Thursday Briefing: Saban on the NFL, motorcycles, Spring Practice & the 2010 and 2012 Alabama Crimson Tide

I had a nice summary of last night’s press conference ready until I lost my notes. Sorry, but I didn’t have time to replicate it. I’ll provide a brief summary since there were many reports filed in today’s papers, but there are a few items worth going over as they provide clues about the 2012 Alabama Crimson Tide.

Alabama Crimson Tide Coach Nick Saban was disappointed in the Monday practice, but happier with the Wednesday effort from his team.

“I thought the players responded very positively today,” Saban said. “They had a little more energy, a little more intensity and a little more enthusiasm about what they were doing. Everybody needs to focus on what they want, and what they want to accomplish, and what they want to achieve individually and collectively.”

Brent Calloway was working at H-Back on a trial basis. Alphonse Taylor was working on the offensive line at guard on a trial basis. Saban put emphasis on trial to see how things go.

“We moved guys from inside linebacker to outside linebacker and we moved Alphonse Taylor to guard,” Saban said. “It’s just a trial; we are just trying him there. We moved Brent Calloway to h-back. We are just trying him there; he did a really good job at linebacker. The decision about where those guys will be playing will be made as we gather information about how they do.”

Some of the last two practice sessions have included work on upcoming opponents for the 2012 season.

Saban declined to compare the differences between the 2012 team and the 2011 team or the 2010 team, but he did offer this important analysis of the 2012 team’s character.

“I think every team has a personality and every team has strengths and weaknesses,” Saban said. “I think this team is completely different from the 2010 team. I think the strengths of this team are different. The character and attitude of this team has been different in, I think, a good way. But, I think there is still a lot this team has to prove in terms of how hungry they are and how willing they are to make the sacrifices we need to make.”

The difference between 2010 and 2012 is a theme we are writing about this week. You can view our opinion about how A.J. McCarron is showing real leadership in this post. Also, we are giving away a book on the Alabama Crimson Tide for comments in that discussion thread. So, check it out.

Saban on motorcycles and danger
Saban was asked about how Alabama coaches and the players handle dangerous activities like motorcycles in the aftermath of Arkansas Coach Bobby Petrino’s motorcycle accident.

“We don’t have a team motorcycle policy,” Saban said.

But he did offer one story from his childhood.

“I love motorcycles and I loved motorcycles as a kid,” Saban said. “I was not allowed to ride a motorcycle when I was a kid, and my best friend Charlie Anderson had a Triumph. I mean that thing was hot. Where my dad’s service station was there was a long straightaway and they used to race there. Every time no one was looking, I’d get on Charlie’s Triumph. So, I took it to my girlfriend’s house and she lived on the side of a curve and water was running across the street and a dog was chasing me down the street. So, I hit the water on the curve and slid out. I didn’t get hurt. It didn’t hurt the bike.

“My dad found out about that. That is the last time I’ve been on a motorcycle because he wore me out.”

Saban wished Bobby Petrino well.

Saban on the NFL, 2010 Alabama team
ESPN’s Mark Schlabach published a story on Alabama and Nick Saban’s future and the 2010 Alabama football team and this year’s squad.

“I had my chances and I’ve had chances since,” Saban told Schlabach. “I think you have to know yourself well enough to know that if I’m happy doing what I’m doing now, why do I need something else? Before as a coach, even when I was at LSU, I went all those years and it was always work hard to get the next opportunity.”

One other important item from this story, Saban talks about the 2010 Alabama football team.

“I thought our 2010 team was one of the most talented teams we’ve ever had,” Saban said. “We did have to replace nine starters on defense and our punter and kicker and all of that. But when you looked at the whole body of players, it was a talented team. We really didn’t have all the right ingredients to be all we could be.”

Alabama Gymnastics
The Alabama Gymnastics team has landed in Seattle to prepare for the regional championship.

Via Twitter, “BamaGymnastics settled in Seattle after yesterday’s travel day. Practice day Friday then UA goes for its 27th NCAA regional title Saturday.”

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