State media pounces as nobody agent makes empty accusation

There are several constants in life. The sun rising in the east and setting in the west. Water freezing at 32 degrees farenheit and boiling at 212. And the state media pouncing on the opportunity for a negative story on Alabama.

Yesterday on a Pittsburgh-based KDKA radio show hosted by Larry Richert and John Shumway, a Pittsburgh sports agent sounding like a crack addict using speed veered way off topic to sling mud at Nick Saban.

Ralph Cindrich, who represents household names like James Farrior, Bruce Gradkowski, Tarik Glenn, Jeff Blake, Brian Griese, Al Toon, Dermontti Dawson, and Will Wolford (I know…WTH???) was being interviewed by the duo about Penn State’s treatment by the NCAA.

If you listen to the interview, his response is something between a depressant on a manic high and a homeless man pontificating underneath an overpass.

I won’t waste your time with quotes, because as I listened to the re-played interview in my car yesterday afternoon, it was laughable. The agent simply was trying unsuccessfully to make a case that the NCAA needed to spend time on corruption in the game and stay out of what happens off the field.

He makes a passing comment about Nick Saban, saying “he and everybody has something on Nick Saban”…an obvious hail marry that the radio hosts immediately put the brakes on. But when the hosts painted him in the corner for evidence, he had nothing to support what he said.

Remember, agents…Cindrich and others alike…hate Nick Saban. It was at the 2010’s SEC Media Days that Alabama’s rock star-like head coach called them out, saying unscrupulous agents out there were no better than pimps. Here were his words on July 22, 2010:

“I don’t think it’s anything but greed that’s creating it right now on behalf of the agents,” Saban said in a rant at the Southeastern Conference media days. “The agents that do this — and I hate to say this, but how are they any better than a pimp?

“I have no respect for people who do that to young people. None. How would you feel if they did it to your child?” Saban said.

No doubt those words rang in the ears of unscrupulous agents everywhere that day…and that Cindrich still has a rash from them just might indicate he’s in that lot.

But it’s clear from listening to the interview itself that these were the ramblings of an idiot inflamed about what the NCAA did to his in-state Penn State Nittany Lions, and to divert attention he throws a stone at the biggest, most powerful name in college football, Nick Saban.

And don’t forget too that the object of his wrath, NCAA president Mark Emmert, who dealt the blow to Penn State, is close friends with none other than…wait for it…Nick Saban.

So in conclusion, the man being interviewed with little if any credibility failed in making the point that the NCAA shouldn’t deal with a university that permitted child-rape within its ranks and should instead investigate highly paid, successful college coaches.

And instead of dismissing him as the joke that he was, the Birmingham News, always hungry to publish anything negative about the Tide, gave the story ink.

Maybe stellar journalism like this is why the News is about to cut back to publishing just three times a week.

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  1. 1
    That's Mr. Indian to you

    Is this accusation any less empty than the one about Reese Dismukes in McDonald”s ? I didn’t think so.

    • 3

      Auburn people are just like Penn Staters. NO PERSPECTIVE. Hey, IDIOT Mr. Indian, the racial slurs allegedly used by Dismukes are hateful. He probably would prefer to hang her from a tree. The remarks by the sports agent is just jealously, considering he said it over anger of the MUCH WORSE Penn State scandal

  2. 4
    The Conduit

    @That’s Mr. Indian to you

    Well, yes, absolutely this story has less credibility than the alleged Auburn players’ racist verbal assault last weekend.
    There were no accusations made here. He didn’t say Nick Saban gave Casper Smart $1000 to hit a Clemson tailback in 2008, or that he called a black Alabama student the “n-word” and a “dog.”

    But wait, this article is about a guy calling Nick Saban a cheater in a blanket statement. Why would you bring up Auburn players’ temper and ethical issues at all? This guy is giving you stuff to point fingers at Alabama with if you want to, and instead you point the finger back at Auburn?

    I…I just don’t get it. It’s the first thing Little Brother Syndrome makes people do, but damned if I’ll ever understand it.

    Nick Saban is paying his players.

    He’s paying them in BCS rings, SEC rings, trophies, awards, diplomas, and first-round draft picks in the NFL.

    Where the extra $2 million he says Saban is making each year comes from, I say it’s probably from the sale of baby panda bear pelts and bald eagle stem cells, but that’s just a theory.

  3. 5

    Kinda funny that a first hand accusation made against Saban by a nationally renowned sports agent is to be automatically dismissed, but a hearsay accusation made against Auburn players about a story some kid made up to his Dad to justify getting drunk and arrested for disorderly conduct is automatically true.

    Cindrich and Saban have had bad blood back to Saban’s Michigan State days. Some type of incident happened between the two of them, but neither one of them will get into any specifics. Cindrich claims it amounted to criminal activity. I agree that Cindrich should put up or shut his trap with his accusations, but it’s beyond ridiculous to pretend that Cindrich is a nobody. The guy negotiated some of the most lucrative contracts in NFL history for NFL linemen. You may not recognize the name Will Wolford, but I guarantee you every o-lineman playing in the NFL does. Cindrich negotiated a contract for him that guaranteed he would be the highest paid player on the Colts offense. That was unheard of for an offensive lineman, and a clause like that had never been used. Cindrich also negotiated the infamous Herschel Walker trade to Dallas. Lousy deal for Dallas, but a great deal for Cindrich’s client. The guy is one of the most renowned sports agents of all time. That doesn’t mean he’s not a scumbag, but you’re kidding yourself if you think he;s just a nobody looking for free press.

    • 8
      The Conduit


      The accusations made last weekend against two Auburn football players were not hearsay. They were made by the victims themselves. Hearsay would be if someone heard the story from the alleged victims but they made the accusations. Instead, the victims made them, so it’s the opposite of hearsay.

      Again though, that’s twice already. The story is about a sports agent calling Nick Saban a cheater bringing in an extra $2 million a year, among other things, but you instead lead into a story about Auburn players making racist threats to Auburn students?

      I just don’t get Little Brother Syndrome. But the symptoms are always the same and easy to identify.

    • 9

      He can generalize all he wants, but I would bet if Saban was a sports agent, he would probably be the best at that business as well. Saban knows how the game is played and he plays it as well as anyone ever has. But when agents prey on these kids while they are still in college, it jeopardizes their careers, and the agents seem to care less and less about that.

      But if Cindrich wants to throw out allegations, he needs to do so.

      Comparing this to Auburns troubles is a big stretch. Not even remotely the same kind things.

  4. 11

    Deflect, Deflect, Deflect! That’s your lesson for today all you retarded goatfuking morons who’s English is limited to Barnturd English 101. You know, it’s what ya’ll do with your hand to make sure your piss hits the toilet. Reknowned???? Bwaa Haww Haww! I’ve been following football since before Joe Namath’s agent changed Pro Football forever, and I’ve never heard of this retard. Maybe reknown in the minds of Barnturd’s fantasies. Hell, you fukers already have his picture pinned to your ceiling so you can masturbate as you fall asleep and have your wet dreams of him. Sports Agent? I thought that was a curse word with penalty of burning in Hell for eternity. As for Dismukes, there were witnesses and those witnesses were from your own fuking Fambuhly. Go look in your own cesspool. Bama had nothing to do with it. Big difference from a disgruntled fuktard running his opinionated mouth and not willing to back it up. Ok everybody, locate your file #13 and toss. Bwaa Haww Haww! RTR!

  5. 12
    That's Mr. Indian to you

    ^^^^^^^Potty mouth is talking about limited english^^^^^^^

    Anyhow…..I see ITK still goes to his default of incorrect grammer when there is nothing to stand on….. Some things never change.

    Let’s see……Who has more credibility ? A multimillinare business man who is / was very succesful at his field………Or the lawsuit happy “victim” at McDonald’s ?

    Get a grip silly bammers.

    • 13
      The Conduit

      @That’s Mr. Indian to you

      Let’s just be clear about the few facts we do know.

      First, there wasn’t a victim in the McDonald’s incident; There were 3 victims and 5 witnesses who were interviewed publically, all of whom and perhaps more were interviewed by police.

