Trouble brewing in Memphis for Auburn?

Roy Adams is a character. The longtime University of Tennessee supporter doesn’t hide his love for the Volunteers, and isn’t bashful about the love and affection he has for Memphis high school football.

Adams, known also online as “Tennstud”, has a long, infamous relationship with the University of Alabama, finding himself at the center of the Albert Means investigation, an NCAA inquiry that eventually sent Alabama football into the abyss for a decade. The man is eccentric, maybe a little unbalanced. But if anything, he is plugged in to what’s happening in the Memphis area.

Now Tennstud has more to say regarding the “buying and selling” of another Memphis athlete, but this time the warm lights have shifted to the other side of the state.

Apparently, according to Adams, Auburn has gone after Memphis area runningback Javon Robinson $cam Newton style. Last night he had this to say:

“As many of you know, the recruitment of highly touted Wooddale HS rb, Javon Robinson, has been the subject of several posts on this board re: him riding around town in a new Dodge sports car, approx $30,000, with Auburn flags flying on the auto. In fact, I was hosting several Memphis high school coaches during the Memphis Grizzlies playoff run and was standing in line, (yes, I stand in line!) at Second & Beale in front of Blues City Rest. when Javon approached the red light in the auto, much to the chagrin of the Memphis high school coaches present.

“Well today, according to a most highly reputable source, the NCAA entered Wooddale with several folks investigating Javon Robinson. There’s a rumor that some $135,000 was deposited in one individual’s account and he wrote the check for the auto. The single parent mother had been telling folks she inherited $$$. Things are getting hot!

“I’m supposed to know more this evening and if it’s pertinent, interesting, I shall post. Now please, please, I have NO doubt about any of this but DON’T run to Tunica and bet that Auburn shall be given severe penalities as this is all second hand!

“Yes, more opportunity to tarnish Memphis’ well deserved reputation of paying $$$ to recruits. At least in this instance, the high school coaches weren’t involved! Big Sam Henderson coaches at Wooddale and is clean as the driven snow. So is the head football coach, Keith Spann. Both great individuals, coaches, and deserving of positive accolades!

“They told the young man he was stupid, wrong, to be driving around town with those Auburn flags blazing!”

So did the NCAA visit Wooddale High School yesterday to investigate Auburn’s recruitment of Robinson by Auburn? That’s what “Tennstud” is alledging. But is it true?

I’ll put it to you this way:

There are as many people in the world that believe OJ Simpson’s not guilty verdict in the murder trial of his wife and her lover that believe Auburn’s not guilty verdict in the Cam Newton saga.

So if this kind of thing could happen “once” down there (I almost typed that with a straight face), it’s not rocket science to assume it could happen again. In the war of public perception, even the mosted hedged-in defendant eventually loses footing when perception shifts.

In this regard, eventually, the heat caught up with OJ, a man whose reckless and odd behavior eventually landed him in prison for other crimes. Is it now getting hot in Auburn after similar behavior and results now on the way? With several storylines still swirling regarding “interesting” recruiting developments this off season by a staff committed to doing whatever it takes, how long can they hold up?

We’ll see. The story may be nothing. People inherit hundreds of thousands of dollars and buy their top high school athletes sports cars every day.

But in this case, if the driving glove fits, it may be legit.

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  1. 1

    The story is already nothing. When you’re reporting message board rumors, you’ve really hit bottom.

    FYI; Jovon Robinsons father died in an accident at work. His mother got a settlement from the company.

    • 2
      Mr. Thomas Anthony Jones, SR

      Mr. Jeffery Robinson, the father of Mr. Javon was murdered by the Memphis, Tennessee polica and the family received a settlement from the city of Memphis, Tennessee. This is in the court records and any one could research this information and thus there is nothing there.
      Why does everyone go crazy when a young grown man buys a car with his own money. There are privacy laws in this country and he NCAA is not a law enforcement agency, They are a private association with law enforcement powers. If they show up at my our door, I will the punks to leave my property.
      We would not have this nonsense if we played the players.
      And lastly, Congress should require all colleges to have classes teaching finanial responsibilty for all of their athletes. This would stop the problem of players having to file for Bankrupcy in Court. (Bankrupcty is Title 11 of the United States Code.)

