TJ Yeldon announces he’ll play at ‘Bama

Weeks of speculation have finally come to a close. Daphne prize running back TJ Yeldon, a longtime Auburn commitment, has announced in a released statement today that he will play for coach Nick Saban and the University of Alabama.

More on this later, but that sound you hear is Lee County going into complete meltdown. With so much implosion already taking place following another 7-5 year, and the departure of both coordinators, Yeldon, a 6’2″, 215 physical runner, was to be the saving grace of this Auburn recruiting class.

Instead, it appears Yeldon, expected to enroll early in Tuscaloosa this January, will be toting the mail for the Crimson Tide, following in the footsteps of Mark Ingram and Trent Richardson, who’s expected to turn pro after ‘Bama plays for its 14th National Championship.

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    Salsa Shark

    If bama wins a championship this year and each of the first three years of Yeldon’s career, bama will be closer to playing for their 14th his senior season but still not there.

  2. 8

    Jealous much, you retarded whiney assed troll. Wanna come look and see what a real trophy case looks like? Hey you dumbarsed Bambers, we don’t give a shyt ’bout Yeldon cause our homeboy Grant done come back to Awbie an he’s gon’ spill da beans on Bamber! Ya’ll jes’ wait! Now ya’ll go on cause I gotsta git back out to the pig pen an’ work on that animal hubandry thing. I jes’ luv it don’tcha know. Bwaa haww haww!

    • 9
      The Flash

      Once again only perverted thoughts and comments come from none other than the inbred one – Crimsonite.

      Can you comment on anything with out making some kind of perverted comment? Is that what consumes your mind, Crimsonite. There is help available you know.

    • 11

      I think that’s what makes all this intriguing. They avoid NCAA trouble (for now) and still will be impotent for the foreseeable future.


  3. 12
    Hate Smurf Coach

    Good going for Yeldon. There was a lot of RB in front of him in Blakely and Grant. Wish him luck, Bama stole a great RB.

    • 16
      Darren Franks

      whats fun about all this is that all of us bama fans dont get excited bout one recruit.we are use to 5 star recruits.thats just what saban does.does the auburn nation really think chiznick(haha) can handle a war with saban?

      • 17
        The Flash

        It’s just ashame Saban can’t coach them up as good as Miles does his more lowly ranked recruits, than the ones Saban gets.

          • 19
            The Flash

            I hate to keep schooling you but recruiting has as much or more to do with first round draft picks than coaching does. You can’t coach size and speed. But I will give Saban props on his recruiting. Second Saban has been coaching in college longer than Miles so he has had a lot more oppertunities to put first round draft picks in the NFL.

            Can you come up with a more logical or relevant response to my post?

          • 20

            Another weak ass excuse. Facts are facts, but of course you didn’t go to school long enough to figure that out. Teach me some more, Flash. Please.

          • 21
            The Flash

            Facts or facts right brando? Ok then lets go with your dumb way of thinking – Joe Paterno “has put more first round draft picks in the NFL than [Saban] has”. According to you that would make Joe Paterno a better coach than Saban, right brando? Must be because according to you, facts are facts right? YOU DUMB ASS, schooled again by someone who “didn’t go to school long enough to figure that out” LMAO

    • 23

      4th in the West,huh? You better take a look at @ what Yahoo sports think about EAMC/API. This year a non-factor. Next year who knows. Auburn/API is somewhat like a tire with a slow leak. RTR

  4. 24

    4th in the West? What log have you been sleeping under moron? An early pundit already has Bama winning the West in 2012. Whoever we lose, we have equal or better talent coming back and with experience by way of 11 blowouts this year. And if Trent, D’onte and Dre’ come back – well sorry for all you schmucks. Plus the Corndogs have no QB who’s ever taken a game snap thank’s to dumbass Miles running up the score with the starters in to the last snap in half their games. The Corndogs are one and done. Consider this, returning for certain on Offense: Fluker, Cyrus, Arie, McCarron, Lacy, Dee, Bell. White, Carter and more. On Defense: Williams, DePriest, HaHa Dix, Milner, Sunseri, Johnson and others. Plus we have the 2012 #1 Linebacker class. Yep, next year will be another beatdown party if Nick can keep the injuries down and attitude right so 2010 doesn’t happen again. You know, this was the year of the QB. Next year there ‘aint shyt for QB’s. Maybe Trent ought to come back and grab the Heisman. RTR!

