REPORT: Alabama signee Dalvin Tomlinson suffers ‘significant’ knee injury

Alabama signee Dalvin Tomlinson suffered a knee injury, according to reports from Georgia’s Henry Herald and the Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

The injury occurred while playing soccer. In addition, it will require surgery. However, Tomlinson said he should be ready for football season.

According to the Henry Herald, “I’ll be over it by the time the season comes around,” Tomlinson said. “It was pretty shocking.”

There are important notes from the AJC story on Tomlinson’s injury.

First, Tomlinson’s mom “died unexpectedly last summer after a longtime illness.”

Second, “A source from Alabama’s football department confirmed to the AJC that they were aware of the injury and said ‘that doesn’t change anything in terms of him coming.’”

According to, Tomlinson is a 6’2”, 270 lbs. defensive tackle with a 4.9 time in the 40. Tomlinson is from McDonough, Georgia and was ranked the #11 at his position and #11 prospect in the state of Georgia.

It is a sad turn of events for Tomlinson and as the AJC noted about the death of his mother, it has been a rough year. Hopefully, things will improve for the young man and his rehabilitation will go as he hopes.


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      Hmm, you are full of it. This was posted within the hour of when the AJC story was filed Monday, and other outlets like CBS posted the story today.

      Lies are typical of Internet trash.

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          “Capstone Waste of time”… says the idiot who takes the time out his day to read and comment on capstone. I am sure the irony is lost on you.

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    So, wait…what is it.

    Did everyone else have the story 48 hours before this was posted on Monday? Or are you just full of shit? You just admitted the AJC timeline was correct.

    You do know the local paper was published Monday too. Right?

    So, your theory is full of shit. Just like you.

    But please keep coming here. I know you can’t resist.

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    I wonder if the braindead motherphucker has a verifiable source so he can prove the story was out 48 hours earlier? Maybe Tomlinson’s high school newspaper since they were no doubt right there on the spot? Bwaa haww haww! Wonder what it is with this piece of shit that he cares so much about nothing, and he has nothing to do with CR or the University of Alabama anyway. What happened with him Cappy? Did you forget to pull out early? Bwaa haww haww! RTR!

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