      Second, none of them are lawsuit-happy because none of them filed a lawsuit.

      I don’t understand how we can say a millionaire agent is or isn’t credible if he hasn’t actually said anything to question? He said Nick Saban makes an EXTRA $2 million dollars a year, but he didn’t accuse him of a crime to do it? So it could be from buying and selling first-edition hardbacks.
      Or maybe the president of the NCAA is giving Saban trucks full of cash in small bills every other Tuesday behind the newly-opened Taco Casa.
      Or maybe he thinks boosters are giving Saban millions, and then Saban gives those millions to players, including of course the ones that decommit from other schools before committing to Alabama.

      He thinks that…but he didn’t allege anything.

      I don’t know how you expect anyone to defend Saban when he hasn’t been accused of anything other than a blanket “he’s cheating” statement?

      It’s like a mechanic saying, “you need to fix your car before it explodes, which it definitely will do, I’ve seen enough of it, everyone has.”
      How are you going to fix your car if you don’t know what’s wrong with it, and why wouldn’t the mechanic tell you in the first place? He’ll make more money from it, just like the guy in this story. Otherwise, neither of them get anything. What’s the point unless you’re just trying to be a prick? At least being a prick makes sense.

      • 14

        Or it could have been he was just referring to Saban making 2 million more than the average coach in base salary.

        • 15
          The Conduit


          But he said about Saban’s salary, “$5 million is what we know about.”

          He said Saban makes millions more than his salary. It sounds like an allegation of being paid millions more than his contract pays.

  6. 18

    Saban said it best himself: ” High achievers hate mediocre people. Mediocre people hate high achievers.”


  7. 20

    Potty Mouth? Did your mommy just pick you up from Kindercare? Things changed over here during your exile. Disphits from Barnturd U and LSWho made it impossible to have a civil conversation. CR tried a dirty word screen for a while but that was easily circumvented with alternate spelling. Say thank you for the need to implement the “Freedom Of Dirty Word Amendment” to shitheads like Mandyke, Hoopworm, I Suck The Smurf, The Flash, etc. Most of them aren’t posting much now what with Awbie back to Barfield and Smurf Bowden status, but just wait until the end of August. As for this so called Millionare – are Indians privy to others personal financial information? Or did you read about him in Forbes? LMAO! Millionare my ass! A millionare would tend to be a tad more carefull about running his libelous mouth. More like “going broke and desperate”. When he produces valid witnesses and the whole bunch give legal depositions, then get back to me. Baww Haww Haww! You see me shaking in my boots, right? LMAO! RTR!

  8. 21

    Potty Mouth? Did your mommy just pick you up from Kindercare? Things changed over here during your exile. Disphits from Barnturd U and LSWho made it impossible to have a civil conversation. CR tried a dirty word screen for a while but that was easily circumvented with alternate spelling. Say thank you for the need to implement the “Freedom Of Dirty Word Amendment” to shitheads like Mandyke, Hoopworm, I Suck The Smurf, The Flash, etc. Most of them aren’t posting much now what with Awbie back to Barfield and Smurf Bowden status, but just wait until the end of August. As for this so called Millionare – are Indians privy to others personal financial information? Or did you read about him in Forbes? LMAO! Millionare my ass! A millionare would tend to be a tad more carefull about running his libelous mouth. More like “going broke and desperate”. When he produces valid witnesses and the whole bunch give legal depositions, then get back to me. Baww Haww Haww! You see me shaking in my boots, right? LMFAO! RTR!

  9. 22

    Ok, so shoot me. Millionaire. Don’t be trying to gum it now Indian. All of your maybe’s aren’t worth a spit in the Cow College’s spitoon. This thread is about a bitter dipshit running his loose lips in a libelous manner. Not about a respected and responsible millionaire businessman. The stupid fuker comes off like a senile crybaby with penis envy. You see the whole fuking media jungle jumping on it like a wildfire in Manhatten don’t you? Considering how he dissed ESPN, the NCAA and Mark Emmeret, you’d think there would be a fuking media explosion right about now ————– Crickets ———–! The man’s a bitter, desperate, loose cannon, douche. Now the witnessed Racial Discrimination in McDonalds which was by, against, and reported by your own Fambuhlee, is a different matter entirely. But go ahead by all means and – Deflect. ROTFLMAO! RTR!

  10. 23
    That's Mr. Indian to you

    I have a copyright on the ……………crickets…………So get your own material…..Sooooo what you are saying is that people shouldn’t shoot off at the mouth without proof , right ? I agree that the sports agent dissing on Saban is most likely just spewing bile….No real evidence , just a lot of talk.

    Sort of like the “alleged” McDonald’s encounter. Ya’ll can’t have it both ways.

    I have not heard of ONE WITNESS other than the party incolved in the accusations in regard to the incedent at McDonalds. If so , you can bet it wouldn’t be alleged. It would be fact.


    • 24

      Oh, it DID happen. I’ve already contacted the family along with representatives from the Southern Poverty Law Center. Stay Tuned:)

      • 25
        Finebaum Junkie

        You have absolutly got to be the biggest uncircumsised dickhead I have EVER seen. We have all seen your track record of inside knowledge and news, and the end result to them is comparable to a 16 car pileup. Leave the debating and discusion to grown men RC, and get your barefoot ass back in the kitchen, you misguided vagina.

      • 26

        I’ll bet you that nothing comes of it. This will be a lie just like when RC announced the Cam/AU would be busted on 8-31-11 by the NCAA last year.

        5 AU players were there together (3 black-2 white). All of them were in the line together and all saw the whole thing. The guy from Atl and his kids are known race-baiters and tried to set up a situation. All 5 AU players have been to the Auburn Popo to explain what they saw. The next day the players were together headed to Atl together. No racial strife-no problems.

        The only race bigotry I see around here is the CR and RC constantly assuming that “white people” are out to get black people without ever waiting to here/find out the story.

        The bias and bigotry on this blog is astounding. Note That I am using your own words to prove my point and I’m not talking about the UoA or it’s football team. I’m talking about you bigots.

        • 27

          I guess there’s no racism in your eyes as long as your wife gives paid holidays to the black folk. Typical Auburn attitude. Go read your Bible

  11. 28

    The difference being that #1. The Awbie thing is not some senile dissident. It is your own Fambuhlee trashing your own Fambuhlee. And we all know the Awburn Fambuhlee is never prone to gloss over facts or tell outright lies. Therefore we have no choice but to believe everything we’ve read on the matter. #2. This is a Bama site and we have the God given right to speculate about Awbies transgressions. What you goatfukers have to say about anything here other than “Hail To The King”, is up to our descretion. Bwaa Haww Haww! In this Instance we choose to believe ya’ll about the ongoing Racial Discrimination in Lee County, and to dismiss the ravings of a sorry assed damn Yankee Carpetbagger. ROTFLMMFAO! RTR!

  12. 29
    The Conduit


    This is exactly what I’m takling about with Auburn’s fans being in denial.

    Auburn football players threatened Auburn students and shouted racist names at them.

    But you’re saying you WANT those victims to sue, just so you can believe it actually happened? Has anything happened to you that you didn’t sue for? If so, why would anyone believe it happened?

    And if you haven’t heard more than one witness, you didn’t listen to the interviews broadcast over the weekend, so that’s on you. They’re easy to find though.

    Now, back ON-topic… this agent didn’t make any actual allegations. He made blanket statements saying Nick Saban is cheating. He said Nick Saban makes $2 million more than the $5 million “we know about.” If he said Saban makes that extra $2 million by selling large volumes of cocaine to Canada, at least then we could have something to dispute.

    Auburn players were accused of something. Auburn and those players didn’t say they didn’t do it.

    Saban was accused of cheating unspecifically and making millions of extra dollars a year.

    The Auburn students at least have eyewitness testimony.

    This agent though also says he has evidence. He says everyone does. He’s not sharing any of it though, so how can anyone dismiss it or accept it before we even know what it is, let alone if it exists?

    Again, I don’t understand why Auburn fans can’t accept it first, then argue its reasoning. But just simply saying the only people who are talking are instead actually lying, I mean, I just can’t relate to that. It doesn’t make sense, but it definitely doesn’t help Auburn’s culture.