    • 25
      The Flash

      Chris, What is your take on the 2012 version of the LSU Tigers? Even better next year?

      Chris Low (1:16 PM)

      Well, 13 of the Tigers’ top 22 on defense are sophomores or younger. And with Mettenberger stepping in at quarterback next season, I don’t know if LSU will be better, but I’d say the Tigers will start the season ranked in the top 3.

      The Flash
      Yea Chris you’re right, its hard to improve on perfection.

  5. 29

    The barnyard babies are melting down so bad over this to the point that all the cowshit on the ground has liquified.LMAO! Their #1 spokesman, Jeff Lee, hopes Yeldon blows out his knee and never plays a down.Of course it’s all the REC’s fault. They’re more powerful than the Illuminati, the ACLU and the NAACP combined.

    • 31

      Recruitniks that ride the recruiting roller coaster rides need to get out more often and breathe some fresh air. There is a big, pretty world out there.

      Jeff Lee is a tool. Lil’ Nicky won. Certainly Gus leaving Auburn is more of and impact to Auburn than McElwain leaving Bama. That probably had something to do with it. Luper promising the Yeldon’s that he would be at AU, then interviewing for the coaching job probably had more to do with it.

      It’s only one player. Recruiting classes should be evaluated at 2 points. 1. the day in August when all of the signees have reported. 2. Junior year –to see how many are on the team and contributing.

      Less than half of recruits ever significantly contribute to a football team ..and stars don’t guarantee anything.

  6. 32
    Hate Smurf Coach

    The Mullets are all about stars and providing suits, cars, and money so long as you can play or Napoleon Dynamite will axe your ass.

    Yes repeat 4th in the west your Oline is losing major players and stringbean will get hit next year.

    Later Losers.

  7. 34
    Darren Franks

    Flash.are you an auburn fan or LSU fan?Futhermore get your facts straight Alabama and LSU have had recruiting classes ranked very close to each other for the last 4 years.

    • 35
      The Flash

      Hey Darren my facts are straight dumb ass. My statement (of fact) was that Les Miles’ LSU recruits have been ranked lower than Saban’s recruits. THAT’s a fact dumb ass! I never said LSU classes weren’t good, I simply pointed out that Alabama’s were better, which again is a FACT! Make that a straight fact! And since you are probably to lazy to go look it up I’ll give you the STRAIGHT FACTS.

      For the 2008,2009,2010 and 2011 recruiting classes, which makes up the vast majority of each team’s current players, Alabama’s average class rankings on the three major recuriting sites, ESPN, Rivals and Scout are as follows: 2nd, 2nd and 4th, while LSU’s average class rankings for those years and those sites were: 8th, 6th and 7th.

      Now that you see I do have “my facts straight” smart ass, here is another fact for you. Over the last two years Miles’ has taken his “more lowly ranked recruits” and has had a better overall and SEC record than Alabama and Saban, who bammers consider the second greatest college coach of all time (if not the first). And Miles’ has beaten Saban and Alabama with it’s “higher ranked recurits” two years in a row now!

      Now you tell me Darren, if Bama’s got the best players and the best coach to coach them, how did bama lose the last two games against LSU and Miles and why is it that bama is not a significant favorite to win this next game? And based on this history what is it that makes “most” bama fans so arrogant that they think there is no possible way LSU can win the next game on Jan. 9th?

    • 36
      Darren Franks

      Flash two years in a row willl mean nothing after Jan.9th.Pople in the state of Alabama have come to a decesion.From here on out all national championships will stay in this state.

      • 37
        The Flash

        “Flash two years in a row willl mean nothing after Jan.9th” Yes I know it could mean 3 in a row!

