A new and extreme way to get fit

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“From the couch to the finish line in 45 days” is the promise of Spartan Race. Spartan Race is a new way to do fitness that harkens back to the toughness of the ancient Greeks led by the likes of Sparata and its heroes like Leonidas at Thermopylae. Simply put, this an extreme way to get fit and stay fit. It requires “total athleticism, absolute discipline and mental toughness.”

As you get older, many of us are tempted into watching more television, surfing the Internet or other coach potato activities. Even former football players fall into this trap. The Sparta Blog tells the story of former Florida State and Pittsburgh Steelers Herny Ostaszewski who fell into the trap of a sedentary lifestyle, but has found renewed interest with the Spartan Race.

Spartan Races range from the Spartan Sprint, a race of about 3 miles with about 10 obstacles involving trails and mud. These races are run worldwide from Georgia, the Carolinas, Texas, Vancouver and Edinburgh. If you need more of a challenge, then Spartan Races have that with an 8-plus mile Super Spartan run with more mud and obstacles, and a Spartan Beast race run over a 10-12 mile course. There are even 40-plus mile, multi-day events. You can find the athletic challenge of your choice with all these race options.

In true Spartan fashion, the races run rain or shine.

Want an idea of what some of the obstacles look like? The website Spartan Race has plenty of examples with videos of races. There is one right on the front page, so check it out.

If you enjoy running, or need a new way to work out that can be fun and make the most use of the outdoors, then you should check out Spartan Races. You can visit the website Spartan Race and signup and get more information that includes a daily workout that will help you get to that finish line in 45 days. You’ll find encouragement in a weekly newsletter and blog posts at the official Spartan Website.

Doubt you can handle it? Don’t. 300,000 will enter Spartan Races this year. According to the Spartan Race website, 99.9 percent of entrants finish the race.

It is even something the whole family can do with races for the kids. Besides being a great chance to take photographs and spend time with the kids, this makes an interesting opportunity to show your kids how to overcome obstacles and blow past the limitations that we construct for ourselves.

All of this makes a Spartan Race a truly unique sport. If you have more questions about the sport, check out the frequently asked questions section of the website.

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