  13. 30
    That's Mr. Indian to you

    I’ve have been sued before but never sued anyone else. I sure wouldn’t sue a black man if he calls me a cracker and tells me he will crush my skull. I would either man up and make him do it , or run like a 6 year old girl. But I wouldn’t sue. What I am saying is I gurantee they WILL sue. Watch and see. I’ve been on jury duty too many times to be told otherwise. And what are they suing for ? What events led up to the altercation ? I promise they didn’t walk into the joint and point at the young black lady and say “Hey n——r, I am going to crush your skull !!”

    And who are the eyewitnesses in the McDonald’s fiasco ? This would be the first I’ve heard of it. Not saying they didn’t do it. If indeed they did do it , they should be disciplined….Did you people hear that ? THEY SHOULD BE DISCIPLINED.

    My point about Saban is this ….I don’t think he’s crooked. He’s a good coach. But anyone can say anything about anyone. Until it’s proven, it’s only heresay.


    • 31
      The Conduit

      Indian, you are kinda digging your own hole here?

      Listen to the interviews. I found one online days ago that had everything together in one free youtube video.

      Hell, the person that called the cops, he himself is an eyewitness.

      Listen to the interviews first. It’s like you don’t believe someone made this up to smear Auburn, but I don’t know why you are so reluctant to listen to the evidence we do have. That defines Little Brother Syndrome in a nutshell.

      And you guarantee they will sue, then you ask why they are suing? They’re NOT suing. If they do, we can talk about that for sure, but don’t ignore what happened and whether or not it should count just because they didn’t sue.

      Or does it count if they do sue? Or if there’s a video? I don’t know, I can’t tell what you want really. The only thing I know you don’t want is to believe anything bad could have happened from Auburn players. Denial and LBS wrapped in a pretty McDonalds blanket.

  14. 33
    That's Mr. Indian to you

    And Crimson, I respect the fact that you tell it like it is…..You wear Crimson Goggles and you love it. I just wish everyone else on this site would say the same because they do as well wether they would like to admit it or not.

    • 34

      Aint nothing wrong with wearing crimson glasses. Bama has a lot of history and tradition to be proud of, so it is very easy to wear them.

      It is wearing the orange and blue glasses that makes you act like a cult member and jealous of Bama. Didn’t you know the difference?

  15. 35

    This is hilarious. Especially considering that Alabama is about to suspend a player for 4 games for dealing with an agent.

  16. 37

    And just who would that be? I’ve heard nothing about it. Your daddy has said nothing about it. Just left Awbies Rivals sites and they aren’t talking about it, which leaves it a very questionable accusation. Unless you’re talking about Duron Carter and that’s old news. His ass has had one foot in a bucket and the other on a Banana Peel since he got here. He’s already been suspended for about 17 out of 18 months. His fuking daddy knowing he’ll probably never play another down of college ball could have set him up with an agent. Who gives a shit. Good riddence. Now if it’s someone else, then elaborate. Point is Saban is punishing him. What punishment has Dismukes recieved. Hell, as usual the Auburn Police wouldn’t charge any Awbie football player for less than armed robbery. RTR!

  17. 38

    Oh the irony. It seems like it was just a year or so ago that many of you exclaimed AU was guilty because Danny Sheridan proclaimed he new the so called “bagman.” Disregarding the fact that he is a Bama alum with an obvious bias, you guys just couldn’t understand why AU fans and alum would continue support the program in the face of such obvious cheating. Some of you even continue to reference Sheridan after he was shown to have nothing.

    Now the shoe is on the other foot, and boy have your perspectives on the need for evidence changed. Let me see if I can use one of your favorite comments, “where there’s smoke, there’s usually fire.”

    For the record, I have no idea if Saban cheated and I’m not going to speculate based on a few comments, but I do think it is interesting to point out your blatant hypocrisy.

    FYI: Yahoo Sports has not picked up the story.

  18. 40
    Nobody Agent Makes Empty Accusation : BamaFootball4Life

    […] Ralph Cindrich, who represents household names like James Farrior, Bruce Gradkowski, Tarik Glenn, Jeff Blake, Brian Griese, Al Toon, Dermontti Dawson, and Will Wolford was being interviewed by the duo about Penn State’s treatment by the NCAA. If you listen to the interview, his response is something between a depressant on a manic high and a homeless man pontificating underneath an overpass. Remember, agents…Cindrich and others alike…hate Nick Saban. It was at the 2010′s SEC Media Days that Alabama’s rock star-like head coach called them out, saying unscrupulous agents out there were no better than pimps. [More] […]

    • 42

      And the summation to the “story”?

      “Pay-for-play accusations always raise eyebrows, even though they’ve become fairly commonplace. Will this go anywhere? Until Cindrich offers specifics, likely not.”

      Interesting omission on your part. Now go feed your pet unicorn.

      • 43
        The Conduit


        The shoe is not on the other foot.

        I don’t think comparing an agent making a blanket “they’re cheating” statement compares to the Cam Newton story. After all, what Cam and his dad did was not against NCAA rules. It wasn’t.

        It is against the rules now, though. It wasn’t a rule in 2010, but the NCAA fixed that so it never happens again because NCAA athletes shouldn’t be shopped.

        We all wanted to know what Sheridan was going to say. They gave us a time and date to hear it too. That’s why everyone cared. Absolutely everyone was talking about it. And just because he had nothing doesn’t mean the Newton saga would ever feel like a squeaky-clean Cinderella story, especially after tne new NCAA rules created because of it.

        But if we had a date for weeks ahead of time for when this sports agent was going to come on-air and tell us Nick Saban was making an extra $2 million and paying his players, we would have done the same thing as we did with Sheridan.

        I’ve tried to say the Newtons are completely innocent. I’ve tried to accept that, but I admit I can’t get past trusting Cam Newton. I just don’t like the guy, especially how he behaves on the bench now at the Charlotte NORTH Carolina Panthers.
        To say there’s no fire because Sheridan didn’t have a bagman is one thing, but there will always be smoke—-otherwise the NCAA wouldn’t have created a new rule to prevent exactly what Can Newton did. The allegations of paying for Cam Newton to play football were true, just not at Auburn.

        But this agent hasn’t made any allegations for anyone to ask the questions that came up when we found Cam had been shopped to Mississippi State.

        It’s not about needing evidence. It’s about needing a reason to need evidence in the first place. We don’t have that. I don’t think it makes Alabama hypocrites because it wasn’t Alabama making the allegations against the Newtons in the first place, but at least there were actual allegations specific enough to investigate.

    • 44

      Auburn is the Southern version of Penn State:

      Auburn: “all In Family.’
      Penn State: “We are Penn State. We’re Family.”

      Auburn: “The Loveliest Village on the Plains.”
      Penn State: “Welcome to Happy Valley.”

      Auburn: “Cam reads Dr. Seuss to children.”
      Penn State: “The Second Mile cares so much.”

  19. 45

    One difference is that Sheridan is a respected oddsmaker (everywhere but in Lee County anyway) and this joker is as Saban put it “a seedy pimp agent” who no doubt hates Saban for the remark and for banning agents from the Bama campus. What’s more, Sheridan is still, this moment saying he has the bagman even after all the negative publicity. We’ll see. Whatever Saban did in the past while moving up the ladder doesn’t bother me in the least. Dipshit Pimp has nothing on him since he came to Bama. His plans for glory don’t include probation or vacation of wins and Championships like at least 6 major programs have been hit with in the past 2 years. Other than skirting the edges of vague NCAA rules, Saban and Bama are as clean as a newborn baby. So fukoff! RTR!

  20. 49

    RC you are hilarious!!!! And WTH with Sampson theory? I’ve heard nothing about it. And if it did happen the agent in question is probably the pos doing the talking about having something on Saban RTR
    RC do you gave a FB page?

  21. 51

    OK. All you wise guys out there that know everything, just give me a name.Just who is this Tide player that will not play in four games this Fall? Do tell. RTR

  22. 52

    I haven’t found any reference to dipshits claim. I’d like a link, but I doubt he has one. If I had to speculate I’d say he’s talking about Duron Carter. Athough I’ve seen nothing in the way of specific punishments, he has got his ass in hot water again this summer and there’s speculation that his career is over at Bama.

