BCS Championship Picks: Alabama-LSU rematch to be ‘hell of a football game’

Will the national champion be Alabama or LSU? Why is Alabama a one-point favorite over LSU? Will the game be over or under? See what one analyst thinks and then share your thoughts on the BCS National Championship Game.

Total College Sports analyst Sean Salisbury gets us started with predictions in the above embedded video with his prediction for the BCS National Championship Game pitting #1 LSU against #2 Alabama. (Note the video cannot be viewed on some mobile platforms. See below for a quick summary of the predictions and discussion.)

“These two teams earned the right to be here,” Salisbury said.

“This is going to be one hell of a football game,” he said.

Salisbury is intrigued by the fact that the Alabama Crimson Tide has moved into the favorite position by about one point (and more at some offshore locations.) Salisbury wonders if Vegas knows something that he doesn’t. (A quick thought from me: Perhaps, they saw Alabama’s offense leave 10-14 points on the field in the first game? Or, maybe they trust Alabama coach Nick Saban more than LSU coach Les Miles? In any case, it is an interesting to see a team that defeated its opponent as a slight underdog in the rematch, and it adds one additional layer of drama to the game.)

Salisbury picks LSU to win over Alabama. He cites LSU’s defense is better than Alabama’s offense because he believes Alabama’s offense cannot throw the ball as well as needed.

Salisbury picks the over in the BCS Championship Game believing that both Alabama and LSU should produce more than in the first game in Tuscaloosa.

So, what are your predictions? Share them and talk about why Alabama or LSU will win the national title.


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      Ahh… to savor the Auburn hate in the face of Bama playing for yet another National Championship. They really don’t pay Saban enough.

      Hows that rebuilding at Auburn going anyways? That all sure fell apart about as quick as it came, and yet Alabama is still recruiting at the highest level, coaching at the highest level, and beating the crap out of just about everyone they play. How will Auburn ever keep up, if they can’t recruit or keep coaches in place? The future is still very bright at Bama. Auburn? Well, they have a lot to do to catch up with Bama at this point. So I guess all you have is what Auburn fans have done for generations: Hate Bama because they are always so much better than you.

  1. 4

    With all the time these 2 teams had to prepare I think we are gonna see a different game tonight. Its gonna be a close one.Bama 17 LSU 14 . ROLL TIDE!

  2. 5

    At the moment things have changed since last night. I think every Louisiana resident in New Orleans is wearing Purple and Gold today. There are probably several ways you can can look at this. 1. A lot of Bama fans are still in their hotel rooms slugging off their hangovers from last night and resting up for the long night ahead. 2. You can see from the way they are dressed that 60% of the people in Purple or Gold not only won’t be going to the game, they probably never even finished high school. 3. This is also Carnival week and Purple and Gold are the major colors of Carnival so it is normal for New Orleans to be dressed like that for this week. However, we are well represented. Hoo Ya! After waiting three millenium the day is finally here. Suck a big one Corndogs! RTR!

  3. 7

    It’s a crazy phucking place here. There’s gonna be a lot of empty balcony’s tonight if Bama wins. They may have to institute Martial Law. Son of a bitch! I just saw Harvey Updyke. He’s dressed in a crimson shift like a phucking Hare Chrishna and has an elephant hat on. Got a photo. Hell yes gonna win for sure after he poisons Mike! Uuuhhhggg! One too many hurricanes and margaritas. That phucking fishbowl was the last straw. One of the best looking strippers on Burbon Street is from Huntsville, Al. – the smartest city in the USA! Figures. Never enough sweeties in the street showing off their tits for beads thrown from the balcony’s. Wooooo eeeeee! Damn, ya’ll should be here. Phucking Corndogs are way too overconfident considering the Nov 5th game. Hope they lock up the razor blades and bullets after midnight! Bwaa haww haww! Dudes- this is a once in a lifetime experience. Whatever the cost – it’s worth it! RTR!

  4. 8
    Auburn Grad

    This Bammer team couldn’t hold a candle to last year’s Auburn team. Cam Would have carved up that Bama defense like a pumpkin. Sit and spin on that, assholes

    • 9

      That was LAST year, forget SCAM. That was the best year Auburns had in a long time. When you’ve one 13 national championships and not 2 ..then you can talk to me 😉

      • 10

        Oh and btw pretty sure we made up for our lost this year..42-14..so when you beat us by that much then you have room to talk. ROLL TIDE!!!!!

