This year’s championship game shaping up like 1992’s

They say that history has a way of repeating itself. And when it comes to this year’s BCS National Championship game, you may want to scratch the date off of the game and etch in “1992”.

The University of Alabama enters Monday night’s game slated at #2 in the country, behind this year’s version of the Miami Hurricanes, #1 LSU.

Like their sleazy brothers from the late 80’s and early 90’s, LSU players are helping themselves to all the cameras and microphones the national media offers them. And like the Hurricanes, LSU is running their mouths this side of kick-off.

“Traditionally it’s been the conference champions that should be in,” said Tiger offensive guard Will Blackwell. “We really didn’t feel like they (Alabama) earned their spot in the game.”

Morris Claiborne echoed similar sentiments in interviews as well.

The coaches are saying the right things, but you get the feeling the Bengal Tigers aren’t giving the Tide their due.

Some members of the media sure aren’t, like in 1992 when Corky Simpson was the lone media member who believed from way out in Arizona, it’s harder to find someone who will sign their name beside the prediction of a Tide win.

Leading the charge of the detractors is Tim Brando, the slimey attention whore who loves the sound of his own voice more than life itself. Brando has become a caricature of himself in recent years due to his incessant, insane babbling over Boise State and his disdain for the BCS system.

The Louisiana resident has become transparent through the years, trading the integrity someone with a microphone should have for the personal agendas he’s constantly trying to pimp on the air.

But from sea to shining sea, it’s becoming harder and harder to find someone who will say Alabama can and will win this game, and I’m really not sure why.

The November 5th match-up was the only game that looked that way on either team’s schedule. LSU demolished everyone in their path in 2011, but so did Alabama.

The game was decided by field goals because neither team could find the endzone. The difference was, Alabama’s field goal attempts came from the shadows of Denny Chimes, whereas on every attempt LSU’s kicker was planting his foot on or inside the Alabama 20.

Another difference was Alabama quarterback AJ McCarron had not “been there” before, having his worst game of the year. How much advantage will it be that he’s seen the Tigers at game speed and now knows what to anticipate?

But let me drop some knowledge on you: If Josh Chapman doesn’t get flagged for a block in the back on Mark Barron’s interception return to the five yard line, or if Michael Williams comes down with the pass that if thrown 1/100th of a second sooner is a completion, if not a touchdown, the world is talking about how Bama demolished Mark Richt in Atlanta and is poised for its second BCS National Championship in three years under Nick Saban.

The rematch may have still happened, but the open agendas and Alabama fatigue aren’t hitting the airwaves as early and often as you’re hearing them.

It’s just painfully obvious to everyone without an agenda that Alabama has every reason to believe it can and will hoist the Crystal football late Monday night.

And, for that reason, truth be known, the Alabama head coach everyone fears and loves to hate will enjoy the win even more.

I know this Bama fan will. Just like I did in the same city, on the same field, in 1992.

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    You can think what you want too. Personally I don’t give a shyt what you think. But on Nov 5th the 6 points LSU scored were all they were going to score. Meanwhile if Bama had not made a seasons worth of mistakes they could have scored 25 or 30 points. I’m not saying this will be a spread offense type performance, but Bama could very well make it a disaster for LSU. If the Corndogs allow Bama to jump on them early like Arky and Georgia, their ass will be grass. There will not be any comeback against Bama’s defense like there was in those two games. That’s all I’m gonna say on the matter. RTR!

    • 3
      The Flash

      LMAO! As stupid as what you did say is, I guess its a good thing “That’s all you’re gonna say on the matter”!

      The less you say Crimsonite the less you make an ass out of yourself and the less you have to possibily eat later!

      • 4
        The Flash

        If you really believe bama didn’t score 25 or 30 points becaues they “made a seasons worth of mistakes” ask youself this: Why did they pick the game of the century against LSU, the best team on their schedule, to make a seasons worth of mistakes? Presure? They don’t play well on the big stage? If not those excuses, what’s yours? Based on your comments I know you sure as hell won’t give the opponent any credit for those mistakes and you assume they played a perfect game.

        Your blind bias makes you look ignorant to the rest of the world.

