Clemson’s Dabo Swinney held hostage by top recruit

The country’s consensus top high school football recruit, Robert Nkemdiche, says Clemson is a “done deal” if they offer another one of his Grayson high school teammates.

Nkemdiche, who already verbally committed to Clemson a month ago, recently told the Atlanta Journal-Constitution “I am waiting on Clemson to offer Ryan (Carter); when that happens, it’s locked … it’s a done deal … it’s over.”

The massive defensive end says he picked Clemson over Alabama, LSU and a laundry list of others because the Tigers already had commitments from his two his Grayson teammates, RB Wayne Gallman and DB David Kamara. Earlier this week former Grayson QB Nick Schuessler gave up his football scholarship to Mississippi State to be a preferred walk-on at Clemson. Nkemdiche has lived with Schuessler’s family at times.

But three teammates aren’t enough for Robert. Now he’s pimping for a fourth.

So who is this Ryan Carter? He’s a 5-foot-10, 175-pound defensive back with scholarship offers from some of the dregs of college football: Ole Miss, Georgia State, Tulane, Arkansas State and Southern Miss.

But don’t let college coaching staff evaluations fool you. Even though their jobs are on the line yearly to find and bring in the best talent they can get, Robert Nkemdiche apparently knows better.

“He’s so hard-nosed,” Nkemdiche said, of Carter. “He comes up and hits anybody. It doesn’t matter how big you are. He will come and hit you. That’s what I like about him. He plays with a high motor and is a great football player … Of course, I’m surprised he doesn’t have more offers. I’m waiting on him to get that offer from Clemson so he can come join the family.”

If Nkemdiche doesn’t make it as a player, sounds like he could step in immediately at

So…if Clemson doesn’t offer Nkemdiche’s little pal?

“If Clemson doesn’t offer Ryan, it would make me look at Ole Miss a little more, it would,” Nkemdiche said. “It’s very important that I have my boys with me.”

You see, Nkemdiche has an older brother currently playing at Ole Miss. Ah, the joys of recruiting elite high school athletes, where they would rather get their way and wither away into nothingness than go to a school that will equip them for a successful future.

Regardless, that banjo music you currently hear playing is coming from the gut of Dabo Swinney. The former Alabama wide receiver and Clemson’s current head coach is being played loud and clear for the nation to hear.

Maybe Clemson is the kind of place that accomodates the selfish, immature whims of high school athletes. But with today’s reformed scholarship limitations set firmly at 25, there is little if any room for error within each class.

In contrast, you can’t help but think back to former Alabama wide receiver Julio Jones’ account of being recruited by Nick Saban.

“He told me, ‘We’re gonna win at Alabama, with or without you.’ And I wanted to be part of that.”

And this after the 2007 season, Saban’s first…well before Alabama’s current reputation of dominance.

Can you imagine Nkemdiche pulling this crap with Coach Saban? I firmly believe the coach would almost enjoy the opportunity to set the young man straight, making this reason #432 Alabama fans are glad he is in Tuscaloosa.

There was a time Bama fans held their breath for the services of Robert Nkemdiche, who in his own right is an outstanding football player who will make an immediate impact wherever he goes. But now, I think we’re all relieved that our coaching staff may have given him reason to look elsewhere.

You don’t negotiate with terrorists…er…18 year olds.

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  1. 1
    Jeff Bower(s)

    You have insulted the fine folks at Southern Miss by associating us in the same sentence with Ole Miss.

  2. 2
    To the top

    I don’t consider a team coming off a 12-2 record and #19 ranking a dreg of college football (Southern Miss). Other than that, your article is spot on.

  3. 3

    Sorry, but a team in Conference USA fits the bill as described, regardless of their record.

    Put Ole Miss in Conference USA and they win the title 3 out of 5 years.

  4. 4

    So ITK is dissing a recruit for placing value on playing ball with his friends rather than “come join a winner”, yet you have no problem with $aban pulling schollies on 2 different players on the 2012 NSD.

    Spare me any feigned social conscience. Rednecks don;t have any and I don’t know why you even try and pretend to do so.

    • 5

      You really missed the point Hoopie. Wow. It just flew right over your small minded little head. If this kid is using his leverage as a ‘star recruit’ to get his friends to play with him, he doesn’t need to come to Bama. I mean really, He can’t make that bargain with Saban. Saban has gotten the top linebacker the past two years. This guy isn’t going to make or break Bama. But, in Clemsons eyes, he may. Maybe Auburn would make such a deal to get a big name recruit. And now that we know that this is the game this guy is playing, I am glad he didn’t pick Bama. But I am sure you would welcome into the fambly at Auburn. He seems like he would be such a good fit, if his star rating wasn’t so high. So obfuscate on that for a little while.