  2. 3

    someone changed the kids grades to make him eligible? Auburn might get caught on this one. karma is a bitch? we shall see.

  3. 4

    Simpson is quick to jump to the defense. If she did inherit the money,everything should be cool. On a brighter note you guys can still toilet paper those shitty trees.

    • 5

      Actually, TennStud said in this “post” that he would get back with a response. He did. The writer just failed (intentionally?) to post it. I will.

      The rest from tennstud

      At today’s Memphis area weekly luncheon the Wooddale high school football coach told this story and agreed that it was alright to tell the world, that he thought Jovon would want the truth out! Thus, here is today’s story:

      Jovon’s father died from an accident while at work. Jovon’s mother sued her husband’s employer for wrongful death. They settled for $250,000. She bought the car for Jovon, paying cash. She has placed $100,000 in an account for Jovon. This is the story that Jovon has told the Auburn authorities which has been passed on to the NCAA after their inquiry into Jovon’s eligibility.

      Nice of you to omit this part…..

      • 6

        Only problem is that if this was true the family would be limited by a non disclosure agreement to not discuss the settlement terms. . Also there have been resignations at the high school due to the grade changing scandal.

      • 7
        Mr. Thomas Anthony Jones, SR

        Mr. jeffrey Robinson was murdered by the Memphis, Tennessee Police Department in June 30th, 2002. The City of Memphis, Tennessee settled with his family for $1.1 million dollars after a federal jury ruled in their favor against the cops.
        That is where mr. Javon Robinson got the money for th Dodge Sport car. If you check the federal court records you wouldsee these records. My complaint is why are people meddiing in a grown man’s business anyway? It is stupid. People have a God-given and Constitutionsal Right to their Privacy.
        The NCAA isa thug organization that make grown men play for free. This is 2012 and 1861 people.
        If thi thug organization show up at our home I will slam the door in their fave and tell the punks to leaveur property or we will call the police.
        People Remember the NCAa is anot a Law Enforcement agency. They are not cops. They try to intidmidate the kids and their mothers. They need to be backslapped for theirstrong-armed tactics. The onlyreason they control the situatio is they do not allow the players to be paid. Once the players get paid the NCAa will be afterthought.

  4. 8

    Please…Please…Please post more stories that are based solely on a posting on a message board. It gives this site so much credibility.

    Oh well, I guess when a multitude of reputable news outlets publish that your school was recently reported to the NCAA for potential recruiting violations by the high school coach of a current commit you’ve got to do someting to try and divert attention away from it.

    • 9

      Not hard to verify NCAA investigators on a high school campus. This is when rumor becomes fact.

      And there’s much more to the story you reference that punch it full of holes. But go ahead and just leave those facts in the drawer, why don’tcha? Oh look! You did.

  5. 11

    “Just wanted to be one of the first to say I am sorry about your impending NCAA investigation.

    Well not really. Im not sorry to hear it at all.

    Good luck with it and remember,you’re in the repeat violator window!” – Sampson , 1 day,13 hrs ago.

    hell of a quote by a thrower of stones in the glass house.

  6. 14

    True, this story may be nothing…and the jury is still out on that.

    But has there ever been a program with so much scuttlebutt regarding nefarious recruiting like the barn has had since Chiz, Troop, & Luper came to town? Off the top of my head I can think of 10-15 Auburn players that had “questions” surrounding their recruitment.

    The NCAA has / is investigating this Memphis story, so you can remove this one from the “message board rumor” board.

    The NCAA may or may not have concrete proof, but I highly doubt they will keep investigating Auburn over and over and continue to do nothing. Where there’s smoke there’s fire.

