No split: ‘Bama cleans up as unanimous National Champ

Much talk dominated the college football world over the last month on the possibility of a split National Championship, if the Tide defeated the Tigers in New Orleans.

CBS’s Gary Danielson opined for it. Heck, Tim Brando, a Louisiana native and Les Miles lover, wanted it awarded before the game…and maybe for good reason.

Once the Alabama Crimson Tide got through pimp slapping the Bengal Tigers Monday night, nobody in their right mind would give LSU anything.

Alabama finished the 2011 campaign with a BCS title and 55 of 60 possible AP first-place votes, ending any talk of a split National Championship.

Thus, the Alabama Crimson Tide is your unanimous 2011 BCS and AP National Champion.

Swallow that obnoxious LSU fan, who has reveled in a win you didn’t earn on November 5th, benefitting from Bama miscues.

Suck on that Auburn fan, who enjoyed following up Bama’s 2009 Championship with a suspicious and backdoor title of your own, struggling from behind eight times.

But make no mistake, there were no back doors with this one. Alabama physically man-handled the LSU Tigers, and everyone else on their schedule for that matter. Who knew on November 19th when Jonathan Bryant scored a receiving touchdown for GSU it would be the last offensive touchdown the Tide defense would allow for the season. Alabama only gave up night touchdowns all year. Clemson did that in their bowl game.

The win propelled Alabama head coach Nick Saban into elite company; Saban is now one of only ten head coaches in the history of the game to win three or more titles.

Thanks to Nick Saban, and an endless list of young men who paid the price in the off-season and throughout the 2011 campaign, the Tide is once again on top of the college football world, and the list of those who got processed just got a little longer.

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  1. 1

    OMG I love it!!!! Can anyone add a few more names? There are many,,,,,,, and more 2 come. ROLL TIDE ROLL. Next year with all the top picks ” Bama will roll again. RTR

  2. 3

    the Coach Saban hating mike golic and mike greenberg and their ridiculous purple and gold mardi gras beads yesterday morning on the mike and mike show.

    dan lebatard

    wasn’t it great to see john saunders have to swallow his disgust and interview Coach with a smile last night.

    all the college football hangers-on, who, after dismissing our SEC commissioner’s ideas for change in the BCS system, wailed and moaned about not wanting to see a rematch.

    all processed.

  3. 7

    Congrats for the unanimous championship.

    Bammers (and Walmart T shirts) will say 14 championships and ESPN says 9 Gosh, which should I put stock in.

    The idea of a re-match is why I don’t watch the pros.

    • 9

      Best case scenario for you: Bama has at LEAST 7 more national championships than Auburn.

      And do you realize that in the last 7 years of Saban coaching in college, he has won 3 national championships? Lets see if Auburn can keep up the pace. You just thought Auburn turned it around last season, and now Auburn is at least two years behind in being competitive with Bama again. You hate it, don’t you?

        • 11

          Better step up your ‘crutin then. It damn sure won’t be next year. An off-year Saban defense is still a top 5 defense. Bama’s offense will likely be much better next season than it was this season, if you have been paying attention, you would understand why.

          Dyer is gone, Frazier still isn’t a proven commodity, and Auburn is starting over with new coordinators on both side of the ball. Malzahn recruited spread players, who knows if they continue down that path?

          Even with the losses of starters on Bamas defense, the depth they developed this year with freshmen and sophomores will pay off next season. DePriest, Sunseri, Clinton-Dix all played in every game this year. And played very well. Moseley will be back. Lester will be back. Milner will be back. Jesse Williams, Dial, etc. Don’t mistake next years Bama team for this years Auburn team. Bama has plenty of experienced players to re-load with, unlike Auburn had this season.

          And the year after that, Saban will have another extremely talented veteran defense similar to this years version. Don’t you see the pattern? Every two years Saban develops a strong team like 2009 and this years team. There is a reason for why in the last seven years Saban has coached college football, he has won 3 national championships. I know y’all have been spending a lot of time discussing and convincing yourselves your man Chizik is such a better coach, but just go back and compare the first three seasons of both coaches, and where they had their respective programs after three years.

          Auburn doesn’t have the talent there yet to compete with what Saban has built up at Bama for the past four years.