        • 5

          No excuses. LSU did win the game. A win is a win. But fools like you fail to realize how LSU just barely did enough to win. It is YOUR bias that makes you a fool. Like ITK said, a fraction of a second on a fluke play, and there would be no overtime. The points Bama left on the field were more on Bama than anything caused by LSU. If anything, Bama proved that they have the defense to shut down LSUs offense. Can LSUs defense stop Bama’s offense enough to squeak by again? Can LSU afford to give Bama’s offense they same amount of scoring opportunities and expect the same result? Richardson had 192 yards by himself against that mighty LSU defense. Points were scarce in the first game, both ways, but Bama moved the ball better than LSU. But the difference in the game was just one fluke play that could have went either way. Like a coin toss, a 50-50 decision that could have easily went the other way. LSU won the game over a close play decided by just a fraction of a second, otherwise they were outplayed on both sides of the ball. And when the players are trash talking from LSU, to me that just says they are scared to play Bama again. Just like you are, if you want to admit the truth. But don’t think Bamas players are going to play scared. This is their rare opportunity for a second chance to rectify a game lost on a fluke play on an otherwise outstanding football season. And when Bama beats LSU for all the marbles, we will all know who the best team in the country is without any doubt, once and for all.

  2. 6

    Must be a bitch to belong to another SEC fanbase. The hate, jealousy, fear and obsession keeps these poor phuckers up monitoring our team sites 24/7. They just sit there watching their computer or cell phone screens hoping and praying for a post to jump on and flame. Must be a hell of a life. Bwaa haww haww! 4 days to #14. RTR!

  3. 7
    Rogue Elephant

    This one reminds me of that Bama-Gator rivalry back in ’99,
    Bama won by one point in OT on a second chance kick during the regular season.
    Then they spanked that Gator ass 34-7 in the SECCG.
    Sure hope history repeats itself!

  4. 8

    Hot Damn! Are ya’ll watching the Under Armor game? Bama just kicked LSWho’s ass!!!!! Landon Collins 5* #1 safety commited to Bama and his Momma nearly shyt a brick. Hell, the commentators nearly shyt a brick. They’re still talking about it. Nobody thought the #1 DB from New Orleans would spurn the Corndogs, especially for Alabama just 4 days before the BCSNCG! Also Cyrus Jones 5* #5 athlete commited. The two of them scored 2 td’s each in the Under Armor game. Roll Damn Tide!!!!!

    • 9
      The Flash

      According to the recruiting sites, you’ve kicked LSU’s ass in recruiting the last four or five years, but that sure hasn’t helped you on the field the last two year’s has it. LMAO

      • 10

        And Flash posts again @…..4:51am ????

        Flash needs to “geaux” and find a life. I think he is on this site 24/7.

      • 11

        And it was Flash that said Saban can’t go into LA and get anyone because of his people skills. The only reason Flash stays over here so much is because he has to have an outlet to justify his fantasy world, and if he repeats the same old bullshit over and over enough, it becomes real to him.

  5. 13

    Man, Bama’s commits were the stars of the game tonight. Landon Collins, Cyrus Jones, Reggie Ragland, Amari Cooper, Eddie Williams and Brandon Green ripped it up. Haven’t checked the other services, but Bama jumped to #1 in Rivals tonight and we are still heavily in the running for 2 or 3 more Under Armor players. Just reloading! Bwaa haww haww! RTR!

  6. 15
    Just a Fan

    David Sweigart: Winner: LSU – Tigers Will Out Rush Bama

    For the year, both teams averaged more than 200 yards per game on the ground and just 3.7 yards separate Alabama and LSU in total rushing yards per game. Both teams rely heavily on a strong power running game as a focal point of their offensive game plan. Alabama mainly counts on the legs of Trent Richardson with Eddie Lacy providing some quality reps. LSU counters with their Four Horsemen; Spencer Ware, Kenny Hilliard, Alfred Blue, Michael Ford.

    Going back to the first meeting, it was LSU that out rushed Alabama by 52 yards. In the 2010 game, LSU more than doubled Alabama on the ground and broke the 200 yard mark on the Tide defense. It should therefore come as no surprise that LSU has won both of the last two meetings between these two, because of the Tigers’ willingness and effectiveness to be successful on the ground. Les Miles is 5-2 against Alabama as the head coach of LSU, and in four of those five wins, LSU has out rushed Alabama. LSU has out rushed Alabama in every win that has come vs. a Nick Saban defense as well.

    With the Tigers having so many equally effective options in the backfield, they are able to ground and pound opposing defenses in ways that cater to the running style of each back while always staying fresh for a full 60 minutes at that position. It is also worth mentioning that since the first match up, Jordan Jefferson and Kenny Hilliard have become important pieces for LSU on offense, only making the LSU attack more vicious and dangerous.

