Clemson’s Dabo Swinney held hostage by top recruit

The country’s consensus top high school football recruit, Robert Nkemdiche, says Clemson is a “done deal” if they offer another one of his Grayson high school teammates.

Nkemdiche, who already verbally committed to Clemson a month ago, recently told the Atlanta Journal-Constitution “I am waiting on Clemson to offer Ryan (Carter); when that happens, it’s locked … it’s a done deal … it’s over.”

The massive defensive end says he picked Clemson over Alabama, LSU and a laundry list of others because the Tigers already had commitments from his two his Grayson teammates, RB Wayne Gallman and DB David Kamara. Earlier this week former Grayson QB Nick Schuessler gave up his football scholarship to Mississippi State to be a preferred walk-on at Clemson. Nkemdiche has lived with Schuessler’s family at times.

But three teammates aren’t enough for Robert. Now he’s pimping for a fourth.

So who is this Ryan Carter? He’s a 5-foot-10, 175-pound defensive back with scholarship offers from some of the dregs of college football: Ole Miss, Georgia State, Tulane, Arkansas State and Southern Miss.

But don’t let college coaching staff evaluations fool you. Even though their jobs are on the line yearly to find and bring in the best talent they can get, Robert Nkemdiche apparently knows better.

“He’s so hard-nosed,” Nkemdiche said, of Carter. “He comes up and hits anybody. It doesn’t matter how big you are. He will come and hit you. That’s what I like about him. He plays with a high motor and is a great football player … Of course, I’m surprised he doesn’t have more offers. I’m waiting on him to get that offer from Clemson so he can come join the family.”

If Nkemdiche doesn’t make it as a player, sounds like he could step in immediately at

So…if Clemson doesn’t offer Nkemdiche’s little pal?

“If Clemson doesn’t offer Ryan, it would make me look at Ole Miss a little more, it would,” Nkemdiche said. “It’s very important that I have my boys with me.”

You see, Nkemdiche has an older brother currently playing at Ole Miss. Ah, the joys of recruiting elite high school athletes, where they would rather get their way and wither away into nothingness than go to a school that will equip them for a successful future.

Regardless, that banjo music you currently hear playing is coming from the gut of Dabo Swinney. The former Alabama wide receiver and Clemson’s current head coach is being played loud and clear for the nation to hear.

Maybe Clemson is the kind of place that accomodates the selfish, immature whims of high school athletes. But with today’s reformed scholarship limitations set firmly at 25, there is little if any room for error within each class.

In contrast, you can’t help but think back to former Alabama wide receiver Julio Jones’ account of being recruited by Nick Saban.

“He told me, ‘We’re gonna win at Alabama, with or without you.’ And I wanted to be part of that.”

And this after the 2007 season, Saban’s first…well before Alabama’s current reputation of dominance.

Can you imagine Nkemdiche pulling this crap with Coach Saban? I firmly believe the coach would almost enjoy the opportunity to set the young man straight, making this reason #432 Alabama fans are glad he is in Tuscaloosa.

There was a time Bama fans held their breath for the services of Robert Nkemdiche, who in his own right is an outstanding football player who will make an immediate impact wherever he goes. But now, I think we’re all relieved that our coaching staff may have given him reason to look elsewhere.

You don’t negotiate with terrorists…er…18 year olds.

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