  23. 54

    Where the hell does Barnie find these guys???? Dyer has been kicked off the Arkansas St football team. How the hell does the States top recruit get kicked off a small time football team in his home state and by his excoach at that? I guess Malzhan won’t put up with as much shit as Cheeze Dick will. Maybe he had his gun in his dressing room locker. Bwaa Haww Haww!

  24. 56

    If it is Fluker with the future he had ahead and he was that stupid then he should be kicked off the team permanently. Let him see how much money he can get without finishing his college football career. Isn’t it a criminal offense in Alabama for an Agent to contact a player with eligibility left? It just reinforces Saban’s accusation that Agents are low life cock sucking pimp pieces of shit. I want the bastards name. I have a Russian associate I’d like for him to meet.

  25. 57

    If it was Fluker or as a matter of fact any one of the players ( all of them know the deal) they should be on the bench for half the season. It’s just like running around inTuscaloosa or Birmingham after midnight-you know it’s wrong. And nothing good will come of it. I hope this is not true. RTR

  26. 59

    Well …Athlon’s certainly thinks that Bammer has been one of the dirtiest programs around. Oh wait …they aren’t that nasty biased local Alabama press that is prejudiced against Bama. Here’s the linky:

    I guess the CR will go into all kinds of whining and moaning and belittling of Athlons now. So typical.

    This blog is 1/2 redneck ignorance and 1/2 redneck arrogance. Oh yeah …and redneck is not a skin color …it is an attitude.

    • 60
      The Conduit

      The textbook “scandal” is so outrageous I don’t think it is worth mentioning here, but the Albert Means/Logan Young thing changed everything at Alabama and why they are on this list.

      Alabama did some bad things, or didn’t control enough other things to prevent them. And Alabama got busted.

      More importantly though, Alabama has fixed the issues they had 15 years ago. It’s a good thing the list says college football “history” and not “present.”

      “Gosh, I miss the 90’s.” –Auburn graduate Eileen Dover

      I don’t expect anyone to necessarily change their mind overnight about Alabama, or even over 15 years (really?). But pretending that what Alabama did has anything to do with Auburn not being on this list is very Little-Brother.

      I’m not disputing Alabama’s place on the list, except I think even the most die-hard Auburn fan would agree the Eric Ramsey and Pat Dye-era scandals alone were more severe than several of the listings here.

      Then again, that’s just another top-15 football list Auburn isn’t on that Alabama is. No wonder you brought it up.

      Sorry, Little Brother. Maybe they just forgot about Auburn? Probably.

      Or maybe they think fake handicapped parking tags are actually worse than players being paid tens of thousands and their coach actively aiding the process?

      Nah. They probably just forgot about Auburn. It’s easier than I used to think. See 2011.

    • 61

      They just forgot about Auburn, stupid, because they are always so irrelevant except when they are winning off the back of a thug..but then again, you already knew that.

      Auburn hates ethnic people and they have cows grazing on campus. DEFINITION OF REDNECK

      …and it is about skin color

  27. 63
    That's Mr. Indian to you

    Athlon got it dead on baby. Now bammers, THIS is what the rest of the country thinks about your program. But go ahead and deflect the negativity on Auburn if it makes you feel better.

    Wow….Top 15 dirtiest of ALL TIME…..Be proud.

    • 66
      The Conduit

      “That’s Mr. Indian to you,” I understand you hate Alabama. I get that. I’m not going to try to sell you on Alabama.

      But I travel a lot. The rest of the country doesn’t think Alabama is the dirtiest program at all. It’s 2012, not 1998. Times have changed, and Alabama has changed.

      So when you say things like that, I try to give you the benefit of the doubt to understand why.

      The thing that makes the most sense outside of simple rivalry-hate is that you might just be a younger guy. I thought to myself that maybe you just don’t know about those parts of the history at Auburn. I guess I’m getting older too, but sometimes I forget how much the younger generation hasn’t seen. My friends have kids in college now, and they were young when the Ramsey situation happened. It’s one of several major infractions but let’s just focus on that in the interest of the article list’s brevity.

      Long story short, Eric Ramsey was a football player at Auburn who tape-recorded coaches and assistants (including head coach Pat Dye) talking very specifically about the way they were paying him and other players. According to Ramsey, he gathered evidence for weeks because he felt like black people were racially mistreated like property by Auburn’s leaders.

      It’s easy to find online; search for the Eric Ramsey tapes on youtube and the evidence speaks for itself, then you can make your own decision.

      I suppose it is really a matter of opinion if paying players through the coaching level and up to the board of trustees is actually worse than fake handicapped parking passes, but my opinion is that paying players is much worse. Pat Dye was the Auburn football head coach and athletic director at the same time. Heand other Auburn coaches helped pay players to come to Auburn, paid them to perform, paid for hits, and they even paid them by request. That much we know from their own recorded words and the NCAA investigation.

      But when you both ignore Auburn not being this list and consequently say it’s Alabama who is the dirtiest program in the country, I have to assume two things:

      1.) You don’t know about the pay-for-play and racial stereotyping from one of Auburn’s most-acclaimed coaches, and
      2.) You don’t realize Auburn’s home field is named for that coach.

      Auburn cheated from top to bottom by paying players, something most sports fans agree is wrong, but Auburn reveres the man who led the process?

      Yes, that’s bad, but worse than that is when incredibly similar situations have shown up in the last two years and as recently as last weekend, not only does much of Auburn’s culture think it’s a witch-hunt (“us against the world fambly”), but people like you point the finger at Alabama instead and choose to ignore Auburn’s own history? I think it’s important to note Alabama’s issues (particularly the ones on this list) are in the past, and while Auburn’s worst offenses are also in the past, they’ve had a resurgence of remarkably similar situations in recent history. I don’t think it’s a pattern—-I think it’s a culture. I think Auburn naming their football field for a man who helped pay players and you not being upset by it defines the culture at Auburn, and so do you Mr. Indian. It’s one thing to say it’s Alabama deflecting the negativity on to you, it’s another thing to say there is nothing wrong and never was at Auburn to include them on this list. They simply forgot about you.

  28. 67

    Do Auburn people even know the difference between OPINION and FACT. Athlon’s is OPINION written by non-experts. Nobody even reads that anymore. Soon, I will be like Street & Smiths (yeah, nobody under 40 has even heard of them). FACT: Auburn is tied for 3RD all time in NCAA violations. Auburn was on probation from ’55-64, and Shug Jordan was considered a dirty ass rat back in the day. That is opinion and fact.

    OPINION: Gene Chizik is a weak, lying, gutless weasel who has no leadership skills. A 72- yr old disgraced ex-coach runs the AD

    FACT: Auburn people hate minorities. 5% minority population. Racist football players (Reese Dismukes) and alumni (Corky Frost) and Greek System (Klan toga parties)

    OPINION: Auburn University is the dirty, South version of Penn State

    Auburn: “All In Family (Fambly’s)”
    Penn St: “We are Penn State. We’re Family.”

    Auburn: “Loveliest Village on the Plains”
    Penn St: “Happy Valley”

    Auburn: Jay Jacobs, AD under Pat Dye’s thumb
    Penn St: Tim Curley, AD under Joe Paterno’s

    Auburn: “Cam Newton reads DR Seuss to kids.”
    Penn State: “Let Sandusky use our showers.”

    See, OPINIONS are like ASSHOLES. Auburn has many of them while Penn State goes after them

    • 68

      FACT: As recently as 2009, the NCAA Committee on Infractions referred to the Bama football program as a “serial repeat violator” with an “abysmal infractions track record” and an “extensive recent history of infractions cases unmatched by any other member institution in the NCAA,”

      FACT: Bama’s football program has been placed on probation for major rules violations on three separate occasions in the last 16 years.

      FACT: Auburn’s football program has not been placed on probation a single time during that period, and has not been placed on probation since 1993.

