Auburn’s lunatic fringe displays its hypocrisy

The Never To Yield Foundation is right—all Alabama fans are rude and evil. We are sinners. It is too bad we can’t be model Christians like all those Auburn men and women. Christians like those men of the Auburn Creed on the football team who committed armed robbery (link); or like a coach’s wife who bitched out sports columnist and radio host Paul Finebaum (link); or like the Auburn fans who wanted Finebaum banned from campus because they disagreed with his opinion (link); or like Cecil Newton who shopped his son for cash (link) or Cam Newton who reportedly committed academic fraud at Florida; or all those Auburn men who cheated so often that Auburn has been on NCAA probation more than any other NCAA scofflaw except SMU and Arizona State (see the Cheating Hall of Fame).

Perhaps instead of being bad people, Alabama fans should emulate Auburn fans. You know, Auburn fans like those who threatened to beat Paul Finebaum and spat on him during his visit to the 2009 Iron Bowl. Alabama fans should emulate those Auburn fans that wanted to ban Finebaum from campus in an effort to squelch free speech and differing opinions. Ban different opinions? Sounds great for a university doesn’t it?

Thank God Auburn is here to model correct behavior for the rest of college football. I’m sure Jesus would run his athletic department the same way Auburn men like Pat Dye run things on the Plains.

Auburn is the perfect counterbalance against the Antichrist that is Nick Saban. Auburn’s lunatic fringe attributes all the bad behavior from the likes of Harvey Updyke to Alabama’s football coach.

Here is the difference between Alabama and Auburn—the Updykes are the fringe element of Alabama, but Auburn’s shame comes from football players, coaches wives and fanatics on the Internet that all must have attended Auburn since Auburn has no sidewalk fans.

The Never To Yield Foundation is the problem just as much as any myopic fan. These types of people condemn others while refusing to see their own family problems. In the view of the Auburn lunatic fringe, only Nick Saban and Alabama are evil. They believe Auburn’s poop doesn’t stink.

However, in the real world a balanced view is needed. There are good Alabama fans. There are good Auburn fans. There are despicable people who cheer for both universities.

Sane fans on both sides know it, but Auburn’s lunatic fringe is composed of hypocrites. Hypocrites who prefer to call names than deal with their own internal problems. Hypocrites who prefer to distract themselves from the train wreck that is Auburn recruiting 2012 by name calling.

Hypocrisy truly is what defines the Auburn lunatic fringe.

Or is it delusion?

Either way, nothing will help distract Auburn from the 2011 season, Alabama’s 14th national championship (the ninth of the poll era), and another superb recruiting class from Alabama coach Nick Saban. Enjoy your hypocrisy Never To Yield. It is all you have.


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  1. 1

    Huh? What happened?

    Why this? Why today? I figured there must have been something recent on their site for there to be this kind of message.

    I didn’t see anything—-Did I miss something?

    Also, not that it will necesarily help, but I’ve learned to listen to Coach Saban’s advice and not listen to people like that, and instead focus on what Alabama is doing right (a ton) and what I can do to represent Alabama better. That part’s easy too. Don’t give up, and don’t let them hurt you so bad. You’ve got the Heart of a Champion. Roll Tide.

    • 2
      Toomer's Tree is Dead!

      What about virulent racism (remember the *ubarn fan photographed at the Oxford, Ms klan rally in 2008, the KKK fraternity party, Aubarn bars denying entry to Afridan-Americans, the coach who told Eric Ramsey, “People at Aubarn smile to your face and when you turn your back you’re nothing but a N*****”; the fans who were chanting racial slurs toward our basketball team at the *ubarn arena last season on a LIVE )?

      What about the photograph of the fat-ass, older woman sporting a shirt that reads, “I HATE BAMERS”. Or the dude with manboobs sporting a shirt that read, “F*** BAMA”?

      What about sending death threats to the Updyke family? What about the death threats to Scott Moore and his family? What about the death threats sent to Brent Calloway? TJ Yeldon?

      What about the fans who beat the hell out of Updyke at an Opelika gas station?

      What about hiring PIs to stalk innocent Alabama recruits and attempting to frame them after they couldn’t uncover any dirt?

      What about spreading false rumors claiming Brodie had died in a hunting accident?

