Commentary: Moralizing aside, Arkansas needs Bobby Petrino

Save me the pious pontification on morality. This is college football. This is the world where pieces of crap like Cam Newton (laptop thief, academic fraudster) are celebrated.

This is the world where if you ain’t cheating, then you ain’t trying.

Yet, some members of the press want to tar and feather Bobby Petrino for having an affair with an attractive younger woman.

These Ken Starr-wannabes shouldn’t cast stones.

Arkansas needs Bobby Petrino.

His record speaks for itself. Petrino won 11 games last season and 10 games in 2010. His Razorbacks ranked fifth last season and climbed as high as third.

However, Arkansas football coach Bobby Petrino admitted and apologized for an “inappropriate relationship” after it was revealed a female Arkansas employee was a passenger on his motorcycle the night Petrino crashed.

Arkansas Athletic Director Jeff Long placed Razorback football coach Bobby Petrino on administrative leave while an investigation is conducted into the Petrino situation.

In a prepared statement, Petrino pledged to cooperate with the inquiry.

“I will fully cooperate with the University throughout this process and my hope is to repair my relationships with my family, my Athletic Director, the Razorback Nation and remain the head coach of the Razorbacks,” Petrino said.

There will be tough questions asked during the athletic director’s investigation.

One important question will swirl around the timeline of the “inappropriate relationship” with Jessica Dorrell.

Jessica Dorrell was named Student-Athlete Development Coordinator at Arkansas last week, according to an AP report of March 28, 2012. (Source)

So at some point, Petrino wanted Dorrell working under him.

Petrino apologized for the “inappropriate relationship” in a release to the press.

“Today, I’ve acknowledged this previous inappropriate relationship with my family and those within the athletic department administration. I apologize to my wife, Becky, and our four children, Chancellor (David) Gearhart, Jeff Long, the Board of Trustees, University administration, my coaching staff, student-athletes and the entire state of Arkansas. I have been humbled by the outpouring of concern and get-well wishes. I apologize to the Razorback Nation for the attention my actions have brought to the University of Arkansas and our program.”

Petrino’s apology should be good enough for the University of Arkansas leadership.

After all, Petrino wins football games.

This isn’t the case of an older man preying on a White House intern. This is the case of two consenting adults apparently indulging in pleasurable pursuits.


Big deal.

As long as Bobby Petrino can score on the field with dynamic play calling, why can’t he score off the field?


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  1. 1

    Hahaha, “pieces of crap like Cam Newton”. First off, the “academic fraudster” accusation was not true. Second, all charges against him in the “laptop thief” case were dropped. And third, you prove the class of the Razorback nation! Who cares if our coach is a sleezebag! Who cares if he admits to cheating on his wife with a 25 year old staff member! Who cares if he blatently lies to the athletic department and his bosses! We are winning games!

    Hahaha. Thank you for proving the already inevitable. Arkansas fans like yourself (not all, because I’m sure the majority care about morality more then victory) are classless morons. Woo pig sooie.

  2. 2

    Or Alabama fans like yourself. Even more classless and idiotic. Hahaha, proves the point even more. How’s Harvey doing? I saw your pic with him at the NC!

  3. 3

    “Pieces of crap like Cam Newton?”

    I’m not even a college football fan, and I could smell a trumped up media controversy surrounding him. You need to go fist yourself with a bloody cactus.

  4. 5
    Michael in Portugal

    Sorry. Totally disagree and I’m disappointed by your point of view. What difference is there between this and what happened with Mark Gottfried? Petrino confessed AFTER it was discovered that there was someone else involved. “This is a case of two consenting adults…” One of these adults is married with four children. Wrong is wrong.

  5. 6

    FIRST, BOOBY, EVERY SINGLE ONE of those accusations against Cam Newton were true. He just never faced any of them because he ran like a little puss. NO BACKBONE. I don’t care how great of a player he is now or was at Auburn. NO BACKBONE!! I totally lost respect for AU fans (not that I ever really had any) who supported his and his father’s unethical behavior. Cam didn’t know, my big black ass! I knew of one Auburn fan who no longer donates to AU because of the Cam Newton fiasco, and he has been shunned by the Cult at AU. My source at the NCAA says the secret witness feared for his life and ran for the hills, which is why this never became a bigger case.

    Now, back to Petrino. If he was Auburn’s coach and winning a lot of ball games, they would be making excuses for him as well. Don’t be the typical Auburn hypocrite where you pretend to be self righteous then support immorality when the trash is in your back yard. SEE CAM NEWTON

    • 7
      FBJ Lives

      I am so glad you got that chance to beat on your chest and pretend that anyone in earshot gives a flying shyt what you think. You have to be the biggest blowhard ( what you are actually blowing on I’m not quite sure, but I am pretty sure its fleshy) I ever had the pleasure to come across. You call people names when in fact it is YOU that is a pathetic ass loser that comes in here and spouts on about rape threats and gloryholes at Jim n Nicks and stupid shyt like that. You are probably a greasy haired jagoff with snuff stained teeth that would repulse the skankiest of whores. Don’t be your usual hypocrite self when the trash is in your back yard……and trailer. SEE YOUR ASS I JUST HANDED TO YOU.

  6. 10

    You Barnturds are the dumbest bunch of motherphuckers that were ever hatched out of a yokeless egg. I say hatched because you stupid bastards are like a bunch of Ostriches hiding your phucking heads in the sand. Scam was 100% guilty of academic fraud, and it is in the University of Florida’s records. Yeah the charges on the laptop were dropped. Because he was a minor and it was the first crime he was CAUGHT at. It happened in Florida and there you can have your first serious crime expunged from your record. But I guess to you retarded bastards that means the motherphucker should be cannonized a Saint so you can burn candles and pray to him. Bwaa haww haww! As for Petrino, what he did is between him, what ever God he worships, his family and the Arkansas administration. However, Gottfreid and Dumbose were both fired for the same thing. And how do you justify an adulterer being in a position of example to minors? Nope, it can’t be tolerated. It won’t be tolerated. His ass is history. Bank on it. RTR!