    When the clock reads 00:00 and LSU is crowned the BCS National Champions, the box

    • 16

      Another homer trying to explain away his wet dream. Speculation is not fact. You barely won the first game, with THIS YEARS team. 2010 and 2008 really do not have any bearing on this rematch. Based on what happened with this years teams, Bama has as much of a shot at winning as LSU does. The color of Les Miles hat will have no bearing on the outcome of the game, just like 2008 and 2010 do not. But your feeling need to post that over here just screams “I need to convince myself LSU is going to win” because BAMA is the last team you wanted to have to play again. The pressure is all on LSU, Bama is fortunate to have the rare chance at a re-match like this. But it is LSUs game to lose, and Bama has the advantage in this re-match. Not near as much pressure on Bama to win as LSU. You better hope LSU players don’t play as scared as the LSU fans posting over here are.

      • 17
        Just a Fan

        BamaBrando I don’t think the guy who wrote this is a homer or even an LSU Fan. He along with the other 4 staff writers at College Football News each wrote their opinion as to who they thought would win the game as why. So you are right it is just an opinion or speculation and not fact, but at least they gave a reasoned explantion as to why they have that opinion as opposed to just a homer opinion as you see on here from people like you and Crimsonite, and that is why I posted it on here to counter the blind biasd opinions posted here.

        And I belive you are wrong as to the pressure with regards to this game. If Saban looses this game he will be 2-4 against Miles, Miles will then have the same number of National Championships as Saban, and Miles will have beaten him three times in a row with Alabama haveing to go to Tiger Stadium and play next year. And he will have just completed an undefeated season against the the toughest schedule in the nation. I believe regardless of what you say there is a lot of pressure on Saban to win this game and believe me the assistant coaches and players will detect and pick up on that pressure. Miles is not wound tight like Saban, he is loose and his players pick up on that and play loose that is why they did not tighten up in the Arksansas game and the SEC Championship game when they got behind by 14 points.

        I heard the Alabama fans on the local radio call in shows after the first game and I’ve heard Alabama’s biggest cheerleader, Paul Finebaum, say he thought Miles out coached Saban both last year and this year. Saban has supposedly recurited better than any body in the Nation over the last four years, so if Miles beats him again, FOR THE NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP after Saban has had more time to prepare….!? What will the Alabama fans be saying then? You tell me you don’t think that’s pressure? Hell Saban almost had a brain annerisim on the sidelines of the first game when AJ wasn’t perfect on one play. How will he be with more on the game if the same thing happens this time?

        And you do realize, because I know Saban does, that people are saying and considering this the greatest defense in Alabama history! Yet if they lose this game they will have accomplished nothing! NOT a National Championship, NOT a conference Championship and NOTeven a divisional championship! His team with the greatest defense ever will not have won anything! You don’t think that is pressure to win?!

        Win or lose LSU will forever be know as the SEC Champions for this year!

        And I promise I am not over here because I am scared I am over here because I love giving you bammers something other than inbred perspective about your team and coach. And you’re right also about LSU barely won the first game, but they won! That’s more than Alabama can say!

    • 19

      Is any kin to that preacher … whats his name … sweagert. U know.. the one that use to hang out down “wid da hoes” LOL

  7. 20

    You’re right about the best rushing team generally winning a defensive game. However, the fact that you outrushed us Nov 5th had no bearing what-so-ever on the outcome of that particular game. It was won by the dumbass NCAA overtime rules which puts teams in field goal range and bypasses the need to whip a superior defense. It didn’t just zap Bama, it also zapped Georgia, Wisconsin, Stanford and during the regular season Boise State. There is a big move on to change that bullshyt. It’s not just Bama complaining, and Nick was complaining years ago, long before it affected Bama adversely. Moreover, while you outrushed us by 50 yards, we doubled your passing production as even with a mediocre game McCarron had 200 yards. This game will be won through the air, not on the ground and Trent is a better receiver than any of your four horseman. Hell, he’s better than any of your receivers. Also I think you will have a harder time slowing the running game this time around since the very best interior lineman in the the nation will not be operating on just one leg, and if you think that a 100% Barret Jones isn’t the difference between night and day; you need to go back and watch the 2010 Iron Bowl and the Capital One Bowl last year. RTR!