    • 13

      And still are today. What was the line in ” No Country For Old Men ?” Sure is a mess ain’t it Sheriff ? Some of the LSU fans are calling for CLM’s head. RTR

  4. 14

    You should add a picture of Flash up there…wait, I think you did on that last one! Now that dude said he would be back here win or lose. Where you at Flash?

  5. 15

    Oh what a difference a game makes…. seems over on a rival website they are ready to put ol Miles on the hot seat and maybe even fire him. Those crazy coon ass fans have turned on the coach of the year. My oh my. And us bammers are crazy white trash inbred crazy ass fans. Oh yea Flash I’m gonna talk smack,crazy smack so come take it like a man,you deserve it.ROLL TIDE ROLL!!!

  6. 17

    Well here I am on I-10 between Nawlins and Red Stick going back to the Texas border. Damn, this is a State full of pissed off people. Can’t get no music on the radio cause all the stations are game talking. Funny, nobody thinks LSU could have won under any circumstances, but they all think their coaching staff was totally full of shyt. They all wanted more downfield passing and to give Mr. Pick Six a shot. You can’t blame them. However, LSU is not a passing team and Bama is the best pass defense in the country. You can’t pass when the QB is laying on his ass. One caller on the radio said that the LSU football team is stuck in New Orleans because somebody painted a 50 yardline on the Interstate and they can’t cross it! Bwaa haww haww! Hot Damn! I’m pissed now, cause now I have to change my hat again and I just bought this one a few months ago. Bwaa haww haww! Flash, oh Flash, wherefore art thou o Flash? Bwaa haww haww! RTR!

  7. 19

    Flaggelator and Just A Fag are our resident Coonass Trolls, Flash and Just A Fan. However, I think they may have abandoned the area so I guess we’ll have to repossess it. Bwaa haww haww! RTR!

  8. 21

    Yeah I just want to say to all the Oklahomo State fans that are bitchin’ & complaining that they can just throw it all over us — DON’T LOSE TO IOWA —- this is my middle fingers to Okie St.

    Anyways it was one for the ages,

    Crystal. 14.


  9. 23

    Too funny guys. I’m new to this blog and I wanted to see what the trolls were saying now.
    ROLL TIDE ROLL. #14!!!!!
    keep up your good works Crimsonite and friends.

  10. 24

    Damnit Flash,after all the smack and stats an history you talked you should be on here defending your mighty corndawgs.His mom must be taking it out on him and not letting the mighty Flash play today.

  11. 26
    FBJ Lives

    Yeah, I’m here to give my props also. I gotta admit, the defense I saw last night was without a doubt the best I have ever seen. Glad the crystal stayed in state again.

  12. 27
    The Flash

    Just back from New Orleans and here I am just as I said I would be!

    Congratutlations to the decent Alabama fans, Bama played a good game and McCarron played a great game.

    But just as I thought you bammers are worst winners than you are losers, especially, the biggest asswhole of all the bammers, Crimsonite. Amazing 18 post here and 8 are consumed by me, The Flash, by asking where I am! LMAO!

    I actually met some very nice Alabama fans in New Orleans and enjoyed some good natured fun and intelligent conversations for three days before the game. Obviously none of them post here. But boy did the Alabama asses come out after the game. Why can’t your fan base win with class. You’ve won enough why do you think you have to throw it in everbody faces and act like your entitled! It just make you and Alabama look bad.

    So again congratulations to the Updyke Nation for there 9th national championship. And congatulations on your team being the one game BCS Champions, even if you weren’t good enough to win the SEC Championship for this season, but since LSU did win The SEC Championship I guess that make us TIED in Championships for the year just like we were TIED 1-1 in games played against each other this year. Maybe you should even consider changing your team name from the Crimson Tide to the Crimsion TIED! LMAO

    • 28

      1st game was a FLUKE
      2nd game PROVED IT (21 – 0)

      2011 National Champions

      LSU had a good year, though. Conference Champs….that’s pretty good. I guess you can brag to us about that. Won’t have much of an effect, but you can brag anyways.