      What about the fans who have endlessly celebrated and mocked the deaths of Bear Bryant, PCBama, Shane from Centrepoint, and the Tuscaloosa tornado tragedy? What about the barn fan who uploaded a video of himself urinating on a photo of the late John Mark Stallings?

      What about the fans who plotted attacks on Trent Richardson via car wreck and also took credit for Ingram’s wreck in Huntsville a few weeks ago?

      What about the fans who vandalized Nick Saban’s house? Bear Bryant’s grave? The grass at the Walk of Champions?

      What about the fans who paid Gene Jelks to spread lies about UA?

      Surely these inbreds aren’t true *ubarn men and women? They are the exception, right?

  2. 4

    What a joke. Not even a comparison to your “lunatic fringe.” How in the world are you equating a few guys on the football team that were removed immediately, Cam Newton’s dad talking to Mississippi State, and someone wanting Finebaum banned from Auburn’s campus due to his incessant trolling to Harvey Updyke, the teabagger, and 90% of the rest of your fanbase?

    You made the Never to Yield Foundation’s article look even more correct after this junk.

  3. 6
    B. Patricks

    What IS an Auburn man?

    Is it the Athletic Director, David Housel, likening the University of Alabama to the Nazi party? A regime responsible for the slaughter of millions of people. Is that an Auburn man?

    Is it the man who had the lovely gridiron within Jordan-Hare named after him? Wasn’t it Pat Dye who was forced out in disgrace for cheating? Is that an Auburn man?

    What about Professor Jim Gundlach? When he blew the whistle on Auburn football players receiving preferential treatment in sociology classes, he was threatened and demeaned by those within the University? Is Professor Gundlach an Auburn man, or would a true Auburn man turn a blind eye to cheating?

    How about those who continued to pass James Brooks quarter after quarter? Once the great running back completed his four years and held his Auburn University sheepskin in hand, he couldn’t READ what was written on it. Are they Auburn men?

    I’m not so blind to see that Alabama has it’s share of lunatic “fans” who bring disgrace to the University that I love. The problem for Auburn is that the above mentioned are those who represent the University professionally and have supposedly born allegaince to the a creed that they themselves do not live by.

  4. 11

    sounds like the barners got a booboo so now they want take their ball and go home. I personally would be embarrassed to be part of such a whiny fanbase. Grow a pair aulc, if you dont like getting your ass kicked get up and do something about it, otherwise quit crying, its humiliating

  5. 12

    Many good points above. There are many morons on both sides. I didn’t read but a little of Izzy’s update. As a matter of fact, I just about don’t read his stuff anymore. Period. RTR

  6. 13

    As an Auburn grad who avoided Tuscaloosa till 10 years after graduating I can tell you that from my experience many more Alabama fans are delusional then Auburn fans. I was told not to wear Auburn gear because I might get beat up. Then I went out to the bars in Tuscaloosa and when I told a guy that I went to Auburn he threatened me and got a posse of people to threaten us right out of the bar. Try pulling that in Auburn. It wont happen because other Auburn fans would stand up for the Alabama fans. Funny thing is I was complimenting Alabama’s football team.

    Hate is gonna bring hate back at you and that is what you are seeing. Auburn people are sick of your ignorant fan base. By the way.. why do you call us barners? I do not even remember seeing a barn at Auburn and I was there for 4 years? Is it meant to be the redneck form of an insult? Maybe you should take that Apple phone out of your pocket. A Barner grad is the CEO of that little technology company. Go check it out on Wikipedia, of course the co-founder of Wikipedia is also a barner so in your mind it is probably false. Yellowhammer.. do you talk to people like that in real life? Must be into that weird baby talk fetish stuff?

    • 14

      They are called “Barners” because Auburn U. is an Ag School. Also, if you’ve never seen a barn in Auburn, are you sure you were at the right school? May need to check to make sure you didn’t graduate from the Montgomery campus.

    • 15

      I wouldn’t know about baby talk fetishes, that must have been included in your “esteemed” sociology courses from the barn (hahaha what a joke) or some sort of weirdness you spend half of your trolling time fascinating about. Obviously obsessing with Bama is the other half. Appleceo huh? Are you trying to take some sort of credit for another persons work? Is that your title? Thats what I thought go whine to someone who cares.