      FACT: At the exact same time in the 1950’s when Shug Jordan’s Auburn team was placed on probation for recruiting violations, Bear Bryant’s Texas A&M team was placed on probation for the exact same thing.

      FACT: Auburn’s current minority enrollment is 17.5%. Alabama’s minority enrollment is 18.5%. .html Wow, an amazing difference of 1%.

      FACT: RC is hopelessly afflicted.with schizophrenia and Turret’s syndome.

      EVIDENCE: The rambling, incoherent, profanity laden responses that he continually posts on the Capstone Report.

    • 69

      I travel a lot and disagree with you. I travel on planes and do real estate deals with intelligent and informed folks.

      You probably travel in a semi-truck and discuss football in truck stop parking lots with drivers hopped up on drugs.

      In order to be able to spout all of that stuff you are clearly “Aubscessed”. Look …both programs have had there issues. The issue I have is that the CR is full of arrogant rednecks that think shifting blame absolves their own situation.

      I don’t care about Bama. I don’t bash Bama on here. I bash the regular posters …and ….I use your own words to do so.

      I don’t make up lies and curse like RC does. I don’t recite facts from over 30 years ago.

      I posted that article because I knew that you idiots would act ..JUST LIKE YOU DID …and through your denials and attempts at deflections ….once again prove that you are a misture of arrogant and ignorant rednecks.

      Thanks for once again …proving my point.

      • 70
        The Conduit

        I’m honestly not sure how to react to you not responding to anything I had to say and just throwing out insults and saying I’m an idiot for responding to your list.

        “You probably travel in a semi-truck and discuss football in truck stop parking lots with drivers hopped up on drugs.” – Hoopie

        I’m an Internist and travel first-class most of the time and I drive my BMW the rest of the time across the Eastern seaboard. Just making sure we’re on the same page.

        If all you want to do is insult me, fine. I gave you several chances to defend Auburn, support Auburn, and have a serious discussion.

        The conclusion I have to make is you don’t want to do any of those things. You define the problem I have with Auburn’s culture—–ignore Auburn, bash Alabama, and deny everything. I just can’t relate.

        I’m proud to be an Alabama fan. There are Auburn fans that are proud to be Auburn fans, too.

        But the difference in culture and addressing problems at either school, I have to admit, still surprises me. I keep expecting it to change at Auburn, especially after major scandals and scares, but nothing changes the culture. Nothing. I don’t understand it, and I have to admit I am kinda glad I can’t relate to it.

        Pat Dye and Eric Ramsey are important parts of Auburn’s history. If you don’t want to find out what they did, it may be for the best, and it absolutely defines the culture of Auburn’s fans.
        But don’t expect all of them to be proud of you for it. In order to avoid repeating history you have to learn history first, and the last 2 years in particular we’ve seen Auburn’s history repeating from the past like a stack of mirrors, and you think it’s ok to ignore it because Auburn was left off yet another list of historic football programs.

        That defines Auburn culture.

        I at least have to admit I respect the culture at Tennessee, at least more than Auburn. They’ve had much more success too, though. I guess the bottom line is I have to give Auburn’s culture credit for being so committed to their attitudes and behavior for so long.

        Alabama has changed, and now, once again, Alabama is the program to beat. Even if you think Auburn can beat Alabama, the Auburn culture hasn’t changed and that’s why so many bad things continue to happen there in the present. You have an opportunity to change that though. My advice, from my own experience years ago with Alabama, is to at least try.

        • 71

          Conduit, what in the #@$% are you talking about when you refer to the “cultures” at the schools? Bama’s “culture” was described by the NCAA Infractions Committee a mere three years ago as “a serial repeat violator” with an “abysmal infractions track record” and an “extensive recent history of infractions cases unmatched by any other member institution in the NCAA,” Auburn’s “culture”? Auburn hasn’t been on probation since 1993…Bama has been whacked for major rules violations 3 times since then. You want to hang on to the Eric Ramsey case because it’s the only thing you can point too, but that happended 20 freakin’ years ago. By the way, here’s what happened in that case – Larry Blakeny gave Ramsey $300 because Ramsey called him up saying he needed to buy food and diapers for his infant son; Corky Frost gave Ramsey a freezer full of food for the same reason; and Pat Dye called Colonial Bank to get Ramsey approved for a massive loan of $1500. It was also discovered during the investigation that non-scholarship athletes were living in the athletic dorm, which was deemed to be an impermissible benefit. Against the rules? Absolutely, and Auburn was rightfully sanctioned. It hardly compares to Bama staring down the barrel of a gun for buying Albert Means for $200K, though. To quote Sir Charles Barkley, Bama calling a Auburn a cheater is like Snookie calling Hallie Berry ugly.

          • 72

            The culture at Auburn is “we are never wrong, those Bammers are out to get us, long live Auburn, no matter if they call innocent people the “n” word, sell players into slavery, we are Auburn and we love Auburn” slogan BS…Their students were still condoning incest not 20 years ago. Auburn has a serious cultural problem that is FACT, not OPINION.

            When you quote an OPINION from the NCAA, you are not using FACTS. FACTS are Auburn is 3rd all time in NCAA probations….Alabama is not even in the Top 15…Auburn believes in myths and slogans. It is not a pretty place. I actually attended school there and lived there, and was afraid for my life. Auburn students made fun of Bo Jackson’s speech impediment and repeatedly called him the “N” word when he cowardly took himself out of the 1985 Tennessee game. An Auburn alumnus told me if I didn’t like what he said, we could go outside and discuss it near the Toomers Corner tree (lynching reference).

            Now, back to the point. Do you have anything that is an ACTUAL FACT, not BASED ON OPINION. You know, something like the NCAA recognizes 9 of our National Championships, but we can claim 17 (we only claim 14). Or is there more repudiation based on Childish OPINIONS (Auburn fan: “You only have 9, nanana boo boo.”)

            Any actual facts? Oh, BTW, we haven’t been on probation for 17 consecutive years, you hateful redneck.

          • 73
            The Conduit

            That’s exactly my point. You completely downplay the Pat Dye pay-to-play scandal when someone forgets to put Auburn on another football list.

            That is what defines Auburn culture.

            I’m not “hanging on” the Pat Dye scandal, I only used it as an example in particular because the article list itself was so concise, which I mentioned specifically, and because that era alone was worse than most of the issues on the list from the schools they didn’t forget about.

            But when I say “culture” I am not talking about the football team. I don’t know why you think that’s what “culture” means. The football team is the most important thing to Auburn’s culture and they are part of that culture, but the fans and the choices of the university itself define the culture.

            And when you try to downplay something as bad as paying players, that, to me, is the definition of Auburn culture and it’s why Auburn’s fans mostly don’t care about their infractions, recent run-in’s with the law, racial arguments, and, most importantly, cheating.

            Instead, you try to point the finger at Alabama, but that’s the ONLY thing Auburn’s culture does. Nobody tries to fix Auburn. I don’t want a nasty rival. I’d rather have Tennessee than a school with a culture that doesn’t care about the things that matter most, particularly when the only thing they do is point at Alabama?

            3 years ago? What did Alabama do 3 years ago to get on probation? You mean Alabama is on probation now? I’m learning all kinds of things today.

            Believing that fake handicapped parking passes are worse than paying players cash for hits and big plays (and on-demand) is the heart of Auburn culture. You lack the ability to accept what’s wrong. That’s why you argue so hard against things like the recent hate crimes—-you don’t even have the ability to consider it actually happened. That’s Auburn’s culture in a nutshell, and it’s not something to be proud of.

      • 74


        ….The NCAA statement was an opinion. Where does Alabama rank all time in NCAA probations? NOT EVEN IN TOP 15. Where does Auburn rank? NUMBER 3 and climbing (yes, you will soon see what I mean by climbing).

        I am getting to you because you keep posting trying to repudiate my claims. I have power over you, bitch. Now, if you don’t come back with some solid facts NOT BASED ON BIASED OPINION, you will not be allowed to post here any more. This is my challenge to you.