  7. 11

    Where did all these people all of a sudden come from? And as for what CBP did or did not do still has to be shook out. And as far as those who don’t know, I will tell you that young ” stuff” will drive you nuts.RTR

    • 12
      Dr. Thompson

      We already know he lied to police, probably insurance, and his superiors at the University of Arkansas. He lied to the fans and the general public. He lied to his wife. Maybe we don’t know if he did or didn’t have upside-down monkey sex with this young lady, but we know he lied.

  8. 13
    Dr. Thompson

    It happened at Alabama, twice in my lifetime, including one while I was there living in Tuscaloosa.

    Both coaches were fired.

    Alabama fired one of the first conference-championship coaches in the SEC when the BCS was just getting started. Alabama fired a winner.

    I like Petrino. Plus he’s a winner for Arkansas. I don’t want him to get fired. But if he does, it will say everything we need to know about the University of Arkansas and its cultural identity.

    Either you think Petrino is a bad man for lying, cheating and fraud, or you don’t think it matters as much in a world where men take hits that would shatter most of our bones.

    It doesn’t matter. What matters is what the University of Arkansas does about it. It will define them. Right or wrong is incidental.

    That’s what I love about the University of Alabama—-we don’t’ always win, but the culture and the choices and discipline have always been the spirit of the program. Win or lose, at least Alabama has an identity.

    We don’t know what Arkansas will do.

    But we know what Alabama would do.

    And while I don’t necessarily think Alabama would fire Nick Saban for cheating and lying, I don’t think it’s a coincidence he fits so well with Alabama’s identity in the first place (i.e., I don’t worry about Coach Saban cheating on his wife or lying to police).

  9. 14

    Do I smell Bobby Lowder in all this? Is coach chisnik feeling nervous? Is it true the young lady has a family member at the barn ? Has anyone followed jimmy ranes plane?

  10. 15

    newton was not cleared of any wrongdoing u fukkkin douche bag he plead youthful offender status which is admitting you did it but were basically too young and DUMB,hence the academic fraud which DID happen,to know what you were doing!!!!!!!! google the damn police report !!! its public record!!!

  11. 17
    # 1 al. fan

    I don’t know guys, From my view pont I can’t help but believe that the coach at Ark. will be let go. I think he has dug a hole so deep that he will never see daylight again for awhile. Besides the legal troouble he will have with the law and the University, there’s that little matter called ‘family’. He may come out of this smelling like rose, but I can’t help but believe his wife and kids will play a big part in this also, not to mention the lady that was with him, she’s got some issues of her own. I understand that she was engaged to be married to some other guy,…… its gonna get more interesting so sooooowie pig!!!……….. RTR

  12. 18

    It is a business. They will keep him and put more punitive language in the contract. They will take some money. They have him over the barrel. He will show contrition. It is all about money – and don’t forget – it’s Arkansas……..

  13. 19

    Excuse my initial “a-hole douche” comments at the beginning…..I hate Alabama, but y’all also hate Auburn, so it’s mutual. While Petrino was at Auburn, he treated his family lIke shit. His daughter would always talk about how much her dad was an as**ole. She would talk about how he would cheat on her mom. Basically, he’s scum. He might be a good football coach, but as a person, he’s shit. Saban has more morals then Petrino. That’s not a hit on y’all, that’s a hit on scumbag Petrino.

    • 20

      But if he were at Auburn, and winning, the people in charge at Auburn would look over it. They did fly to Louisville and tried to hire him to replace Tuberville. That’s not a hit on you, but a hit on the corrupt board members of Auburn.

  14. 21

    It is a business. That is the bottom line. If Bobby was not winning – you would have the tipsy UAB coach to coach the Hogs. Imagine the possibilities here……..

  15. 22


    You obviously give a shit, dumb ass, you JUST RESPONDED. How are you “handing me my ass?” you’re the 1 crying like a little bitch boy…As far as “glory holes and rape threats” what are u talking about?? I just said me and your girlfriend could have some fun after I kicked your ass at the meeting spot you pussed out of. I would think she would want a real man after I stuffed you in the dumpster. You seem to have an obsession with cocks and glory holes too…That was the 2nd time you have brought that up on your own.

    All you have to do is clean up your own back yard. BTW, not many African-Americans chew dip, and I don’t live in a trailer park. You are the typical Auburn hypocrite

    • 23
      FBJ Lives

      And you are a piece of trash RC. No need to sling the truth away from you, I could care less if you live in a trailer, mansion, or crackhouse. You, plain and simple are nothing more than a piss ant motor mouth who constantly berates and threatens and spouts ad nauseum about something that you plainly know nothing about, even with your FBI and NCAA connections. As for that “meeting” of yours, I told you one time, but maybe you didnt see it or may have forgotten about it, but you need to get down on your knees son and thank your maker I laughed it off for the insecure and online tough guy threat it was. My life is worth a lot more than to throw it away by blowing a hole in some punk bitch’s neck that cant separate reality from the internet….is what I’m trying to tell you. It wouldnt have mattered to me if you were white, black, or Mongolian… might want to check yourself, homie.

  16. 24

    The Arkansas fanbase which is already INbred and shouldn’t even care about an immoral realationship, is now INfighting amongst themselves over the Petrino fiasco. I would judge amazingly the percentage is running about 4:1 to can his ass. Some of them are using Mike Price as a measuring stick for what to do. Tch tch tch! The little head is such a thoughtless bastard when it wakes up. Don’tcha know? RTR!

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