    • 16

      You sir are as ignorant in your rant as you portray us Alabama fans to be. First of all, yellowhammer is the state bird…not some word that Alabama fans created. Second, no Auburn fan would stand up for an Alabama fan in a bar. In fact, your wonderful fanbase spat on us members of the Million Dollar Band every year I had to go there, threw the small liquor bottles at us, and vandalized our practice field. Third, your screen name is AppleCEO, but I am quite sure that you aren’t that man and Steve Jobs made that company everything it is/was, not your alumnus. However, I wish him well as CEO even though I do not have an iPhone and never plan on getting one. Last, every fanbase has idiots but Alabama tends to have more simply because we have more fans. And…by the way, I am a graduate of the University of Alabama not that it is required for me to be a fan.

      • 17

        Oops…didn’t see that your yellowhammer comment was meant for a poster. I take back that statement and apologize for the oversight.

        • 18

          BamaGal, he likely had no idea what the yellowhammer is or even why it was made to be the state bird or why it is in rammer jamer or why it is even called rammer jammer or anything to do with Alabama state history. Hes to worried about executive positions and who they are an alumni of. Go figure, I dont get it either.

    • 19

      Jimmy Wales? He got his bachelor’s degree from Auburn and his masters from Alabama. I guess that makes him an Alabama.

      Other “Bammers” include a few Pulitzer Prize winners and Oympic medal winners in multiple events

    • 20
      Toomer's Tree is Dead!

      Nice try, genius, but that barn degree is not the reason Cook is the CEO of Apple, as much as you’d like it to be. Credit that degree to Duke. Aubarn was practically like the community college in his case.

      By the way, Jimmy Wales (co-founder of Wikipedia) ALSO happens to be an Alabama grad AND an Alabama fan:

      Nice try though as I’m sure you could’ve fooled someone on here.

      But if you want to talk prestige, let’s talk how Alabama has consistently outranked *ubarn as a public institution; or how the university continues to expand and the student population continues to boom; or how Alabama owns you academically; etc. etc. etc.

      Why would you avoid T-Town for? It blows that little backwoods prison your third-rate college is located in away. Even your own fans (most of them anyway) will admit T-Town is a far more funner place than cow-town. Nice lie though, because this isn’t like that little town your college is located in: it’s an urban city. A lot of Aubarn fans live here and I always see a lot of Aubarn, LSU, UGA, etc. fans out and about in downtown and on the Strip every weekend.

      Let’s examine the facts here:

      -You can see photos of your very own on-campus barns on *ubarn’s website. It’s obvious you’re a sidewalk fan if you claim to be all *ubarn, yet have never even seen a barn in your very own Mayberry town.

      -Your university houses students in trailer parks

      -Your university endorses rodeos for its backwoods students

      -Aubarn University Mud bash

      -Party in the Sticks

      -There’s roughly four bars in that entire, boring-ass town, and each of them only feature D-list country music bands

      -Your town is equivalent to a modern day Mayberry.

      -How many campuses contain barns, cow pastures, chicken houses, catfish ponds, etc.?

      There’s a reason you’re known as the barn, and you guys constantly play into that stereotype. If you’d actually step foot on that very campus, you’ll see why.

  7. 21

    “As an Auburn grad who avoided Tuscaloosa till 10 years after graduating I can tell you that from my experience many more Alabama fans are delusional then Auburn fans.”

    What a brilliant deduction considering there are more Alabama fans then Auburn fans.

  8. 22

    Auburn exceptions include: Mike McNeil (armed robbery)
    Shaun Kitchens (armed robbery)
    Dakota Mosley (armed robbery)
    Antonio Goodwin (armed robbery)
    Michael Dyer (possession)
    Cecil Newton (attendance at the 2011 BCS CG)
    2004-09 SACS Academic Probation
    Wayne Hall (pay for play)
    Bobby Lowder (Jet-Gate)
    David Housel (Vietnam comparison)
    Eric Ramsey (paid player/whistleblower)
    Pat Dye (pay for play)
    Corky Frost (booster payouts)
    Kevin Porter (pay for play)
    Gene Lorendo (pay for play)
    Ralph “Shug” Jordan (pay for play)
    Doug Barfield (pay for play)
    Red Bamberg (“Every university is guilty.”)
    Sidney Roche (pay for play)
    Carl Voyles (“Alumni better get busy if that’s what they want [pay for play]“)

    • 23

      This list — a sampling of Auburn “exceptions” — was promptly deleted from the NtY website.