        I will keep investigating and reporting on Auburn University until the fans and alumni have enough balls to get in Chizik or Jacobs face and demand a clean program. It’s your choice, Auburn fan

      • 75

        You hate-filled fake Christian! MOST people outside the State think of Auburn University as a backwards, redneck, jealous little brother of Alabama. FACT, no opinion there, PURE FACT. Have you even looked at the rankings of your University recently academically? Guess what, break out the US NEWS and WORLD REPORT. HAHAHAH. BEHIND UA, like everything else.


        You won’t answer that question because you are a lazy sack of shit. You call out others on here, but your University campus has the most backwards, redneck, racist student population of any campus in the South or anywhere else. Sure, you guys are pretty fake, so you all try to hide it, but Auburn practices institutional racism. I have to give it to the coaches (Trooper Taylor, Pat Dye), players (Reese Dismukes), alumni (Corky Frost) and the Greek System (Klan Toga parties in black face), at least they are honest. They’ll call a black man the “N” word. The faculty just practices institutional racism.


        • 76

          Wow RC, you responded three separate times to a single post. You’re really working yourself up into a lather, aren’t you. Are you actually Jim from Tuscaloosa? Here’s a couple more “facts” for you.

          1. You can get cute and say that Auburn is 3rd on the list for NCCA sanctions with 7, but the reality is that there are 6 other schools that have the same number. Therefore, you could also say that Auburn is tied for 10th.

          2. Auburn’s football program has been sanctioned 5 times. Alabama’s has been sanctioned 4 times. Wow, what a contrast. The difference is that 4 of of Auburn’s 5 violations happened over 30 years ago, and 2 of the 5 were over 50 years ago. The other single violation was 20 years ago. Bama’s been busted for cheating 3 times in the last 17 years, and just came off probation a few months ago. Understand why we laugh at you when you accuse Auburn of cheating?

          3. You apparently have a lot of power in this world you have created for yourself. You have the power to disallow me from posting on this site, you have the power to “investigate” a university, and you’re a “reporter”. What color is the sky in this little world you’ve created?

          Conduit, I’m not downplaying paying players. I think that’s horrible, and Auburn has not been found guilty of paying a player for over 20 years. See, you equivocate innuendo, internet chatter, and message board rumors with fact (unless it’s directed towards Bama, at which time it has no credibility whatsoever). Auburn just went through as detailed and thorough an investigation by the NCAA that you’ll ever see for over a year, and you know what they foundf? Nothing. Excuse me for laughing when you still try to say that Auburn is paying players.

          BTW, if you don’t even know what Bama did three years ago to get put on probation you really should get out more often.

          • 77

            They haven’t been FOUND guilty, but Auburn has continued paying players according to former coaches like Bowden and Oliver since then. Cecil Newton sold Cam for $180,000 to Auburn. THis may not be a COMPLETE FACT, but the person who could have verified it was afraid for his life from the Auburn Mafia. FACT

            Whether it was 20 or 50 years ago, Auburn and SMU have no right to throw stones at other programs, no matter if that program was sanctioned just 2 years ago. HYPOCRITE

          • 78

            No RC, you are still confused about the difference between an unfounded allegation and an established fact. It was alleged that Cam Newton was paid to come to Auburn, but an extensive investigation by the NCCA that included a thorough review of bank records of both the Newtons and Cecil’s church failed to establish any truth to the allegations. Therefore, it is not a FACT. It is also not a FACT that someone from Auburn threatened someone, that is a message board rumor established by anonymous posters on Tiderinsider. Concentrate RC, concentrate.

  29. 79


    Auburn people are too stupid to distinguish FACT from OPINION. Look at all their jealous repudiations of Alabama National Championships. I attended both Universities, and graduated from UA. A percentage of Auburn male students thought incest was OK. I’m not just flaming, I actually knew guys who were carrying on incestuous relationships and thought it was fine because that’s how they were raised. I NEVER ran across that backwards way of thinking at UA. Look at Hoopie. That sorry son of a bitch was preaching Christianity to Crimsonite last year and that fucking freakshow hypocrite wants to degrade UA after all the evil shot Auburn University has done?! He’s trash. He accepts OPINION on anti-Alabama articles but never admits to the evils of Auburn University

    • 80

      They’re scared RC. How else you gonna’ explain made up stories of Chargers and Escalades, or sending boosters after our players, or non-NCAA infractions at clothing stores, or stalkers harrassing Trent and AJ. it’s their time of the year, and their “I hope we don’t suck too bad this year” mentality..

    • 81

      I didn’t “accept” that Athlons article. I merely posted it here to see how you rednecks would act. As usual, you took the bait and went and made up all kinds of accusations about me. The fact that you continue to do this stuff tells me that you have so much evil hatred in your heart that I can’t help you. Sure …I’ve called you names ….but it is based on your actions …I’ve been trying to get you to change your ways. Seems that it isn’t gonna work. You seem quite comfortable making wild accusations and using vague references to support your hatred filled rants.

      Sounds like that you consider my attempts to reduce your bias on this blog to be anti-Christian. I wonder how you are able to know what is in my heart. The inaccuracies in your posts are too many to catalog. If I ever had the displeasure of being the opposing attorney, I would definitely put you on the stand and let your foul, angry, loose cannon mouth convict yourself. Just consider that we will all get judged one day …and our football teams will be not be the issue …our actions will.

      • 82

        I think your actions on here speaks for itself, dufus. Namecalling is a sin. I don’t know what Church you go to, but you ought to be praying for members of your backwards, inbred Auburn “family.”

      • 83
        The Conduit

        @Hoopie——I think that simply means you aren’t reading anything I write then. I’m not calling you names, and I’m certainly not making wild accusations using vague references to support anything.

        I understand why you wouldn’t respond to anything I said, but it doesn’t help you sound any better than the things you’re saying. Good grief.

  30. 85

    FAcT: Statistics reported by Abraham are skewed. He is reporting athletes stats. FAcT: If the actual student stats, Auburn mustbe hiding minorities in the closet

    FACT: The NcAA gives out OPINiONS based on BIASED FACTS. Abraham needs to read Auburn’s notorious NCAa verdict which made national headlines on 60 minutes. The apple does not fall far from the tree. Auburn is now continuously under NCAA scrutiny due to their recruiting tactics. DOUBLE FACT

    FACT: Bobby Knight has called Auburn University serial cheaters in the past. Who is Bobby Knight? Much more respected than some NCAA cogs.

    FACT: Hypocrite U is 3rd all time in NCAA sanctions.
    OPINION: So one serial thief is admonishing
    small time thieves?

    FACT, NOT OPINION: if I wasn’t getting to Abraham, he wouldn’t keep retorting. Auburn people, stop fucking your brothers and sisters. Go outside the family. That’s not what “All In” means.

    Auburn: “all in family”
    Penn State: “We are Penn State. We’re family.”


    • 86

      FACT: The previously cited statistics represent the entire student population, not just athletes. If you’d bother to check the link, you would know that.

      FACT: The NCAA “verdict” regarding Auburn did not come out until after the 60 Minutes story. That being said, you’re still rambling on about something that happened 20 years ago.

      FACT: The lame tactic of saying that my responses to your posts are evidence of you “getting to me” in a pathetic attempt to quiet me only works on itellects down on your level. I guess you hoped that everyone would simply ignore that the same thing could be said about you responding to my posts.

      FACT: You are the only person in history (outside of Indiana fans) that has ever referred to Bobby “the cussin chair thrower” Knight as being more respected than the NCAA Infractions Committee.

      REQUEST: Please take a moment to piece together a coherent sentence so that you can explain the rationale of this bizarre attempt to compare Penn State and Auburn based upon fabricated slogans.

      • 87

        FACT and OPINION: Abraham just admitted Auburn and Penn State use made up slogans in hopes of seducing families.

        FACT and OPINION: I hope Abraham continues to come on here because if I’m down and dirty, he’s showing his character by wallowing in mud with me.

      • 88

        Auburn: “All In Family.”
        Penn State: “We are Penn State. Family.”

        Auburn: “Loveliest Village on the Plains”
        Penn State: “Welcome to Happy Valley.”