        “Pople in the state of Alabama have come to a decesion.” Pople – is that a term for all the people in Alabama who think they are the Pope? An please enlighten us as to what this decesion is that the “Pople” in the state of Alabama have come to.

        “From here on out all national championships will stay in this state” The people of Alabama have “Always” thought ALL the national championships belonged to Alabama despite or should I say regardless of what happened on the field. ie see 1973

        Even if LSU was to beat Alabama for the second time this year, you will have idiot bama fans like Crimsonite who will still claim Alabama is the best team in the country and should be National Champions because LSU didn’t really beat them in Nov. because as he says that “was an accident” and then I’m sure he will claim the BCS game shouldn’t count because it was playaed in Louisiana or some other assinine excuse like it was another accident or Miles was using voodoo. LMAO

  8. 38

    Hoopster have you seen the light? Your posts are certainly a lot more laid back. Believe me Yeldon who ran for about 2600 yards and 30 tds in just his senior year would have blown away any RB you have left at Awbie. That yardage is practicaly unheard of for a RB. Those are great stasts for a 5* QB. Smurf, keep fantasizing asshole. We win the West next year. Fag you dumbass moron, Barkley has already said goodbye. Not that it would matter anyway. He didn’t even make it to New York over a so-so Horny Bastard and he can’t play in the PAC 10 Champ Game or go to any kind of bowl. Flagellator, you’re impossiibly retarded. I’ll refute all of your bullshit stats in another post. I’m out of space on this one. Suffice it to say that your stats are full of shyt because Bama had more yards than LSWho in 3 of 4 quarters and Trent only had 45 less yards in regulation that your whole Piece Of Shyt team. PHUCKOFF TROLLS! RTR!

    • 39

      No dude. I grew up a Bammer. I grew up with ignorant fools like you. I needed a good engineering education and went to Auburn. Once I was on the Plains, I saw the real light.

      I post realistically. I don’t buy spin and I abhor ignorance born out of prejudice. That is why i come over here and post on the Auburn-centric portions of your blog.

      I take particular pleasure pointing out when the CR spins something up to try and make Auburn look bad just to get you mouth-breathers believing it and giggling over it.

      Unlike you fools regarding Bama, I don’t have a problem admitting when Auburn has a problem.

      Get some.

      • 40

        Hoopie- I am glad you got a good education and it seems that you have did well. But “see the light ?” I have been to Auburn and Tuscaloosa many times and I like the light better inTuscaloosa much better. Heck from what I have read Georgia Tech turns out just as good engineers as Auburn. I live next door to two grads of University of Texas and guess who they root for? The Crimson Tide. My son is a grad of Baylor. He loves the bears but flys the crimson “A” in frount of his house. RTR

  9. 41

    Flashless when post about who fans your response is that the boards don t represent who fans but you come on here and claim something different about bamafans and yes there are fanatics on both sides. I guess you can have it both ways and if who fans weren t so jilted over Saban leaving they would be less upset over how much we like him. Are you old enough to have been alive when the three coaches I named coached at the who because I clearly know how my who friends felt about said coaches

    • 42
      The Flash

      First of all Chuch you are as thick headed or dumb as bama fans I talk to on this site or in person. I don’t know how many times or ways I can say it, but yes we were dissapointed when Saban left, just like we were when Arnsbager left, and just like you will be when Saban leaves Alabama (yea I know he’s going to be there for life,right), but we are over that shyt and have moved on (you’ve never heard Saban rant about “it’s time to move on”?).

      We now know we have a coach who is just as good, if not better, on the field, but is much better as a person, family man, and member of the community than Saban was/is. And there is no doubt he is much more loyal than Saban. We have a coach whose players play extremly hard for, not out of fear, but out of mutual love and respect.