      It appears that they have not removed the plank from their own eye yet.

    • 25

      isn’t the above article critical of attempts to quell free speech? now, your’re using hate speech? something seems, well, hypocritical.

    • 26
      The Flash

      I thought a “Raging Homo” was someone who took out his junk in a public place, like a Crystal Burger, an put it all over another man’s face. Maybe that’s just a ” Bama Fan” and not a “Raging Homo”, I could have them confused, but I’m sure you don’t think “there’s anything wrong with that” either, right RC! LMAO

  9. 32

    For a Bama fan to call Auburn cheaters is a joke. Who was the last school on probation? Enjoy the ride with Saban. His history would indicate he will be leaving as soon as someone raises the ante…

    And by the way FeazBlog. It’s “than,” not “then.”. Nice UA education…

    • 33

      The last “school”? Auburn.
      Serious academic probation through 2009.
      The university was close to losing its accreditation from SACS.

      You do know what SACS is, don’t you?
      Or are you an Auburn “exception”.

    • 34

      Typical Auburn response about Saban. Well, he is on his SIXTH year at Bama, with another top 5 recruiting class on the heels of his second National Championship, and a very good start to next years recruiting class. Yep, he will be leaving any day now. Do you feel better? Just keep telling yourself that.

  10. 35

    Even putting Auburn with Alabama in the same comparison as problems is somewhat old. Auburn is Auburn, and Alabama is….to a lesser extent, a nice program, if you attempt to get rid of all the rednecks, jerks, idiots, and small majority of overbearing fans. But that’s not all fans. All of my family (basically) are die-hard bamers. But they won’t teabag a man when he’s sleep. Auburn has their pride, and Alabama has theirs. Don’t keep insulting each other.

    • 36

      No, they simply do things like this: When I said that my mother, afflicted with dementia, is an Alabama graduate, the Auburn-clad health care worker called my 89-year-old mother “just another Updyke.”

      But, I am sure she is an Auburn “exception”.

  11. 37

    Two bammers are currently awaiting criminal prosecution because they had “too much bama in them.” They committed their respective crimes in the name of Alabama football.

    • 38

      And an Auburn/Detroit Lions fan threatened to blow up the Super Dome and was arrested…what’s your point??

  12. 39

    It’s sad that a few people ruin it for everyone. I go to auburn and love it, and all my freinds go to bama. Both schools have their ups and downs, and if I wanted to study law I’d most likely go to bama. Auburn has the better engineering school though.

  13. 43

    Auburn is an AG School? Is that the only subject they teach at Auburn? Ok.. well.. I guess you know better then me. I must be insane to believe what I remember during my 4 years when I attended Auburn. My personal experience was that Auburn was known for more then agriculture. Yellowhammer, you are on a board that discusses college football and you ask me if I am trying to take credit for another persons accomplishments? What exactly are you taking credit for when you talk about a bunch of in shape football players. lol… Joe.. you talk about Auburn notables.. how about Alabama notables? Lets see.. Bernie Maddoff? A thief who stole billions. Do whatever it takes to win and think you are worth more then other people. Sounds to me like a bama fan. LOL

  14. 44

    Bernie Maddoff is NOT a UA Grad. The HOMO Apple CEO is an AU grad who distances himself from AU at every opportunity

  15. 46

    You can’t call Updyke part of the “Alabama fringe” all while Bama fans are asking for his autograph and getting their pictures taken with him on Bourbon Street last month. Or the fact that there is a donation website set up for him where Bama fans donate thousands to him. Of course key figureheads like Sabin are going to denounce Sabin, but the fact of the matter is that he is a hero amongst the Bama fan base. Same goes for the Alabama “teabagger”. Don’t call him an isolated “fringe” when in the video you can see over a dozen Bama fans laughing and watching it all happen, condoning it. The writer of this article calls Auburn “Hypocrites who prefer to call names than deal with their own internal problems”-Isn’t that exactly what your doing by writing this article? hypocrite. Lastly, quit calling us Barners, sure we have a GREAT Ag school but we also have better business, engineering, and veterinary programs then Bama. Oh, and quit saying you have 14 National Titles. Yall do not have 14, more like 9. read this article about it haha pretty ridiculous.