    • 15

      “The NCAA has / is investigating this Memphis story, so you can remove this one from the “message board rumor” board.”…And your proof on that is what, the same message board postings the story is originally based upon?

    • 16

      Funny how the questions only started arising after Emmerit became pres of ncaa, and we all know who he is in bed with.

  7. 17

    That pesky story about Jeremy Pruitt and Darius Paige just won’t go away. Here’s a few blurbs from a column written this morning by Pensacola News Journal Columnist Jason Blakeny (again, an actual newspaper column as opposed to a posting on a message board):

    “The problem is Pruitt — according to Washington assistant coach George Schellang, who acted as interim head coach during the Wildcats’ recent coaching search — specifically wanted Paige at Foley. If the block scheduling is the true reason for the move, Paige could have gone anywhere in Baldwin County. All of them follow the same block scheduling and would offer the same academic opportunities provided by Foley…In the end, Paige and his family are making a move at the suggestion of a man who doesn’t have to live with its consequences. If Paige is ruled ineligible by the Alabama High School Athletic Association, his family has moved for nothing and Paige won’t get to play football during his senior year…I hope things work out for Paige. I hope that the move is good for him, his family and their future. But a part of me is concerned that they’ve sold the farm to go into business with a snake oil salesman. If it looks like a duck and sounds like a duck, it’s probably a duck. And the idea that something shady is going on with Jeremy Pruitt has legs, complete with webbed feet.”

    Once again bama fans, I’m not suggesting anything. I’m simply pointing out that a newspaper reporter (that actually uses his real name when he publishes something) from the hometown a current bama commit is saying that the idea of something shady going on with bama’s recuitment of Darius Paige “has legs, complete with webbed feet.”

    • 18

      I’m just relieved you didn’t try to shove another tree story down our throats. Usually when you barners need a diversion that’s what we get.

      And this story has completely to do with eligibility issues at one high school’s system vs. another. At one he can receive eight credits and get eligible. At another only six and he won’t be. But the term “credible” shouldn’t be applied to all journalists just because their story receives ink. You know this.

      Nailing Pruitt on being the sole reason the player transferred to pursue his eligibility will be a much taller task than you’d like to believe. Watch closely as your hopes and this story fizzles away.

      • 19

        As the column pointed out, “Paige could have gone anywhere in Baldwin County. All of them follow the same block scheduling and would offer the same academic opportunities provided by Foley.” For that matter, most public high schools in the state of Alabama operate in the same manner. The question is why Pruitt directed Paige to Foley. Did it have something to do with Pruit having a longstanding relationship with the coach at Foley? I’m not suggesting anything, I’m simply asking legitimate questions. Paige’s former HC Coach and a reporter from Paige’s hometown seem to think something improper is going on.

        • 20

          Abraham, it’d also be interesting to know what affiliation Paige’s former HC Coach has with other schools, namely rivals. From family testimony we have on record Brent Calloway’s high school head coach going out of his way to direct him to anywhere but Alabama. This stuff happens. My high school head coach was a huge Auburn fan, and it almost killed him when we had a now well-known player choose Alabama over Auburn. Was sick about it.

          Then throw in this coach being butt-hurt over losing this player from his team, and you have the makings of a made-up scandal. A phone call to a hungry reporter needing something and looking to make a name for himself doesn’t amount to truth.

          We want to believe high school coaches are impartial, Switzerland-esque members of society, but that’s simply not always true. In terms of why Foley High School, they have a great program, having produced other great players, some of them attending Alabama; pipeline schools are not uncommon, and not criminal.

          All I’m saying is, if Reuben Foster’s flip and enrolling in Auburn high school…where he became teammates with two Auburn coaches’ sons…doesn’t peek your interest, this story SURE shouldn’t.

          • 21

            Maybe if you looked at a map you would understand why the kid would go to Foley rather than any other Baldwin County High Schools. Foley is the closest high school in Baldwin county to Pensacola, and has a major football program in the state of alabama. Why should he go farther and play for a worse team? Just because the family has to move residences doesn’t mean the father or mother have to get new jobs in Foley. Where else can you move in Baldwin county with a good football program that is a 30 mile straight shot on 98?