      As for as your other comments are concerned, yes I am old enough to remember both LSU’s and Alabama’s flops as coaches, so what’s your point and what does it have anything to do with anything we are currently talking about? I don’t think I have argued with anything you have said about those coaches. Hallman sucked big time. Stoval, Archer and Dinardo were middle of the pack type of coaches who had both success and failures as coaches, but Stoval recruited well which helped Arnsbarger win many games, Arnbarger left enough talent to help Archer win in his first couple of years, Hallman as mentioned sucked on all fronts and brought LSU to its lowest point ever both in terms of wins and losses (mostly losses) and pittiful recruiting. Dinardo came in recruited very well. He, not Saban, took over the progam at it’s lowest point and started the rebuilding of the LSU program and tradition by recruiting good and winning early. He went 7-4-1, 10-2 and 9-3 in his first three years and won three bowl games including wipping Mich.St. and Saban’s ass in one of those bowl games.
      And he left enough NFL talent that helped Saban win early when he got here. Saban continued what Dinardo had started, however, but he only had ONE year in five that was better than Dinardo’s 10-2 year, but that ONE great year did win us a National Championship for which we are and will forever be gratefull. But Saban was only 9-3 the next year, with all that “GREAT TALENT” he supposedly left MILES. MILES then took that same “Great Talent that SABAN went 9-3 with and went 11-2 the next year. The rest is history. His now 3-2 against Saban and is on the verge of winning his SECOND BCS National Championship! Miles has proven two things, he can win with “Saban’s Players” but he can win MORE with HIS own players. And he has proven he can rebuild a program (OK. St.) and he has proven the he can not only maintain a program, which Saban has yet to prove, but he can bring it to even more heights. ie 13-0!

      So again what’s your phucking point?

  10. 43

    Flagellator is a retard. Are you sure you’re not a Gayturd fan? Cause you phuck with halfassed stats to make them say what you want just like the Gayturds. First, the sort of average rankins were Bama #1, #2, #4 and #1 with the 4 year average being #1. And yes we do have much better athletes than you as per more than double the All Americans in every postseason selection and a LEGITIMATE Heisman contender. You didn’t beat anybody Nov 5th. It was an accident that will be rectified Jan 9th. What kind of retaeded horseshyt is rating the recruiting classes for the past 4 years and immediately ranting of how you beat us only the past 2 years, you braindead cocksucker. During the phucking 4 year recruiting period your mouthing off about, we beat your ass twice also, and both times much worse than the 2 times you beat us. And during that 4 year period Saban has the best record in the nation. Miles and LSWho isn’t even close. AND this includes our rebuilding period. Stupid bastard, your damn right we’re arrogant!

    • 44
      The Flash

      Of course I’m right you’re arrogant, everybody knows that!

      And of course NOV 5th was an accident! Why? Because the GREAT SABANI accidently forgot to recruit a good kicker, and accidently forgot that he couldn’t make field goals over 40 yrds long unless it was by accident, and he forgot that he had the best running back in the game and therefore accidently called three passing plays in OT rather than three running plays! LMAO

      Crimsonite even you said here before Saban sucked in that game, but now here your are saying it was an accident! LMAO you Hypocrit!

      Now let’s see if you are right, 1+2+4+1=8. What is 8 divided by 4, Crimsonite? In Alabama it might be 1, but in the rest of the world it is 2! YOU’RE PHUCKING IDIOT and you proved it again!

      I didn’t phuck with half assed stats, I just “qualified” them! LOL

      If you want to go back more than two years, dumb ass you will have to go back more than 4 years in recruiting.

      You like to throw out a lot of shyt when you can’t argue a point or support one of your own.

  11. 45

    Bwaa haww haww! Poopie I can’t believe you actually posted that shyt on a Bama board! You are just too easy dude! I was just the opposite. I grew up a dumbass Barnturd. My father was an Awbie Engineer. I sat in Legion Field and screamed with glee during Punt Bama Punt. But my marriage made it necessary for me to start my college at UAB when it WAS just an extension of UA. Then I finshed at UA. My enginerring carried me all over the US for many years before I got into something much more lucrative than what you can learn in any university. It wasn’t long before I had my eyes opened. You couldn’t even find anyone as close as Texas who knew who the hell Auburn was or where the hell they were located. But everybody from New York to Seattle to San Diego knew exactly who Bama was and who Bear was and they all wanted to talk about it. Finally my pride in my home state caused me to change my allegiance to Alabama and I’ve never looked back. And I’ll guarantee I got a better deal than you did! Bwaa haww haww! RTR!

