SEC SPRING MEETINGS: Alabama coach Nick Saban doing Mike Slive’s dirty work? SEC arrogance starting to show?

Teddy Greenstein of Total College Sports said Alabama football coach Nick Saban is ‘doing Mike Slive’s dirty work’ with Saban’s statements on the proposed college football playoff. Greenstein said other statements from SEC coaches like Will Mushcamp show the SEC’s arrogance.

Greenstein compares Saban’s comment about some college football leaders being “self-absorbed” and compared it to something Saban said that Greenstein believes was “incredibly self-absorbed.” Greenstein was referring to Saban’s comment that holding a football game in the snow at a Big Ten campus like Wisconsin would be unfair to football players who have never even seen snow. (View Greenstein’s commentary in the above video player or read on for a summary.)

“I think that is symbolic of how self-absorbed Nick Saban is,” Greenstein opined.

Greenstein believes the model most likely to gain approval is a four team playoff with three conference champions and a wildcard.

“The SEC can squawk now, Greenstein said. “The SEC has won six consecutive BCS national titles, but the arrogance is really starting to show.”