        • 23

          1) George Schellang is a huge LSU fan who ever since Paige committed to UA has complained on LSU’s 247Sports Message Boards about UA and trying to get Paige to flip to LSU

          2) Paige needs 7 core classes to graduate and qualify. Washington High in Pensacola is on a period system with 7 periods with a max of 6 core classes a year. Foley High in Mobile has a block system so that Paige can take 7 or 8 core classes in order to finish. The coach at Foley is also known for stressing academics to his players providing excellent tutors and academic support for his players.

          3) Foley is only 30 miles away from Washington High so his family doesn’t have to move at all.

          4) Everyone is hearing one side of the story from a disgruntled LSU fan who happens to be the assistant coach

          5) Paige is not the only player that is seeking a transfer from WHS this year due to academics

    • 24
      The Conduit

      Once again, you’re not alleging anything, sure, but what the hell is this anyway?

      It’s completely off-topic. I think you just posted your comment in the wrong page. Slow down, post it in the right article or get your own blog. I don’t think you really care about this kid, or you would really, really care about Foster. I don’t see the difference except that one makes a much bigger difference in relation to a team, and yet they’re both legitimate. If you’re gonna try to stir things up (I know, I know, it’s not YOU stirring things up or something, right, you’re just the Alabama fan messenger or something) at least put it in the right place.

      Now, back ON topic…

      Damn I can’t wait for football to actually start. And 100k is a lot to give to your college kid.

      • 25

        Conduit, there isn’t a page on this website that’s dedicated to the Paige story. This site only posts stories that accuse Auburn of cheating. This site ignores NCAA issues surrounding Alabama, unless they feel it’s necessary to write an attack story about the mainstream media outlet that’s pursuing it. Therefore, I have no idea what you’re talking about when say this is posted on the wrong page.

    • 26

      1) George Schellang is a huge LSU fan who ever since Paige committed to UA has complained on LSU’s 247Sports Message Boards about UA and trying to get Paige to flip to LSU

      2) Paige needs 7 core classes to graduate and qualify. Washington High in Pensacola is on a period system with 7 periods with a max of 6 core classes a year. Foley High in Mobile has a block system so that Paige can take 7 or 8 core classes in order to finish. The coach at Foley is also known for stressing academics to his players providing excellent tutors and academic support for his players.

      3) Foley is only 30 miles away from Washington High so his family doesn’t have to move at all.

      4) Everyone is hearing one side of the story from a disgruntled LSU fan who happens to be the assistant coach

      5) Paige is not the only player that is seeking a transfer from WHS this year due to academic

  8. 27

    And, according to a past open records request, we have this information on law services, acquired by Auburn’s athletic department to the sum of $666,250.21 this year alone.

    Closing in on 3/4 of $1 Million because they’re running a tight ship? Go feed your unicorn if you believe that.

    • 28

      ITK, I don’t know where you get your figures. Auburn’s legal expenditures are available online. The only firm Auburn’s Athletic Dept. uses for assistance with compliance is Lightfoot Franklin, and they’ve been paid $192,000.00 this fiscal year (which runs from Oct. 2011 to Oct. 2012).
      Perhaps you’d like to let us know how much Bama’s athletic dept. has paid in legal fees for compliance assistance this year. It’s readily available if you want to find it.

      • 29

        Excuse me. That figure is 1/20/11 thru 7/13/12.

        Still a hefty sum for a year and a half’s work, wouldn’t you say?

        • 30

          Yes, it was hefty sum. The majority of those fees were in relation to the NCAA investigation that went on for over a year. You remember, the investigation that didn’t find a single solitary shred of evidence that Auburn did anything wrong. How much did bama’s athletic department pay in legal fees during the textbook scandal investigation a few years ago?