  12. 49

    I swear to God there is not a dumber motherphucker who has ever crossed paths with this site than that piece of shyt retarded Coonass Flash! There are some retarded S.O.B.’s on here like Ewok and Smurf and Mandyke and Fag, but they at least post a regular ol’ flame once in a while. This retarded bastard just keeps coming back post after post looking like a Gaddamn fool! He has no pride to keep showing up on here representing his team and fan base as the most stupid motherphuckers on the face of the earth. I can’t believe his audacity to respond to my post with a flame so phucking ignorant that he must not have a 4th grade education. You dumb bastard the 8/ by 4 = 2 has nothing to do with litteral math. It is a representative number related to the other teams average. No one else finished in the top 4 all 4 years. The next closest average if I remember correctly is 6. Therfore you braindead S.O.B., Bama’s 2 is #1. That’s how we do math here stupidass. Someone else bitch slap this bastard. I’m tired of it. RTR!

    • 50
      The Flash

      “8/ by 4 = 2 has nothing to do with litteral math” says Crimsonite! And he really has the nerve to call other people dumb? Oh well I guess stupid is what stupid says!
      If you

      • 51
        The Flash

        If you can define “litteral” for the rest of us MAYBE you won’t sound so stupid.

        Litteral = ?

        Literal = adhering to fact or to the ordinary construction or primary meaning of a term or expression : actual

        So 8/ by 4 = 2 IS literal math, you ignorant moran.

        And if you could read and comrehend Crimsonite you would that I said that was Alabama’s average class ranking over the last four years. That is a literal fact.

        Now if you want to say Alabama had the best combined recruiting classes over the last four years, I will say thank you for agreeing with me and that was excatly the point I was trying to make,you dumb ass. That is that Alabama has recruited more talent than anybody else in the country over the last four years including LSU, and according to bama fans has they best coach in the country, yet they can’t or wont explain to me how it is possible that dumb ole Les Miles and less talented LSU has beaten them two years in a row now and it is LSU that is the best team in the country and not Alabama.

  13. 52

    And Hoopie, you’re a damn lier. I’m not even gonna get into all the bullshit you said about how you post. I’ll just suggest that you or anybody go and peruse the archives on here over the past year and a half or so and then come back here and tell me some of that bullshit about how you post again. Bwaa haww haww! RTR!

    • 54
      The Flash

      Chuch, that’s all you got? I give you all those FACTS to prove how stupid and wrong your post was, and this is all you’ve got to say? I hope your team doesn’t lay down and quit as easy as you do.

    • 55
      The Flash

      Even if you know I am right, you could always do what Crimsonite does, and just start saying stupid stuff that doesn’t make sense to anybody nor have anything to do with the point being discussed and throw in a few curse words to try and make yourself feel tuff, even though it really only makes him look crude and ignorant.

      • 56
        Darren Franks

        Flash what the fuck is your deal?Why are you such an angry little man?Did your mommy not give you enough attention as a child?Why do you cry like a little school girl bitch?Who hurt you?Did you have a bad childhood?O i know what it is.You are so scared of Coach Saban that it makes you shake in your boots,your palms get sweaty,you get light headed and then you realize that Les is your leader. That would make me an angry person also. RTR!!!

        • 57
          The Flash

          Do you have an imaginary friend also Darren?

          I am a very happy big man.

          And I believe it is bama fans who palms get sweaty when they know they have to play Miles and LSU again knowing he has beaten you twice in a row already! Yea I’m really shaken over here knowing Saban has only beaten LSU twice in six tries, soon to be twice in seven tries. Why do you think Saban likes LSU and Louisiana so much more than Alabama? And no it is not just because of Candy Edwards (lets see if you know enough about your coach to know what that means). Why do you think he is so complimentary about LSU and Louisiana.