    • 29

      Hey Flash, Saban is a better coach than Miles. LSU was fortunate to escape the first game, even though they were outplayed on the field in regulation. Last night LSU was dominated from opening kickoff until the end. I mean really, do you think Miles could EVER hold a Nick Saban Alabama team to under 100 yards? You know the answer to that. The only truly dominating defense you know that you have ever had came when Saban was at LSU. And talk about sore losers! You said LSU was the greatest college team EVER before this game. Did you really buy into all that hyped up bullshit? And come here and try to convince US that it is true? You are the unreasonable fan here. We know Saban is a great coach. You do too. And so far, he has trumped Miles twice when it counted the most. We wouldn’t trade Saban for Miles AT ALL.

      And by the way, Bama isn’t tied for anything. You can have the SEC Championship. Coming back and playing LSU again and beating the shit out of them for the National Championship was well worth the OT loss on November 5th.

      And like I already told you, if Miles lost this game, half your fan base would meltdown and call for him to be fired, and start wishing all over again that Saban never left. How sweet it is seeing it all played out like we told you it would. So get all the insults and weak put downs you have. You really have nothing you can say that can dispute Sabans superiority over Miles. We know you are disgusted and sick over it, and this loss will sting you guys for YEARS to come. Miles possibly won’t be able to recover from the backlash if the expectations fall short next season. And the expectations are going to be so unreal for you guys know. The pressure on Miles will be very high next season, and one slip will be all it will take for the wheels to come off. So, take all that chest beating bravado bullshit you have been dishing out on here for the past 4 months and stick it up your ass, you condescending worthless blowhard.

        • 31

          Of course, he won’t have much of a reply. That much I am sure of. Some backhanded remark and beating his chest after that ass-whoopin Monday night will be comical. So, yeah, I am trolling the troll. He had it coming ya know…

          • 32
            The Flash

            January 10, 2012 at 9:40 pm #

            “Of course, he won’t have much of a reply. That much I am sure of.”

            After that last post of mine I guess your not sure of shyt are you Brando? LMAO

      • 33
        The Flash

        You’re entitled to your opinion Brando, but like the saying goes there like assholes everybody’s got one. But besides just having one you are one. Miles out coached Saban the two games before this one and they are now TIED 3-3 against each other. Saban also had an extra week to prepare for this game because his and your Alabama team wasn’t good enough to play in the SEC Championship game.

        Besides being an bammer asswhole you are also a liar and full of shyt, but that is to be expected from a bammer. First of all I never once said or claimed LSU was the greatest team ever, it was many in the media who said or was claiming that becaues they did beat more ranked teams, most away from home, than any other team in history.

        I give Alabama credit they did beat LSU in the last game, after getting a rematch many believe they didn’t deserve. But because of that one loss, a non biased intelligent college football fan will not try and discredit what LSU accomplished this year. Against a much tougher schedule than Alabama played, LSU still ended up with a better record 13-1 compared to 12-1. They were 1-1 against Alabama and only a biased bama fan would think the Superdome was anywhere near a home game for LSU compared to the advantage bama had in Tuscalooser.

        Besides being the SEC champions, this LSU team also beat the PAC 12 and Rose Bowl Champions and the Big East and Orange Bowl Champions. Besides beating all the same teams Alabama beat by the same or worse margins, LSU also beat the 4th, 17th an 19th ranked teams that Alabama did not play who were better than any other teams Alabama played that LSU did not play and LSU did it on the road. So beat your inbread chest if you want, you are the champions, but that doesn’t take anything away from what this LSU team accomplished this year which is more than what bama accomplished except for the last game.

        Second, I just got through watching the first half of the replay of that game,and as poor as LSU played with as many unforced errors as LSU made in that first half with several false starts that put them at 1st and 15, with a fumbled snap, a defensive offsides., bama was only up 9-0 on three field goals, I would not call that being dominated from the opening kickoff. A team with dominating offense would have easily been up 21 or 28 to nothing on LSU. But I’m sure there’s no convincing a unknowledgable biased bammer who never takes off his crimson glasses to give credit to any other team.