      • 89


  31. 90
    That's Mr. Indian to you

    RC , you just got served bub. Abraham……A little advice if I may……..Ahem……Fact’s are like kryptonite to a bammer. They run from facts like the plague. Why , might you ask ? Because they know in their little heart of hearts what we are saying is true, but they just can’t admit it to themselves….Therefore the double speak.

    Now , with that being said, I offer you even more advice. Never try to speak rationally to a bammerneck as It get’s you nowhere. It’s like trying to discuss astrophysics with a monkey. They will only throw their own crap at you and scream incoherently..

    Again, take it if you will as it is only a suggestion.

    • 91

      How exactly did I get served? and what FACTS are you talking about? AN OPINION IS NOT A FACT, DUMB ASS!You Auburn people are the most hateful bunch of inbred rednecks in the State. You all try to come off as pious, but you HATE Alabama because TRADITIONALLY (the WHOLE not the sum of individual years) we have wiped the floor with your asses. It’s going to continue for years to come, according to your sports God, Kevin Scarbinsky of the Birmingham news. THAT IS AN OPINION by Kevin, but it will become FACT in due time. Now, go back to fucking your kin. That’s the Auburn University way. All IN!

      How did I get served? LOL, inbred moron

  32. 92
    That's Mr. Indian to you

    Abraham…..Do you see how RC just made my point for me and did EXACTLY what I said he would do ? Like a monkey in a zoo throwing his own feces , RC reaction was as predictable as the sunrise……RC, you’re like little puppets on the end of the Indian’s string. Dance little puppett !!!!!

    RC, again, many thanks…..


    • 93

      I think you Auburn rednecks are like little puppets with your BS creed and slogans that are not backed up with any real sincerity. I thought you guys were so pious and Christian, but you talk about monkey feces? How is that being the mature Southern gentleman you Auburn people claim to be. You guys know a lot about animal manure with all the cows grazing on campus. Please tell me how having cows graze on campus does not make y’all a bunch of country bumpkin rednecks?

      Please again tell me how Auburn’s history of cheating which is FACT outweighs an OPINION that labels Alabama a dirty program. You Auburn people have the same values as Penn State University and the same BS slogans to back it up

      • 94
        That's Mr. Indian to you

        Have I cursed at anyone here ? No. The analogy of a monkey slinging feces was in good humor. I’m sorry it hurt you so deeply RC (talk about thin skinned…..) .

        As far as fact verses opinion. The facts are that Bama has had as many , if not more arrests, probation (way more) and sanctions since AU in the last 20 years. Are you really going to try to refute those FACTS ? You can’t…..They are irrefutable….Hence the national perception as a cheating program….Yes , in the last few years I agree Saban has cleaned up the program.

        Opinion : The national CFB world views Saban as a gun for hire , win at all costs, snake in the grass of a coach. Hence making the list as one of the dirtiest programs in CFB…..

        Oh yeah, since Saban said ” I will not be the next coach at Alabama” and is “the next coach at Alabama” , does that make him a liar ? Again, win at all costs , and show me the money.

        • 95

          The point is, dumb a–, an OPINION from an NCAA cog does not make it fact. You don’t take MY FACTS seriously regarding Auburn’s cheating, and it is RECORDED FACT. My OPINION is that Auburn people are the dirties bunch of cheating scumbags in the South based ON THEIR HISTORY, whether it was yesterday or 20-50 years ago. YOu guys love to gush about how Auburn football started 30 years ago, so 20 years is definitely not that long ago. FACT AND OPINION

          Believe me, you can’t hurt my feelings. I enjoy exposing you for the hypocritical OLD SOUTH dumb a– that you are

        • 96

          LOL at Ballplay once again pigeon holing time frames. I won’t dispute the fact that Bama has had some players arrested. Every SEC school has. The fact you want to gloss over with your comparison is the fact that Saban has pretty much got everything under control, and the issues are few and far between.

          Right now at Auburn, Chizik does not show he has a lot of control (we all know is is really in control at Auburn, and it is not Chizik thats for sure). Auburn is making risky moves, mostly out of necessity. I think allowing a lot of slack with players is one of his recruiting tactics. It is an angle he can actually beat Saban at.

  33. 97

    Indian you best get out the damn Brillo Pad and cleanup your own mess first, or find something a lot safer to blab about besides Saban protecting his ass and Miami’s by fuking with nosey reporters. I seem to remember Petrino saying he wasn’t going to the Pro’s and then later he wasn’t going to Arkansas, and something about the Barnturd administration hiding a Plane trip to Louisville from Tubberville. And if you want to post on here giving your opinion then do so with subjects for which there is no data but opinions. Such as if there really was a bagman for Scam or does Awbie deserve the ’04 BSCNC. Don’t be running your mouth like a damb fool and saying impossible to backup and actually lies that the College Football world considers Saban scum and Bama filthy. Actually if you go back to January ’11 I think you’ll find that that is the national opinion about Cheeze Dick and Awbie. And Abraham you dumb cocksucker, Alabama didn’t pay anybody 200 grand for Means. That would be a Rogue Booster. RTR!!!

  34. 98

    Abraham, in response to your reply at 1:28, August 1, the Cam Newton case is not completely closed. It can open any time new evidence (or evidence period) is brought to light. The NCAA did not have the complete information. There are many allegations that are FALSE OPINIONS coming from Auburn these days in un-Christian-like fashion towards Alabama. Poor black kids are not allowed to have nice cars, according to the Auburn “line of reasoning.” So, before you distinguish ESTABLISHED FACT vs ALLEGATIONS, go back and edit some of your prior, biased, hypocritical, stone-throwing posts. You also might want to be careful of speaking too much more on the innocence of Cam Newton

    • 99
      That's Mr. Indian to you

      Auburn fan says something in response to an anti- AU article on Capstone Report = Un-Christian hypocrite…..

      Profanity rddled tyraids from angry Bama fans in response to AU posters defending their team = jusitfiable fact.

      You’ve lost in bro.

      • 100

        You have a short memory. Look at some of your posts which are nothing more than OPINIONATED TIRADES. THAT IS A FACT

    • 101

      Per the NCAA at the conclusion of the Newton investigation:

      “The NCAA enforcement staff is committed to a fair and thorough investigative process, As such, any allegations of major rules violations must meet a burden of proof, which is a higher standard than rampant public speculation online and in the media. The allegations must be based on credible and persuasive information and includes a good-faith belief that the Committee on Infractions could make a finding.”

      When they referred to “rampant public speculation online”, they were talking about people like you and the other Bama fans who post on sites like the CR. If you think the NCAA is going to waste one more second of their time re-opening a case they already spent a year examining with a microscope with no finding of wrongdoing, I’ve got a bridge I’d like to sell you. Keep dreaming that the investigation will be re-opened, RC. We’ll keep on laughing at you.

      As to your comment about poor black kids and cars, I guess you’re talking about Trent Richardson owning a $50K SUV while playing for Bama. I’ve never mentioned that, but you raise an interesting point. How does any kid from a family with limited income, and who is prohibited from working per NCAA rules, afford a $50K SUV? As you are well aware, race is completely irrelevant to this question, as there are families with limited incomes who are white, black, asian, hispanic, pacific islander, etc. Injecting race into the issue is nothing more than a pathetic attempt on your part to deflect a legitimate question. Curious to see if you have a response. We can get into the whole Tom Albetar, disassociated booster, half the Bama players who went to the NFL were signing autographs at his store 5 days after they declared for the draft thing if you’d like. I really don’t think you want to.

      • 102

        Once again, OPINIONS about Albetar vs. ACTUAL FACTS. Terry Bowden said Auburn players were paid for years afer their probation. FACT. Most people outside Lee County Cult believe Cam Newton was paid to go to little ol’ Auburn. FACT AND OPINION

        • 103

          So if you state something people believe when referring to Auburn, it morphs into a FACT simply because you say people believe it (despite the fact that there is no evidence to support it.) Interesting. As to Albetar, I didn’t state anyting that resembled an OPINION. I recited the FACT that Trent Richardson, Mark Baron, Marquis Maze, Dont’a Hightower, Dre Kirkpatrick, Courtney Upshaw, Josh Chapman, and Brad Smelley were selling their autographs at Tom Albetar’s store less than one week after the BCS championship game. You know Albetar. He’s the same guy who was “dissassociated” from Bama for selling Richardon’s and Julio’s autographed jerseys. That’s quite a coincedence that those guys didn’t have any idea that their autographs were being sold before, but knew to go to Albetar days after their eligibility was gone to get their autographs sold. OPINION – everyone outside of the Bama nation believes that Albetar was paying Bama players for their autographs while they were playing, and paying them well. OPINION – everyone outside the Bama nation believes the appearance of multiple former players selling their autographs with a disassociated booster five days after they finished their eligibility was beyond sleazy.

