Parker revolutionizes writing

This post brought to you by Parker Pens. All opinions are 100% mine.

Photos of Parker Pen

In this world of technology, there are some things that are timeless like a fine timepiece or a pair of your father’s cufflinks and of course a good writing pen. 

Everyday I spend hours on an iPad, iPhone and other computers, but I still find many occasions to put pen to paper like handwriting my comprehensive exams or taking interview notes. When I do write with a pen, the pen says something about me just like a wristwatch or a firm handshake.

Parker Ingenuity collection is a great way to make a statement that shows style and sophistication. The 5th technology is an innovation in writing as it combines the sophistication of a fountain pen with the smoothness and simplicity of rollerballs and ball point pens. As for style, the Ingenuity collection has it with its fashionable tip and elegant lines. Simply put, I like this pen. It makes a statement.

Photos of Parker Pen

You can like it too. This link lets you like Parker on Facebook, and you can find out much more about the entire collection of Parker Pens. What do you think about this pen? Share your thoughts below, and be sure to watch the LXTV video which featured the Parker Ingenuity collection. The video explains how the pen can complete the look for fashionable women, but don’t forget that this type of pen is important for men too. Who wants to use a disposable pen in that important business meeting—you know those meetings, where we are judged not only on what we say, but also on appearance.

This pen turns something we’ve all done since kindergarten into a new experience. This pen is sleek, modern and an on-trend accessory for everyone. When you are thinking about your next pen, consider Parker’s Ingenuity collection. Check out Parker’s website for retailers.

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