          • 31

            No, you’d be wrong there. They found that Cecil had shopped Cam, just no proof that he’d been shopped to the Barn. A whole new rule was created just to address that “I didn’t know that my own daddy was shopping me around” excuse that the felon Cam offered.
            And I think your deflection attempt was weak in execution, deserving of maybe a 2.1 from the American judge.

      • 33

        Don’t worry junkie. I’m already working on my next piece on all the recruits Chiz signs then has to dismiss from the team because they’re thugs.

        The trouble is zeroing in on which ones to talk about; they’re so many.

  9. 34

    The Foley story is a non-story as far as Alabama is concerned Dipshits. Find something else to occupy your time. Washington’s coach is pissed and trying to stir up trouble. The AHSAA and the Florida equal will straighten it out between them. As for Alabama, there is no NCAA rule against a University Coach recommending that a high school athlete change schools – although after this bullshit they will probably make a rule against it and name it the Pruitt-Saban rule. Bwaa Haww Haww! And I see there are morphodite Barnturds who are still living off a fuking 1 point win. Guess it’s all you farts have to hold on to. We don’t give a shit cause we know Scam ws bought, Richardson dropped an uncontested TD pass in the end zone, Ingram’s fumble rolled down the field and through the endzone like a goddamn pool shot instead of an oblique spheroid, and both your 2nd half TD’s were scored against a one armed safety who couldn’t have tackled his grandmother and shouldn’t have been in the game. So live it up turds. RTR!

    • 35

      Crimsonite…. I couldn’t agree with you more!!! Right On!!! eventhoug I am an Auburn fan. Until someone has absolute proof about any of these allegations it is absolutely meaningless. I am saying that about Cam Newton as well. See you in November!! WAR EAGLE!!

  10. 40
    That's Mr. Indian to you

    Abe…..This is all ITK is doing…Smoke and mirrors…Whatever you do, don’t think about whats happening in Mobile so let’s look at Memphis !

    • 41
      The Conduit

      Mobile? Are you really concerned with that?

      But not Foster, correct?

      I don’t get it. At least the uptake in more classes and regular semester classes rather than summer school can be a good thing. I don’t see any advantage academically in transferring to Auburn High School, but I do see it as an advantage in recruiting and lo and behold, he changed.

      What’s your dog in the fight anyway? Is it that he didn’t move to Auburn High School so it’s “not fair” for him to stay close to home? I just don’t get it. It sounds really desperate.

  11. 42
    Al Means

    Wow… Classless artical…
    His dad dies in an accident, and you accuse him of breaking NCAA rules from the settlement?
    How low can you go?

    • 43

      I didn’t comment or know about his father. That’s not the story here.

      The story is a longtime Memphis in-the-know figure and Volunteer supporter who was at the center of the Albert Means scandal…the chief whistle blower…calling Auburn out for cheating.

      That is a story, regardless of what you want or don’t want to believe.

      • 44

        Tennstud’s been yelping about others cheating for the last ten years. His track record since the Means story has been pretty piss poor.

      • 45

        This story is worthless. It’s amazing that people even begin to believe this kind of stuff. I am not saying that every university is clean, but when it comes from people like Danny Sherridan and Roy Adams…… these people have nothing more to do than create rumors, etc. Let’s see where the facts fall as they did with Newton….after all no one ever proved anything. Provide some proof and you might have a story.

          • 47

            Jayson Swain is listening to the same rube you are. The same rube that has blabbered about all sorts of impending doom for various UT rivals for 10 years since Albert Means. He was a one-trick pony. The faster you grasp that, the faster you stop looking dumb.

          • 48

            Wow…did you really just use a photobucket link to a picture of a message board screen as a basis for some kind of point?

            We all have fun laughing at our rivals for NCAA issues, whether they are legitimate or trivial. I also get that you didn’t know the kid’s dad was killed in a car wreck when the story was first posted. You know it now. You’re trying to justify chasing this by saying that “the story” is that Roy Adams is calling Auburn out for cheating, yet you know good and well that Adams already backed off his allegation after findng out that Robinson’s family got a settlement from the kid’s dad getting killed. Cam, Pat Dye, and Reuben Foster rumors are all good natured fun. This is getting beyond sleazy.