          • 104

            OPINION-Anybody who believes Cam Newton didn’t know his daddy was selling him like a slave is a hypocritical moron.

          • 105

            Just like everyone knows Cam Newtons mommas baby daddy got paid to get his boy in Auburn. Well, anyone outside of Auburn anyway. Oh wait! The NCAA investigated and cleared Auburn! Thats right! Just like they investigated your claims, and found nothing. But Auburn has been on probation for paying players more than any other team in the country. There is a FACT for you.

      • 106

        BTW, That is a racist question. You wouldn’t even care about the kid’s “ways and means” if he was caucasian

  35. 108

    It’s your side calling people “rednecks” and all other Christian names when your school has been traditionally know as the HICK SCHOOL in and out of the state. Sure, your alumni and close friends you have brainwashed might not think that, but most observant objective people do. You guys, after the insults, chant “family” and “Christianity” in unison. We don’t do that. We don’t wear our hearts on our sleeves. We just tell it like it is and defend ourselves from selfish, biased hypocrite rednecks like yourself.

  36. 110

    Zeke has officially been kicked off AU’s team. He could be a good fit at PSU or USC ( and I don’t mean South Carolina). RTR

  37. 111

    RC it wasnt that long ago Charles Barkley said that Cam Newton was worth every penny. They (auburn people) tried to play it off as a joke but his tone was more serious than sarcasm. He meant it. And the notion that Cam had no idea his dad was talking to people @miss stake is laughable. The only people who believe that are the ones standing too close to the forest to see the trees.

    • 112

      Yellowhammer, i don’t know if Cam knew that his Dad was trying to get money from MSU or not. Neither do you, Neither you or I know anything about their relationship. I believe that most people have done some things in their life that they’ll never tell their kids about. However, I’ll acknowledge that it’s possible, which is a lot more than Bama fans would ever acknowledge on questions such as “Did Bama players receive any impermissible benefits in exchange for Tom Albetar selling their autographed memorabilia?”, or “Was the $50K SUV that Trent Richardson was riding around in during his playing days an impermissible benefit?”

      • 113
        The Conduit

        Doesn’t matter now, does it?

        Cam Newton was the last person who was allowed to use that excuse. That’s why just after Cam Newton left Auburn the NCAA created a new rule to make sure nobody can ever say “I didn’t know” when they find evidence of a student-athlete being shopped.

        So it mattered that Cam said he didn’t know he was being shopped then, but it doesn’t matter now.

        It’s the same reason your coffee says “Caution: hot” and your lawn mower has a warning on it that reads, “don’t clean with your hands when the blades are spinning.”

        A $50k car wouldn’t get past the dumbest officials, and if you ever saw Tom Albetar’s store you simply would know better, even without going inside it.

        Of course, Alabama changed that anyway, see, BEFORE a new rule had to be created for it. See how that works?

        • 114

          Conduit, are you under the mistaken impression that your last post made any sense whatsoever?

          I remind you again, Bama fans. The Ramsey case was 20 years ago. Kinda funny that you keep going back to that golden oldie. Then again, Auburn hasn’t been sanctioned by the NCAA since then so I guess you have no choice.

          • 115

            You guys keep re- winding back to 1982 as the beginning of a fake “modern era” so we’ll fast forward to 1993 when you guys could have gotten a death penalty

          • 116

            The Ramsey case may have been 20 years ago, but the “coach” who orchestrated that whole scheme is still ensconced in your athletic department as a paid staffer, and your football field is still named after him. What was it you were saying again?

          • 117
            The Conduit

            I’m confused. My post didn’t make any sense?

            OK, let me make it a little easier, I understand sometimes things can be hard to understand for folks who didn’t attend The University Of Alabama.

            Cam Newton’s dad shopped him in 2009. Cam said he didn’t know.

            Following an NCAA investigation, a new rule was created that says it doesn’t matter anymore if the student athlete says he doesn’t know that he was being shopped. It’s simply against the rules now.

            The loophole was closed.

            If the same thing had happened the next year, Cam simply wouldn’t have played football when the tapes came out about him being shopped.

            Let me know if that doesn’t make more sense or if you have any other questions. I am here to help.

  38. 118

    Abraham you are correct I dont know that Cam lied but I believe he did. No I dont know if Albetar was paying for autographs I wasnt there. I know that the ncaa’s inquiry came up with nothing. I can only guess the difference in the two is that one was a single person denying knowledge of his fathers actions while the other involved many people. From that standpoint the latter would be much harder to cover up. However here is an interesting read with links that suggestthe Eric Ramsey case was much more than food and diapers.

    • 119

      I’m sure Honest Abe will find a way to slash that up as well. This whole thing is humorous to me. Auburn people are brainwashed into believing that most of their fanbase has a “REAL” connection to Auburn, whereas Bama fans do not EVEN THOUGH SOME OF US ACTUALLY GRADUATED FROM THERE. Auburn people really think corny slogans are FACT, when they are not trademarked making them usable to anybody. Auburn people actually believe they have cheated far less in THEIR H-I-S-T-O-R-Y, though FACTS prove otherwise. Auburn people continually repudiate Alabama’s National Championships even when 9 of those 14 are recognized by EVERYONE. ONLY 2 of the 9 were before bowl losses (’64 and ’73) although the rules of the day were that the bowls were expedition. Hell, it sounds like Auburn people are a bunch of ignorant childish repudiators?

  39. 120

    Relevance Abraham? Funny you should ask. The relevance to now is simple. Pat Dye. Did you know that Coach Dye still has an office in the athletic dept. at Auburn? Did you know that he is still used as a “consultant” in coaching especially in difficult times.(a fact Tuberville detested by the way) Did you know that although there was skepticism within the dept. ( mainly a 5-19 record) Coach Dye insisted Chizik be hired as head coach and was? Pat Dyes influence in Auburn football is as powerful now as it has ever been. There is an old saying “you cant teach an old dog new tricks” and it is very true. Coach Dye is an old dog and everyone knows he is not interested in learning new tricks. That truth is completely relevant and denial wont change it.

    • 121

      No yellowhammer, I don’t “know” that Dye has an office at the athletic complex, or that he is used as a consultant in coaching, or that he orchestrated the hiring of Chizik. I don’t “know” those things for the same reason that you don’t “know” them. See, I know you’ve heard those things over and over again from Legend on the Finebaum show and anonymous posters on tiderinsider, but you still don’t realize that it doesn’t make it true.

      All that being said, I do wish Dye would get off the Finebaum show and quit speaking publicly about Auburn. I know there are some Bama fans who say the same thing about Stallings. I’m fine with having fields named after them or having statues of them, but they are both remnants of the past, and it’s time to move on.

  40. 122
    That's Mr. Indian to you

    R.C. Is everyone one who disagrees with your opinion a nonchristian racist or is it only Auburn fans ?

    I bet you hate chik-fil-a too.

    • 123

      I love Chick Fil A. Gay is not a race…I only hate the pious, self absorbed, hypocritical Auburn fans who “claim” to be nicer than post mean spirited, hateful BS all day on a rival blog. Since you are all so much better, set the example you pretend to have

  41. 124

    Abraham, it puzzles me how you can make claims on what I know or dont know.I do not rely on PFRN or Legend for information on rival SEC schools. This is common knowledge. It is obvious that this really touches a nerve with you and for good reason.(see final sentence in my previous post) Perhaps you should focus this anger into the very thing ITK has suggested and demand the program be cleaned up. This seems to be a no-brainer especially if you are alum.

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