      • 6

        Brando, don’t reason with an idiot.

        Hoopie is a turd who can’t sleep at night for realizing Auburn is Saban’s bitch, and will be until he retires.

        Just say 42-14 and move on. Can you remember when Auburn ever beat Alabama by so wide a margin?

    • 9
      Rogue Elephant


      So if Nkemdiche said, “Every damn senior on the team goes with me and the cheerleaders too, or else,” then maybe could you see the point?
      Every graduating high school student on the planet wants to go to college with their buds.
      But Nkemdiche is selling these guys as a package deal and no reputable college football program should let them get away with that.
      Otherwise, there’ll be no end to it and we’ll all end up with the ridiculous example I used above.

      Would have loved to have been a fly on the wall if (when) Nkemdiche pitched this crap to coach Saban.

  5. 11

    I also see that, based on your last sentence, you now have found a new way to say “we didn’t want him anyway”. If that is the case, then why are you writing about him. If that is the case then why was he offered by $aban?

    Once again your redneck brain uses emotion to obfuscate logic. …and I’m sure that amazingly ….none of your small tribe of illiterate $aban crotch sniffer readers will even notice.

    • 12

      How could I possibly expect a neophyte subscribing to the sophomoric antics of Frank Chiznik and his towel waiving posse understand what a program with a firm foundation in authority and true leadership looks like.

      I know it’s not fun to read the whole article, or just too hard. But I think I covered what an outstanding player RN is.

      Don’t worry though Hoopie; I heard the balloon artist just pulled up to the Auburn athletic complex to execute Chiznik’s next bush league shenanigan to gain that edge.

      Did Trooper name the baby of the student he knocked up from Springville after you?

  6. 13

    Hoopie the Hypocrite strikes again!

    An Auburn graduate calling someone else a redneck?!HAHAHAHAHAHA

    You have COWS grazing on your campus, you stupid fucking jagoff. I would pay for my son to go to a technical school before I ever paid for him to go to Auburn University where Old South podunk traditions and FAKE values take precedence over New World foundations and ideas. I know of 2 OLD SOUTH families whose brothers and sisters were engaged in incestuous relationships that graduated from Auburn University. When I brought up to BOTH how backwards this practice was, BOTH families told me “that’s the Spirit of Auburn.” SERIOUSLY??!!

  7. 14

    Ok I gotta make a few points here. #1. Regardless of USM’s excellent 2011 and regardless that Ole Miss has been down for several years – 15 generic universities like USM couldn’t make up 10% of Ole Misses tradition. That being said – #2. There was no call for ITK to cut them down like that. They use to play us closer than most SEC schools and several times they kicked our asses even when Bear was here. They’re damn sure better than UK and Vandy. #3. There’s no way in hell 5 players from 1 HS can start for a major program. So Robby is forcing Dabo to waste a scholly on a player nobody wants, and that’s blackmail. #4. That being said, it was reported that Julio did the same with Robert Lester. But that’s just one man who has turned out to be Natty calibre and has stayed around to help out a lot longer than Julio did. #5. Don’t come on here with your self-righteous horseshit Hoopworm. Your fucking school is a cesspool of gunslinging gangsters. And your dumbass coach attracts them like flys on shit. Dipshit! RTR!

    • 15

      I hear you, but let me offer, Southern Miss played Bama close every year because we were their SEASON each year, and they were just a non-conference game filler on our schedule. We had nothing to gain and everything to lose from playing them every year. Opening up that slot to rotating opposition was more interesting in terms of schedule appeal.

      Even in the probation years they never won, and folks we were the suck a couple of years in that period. If you couldn’t beat Mike Shula….geeze. One year (I think ’04) we only attempted 3 passes, and still won by a couple of TDs.

      Don’t get me wrong, I don’t have a vendetta against Southern Miss, and would really like for Miss State and Ole Miss to play them more often; they are at least a legitimate football program that stands on its own, unlike the B.S. cries from the 8 UAB fans in existence who cry that we should play. USM is at least self-sufficient.