    • 21

      You are right Crimsonite, Bama had more offensive yardage and also had more than twice as many scoring opportunities. But you can’t tell this idiot anything about reality. He is scouring the internet daily looking for affirmation that LSU has already won the game so he really doesn’t have to worry about losing Monday night. We know the truth, and deep down inside, Flash and Just a Fag know all about what it feels like when Saban crushes their hopes and dreams. The truth is, they fear that it is about to happen again. Maybe Flash will choke himself to death on a corndog stick while he is nursing his depression that will settle in.

      • 22
        Just a Fan

        You are exactly right BamaBrando, Bama did have more offensive yardage in the first game (and if you consider 50+ yard field goals attempts real scoring opportunities when your kicker didn’t make a single kick that distance all year, then I guess your might be right about that too), but if you look at the stats the difference in the total stats were all accomplished in the first quater. From the second quarter on LSU had more offensive yardage than Alabama. But you can’t tell you anything right?

        Crushed Dreams? Well you are right I have had dreams of an undefeated season and Saban never was able to do that at LSU, but Miles has!

        • 23

          I told you I was right, and you can’t back up your talk. You look really stupid after all this, now you don’t have the guts to show up here again.

    • 24
      Just a Fan

      LOL Crimsonite,
      Who was Barret Jones playing last year in the Capital One Bowl when he was 100%? Who ever it was, Jones propably could have dominated them them on just one leg.

      You are so biased you only want to consider the difference between Alabama now from the last game, but not consider any difference in your opponent between the last game and this on. LSU will have one of their best deffensive ends, Sr. Kendrick Adams, for this game. He didn’t play at all last game at least you had Jones last game.

      Also LSU, who out rushed Alabama last game will also have one of their better offensive lineman 100% for this game that wasn’t for last game also just like Jones. But you wouldn’t know that because you are not a football fan, just a biased bammer who looks at everything through crimson glasses.

  8. 26

    Wow ..the CR is actually playing the “we’re disrespected” card? Are you for real? Anybody that knows football knows that this game is a tossup just like the first one. Mistakes and a few key plays will decide the game.

    I just heard “Legend” play the “disrespected” card on Finebum. It didn’t sell there either.

  9. 27

    Hey moron, I was just talking about some of the game situations, not playing one excuse against the other. Jones is the best O-lineman in the country. You have no one on your O-line who when hurt would be close to equal. And a backup would be more efficient in certain situations than a hurt player on one wheel. They wanted to sit him, but like Barron in the Iron Bowl last year they let him play out of respect for his talent. Of course you are too stupid to know who played in the Cap 1 Bowl. It was 11-1 Big 10 Champ Michigan St with the 2nd rated QB in the country behind Cam. We just beat them something like 48-7. And just like your idiot buddy you are wrong about the stats. You had better stats in only one quarter to our three. Also fool, there was only one 50 yard field goal and Foster has kicked at least one from over 50 and a few from between 45 and 50. Saban was just too anxious to kick your asses or he would have punted. He knew that if we could ever get a 6 to 9 point lead we would beat your asses cause you weren’t gonna score on our defense. So phuck you. RTR!

  10. 28
    The Flash

    Hey Crimsonite I don’t know who you were directing that last statement at but I will respond – PHUCK YOU TOO YOU INBREAD MORON! YOU get in return what you dish out! Pepole come on here to express there opinion and your so insecure and imature you have to start cursing people out because of you poor upbringing and no respect for your parents if you even know who they are.
    You have an Updyke gump mentality! Attitude determines altitude one achives in life and you are as low class as they come! Every fan base has their jerks but YOU are the worst of the worst of the Alabama fan base.

    A coach ONLY plays a hurt player if that coach cares more for his job or win loss record than the health of his player. And the only reason a coach like that would play a hurt player is if he thought that even hurt that player was better the the guy behind him! And that says all you have to know about Alabama’s debt on the offensive line!

    And your ignorant childish statemtent that “Saban was just too anxious to kick your asses or he would have punted” is about as stupid as many of the stupid statemetns you have made. You don’t “kick another teams ass” with field goals. Saban knew it was his best chance to score against that defense or otherwise being around you gumps he is just plain stupid and you and I both know that is not it.

    And yea LSU doesn’t have a first team all american lineman and a first team all american running back, yet we still managed to out rush your mighty bama team in there own back yard! Why? It must only be because we have a better coach right? I mean better linemen, better running back you should out rush us right? But you didn’t asswhole, so phuck you!

    You are one mentally retarded man who has the attitude and mind set of a junior high kid! And whether Alabama wins this game or not you are and will allways be an asswhole! YOU REAP WHAT YOU SOW Crimsonite!

  11. 29

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