        And you are full of shyt with all your wishfull thinking and more lies about half of the LSU fan base calling for Miles to be fired. NO ONE is calling for Miles to be fired you moron, he just finsished winning the SEC Championship by going undefeated, and winning 13 games for the first time in LSU history against the toughest schedule in America, more than Saban was able to do in 5 years and got his team to the National Championship game. Brando if you keep making stupid statements like that you will come across as dumber than Crimsonite.

        Saban won a rematch in which his players had the revenge factor on their side. But you can’t tell me Bama didn’t have anything to play for last year or on November 5th when Miles out coached Saban and LSU out played Alabama. In any other year bama wouldn’t have even been in this game to have had a second chance.

        Like some, not most, of the bammers I saw on the streets of New Orleans after the game, several of whom I must say got arrested, you Brando are a typical bad winner. So you brando can take that trophy that represents Alabama’s 9th legitimate National Championship and stick it up your ass, but not that even that will make you a better person.

        Now hows that for an answer from someone YOU said would never show back up here if we lost the game? Again proving you don’t know shyt you blowhard Brando! And by the way why don’t you go get your own name rather than using someone elses.

        • 34

          Hahaha 21-0 you whining little bitch! All that talk, and still no trophy. How many excuses can you jam in one post? Your stupid trolling ass has been coming on here for 4 months talking shit, making excuses for Miles, why he is the better coach. And you talk about class and respect like you have some.

          And you haven’t been listening to the LA radio? And domination is a likely term to use when your team can’t pass the 50 yard line until late into the second half. And then proceeded to go backwards. Domination means you had less than 100 yards of total offense, compared to almost 400 for Bama. Domination is one first down in the first half. Bama may not have scored as many points that they should have, but their offense was clearly better than anyone LSU faced before, so head-to-head and the rest of the comparisons to the schedules don’t mean shit, but I understand that is really all you have to hang your hat on this season. Be proud, but Bama is the better team, and Saban is the better coach. And Hunny Bunny got punked. LSU played dirty in the game, with a bunch of thugs. Wow, what an accomplishment to overcome suspensions for drug abuse and felony assault charges, only to get to the end get your ass whooped. Cogratulations on that!

          But really, in the future when people look back at this season, they will remember Bama shutting LSU out and Bama won the National Championship.

          Miles only has the one NC, and Saban has three. In the past 7 years of coaching college, Saban has 3. What has Miles done in comparison to that?

          Spin it like you want, but if LSU won the SEC Championship, and then Bama beat the hell out of the SEC Champion, so what does that make Bama? Any unbiased college football fan knows who the best team in the SEC was this year.

          So, win, lose or draw, you still have no class, you are a TROLL, and have been all season. So, suck it up and quit crying about it. I know it stung to get beat like that after all of your trash talking, and denials of said trash talking.

          But thanks for taking the bait again, fool. I did a great job of pissing you off, which was the sole intention. Tell me I am lying again, and I don’t know what I am talking about. You sure are funny, Flash!

          • 35
            The Flash

            You are full of shyt Brando and are a typical bammer running your mouth after a win. You won one game, we won the other and still had a better season than Alabama. And just so you know I’m not just being biased there are others who are not LSU fans that think the same.

            Read the following.


            PS. You couldn’t piss me off if you wanted to Brando, but I bet that pisses you off! Roll TIED

          • 36

            Keep trying. Bama humiliated LSU in the National Championship game. Digging for links and scouring the internet for hope isn’t going to change that. But it is really fun to watch you hang on anything positive for LSU at this point!

            “I’m not being biased” Bwahaahaha man that shit is funny…
            “There are others who think the same” man my side is hurting from laughing so much.

            What was you said about opinions and you being a asshole? All you need to know is LSUs ‘greatest of all-time’ team got their ass handed to them in such a way that it left no doubt who the best team is. I am sure you read the many articles from ‘unbiased’ people that have said so.

            Bottom line: You lost the National Championship game to the better team. The schedule, who LSU played during the season, none of that mattered in the last game. I told you the pressure was on LSU to win more so than Bama, and you called me a liar. Now you agree with that statement after the fact.

            Show me one article that says LSU is the best team, I can show you ten that says Bama is. But you still trying to convince us that LSU is better than Bama after Monday night? That is Auburn-level insanity right there. Now you know what an Auburn fan feels like getting upstaged by Bama, so I can understand why you can get so crazy.