        • 11

          and one more thing..there is a reason the state of Alabama is called Alabama and not Auburn. Auburn will ALWAYS be the red-headed step child of our state. You’re just jealous cause Auburn will NEVER be Alabama.

    • 12

      Awww look at the Aubie living in the past. 45-14, asshole. The amazing Cam and Auburn won by 1-point. I guess you will be living on that for a long time, because it will be a while before Auburn is relevant in the national championship again.

  5. 13

    As an LSU fan living in Bama it never ceases to amaze me all the hatred shown by Alabama fans. Their name calling and excuses for loosing. Whether LSU wins or loses I will still wear my Purple and Gold all year long in the heart of Bama country. Good luck to both teams and all players. I want to see a good game this time.

    GEAUX TIGERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. 14

    Nolabear66 you are a true retard. You phuckers started this shyt when Saban came here. What’s more, it’s not us trolling Corndog sites and flaming. It’s not us throwing cups of piss on your fans from the top of the stands. It’s not Bryant Denny where the home fans get drunk and act like criminal pieces of shyt. You need to go peddle your dumbass opinions somewhere where the fans are retarded. Auburn Grad, you are completely irrelervant. Your moment has come and gone for 50 more years. If Bama had been healthy and played like they did against Mich St you wouldn’t have last years Crystal. Nobody except Ohio St’s last Nat Champ lucked out and won more games they didn’t deserve too. You won last year because it was the worst year for quality football teams that I can remember in my lifetime. Go phuck yourself. RTR!

  7. 18

    But But But But But, LSU is the SEC’s dominant team! Bwaa haww haww! Tell you what Corndogs, if you come back and win against our defense I’ll personally anoint you king! RTR!

  8. 24

    The tears of the honeybadger…… so sweet.Give is some stats Flash we want to hear them. And the LSU fans booing their man Jefferson real classy. Seems the LSU fanbase is not what you trolls claim them to be. GOOD GAME LSU! ROLL TIDE ROLL!

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      Darren Franks

      Complete and total domination for the Tide. RTR!!!!!!! No question who is number 1.The better team lost the first game and then proved who the boss is in the second game

  9. 27

    All that talk, all those stats, all that beating your chest over how Les Miles is so much better than Saban…
    What did it all mean in the end?

    This time, LSU was fortunate it wasn’t 45-0. When it counted the most. So for all the talk that LSU was potentially the greatest team ever, what does that mean for Bama now? Bama beat down, shut out, and curb stomped them, and made their asses quit. So f*ck you Flash. Bama is the National Champions. Period. No split title. You were dominated in your home state, humiliated on national TV. Hunny Bunny got picked on, beat, and no punt return at all. Bama’s kicker even got redemption and beat you with his kicks as well this time. Complete domination of ‘the greatest team ever’.

  10. 31

    Miles got out coached players got out played. SHUT DOWN in all and every aspect of the game. Even the gatorade dump looked better. Sweet victory. And where is my dawg Crimsonite? I need to read some drunk ranting right about now!! ROLL TIDE!

  11. 32

    Most of the French Quarter is deserted for the most part, but Burbon St is phucking wall to wall. I’m just flat wore out fighting for a inch of breathing space. It’s 1am and every restaurant is backed up halfway down the blocks. Oh, and by the way 95% of these 10’s of thousands of people are dressed in Red and White! Looks like Bryant Denny at a Spring football game. I told ya’ll before November 5th that this was gonna happen. Wasn’t my fault they decided to screw the pooch the first time. Flaggelator and Just A Fag are probably in a closet somewhere comforting each other. RTR!

  12. 33

    And Ha Ha Ha Salisbury is Corso’s twin. What a joke along with a dumd azz or 2. He should have stuck that tiggers mouth over his head and face. He don’t know crap. RTR

  13. 37

    One more thing- Anything can happen-We all know that. But when Corso put that Tigger head on for some reason I knew th TIDE would win. I just had a feeling. And the TIDE did roll.

  14. 38

    Flaggelator has turned into a sore losing piece of shit, Hurts like a motherphucker doesn’t it, Corndog asshole! As for my original 34-6 prediction, the truth is this 21-0 was much, much worse. RTR!

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