      And I would just offer you the same advice I offered Brando earlier; don’t bother arguing with Hoopie. He doesn’t WANT the truth, so arguing without truth is futile. If he did want the truth he’d have to own up to a whole lot of disappointment that he doesn’t want to face. Any die hard Auburn fan has swallowed so much home-spun B.S. to get to that point that they’ll believe anything.

      If Phillip Marshall tells them their 3rd chair clarinet walk on is “a diamond in the rough with a high motor and huge upside”, they’ll lap it up and never question it. Idiots. All of them. So arguing with them is just silly. Let dumb be dumb.

  8. 16

    Keenan Allen’s mother tried that with Coach Saban and Saban moved on from them And Allen was and is a great player for Cal.

  9. 18

    I agree with you, ITK, but I do enjoy exposing frauds like Hoopie and FBJ for what they are. 2 Auburn fambly’s did tell me incest was OK, though

    • 21

      Any team would LOVE to play in conference USA where they could coast through the conference schedule (that no one ever sees because Conference USA’s TV contract is about as profitable as Enron stock) and focus ALL their efforts on one marquee non-conference opponent and the bowl game.

      If Bama played in C-USA, I swear they would probably win every conference game they played in mine, my children’s and my grandchildren’s lifetimes.

      I mean, I know getting up for UTEP and UAB isn’t hard to do…and heck, when you play Rice you might as well throw out the record books.

      Give me a break, Golden Eagles. You’re the Washington Generals of college football. (Cue the Globtrotters’ theme song….now!)

  10. 22

    West Virginia just scored twice more after RN s comments. And by the way wasn’t t there something going on about one of au s fine recruits getting sent home from the Nike camp due to some behavioral issues?

  11. 23

    The kid announced today that he NEVER gave Dabo an ultimatum. Now ….the kid could be employing spin control OR it could be the truth. If the kid is telling the truth, then here is another example of your opinionated redneck selves jumping all over the rest CFB to try and put them down and make your selves feel better. Classic example of low self esteem defense reactions.

    I won’t bother checking back to see if you apologize to the kid. I already know that you rednecks are capable of such.

    • 24

      Hoopie I guess your cave isn’t internet accessible, as his comments have been more widely communicated throughout the media in the last week than the Travon Martin case. So if we got it wrong, so did every other solitary news outlet reporting the story.

      But I know you think that kind of other worldly occurence is possible: You’re an Auburn fan. Your ilk really thinks Cam passed up $200K to go to Abarn for free.

  12. 25


    You still haven’t answered my questions! Do cows graze on campus at Auburn, AND does the University condone incest?

    • 26
      The Truth

      Does it matter, Auburn is in the state of Alabama where redneck incest is condoned whether you went to or support Auburn or Alabama.

      • 27

        Have you SEEN Duck Dynasty, shot in Monroe, LA? Or Swamp People? Friend, you have no leg to stand on in that argument.

  13. 28

    The Truth,

    Are you SERIOUSLY trying to say that Louisiana AKA SWAMP PEOPLE don’t have incestuous families? Are you really going to tell me the state with the Delta, witchcraft, crawfish, the Waterboy, and armadillos for pets are all Harvard graduates? Any more people from the great state of Louisiana passing out and getting victimized in the French Quarter tonight?

    • 29
      The Truth

      RC, I see you still can’t read or comprehend. I wasn’t trying to say anything about Louisiana, I was stating facts about Alabama rednecks, which you know to be true. Go back to school and learn how to read.

  14. 31

    Hey you stupid Coonass, you have balls to make those remarks coming from a place that glorifies VooDoo, female slavery and incestuous relations out in your putrid swamps. You stupid inbred Corndog. Hey Hoopworm, you opened your mouth and put my dick in it again. Just don’t bite. I don’t want to get A.I.D.S. Dipshit, ITK was just repeating what the National Media was reporting. He doesn’t owe anybody any appology. Besides cocksucker, where are the appologies from the Goddamn Barnshit Fambuhlee from your fucking accusations against Julio & Brent & Cyrus & Trent & Dre’, etc, etc, etc. Don’t ever come over here demanding a fucking appology for anything. Even most of the other recruits at the Opening though he was wrong. One of Bama’s recruits, was it Reuben Foster? Said he would have been shown the door at Alabama. So suck on it Hoopworm – but don’t bite! RTR!

  15. 32

    The TRUTH is TRYING to act like some smart ass lawyer with “I didn’t say that” but inferring it instead. If he had a good education, he would not live in putrid Louisiana

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