            P.S. I know I make you mad. You are even in denial about that!

          • 37
            The Flash

            Well quit running your mouth and show me the ten articles Brando, because I just showed you one which said LSU was best team this year. Come on my little bitch show me.

          • 38
            The Flash

            Published on: January 16, 2012 | Written by: Clay Travis

            The LSU fan base is the most entertaining in the SEC. They’re the craziest, drunkest, loudest group of partiers in an SEC that is filled with crazy, drunk, and loud fans. But by and large they also have the best senses of humor in the SEC. Lots of SEC fan bases are incredibly sensitive and insecure — Alabama football and Kentucky basketball fans are the leaders in the insecurity clubhouse — quick to jump to anger in the face of anything other than blatant homerism, nearly incapable of, as a whole, laughing about their team. (There are thousands of exceptions to the overall rule from both these fan bases so stop with those emails.). But after seven years of traveling to games, writing about teams on the Internet, and interacting with fans on a daily basis I have a pretty good sense for the collective fan atmosphere, and LSU fans are the most fun in the SEC.

            Couldn’t have said it better myself!

  13. 41

    I am thinking about all my friends at the Birmingham News – shitting on themselves – about how they might have to leave Auburn out of it’s daily coverage…….

    • 42
      FBJ Lives

      Im sure there will be tidbits of Auburn in there. Bama snagged a sentence or two themselves this time last year.

  14. 43

    Nice Brando everything you just said is so true. BUT wait Flash never said anything luke that or sis he? How sweet it is. LSU nation indeed is ready to throw the hatter to the wolves cause the wool was pulled over their eyes and it indeed does sting now.

  15. 44

    Won’t be long till we will have to rename McFarland Blvd to Saban Street !!!

    How lucky are we to have had the pleasure to have had so many legendary coaches. Lets enjoy the good times !

    • 45
      Darren Franks

      Well put Eagle.I have had a shit eatin grin on my face since” The Nick Saban” took the job at Alabama and it looks like i will keep it for years and years to come. RMFT!!!!!!!!!!

        • 47
          Darren Franks

          FBJ how did you get that a man gets me off from that?Sounds like your the one with dick on the brain.Grow up you retarded ass kid.I guess you are a punk ass auburn fan and if so good luck next year with that 5 and 7 record comming your way and your search for a new head coach.Who knows Gus may come back and pull the Auburn nation outta the dumpster but its almost beyond repair.The only hope the AU nation has is if Cam creates an offspring and in 18 years his grandfather can sell him to Auburn. RTR!!

  16. 48

    Wow. That’s all I have to say about that. ^ I can’t wait to hear the crying when I get on the rig in a few hrs. Its gonna be sweet after hearing how LSU was gonna dismantle Bama in the rematch. Not so fast!!!!! It was Bama who dismantled LSU. And points are points aren’t they? Wasn’t the ot win by a field goal? Maybe that shouldn’t count as a solid win cause it was a field goal. Richardsons touchdown was make believe too I guess. As many times as LSU was in the red zone they should have kicked a field goal or two. Wait! That’s right they never got that close! Excuses excuses! According to Flash he himself sounds like a bammer! With all the excuses and such! Congrats on the SEC championship you guys deserved it but after that “stoning” as Musburgers put it ot was it “mauling”? There were several words used to describe the beatdown handed out. But one thing is for certain for this past season, BAMA is number one and NATIONAL CHAMPIONS!!!!!

  17. 50

    Wait what’s this I just heard? Its some LSU fans here at the heliport. They are bitching about how Miles didn’t put Lee in and that he needs to be fired for not having the team ready and blowing the season. I THINK its the Saban envy talking. It will pass. REAULX TIDE!!!!!!

  18. 51

    Here is the latest of why LSU lost. This coming from purple and gold clad die hard LSU fans. Lee and Miles had words which resulted in Lee cursing Miles out which made Miles not play Lee to teach him a lesson. Wow.

    • 53

      yep. He is gone. Lets have a moment of silence for Flash. His determination to convince himself that Miles was a greater coach than Saban ever could be will not be forgotten. When we think about delusional fans, Flash has set the bar high. Amen.

