SEC SPRING MEETINGS: Alabama coach Nick Saban doing Mike Slive’s dirty work? SEC arrogance starting to show?

With the SEC Spring Meetings underway at the Sandestin Resort, statements by Alabama's Nick Saban and other SEC coaches are getting attention. Has the SEC's football dominance made the conference arrogant? One college football expert seems to think so.

Teddy Greenstein of Total College Sports said Alabama football coach Nick Saban is ‘doing Mike Slive’s dirty work’ with Saban’s statements on the proposed college football playoff. Greenstein said other statements from SEC coaches like Will Mushcamp show the SEC’s arrogance.

Greenstein compares Saban’s comment about some college football leaders being “self-absorbed” and compared it to something Saban said that Greenstein believes was “incredibly self-absorbed.” Greenstein was referring to Saban’s comment that holding a football game in the snow at a Big Ten campus like Wisconsin would be unfair to football players who have never even seen snow. (View Greenstein’s commentary in the above video player or read on for a summary.)

“I think that is symbolic of how self-absorbed Nick Saban is,” Greenstein opined.

Greenstein believes the model most likely to gain approval is a four team playoff with three conference champions and a wildcard.

“The SEC can squawk now, Greenstein said. “The SEC has won six consecutive BCS national titles, but the arrogance is really starting to show.”


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    Hello – what is it about 6 consecutive national championships you aren’t getting, Greenstein? It’s not arrogance if you can back it up.

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      # 1 al. fan

      I’m in total agreement pete4tide!! I would also ask where was his kind when ‘Bear’ Bryant was winning his share of championships and even an occasionally repeat championships. Wonder what they would have to say about that!!! RTR

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    Yeah lets not have the four best teams play it out. Lets have a potential 15th ranked team have a spot in the play-off, and snub a top five team. This would very well happen with continued SEC dominance. Last season, at the end, had LSU, Bama, and Arkansas in the top 5.

    But a plan to cripple a play-off to keep more than one SEC team from getting in is not being self-absorbed at all? Everyone knows the SEC is the toughest conference. But, to be the best, you must beat the best, and trying to cripple the system is just fear of even more SEC dominance.

  3. 4

    As Rick Flair would say… “If you want to be “the man”, you gotta beat “The Man”. Whoooo!”

    Anyone with half a brain can see that this is the Big Ten’s weak attempt to remain relevant on the National Championship scene. They want the conference champ scenerio, because they are scared the top 3 or 4 teams could be in the SEC.

  4. 5

    Well, it all showed up when ‘Bama beat the heck outta’ team that was “The co-champs” of the Big 10 for the first time in 20 years. What was it? 49-7 or something like that.RTR

  5. 6

    Just because the SEC has won 6 in a row doesn’t excuse arrogant behavior. Bear Bryant would be ashamed of you.

    Remember …”classy”. …Of course you Bammers don’t.

    By the way ..there is nothing wrong with Nick’s comment regarding playing in snow.

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      Calling the kettle black again I see… but I think you, along with the big 10, are confusing arrogance and confidence. See, I think Bama has been fortunate to win 2 of the last three NCs. But I am confident, that under Saban, Bama will compete and be in the race every year he is at Bama. The recruiting classes, the NFL pipeline, the offensive and defensive scheme, all those things are proven and would give any fanbase confidence in their team.

      But Auburn, on the other hand, has little reason to be so confident, surely not for the same reasons that I just described to you. So it really is a false confidence. More like the arrogance that you are accusing Bama of having. In my opinion, you Auburn cult members are the most arrogant bunch in the SEC.

  6. 8

    The racist Hoopie strikes again with the namecalling. Ok you hypocrite Barner…how are you now defending white-trash Auburn University?

  7. 9

    The NCAA investigators thought Auburn was extremely arrogant as well. If you’ve noticed, coaches like Luper and Taylor don’t reel in as many as in the past, and I know why

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