be legit.

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