      • 54
        The Flash

        I’ve not gone anywhere Brando, as much as you wish I would so that I can’t remind everybody of what a little bitch you are. Read my post above and weep. Saban and Miles are now TIED 3-3 and the rubber game is next year. Oh yea LSU and Alabama were TIED in games this year also. Roll TIED!

        • 55

          That is some weak ass shit there, bro. Is that all you got? LSU is the first number one team to get SHUT OUT in the BCS championship. What a record-setting year you had! Oh yeah, since BAMA whipped that ass AFTER you won the SECCG, does that mean Bama gets a share of the SEC Title as well? That is your logic there. We all know who the best team in the SEC for 2011 is. The reasonable LSU fans admit it too.

          • 56
            The Flash

            Yea you wish Brando. Bama is the BCS Champions for the 2011 and I’ve already congratulated them on that accomplishment. But your ONE win does not erase or diminish the 13 that LSU had this year including whipping Bama’s ass on their home field in the Gama of the Century! And yes everybody knows who the best team in the SEC was for 2011 – THE LSU TIGERS and we have the trophy to prove it and in 10 or 15 years when your inbred children are able to read (assuming they learn to read) they will find that fact in the record books. It will not say Alabama. Brando you’re the type of bammer fan that made me start posting over here in the first place and the reason I am not going away just to get under your skin. And don’t say I don’t because what did you do right after winning the National Championship? You came asking for me! LMAO!! You and Crimsonite are my little bitches! YOU and she can’t help but reply to me because you are so full of yourselves! YOU didn’t accomplish shit in your life on January 9th! YOU are still a loser and you prove it everytime you post on here! LMAO

            Have a great day! Go to Wallmart and see your team’s trophy!LOL

        • 57
          The Flash

          13-1 > 12-1

          Doesn’t your coach say it’s the “Process” that counst most? Well the 2011 process of LSU winning more games against better teams in 2011 produced more joy for LSU fans during the year than anything bama accompolished during the year, including tieing up the series between LSU and Bama for the year or the series between Miles and Saban.

          The sad part is the sad part is for Saban is, to most Alabama fans his second title at bama doesn’t mean shyt because it’s still not as many as the Bear won.
          Saban even said it himself “There are no more significant wins and Bama”.

          Would you like to place a wager on next year’s game, Brando?

          • 58

            Glad I can piss you off Flash! Your shit is still weak I see. Just grasping at things. 12-1, 13-1 doesn’t really say much when you were embarrassed in front of the nation on Monday night.

            Saban has won 3 national championships in his last 7 years of coaching college ball. If he keeps up this pace, he can match Bear in just 6 years.

            You are wrong about what most Bama fans think. Sure, we are proud of Bear Bryant and what he accomplished. Anyone would. But we are also proud of Saban and what is has accomplished, they way he has done it, and if he would have lost on Monday night, you wouldn’t hear us wanted to run him off. No wonder he left LSU, there fans are so unreasonable. And the way they are with Miles, they expect him to be as good as Saban every year. Sorry, Miles is no Saban. You said so yourself.

            And now you are wanting to bet. The season hasn’t even started yet, and you are wanting to bet. I will bet that you will still be an excuse making, whining blowhard next season as well.

    • 60

      Nothing but silence from him now. That was some ass-whoopin his team took. I tried to tell him it was going to sting. He was so sure that Miles had turned it around. He had a winning record over Saban, after all. And now the whole state of Louisiana is calling Les a retard, and a lot of them want him to leave. I do believe this is likely the beginning of the end for ol Les. No wonder Saban was ready to leave LSU. He wins them a National Championship, has an off year, and the crazy LSU fans start bitching and complaining about his coaching. Ol Flash can say what he wants, but Bama fans aren’t as fickle as those sensitive LSU fans are. Now they ALL know which coach is better. They still talk about Sabans LSU days and try to compare his Bama days. He has done MUCH better at Bama than LSU, and looks to continue on for the near future. Don’t you know that they all wish they could get him back at LSU, and would drop Miles in a heartbeat if they thought Saban would come back.

