No split: ‘Bama cleans up as unanimous National Champ

Much talk dominated the college football world over the last month on the possibility of a split National Championship, if the Tide defeated the Tigers in New Orleans.

CBS’s Gary Danielson opined for it. Heck, Tim Brando, a Louisiana native and Les Miles lover, wanted it awarded before the game…and maybe for good reason.

Once the Alabama Crimson Tide got through pimp slapping the Bengal Tigers Monday night, nobody in their right mind would give LSU anything.

Alabama finished the 2011 campaign with a BCS title and 55 of 60 possible AP first-place votes, ending any talk of a split National Championship.

Thus, the Alabama Crimson Tide is your unanimous 2011 BCS and AP National Champion.

Swallow that obnoxious LSU fan, who has reveled in a win you didn’t earn on November 5th, benefitting from Bama miscues.

Suck on that Auburn fan, who enjoyed following up Bama’s 2009 Championship with a suspicious and backdoor title of your own, struggling from behind eight times.

But make no mistake, there were no back doors with this one. Alabama physically man-handled the LSU Tigers, and everyone else on their schedule for that matter. Who knew on November 19th when Jonathan Bryant scored a receiving touchdown for GSU it would be the last offensive touchdown the Tide defense would allow for the season. Alabama only gave up night touchdowns all year. Clemson did that in their bowl game.

The win propelled Alabama head coach Nick Saban into elite company; Saban is now one of only ten head coaches in the history of the game to win three or more titles.

Thanks to Nick Saban, and an endless list of young men who paid the price in the off-season and throughout the 2011 campaign, the Tide is once again on top of the college football world, and the list of those who got processed just got a little longer.

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