Commentary: Not shocking, but Auburn fan confused about what is morally corrupt

With a morally corrupt, but exceptionally good football coach, things will only get tougher—Track ‘em Tigers.

Morally corrupt? You must be talking about Auburn an not Alabama coach Nick Saban. See, it was Auburn that hitched its wagon to that piece of crap Cam Newton. You remember him. The guy that was on the verge of being tossed out of Florida for academic fraud (a story yet to be refuted, despite what Auburn liars on the Internet like to say.) That guy was a laptop thief (a story that Auburn liars on the Internet like to spin by saying he wasn’t charged. No kidding Sherlock, he entered a pre-trial diversion program just so he wouldn’t be charged with a crime. See story here.)

Auburn erected a statue to one of the most notorious and disgusting players ever to play college football in the modern era.

Yeah, the morally corrupt one resides in Auburn and not in Tuscaloosa.

But the Auburn nonsense doesn’t end there.

The Track Em Tigers author complains that Auburn did not receive the attention it deserved after the 2010 national championship.


Auburn got what it deserved—public scorn for associating itself with Cam Newton and his daddy.

But the price was more than public scorn.

As the Greek playwright said and was quoted by Paul in 1 Corinthians, “Evil company corrupts good morals.” Alternatively, this proverb works too, “If you lie down with dogs, you will get up with fleas.”

If Auburn wants to look at the culture of its football players it would find more than a little that is morally corrupt. Cam Newton was just the tip of the iceberg if you pay attention to court testimony about what was going on in the lives of Auburn football players.

Morally corrupt? Physician, heal thyself! Track Em Tigers needs to clean up its own morally corrupt program before it tries to smear others.

We won’t hold our breath. Track Em Tigers is all about winning and will ignore the consequences of Auburn’s own morally corrupt choices. Track Em Tigers shouldn’t be shocked when the rest of college football continues to view Auburn as a program under a cloud of suspicion.