      • 48

        The only list I would say is legitimate, is the list the NCAA has kept since 1869. Alabama is listed as National Champions 18 times. Auburn is listed 3 times. Say what you want, but it is 14 that Bama claims, and they are ALL recognized and legitimate, according to the NCAA. SOme BARNER bloggers opinion don’t count. Sorry.

        And yeah, I guess you are right about Updyke. I won’t be shedding any tears when those trees die. Just because I know that you will be makes me laugh. The teabagger was a dumbass, and got caught. But the Auburn players accused of rape are probably much worse. I would say the 4 Auburn armed robbers are worse as well. So, try to put us all in the same boat, and think what you want. I personally do not care what you think about me or the Bama fanbase.

        I just know that Bama has accomplished way more than Auburn in football, in the past, the present, and will in the future. And that is why you are so mad and hate Bama so much, because deep down in your little cult brain-washed mind, you know it is true.

    • 49

      “Of course key figureheads like Sabin are going to denounce Sabin”


      “Lastly, quit calling us Barners, sure we have a GREAT Ag school, but we are also better at engineering and selling farm animals used for pleasure then Bama. :”

      You’re right, “Boogs” is much more fitting.

    • 50
      Toomer's Tree is Dead!

      Perhaps you should read this article:

      GOT 14? YOU CERTAINLY DON’T! Seriously, read that article, though. It points out the flaws and LIES in the article you posted, and proves why all 14 of Alabama’s titles are legit.

      By the way, did you seriously say you guys had the better business school? Are you on acid? Culverhouse College of Commerce and Business Administration blows *U’s business college out of the water, and it isn’t even close.

      I’ll concede you guys have the better engineering school, but as soon as the engineering and science renovations and quad are complete, UA’s engineering school will be on par with AUs.

      Secondly, Alabama doesn’t offer a veterinary degree. But the UA School of Medicine (in conjunction with the UAB/UAH School of Medicine of course) recently found itself ranked 7th in the top medical school category.

  16. 51

    Once again REALLY, Alabama CLAIMS 14 Nationals, but since the poll era have 9, more than any other school STILL. Notre Dame claims 11, Ohio State CLAIMS 9, ND has been awarded 8, OSU 5. What’s your point? AU ppl are the dirtiest scumbag NCAA violators on the face of the Earth. You guys have every right with 9 NCAA probations to claim that

  17. 52

    I’m an Alabama grad too, and there is not one AU grad or fan that would take up for an Alabama grad/fan in a bar. Get real and stop trying to market Auburn’s trashy University on this website. It’s a waste of time and they’re not worth defending. There are dirt road AU fans too. If their were not, they’d demolish half of Jordan-Hare because football attendance AT ANY school with the exception of GA Tech, Northwestern, Vandy and Ivy League schools are at least 70 pct DIRT ROAD alumni, 10 pct opposing teams fans, and maybe 20 pct actual alumni. AU fans are preaching that same BS that Coach Jirdan pulled out of his ass in the ’70’s as an excuse for Auburn being second-tier to UA athletically. Start showing some integrity, Auburn fans. Demand a clean program, and we will stop investigating and reporting on Auburn

  18. 53

    All those bashing of Auburn while they are putting together an amazing recruiting class.

    No….wait. They’re not. I’m sorry. I got mixed up.

  19. 54

    Aaaah Flash still upset ONE Bama fan sodomized a DRUNK sissy LSU fan. I guess ol Flash thinks all Mexicans are criminal illegal immigrants and all African-Americans like myself eat fried chicken

    • 56
      The Flash

      RC you are the only racist on here with your comments. You don’t know what race I am. African-Americans come in all colors with different ethnic backgrounds. What part of Africa are you from? And are you saying you do not eat fred chicken? I do and watermelon too!

