UPDATE: Summary of 2012 Changes to Alabama Coach Nick Saban’s Head Coach Employment Contract

Want to know more about Alabama Crimson Tide Coach Nick Saban’s new contract? Here is the summary released by the University of Alabama Trustees:


Summary of 2012 Changes to Saban Head Coach Employment Contract, As Amended

Existing Contract Proposed Contract
Term Through January 31, 2018 Through January 31, 2020

(2 additional years)

Base Salary $225K through January 31, 2015

$245K through January 31, 2018

$245K from February 1, 2012 through January 31, 2020
Longevity Bonus $533,333.33 on February 15, 2012

$566,666.67 on February 15, 2013-18

Rolled into Talent Fee beginning in 2012
Talent Fee 2012-14 $3,975,000

2015-18 $3,955,000

2/1/2012 to 1/31/2013 $5,071,666.67[1]

2/1/2013 to 1/31/2014 $5,121,666.67

2/1/2014 to 1/31/2015 $5,221,666.67

1/31/2015 $5,221,666.67

2/1/2015 to 1/31/2016 $5,321,666.67

2/1/2016 to 1/31/2017 $5,421,666.67

2/1/2017 to 1/31/2018 $5,521,666.67

2/1/2018 to 1/31/2019 $5,621,666.67

2/1/2019 to 1/31/2020 $5,721,666.67





Liquidated Damages

48 months or, after 2/1/2014, remaining contract years to 2018

Lesser of remaining contract term or 48 months

Football Camp

Operated by Coach

Operated by University

Life Insurance

Sum of Longevity Bonuses ($5M)

Not tied to Longevity Bonuses


Awards Bonus

Bryant, AP, AFCA & Walter Camp ($50K)

Add Bowden and similar national COY awards ($50K)

[1]Includes $50K in recognition of Bowden COY Award
[2]Talent Fee amounts represent an increase of $500K, plus the longevity bonus for the relevant year, plus an increase of $100K per year (except between years 1 and 2 due to the addition of the Bowden Award recognition).


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  1. 1

    He isn’t getting paid enough, and since they increased the date, that surely means he is leaving very soon, using Auburn Math™.

    According to the Auburn predictions from 5 years ago, Saban wouldn’t go undefeated (because he never did it before), wouldn’t recruit at a high level, and wouldn’t win a National Championship because he was very over rated as a coach. He would also leave after 3-4 years, for a ‘better’ place to coach.

    And during this time, it has been from the same Auburn fans: Saban over signs too much! Change the rules! Saban gray shirts too much! Change the rules! Saban cusses too much! Saban lies all the time! Saban has no morals! Saban is the devil!

    Do we need any more proof that Bama has hired the right person?

  2. 2

    BB- MM did hire the right person in CNS. When I heard the Saban was comming to Tuscaloosa, I said to meself ” Going to be some changes made now”. And have there ever been. As far as a few bad words comming out of Nicks mouth, those words don’t hold a candle compaired to some things said by older coaches from the past. I know.I been there and done that. RTR

  3. 3

    Yep ..Auburn fans missed the prognostication (based on previous history) regarding Nick Saban.

    As for the Bama fans? …remember “5-19′? Remember ..”the NCAA is gonna burn Auburn?”

    The fact is that both fan bases have idiots like RC that listen to rumor and make ridiculous claims and predictions.

    The question to you Brando is: Are you so narcissistic that you can’t see that? If not, then why did you bring up incorrect auburn fan predictions when commenting on an article regarding the CNS pay changes?

    • 4

      I just called out the facts as the are. Glad I could strike your nerve.

      Chizik was 5-19. One good, lucky, come from behind season doesn’t change that. What is his record besides the 2010 record? As a head coach, Chiziks stats, year by year:
      2007: 3-9
      2008: 2-10
      2009: 8-5
      2010: 14-0
      2011: 8-5
      54% winning record.

      Auburn won in 2010 because they picked up a Florida reject that was being shopped around for money by his dad. Without Cam, 2010 would have been more like 2011 for Auburn. So, yeah, one fluke season from Chizik is nowhere near the consistency that Saban has had for 5 years at Bama.

      I just remembered when Saban was hired, and all the vitriol and hatred coming from Auburn fans like yourself because of it. You guys were coming off of a 5 game iron bowl streak and so full of yourselves. Bragging about Tuberville having a winning record against Saban. My how things have changed. I mean, the very same things LSU fans are saying now, you guys were saying in 2007. Saban has turned all of you into whiners, cursing every move the man makes. Pretty funny if you ask me.

      Keep on crying! We love to see those Auburn tears.

  4. 5



    I’ve already told you countless times that my source at the NCAA told me that the ONLY reason Auburn wasn’t hammered is because he feared for his life and the life of his family. It appears that the Auburn “fambly” is more of a cultish mob family.

    I’m getting tired of correcting you, Hoopie. Does your wife still let the black folk off on MLK Day? YOU DAMN HYPOCRITE

    You and the rest of your ilk has been spreading lies FOR DECADES about my Alma mater. Remember John Thrower?! Another piece of shit.


  5. 6

    Another thing Hoopie:

    That lying sack of shit Cam Newton is responsible for the tainted Title and Chizik’s record. Chizik, the Coward, is going down

    Get the War Eagle Reader to clean up its language on everything UA, and clean up your backyard!

  6. 8

    An Auburn fan calling ppl redneck is funny in and of itself (and hypocritical), but I’M BLACK HOOPIE!! Have you forgotten how you defended your racist behavior a few months ago with “I have black friends” or “my wife gives black ppl MLK day off?”

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