          And it is you that is angry Darren, just look at your first sentence. Or do you always use the f-bomb when you are not angry? Probably so, it seems like most bama fans on this site do. LOL – That means I am laughing out loud and therefore am happy like is said. Have a great day!

          • 58

            Yep, Flash is still a f*cking douchebag. Facts are facts, I am not angry or anything. Hell, I am glad Bama has another shot at LSU. Not sweating it at all. But since you are so sure LSU is going to win, you sound pretty stupid yourself. So instead of coming here and trying to call out Bama fans, you should really be using the internet to look up some therapy options and medication with your Saban issues. Man, he left a mark on you.

          • 59
            The Flash

            And here’s Brando another bammer that is so angry he’s dropping f-bombs and calling people names also! Wow you bama fans are an angry bunch or is it yall’s vocabulary is just that limited?

            And there you go again Brando, just like a typical bama fan making shyt up or hearing or reading shyt that you want to hear or think you see.

            I challange to point out one single post where I have indicated or said that I am sure or certain that we are going to win. I HAVE said that I think LSU is the better team, but duh so did every voter in every poll and every computer also think LSU is the better team. I did say that as an LSU fan I believe LSU is going to win, but I never said I was certain LSU was going to win. I even said in one post that unlike bama fans I acknowledge that bama is a good team and a quality opponent and that any thing could happen in one game. You see I am not stupid like bama fans that are certain that there is no way LSU is going to win. Crimsonite has even guaranteed it!

          • 60

            Now I told you I wasn’t mad Flash. I think it is really pretty dang funny how immature and obsessive you are.

            quote: (since you obviously have memory lapses among your various mental problems)

            “Yea I’m really shaken over here knowing Saban has only beaten LSU twice in six tries, soon to be twice in seven tries.”

            Sounds like you’re convinced the game is in the bag to me. You just ramble on and on about the same old thing. Does it help you convince yourself when you repeat it over and over?

            The kicker is, you come here and post the same old repetitive bullshit, and get all high and mighty when someone cusses you or calls you a name. I mean, for someone who is so sensitive, you sure do put yourself out there as a troll. You are practically begging for the abuse, while hiding behind your computer screen.

            You do realize your opinions here do not mean very much. No one here respects your point of view, and the gall of you to come here and call people stupid after all of your repetitive rambling and avoiding the truth shows your ignorance has no bounds. Really, you post on here more than anyone else. You need some kind of psycho therapy to help you get over Saban. Dude, he didn’t personally come over to your house and punch your mama in the face or anything. (Even though that would have been pretty funny if he did).

            I challenge YOU to prove to the rest of us that you are NOT a f*cking douchebag. I am pretty sure most people here would agree that you are.

          • 61
            The Flash

            You can’t prove a negative, but I don’t expect someone like you to be intlligent enough to understand that, since you obvviously have proven you can’t grasp more simple concepts.

            You say my opinions don’t mean very much, yet you took the time to write that long diatribe, including quotes to try and discredit and show how much you don’t agree with my opinions. Laughable, especially when you use the word obsessive, yet you must have counted my post here to be able to say “Really, you post on here more than anyone else”. Who really needs the psycho thearpy, is people like you whose words don’t match their real inner feelings.

            The truth is the truth and dosen’t need respect.

            Have a great day Brando, don’t let my post and the anger it prevokes in you make you do something crazy like your cousin Updyke.

          • 62

            You really do live in your own bubble, don’t you? Can’t prove a negative? You are a f*ucking douchebag, and in denial of it. You don’t make me mad at all. Can’t you see I am laughing at you and your obsession and mental issues? Only someone with issues like that would even feel the need to come on a rivals message board and troll for insults and arguments. That is you. Not me. But YOU.