  19. 62

    That phucking novel the flaggelator posted above has got to be the funniest damn thing I’ve ever read. The poor motherphucker has lost it. He needs to be deposited in Bryce Institute and shot up with some heavy doses of Thorazine. What a Gawddamn fantasy trip! Everything he posted is pure bullshit and a hallucenogenically induced fantasy. If he needs to be awakened to the utter truth, I have Tuesday mornings New Orleans and Baton Rouge newspapers. I can scan and post them so the POS can see what his own State had to say about the game. It ‘aint pretty. I’m not even going to get into a dumbass statistical argument here. And LSWho did not play a bad game in which OSU could have beat them 35-0. LSU ran into the refined version of what they ran into Nov 5th, and it just simply stomped the shyt out of them and made them look bad. The simple fact is that in the first and only game of its kind that will ever be played, when LSWho had a chance to rewrite history, Alabama grabbed the bastards by the balls and (cont).

    • 63
      The Flash

      We know you have Adult ADD Crimsonite, and I didn’t expect you to read my response because I didn’t think you could read anyway. The only person grabbing people by the balls is probably you, you redneck inbred pervert.

  20. 64

    (cont) humiliated the shyt out of them in front of the whole nation. We made them look like a bunch of left footed stumblebums while we ripped their National Championship away from them. Even the close mouthed Saban relented and said this was sweeter. There will never be a game like this again, and the Corndogs will never live it down. They will suffer in enfamy. Phuck LSWhos offensive excuses. Did you see our offense with all the mis-direction and motion. Even putting Richardson at Wide Receiver! LSWho’s vaunted D didn’t know whether to shyt or go blind. Like McEwain said “They certainly know where Richardson is, now lets see if they can find everybody else!” Those perfect down field passes by Mccarron could not have been thrown better by Luck or RGIII. Those amazing catches by Hanks an Norwood right through the coverage by Horny Bastard were better than OSU’s Blackmon. Did you know that Hanks and Norwood pointed to Mathieu and told him they were coming on every one of those plays! Bwaa haww haww! RTR!

  21. 65

    Have ya’ll read the article on Ohio States ex coach John Cooper? What a lying, dirtbag, sour grapes piece of shyt! I wish with all my heart I could find that son of a bitch alone somewhere so I can beat the shyt out of him. By the way we are looking at some fantastic offensive coordinators, but every time I think of Jim McEwain leaving it makes me want to cry. 48-6 in this day against SEC defenses and the rest of the county’s offenses, 5 SEC losses in 4 years and 2 National Championships. Good luck Jim, we love you and I will be pulling for you and Colorado St. to do big things in the MWC. RTR! By the way, I think it’s hillarious that Boise’s Pease accepted the Florida job without even keeping his appointment to meet with Saban. Going to Florida’s train wreck instead of the reining dynasty is insane. Now he will get to be Bama’s Bitch!

  22. 66

    Yeah, I saw what old ex-coach said. Read some of the moments that were said about his sorry butt,also. Got fired because his Ohio teams could not beat Michigan. And only had two wins over SEC teams out of…what sixteen trys. He just does not like the SEC teams. RTR

  23. 67

    Yes the LSU faithful are angry and I love it.My shit talk has these fools out here on this oil rig ready to throw knuckles and I love it. One guy was shit talking Saban rambling some spew about Saban chasing money and that Saban had no character.I replied ” but he had plenty of character when he coached LSU though,right?” There are excuses a plenty and I love it.ROLL TIDE!

  24. 68
    The Flash

    Yea Fat_Die you are probably being a typical bammer shyt talking winner who doesn’t know how to act like he’s been there before. Dumb roustabout. Roll TIED

  25. 69
    The Flash

    Published on: January 16, 2012 | Written by: Clay Travis

    The LSU fan base is the most entertaining in the SEC. They’re the craziest, drunkest, loudest group of partiers in an SEC that is filled with crazy, drunk, and loud fans. But by and large they also have the best senses of humor in the SEC. Lots of SEC fan bases are incredibly sensitive and insecure — Alabama football and Kentucky basketball fans are the leaders in the insecurity clubhouse — quick to jump to anger in the face of anything other than blatant homerism, nearly incapable of, as a whole, laughing about their team. (There are thousands of exceptions to the overall rule from both these fan bases so stop with those emails.). But after seven years of traveling to games, writing about teams on the Internet, and interacting with fans on a daily basis I have a pretty good sense for the collective fan atmosphere, and LSU fans are the most fun in the SEC.