  12. 49

    Is there anything to this story? Probably not. Is there anything to the Pensacola story? Not according to the NCAA rep who told the Washington coach it was not against NCAA rules for a college assistant coach to guide a player to another HS. Hey, Aub rednecks: The same NCAA that said Cam didn’t know his father was selling him to the highest bidder! LOL

    I think I’ll be like an Auburn fan (without the redneck racist attitude) and just bury my head in the sand

  13. 51

    Mr. BTK

    Please accept my kudos for having penned the single most entertaining diatribe I have had the pleasure of enjoying since the last timerear joyed the Crimson White. Is it completely accurate, I dare say not. But you did harken to mind the famous writings of the great Samuel Clemons, especially when he said “never let facts get in the way of a good story”.

    But that’s not to say this screed isn’t entertaining. The single greatest piece of writing is the vivid description of Mr. Adams, apparently the sole source for this dross, as “eccentric, maybe even a little unbalanced”. This does not speak well of Mr. Adams credibility, and thus, the credibility of the entire article. Though that does seem a beautifully apt description of the writing’s scribe. And it’s Jovon, as opposed to “Javon”. But let’s not allow something as trivial as the correct spelling of the subject of the article distract us from all the words you did spell correctly.

  14. 52

    This sounds exactly like Danny Sherridan (the redneck gambler and Alabama supporter) when he was going to “Shock the World” that he had absolute proof of Cam Newton’s payment! He was going to tell everyone in two weeks, but guess what…… he was just getting publicity and he produced nothing. Actually this story is even worse! It is totally second hand. Roy Adams sounds like one of those idiots that has lost their total identify in college football. He probably falls right in line with Sherridan and UpDyke, the tree poisoner. Give me a break!!
    Oh… WAR DAMN EAGLE!!!!

  15. 53

    The NCAA has been at the school since Tuesday. They have discovered a discrepancy in Javon’s transcript. He DID NOT have the grades to be admitted to college. A school official, one who has since retired, changed the transcript so that Javon would have the grades to qualify. Thus, Javon will be declared ineligible.

    The vehicle is still in question because the NCAA has reason to believe someone is lying about the amount of the settlement in the Death of the father.

  16. 56

    Well their have been lots of rumors about Auburn. But the NCAA could find nothing. This and other Bama sites take message board information and state it as fact, then act surprised when nothing happens.

    Why are you guys su scared of Auburn

    • 57

      Scared? You don’t get scared of a program you hammer 42-14 or 36-0 on a regular basis. Annoyed, maybe that justice doesn’t come quicker. But very satisfied when it does…and it always does eventually.

      • 58

        I’ve never read anything “made up” about Barner Fife on a Bama website. On the other hand, the lies and stalking behavior from Barner Fife websites over the last 4 years are too many to list. LMAO@ this clown.

  17. 59

    AuBARN and Coach Cheezil scare me. I mean the 95-57 score over the past 3 yrs in favor of UA have me scared shitless, especially when HALF those points came off the legs & arms of 1 player EVERYONE outside Lee County knew was ineligible…

    BTW, Auburn was only cleared of that investigation FOR THE TIME BEING.

  18. 61



  19. 62
    That's Mr. Indian to you

    See Josh Chapman and Hoover HIgh…It’s very unlikely anything happens with this. As far as I know the dude is still practicing. Anyhow, keep dreaming. BTW, did any of you see rivals main board and the article that says Alabamas Recruiing Questioned……?????

    • 64

      And, Ballplay – there’s nothing on Rivals that is questioning Bama’s recruiting. You already knew that or you’d have figured out how to put a link on your post with that computer-machine you’ve got in your Mama’s basement. Turn off that videotape of Fulmer’s Vol teams and wipe your face. Football season is almost here, and you’ve got several cans of whupass to drink.

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