      • 57

        I have never eaten fred chicken. Must be a gay-cajun thing. I know one thing: If you are a LSU fan, then you hate Saban. And if you hate Saban, it is because he is such a great coach and left you guys scorned. I don’t care what color you are Flash, dumbass comes in every shade. And you are several shades of dumbass. Oh yeah, and you are racist as well, it seems like you must have gotten the shit-end of the stick when it comes to genetics.

  20. 58

    I have spent WAY too much time reading the nevertoyield site trying to find what this whole debate is about. I feel like I need a shower, but I never found the article on that site that sparked this thread. Ugh, I wish I hadn’t looked but I couldn’t help myself, someone must have said something bad, I just couldn’t find it.

  21. 59

    Flash is too stupid to see the point. If you classify a fanbase based on a multiple minority of the millions of fans who are not that way, you will most likely categorize different races of people in negative lights based on a few people also. The Capstone Report does not do this. They just point out the complete hypocrisy of other fanbases USING PRINTED MEDIA from that fanbase. We are not projecting the fandom version of racism. We are reporting the hypocrisy in a fair and equitable manner. You don’t believe me? Explain the derogatory terms by so-called Christian Auburn and in Flash’s case, LSU fans on here?

  22. 60
    The Flash

    You mean like these dergatory terms RC

    “FLASH, THE DUMB ASS….. you’re still our bitch”

    Oh wait those derogatory terms are quoted from one of your post aren’t they RC? You racist hypocrite!

  23. 61


    There’s a difference between “derogatory” terms used on RACIST jerks like YOU and “RACIST” remarks FROM backwoods prejudiced people projected on minorities and other groups made by you. You lose this argument based on the decency standard a common person in our society lives by. You’re a trashy piece of shyt. Now that is derogatory

    • 62
      The Flash

      And proves RC, by your own comments, you are no decent person in our society, but we could all tell that by your previous comments.

      Your comments also prove my comments in a previous post, that your national championships and no 1 recruiting classes does not make you better than anyone else nor prove you have any more class than the tree killer or the tea bagger.

      • 63

        Flash preaching about class… that is funny. Say what you want Flash. RC has been right about you. You are a dumbass. You are a crying bitch. You are racist.

        What is funny, but kind of sad, is that Saban has reduced the LSU fans into Auburn fan clones. The hateful criticism from both fan bases directed at Saban makes it pretty obvious that Bamas success really bothers you all. I mean, the man has ANOTHER top recruiting class, 2 NCs in three years, a heisman winner and runner-up, and the best record in college football over the course of the last 4 years. All of that is better than what Auburn and LSU can produce, combined.

        But haters are gonna hate, and the more you hate, the more successful Saban is going to be. The only hope that you guys really have is that Saban retires very soon. The crybaby rule changes aren’t slowing him down enough for your teams to catch up.

        Your responses are basically: Saban be the devil! No morals, no ethics! He is a really bad man!

        He is just a coach, and he is better than Chizik and Miles. Say what you want to about him, but at the end of the day, ‘he aint nothing but a winner.’

  24. 64

    Poor Little Flash,

    his team got spanked in the ass, and now the racist Cajun is trying to preach class. But 21-0, OH what a BLAST!!!21-0

  25. 66

    Flash. One word: scoreboard. You spent 2 months reminding us that s what matters and you were right. Now read it and weep. All your trash-talking baiting comments won t change 21-0. So say whatever you want and we reply scoreboard

    • 67

      Your right Chuch. Take a look at the scoreboard from ’08 up to ’12 and it will tell the story. I believe it is what….’ Bama 99- LSU 69. If I am right that’s 30 point dif. And if one goes back to 2000 and take a look at the scores it is almost the same.From 2000 till ’12 there is still a “Bama better-up on LSU by 35 points. I maybe wrong on this but nevertheless-RTR.

  26. 69

    Bad circular logic, Flash. Any person who projects the actions of a few ppl across an entire fanbase will do the same in more serious matters such as race. You’re a fukin racist, Flash who has no ass

  27. 70
    God hated auburn fans

    God HATES all auburn fans. They are all bad people and deserve the hell and brimstone that awaits them.

  28. 71

    I’m not an Auburn fan. I live in Georgia and pull for the bulldogs. Nonetheless, I can’t stand stuck up Alabama football fans such as yourself. This article is uncalled for, and your a fucking asshole.

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