    • 70

      You lost me at “Written by: Clay Travis”

      Who happens to be a VOL homer. Do you really think Bama fans really care what the numerous rival fan bases think of us? Of course not, thats why y’all hate us so much. There is not another school who can brag about having a coach like Bear Bryant who won 6 national championships at Bama. There is not another school in the SEC that can brag about having a coach who has won 3 BCS Championships, either. And you all just hate us for that.

      Right now, if you look on the LSU fan sites, listen to the LSU radio stations, you can here the butt hurt and finger pointing going on. We are all laughing at LSU and their fan base right now. That humiliation will linger with you guys for years to come. The most neurotic fan base this side of Auburn has become LSU since Saban has been at Bama, and that is the truth.

      Keep crying ‘my little bitch’, your tears and whining is entertainment for all of us Bama fans! You can’t say anything, you can’t find a link or article that will alleviate your pain from Monday night. By you do keep trying, I give you that. 21-0 ‘my little bitch’. Now come at me again.

  26. 71
    The Flash

    Let’s me use your own argument to prove who and what you are and what everyone outside of bama thinks of your fan base.

    You ask if Bama fans really care what numerous rival fan bases think of you, well answer this do you think Hitler, Osama Bin Laden, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad or Charles Manson really care what other people think of them?

    Yes you can read or listen to the LSU fan sites or radion stations all you want and what you will hear is fans looking for the cause of the LSU team that we saw all year not showing up. Yes Bama played a good game, and McCarron played a great game, his best ever, but if you think you beat LSU at its best, you are only lieing to yourself or our crimson glasses are so thick (probably a lot like your real ones) that you can’t see through them.

    So there my little bitch, and you personally Brando will always be a little bitch no matter how many championships bama wins, I came at you again! Not bad for somebody your dumb ass said countless times would never show up here again, right?!?

    • 72

      We know you care about what we think of Miles. That is the funny (or insane) part of what you do.

      So, you think LSU beat Bama at its best on November 5th? You are lying to yourself, or your LSU tranny make-up you wear so much is affecting your brain.

      If you can’t play your best in the National Championship game, that doesn’t say much for your coach. You are telling me that LSU wasn’t at their best. And the LSU fan base is looking for answers. Here is the truth:

      LSU’s players, coaches and fans got all caught up in the media talking about how they were the best team EVER, and all of you bought into the mentality that the game was already won. The coaches were overconfident that the game plan of running the option would be enough to win. The players were saying that Bama didn’t even deserve to be there. And the fans, especially you and Just a Fan were coming on here daily, with some article or quote from some media person, trying to convince us that the game was already won.

      So, if you are looking for answers, you already know the truth. Miles got out coached on the biggest stage against the coach he will be forever measured against. The irony is just beautiful.

  27. 73
    The Flash

    And for your information the bear is dead and rotting in the gound and now your trying to claim Saban championship at LSU for bama! You bammers really are self involved and delusional.

    • 74

      We know the Bear is dead. Has been for over 30 years. I didn’t claim Sabans LSU championship for Bama. I claimed it for Saban. He is the only coach to have won three of them you know. It is funny how Bama has won 3 more National Championships since the Bear, and will likely win more with Saban as the coach. What is his average now? In the past seven years of coaching college ball, 3 National Championships? Pretty remarkable feat.

      Last 4 years for LSU: 31-12 with 0 National Championships
      Last 4 years for Bama: 48-6 with 2 National Championships

      And you are saying WE are delusional? Dude, you keep coming at me, just to get bitch slapped AGAIN. Take your time, regain your composure, and come on back for some more now, okay?

  28. 75

    Late on this one Bando but for all the “Bama “haters” all they have to do is Google Bleacher Report /Championships or Official NCAA Division I Football Record Book and see just how it was did. Can anyone remerber the times The Birmingham News picked the high schools in Alabama for # one thru whatever in each class? Go ‘Bama go!!!

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