          • 63
            The Flash

            Again you decided to repond to my post/opinion, yet you say you say my opinions don’t mean very much to you! Who’s in denial here? Denial and Dellusion, they go hand and hand with you bammers! LMAO

          • 64

            haha dude, seriously, your opinion really doesn’t mean much here. What is really funny is you really think they do! And you are right, I should know better than to respond to a mental patient like yourself. But dang, it is every article here, every single day, you post and rant and rave over and over, saying the same old things, get called out, deny saying those things, and then the cycle repeats. You post here more than anyone else. And it is all the angry little rants of a spurned LSU fan who flips out when Saban’s name is mentioned. So, if it makes you feel really important because I responded to you, you have missed the point. I am trying to steer you in the direction of medication and/or psycho therapy. Just trying to help you out before you hurt yourself or someone else with your anger issues.

  14. 65

    I’m not your phucking mama. It ‘aint my job to write in a manner a preschooler can understand. Seems like you’re the only one with trouble connecting the dots. And don’t pick out the one word a month I misspell. This cell phone ‘aint no Droid. And you of all people should talk. Your previous posts on this thread alone would make a 4th grader blush. Dumbass, we don’t give a shyt about all those useless assed comparisons you make. We don’t care about what you did against Saban at lesser schools. We are Alabama. We’ve been there – more than anybody. We’re there right now. We’ll be back again. Will you???? If we lose in Jan so what? It’s you pitfull bastards who are desperate. It’s you for whom a loss would destroy your hopes and dreams. Hell, you may never recover. For Bama, not only have we won 13, we’ve been cheated out of 2 more and we’ve played for 10 more. If you can’t count, that’s 25 times we’ve been there. So don’t come over here with that shyt. It’s you who’ll be sweating and wetting your pants Jan 9th.

    • 66
      The Flash

      No Crimsonite but obviously I need to write like a preschooler so that YOU can understand. I clearly and correctly stated that bama’s recruiting class rankings over the previous four years averaged out to 2, but you are the one who didn’t understand or can’t read that I cleary said that was there average class ranking. It had nothing to do with the fact that no other school had a higher average ranking than Alabama. That fact would have and did make my point even stronger. So it is you who needed the help connecting the dots. LMAO

      And if as you say “we don’t give a shyt about all those useless assed comparisons you make” then why did you reply to my post to begin with? Cause you’re a phucking liar that’s why. OH YOU care and the facts are pissing you off! Sending you into angry cursing rages!

      You don’t care about what LSU did against Saban at lesser schools, but do you care about the fact that LSU and Miles is currently 3-2 against Saban at Alabama? Do you care that it could possibly go to 4-2? Of course you care that is why you are so scared and it shows in the anger of your post!

      I’ve admitted that there is a chance Alabama could win this game, can and will you admit that there is a chance LSU can win this game? (He wont answere this question)

      I doubt you were cheated out of anything but I am sure you cheated to win some of the 13. The bear sure cheated, go read Paul Dietzel’s book. But hey cheating was common then, the bear just did more of it in the early days. Never mind Crimsonite you have problems reading and comprehending this simple blog, Dietzel’s book is not written on the preschool level so you would never understand or comprehend it.

  15. 67

    Are you trying to bring up something about another one of your little Coonass whores? You’d be better served by not going there fool! He’s complimentary about all of Bama’s opponents, dumbass – even Ga Sou. Bama doesn’t hand out bulletin board material. If you think he’s so fond of LSWho, you need to go back and review his famous Coonass remark when he came to Alabama. And if memory serves me correct he dumped your ass for the worst team in the NFL, then he took a huge salary cut to come to Alabama. Once again you are as full of shit as a Christmas turkey! How fitting considering the time of year! Oh, and by the way dumbass we are now #2 in Rivals and closing in on Texas who can only accept one more recruit. So it will be #1 overall for 5 years running. And by the way Saban took Louisiana’s best RB – Eddie Lacy and best WR – Kenny Bell, away from your dumb asses. And you poor bastards had a hysterectomy when he did it. Bell and his family were threatened by your dumbass fans. Bwaa haww haww! RTR!

    • 68
      The Flash

      And do tell me Crimsonite why I’d be better served by not going there? Is that a threat? Do the majority of bama fans not know about Candy Edwards? How about the LSU coed? Oh I guess I better not go there either!

