Tide wins 500th in Coleman; beats the Hogs

In what was a must win game for Anthony Grant’s Alabama Crimson Tide basketball team, Bama ended a four game losing streak to take the 72-66 win in front of a sell-out crowd of 13,145.

Trevor Releford led all scorers with 18 and JaMychal Green added 14 from the bench to lift the Tide over Arkansas. The home team has not lost in the series since 2007.

With the win Alabama improved to 14-7 overall, and 3-4 in SEC play. The win was also Alabama’s 500th win all-time in Coleman Coliseum. Arkansas falls to 15-5, and 3-3.

Bama’s next must-win of the year comes next Saturday as the Ole Miss Rebels come to town for a 7:00pm tip.


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  1. 1

    must win?

    more like “should” win.

    wimp said it best, a good team defends home court and wins three or four on the road in-conference.

    making the tournament will be about grant getting this team to peak at the right time. unfortunately for him, the remaining schedule doesn’t lend to that very well.

    alabama should win easily v. ole piss.

    the mountain to climb begins in auburn.

    losing to carolina proves we can lose to anybody on the road.

    losing to vanderbilt proves we can lose at home too.

    @ auburn. @lsu. florida and tennessee at home. @ arkansas. mississippi state at home.

    this is the mountain to be climbed. then, should a sec basketball miracle happen, i still feel we’ll have to win a couple of sec tournament games to get in.

    and we have to do this with arguably our two best players being an inept, beta male-in-the-paint jamychal green and the drama queen tony mitchell.

    personally, i don’t see it. grant will make the best impression on me to date if he pulls it off.

    if our players could match the talent and effort of our basketball play-by-play announcer, Chris Stewart, we’d be a lock for the Final Four.

    i had to work yesterday so to keep up i had to listen to the game on the radio. i can tell you for a fact Chris makes that a joy for those listening who AREN’T alabama fans.

    late in the game the hogs are making a run and pressing bama defensively. the ball was inbounded to steele and he was trapped by two arky players.

    chris multi-tasked by making the call and screaming at the officials simultaneously, “and steele is DRAGGED AWAY FROM THE BALL!” everyone working around me laughed.

    later in exorting the team on after a turn over he raised his voice to where he could be heard on the court, COME ON GUYS, WE’VE GOT TO TAKE CARE OF THE BALL!”

    guys, Chris is a product of Alabama and he loves Alabama. he is very talented and loves what he does.

    we are sitting on the next Larry Munson, there is no doubt in my mind about it.

    • 2


      think of Munson calling that Trent Richardson run against Ole Miss. you’ve got Chris Stewart.

      Chris had people working around me yesterday who could have cared less about basketball period, much less
      Alabama basketball, listening intently.

      Chris isn’t a diamond-in-the-rough.

      he’s a sparkling stone now. how much longer does he wait, do we wait, before he’s put in his rightful place:

      The Alabama Football booth.

    • 5

      flash, i feel for you, man.

      just a few short years ago we had mike shula as a coach so i haven’t forgotten that feeling.


  2. 6

    An achievement that is noteworthy — number 500th is “special” IMO — just like finebammer said though — we got to start winning some SEC championships — RTR!

    • 10

      Look out! Is this a perverted potty mouth LSU fan that comes over here and calls Bama fans perverted potty mouths? I do believe it is. (Saban gets to you really bad, doesn’t he?)

      • 11
        The Flash

        Hey Brando if you can’t tell that’s someone posing as me, then you either haven’t read many of my post (which I know you have because you’ve replied to most of them) or you really are an idiot gump!

        I guess I answered my own question.

        Who ever it is using my screenname is just another typical teabagging bama fan pervert. LMAO

        • 12

          Was I wrong? A potty mouth perverted LSU fan? No, I think I got it right. It is hard to tell all of you obnoxious LSU fans apart anyways.

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