      He’s not just complimentary about LSU he’s complimentary about Louisiana. As for his coonass remark it was part of a joke he was telling, no different than a lot of louisiana people do. You see, you stupid bammers are the only ones that think the words “corndogs” or “coonass” are insults to us. We laugh at how stupid you gumps are that that is the best that you can come up with.

      And your memory is wrong, he left LSU for a big pay day and to pursue a dream. Must LSU fans, myself included was sad and dissapointed he left but based on his comments when he left (we didn’t know they were lies at the time) understood the reasons why he was leaving. Your memory is also wrong as to him taking a paycut when he lied again and left Miami to go to Alabama, He got a guaranteed contract to go to Alabama that was significantly more that what his remaining contract was at Miami.

      And Saban has been at Alabama 5 years now and all you feel comfortable naming is two players from Louisiana that have gone to Alabam.

      Saban has gotten exactly 1 recruite that LSU has offered. And that is Kenny Bell. And what exactly has he done at Alabam in three years that is so great. I saw him play in the high school playoffs when his team lost and he took so many plays off when he wasn’t involved in the play it was pathetic. His attitude on the field was an indication to me that he wasn’t a team player. So I personally wasn’t to upset when he committed to Alabama. So you’re right we had a hysterectomy by letting you have the little pussy. He had the physical tools and hopefully he has corrected his attitude problems. He is the type of kid that needs the type of slave driving dictator coach that Saban is.

      As for Eddie Lacy he is the best player Saban has gotten out of Louisiana and LSU would have probably recruited him but his grades were so bad no one thought he would ever graduate high school, much less ever be able to make the grades to stay and progress towards a degree at a quality university. Maybe the fact that he is still on the team says more about the education at Alabama than it does about Miles’ recruiting of him. He is a physically talented kid.

      Funny you didn’t mention Darren Sentimore or Robbie Green. Sentimore was another one that could barely graduate high school. Did he flunk out of school or was he kicked off the team by Saban? And how about Robbie Green, what was his crime for being kicked off the team?

      So for being such a great coach and great recruiter, Saban sure hasn’t done much in the state of Louisiana, a place he spent five years developing relationships with all the high school coaches. I think that says a lot about Saban’s relationship building skills, or should I say lack there of.

      Saban has actually done a lot better recruiting in the states of Georgia and Florida.

      So what other weak ass shyt you got Crimsonite, so I can knock you down a few more nothches with the truth and facts to refute your little boy fantasies?

      You say you don’t care what I have to say but you keep coming back and getting your ass kicked don’t you. Bwaa Haww haww haww! RTR,ATBADTH,RTR! LMAO

      • 69
        The Flash

        Oh and by the way, keep an eye on Sam Gibson next year. He is going to blow up on the college football scene next year.

      • 70

        Yet another pointless repetitive post about your Saban obsession. According to you, Saban can’t recruit, can’t coach, and loses all the time. Now we know that isn’t the case, or you wouldn’t be here trying to convince everyone that your greatest fantasy is real.

        The truth is, Saban would have kicked a lot of those thug LSU players off the team if he was there. But you want to praise Miles for how he got a team of thugs to be National Championship bound. Way to go Les! Good for you guys. But as you will find out, maintaining success, like LSU is having this season, is tougher than you might think. When you lose, it is going to sting real bad. Especially you. Especially if it comes at the hands of Saban. But don’t worry, LSU will lose, and all your chest thumping and smack talking here will all but disappear.

        Bama is still loaded with several top recruiting classes as well, and it is looking like another one is on the way. Bama isn’t going away, Saban is still one of the top coaches in the country, and nothing you can say will ever change that. Douchebag.

        • 71
          The Flash

          Brando can you not read? No really can you not read? I’ve got about 5 post on here talking about how well Saban has recruited and how his recruiting classes are better than anybody else’s in the country, yet you come here and make the comment that “according to me, Saban can’t recruit. And no where do I say he can’t coach, dumb ass. I simply point out that Miles has outcoached him with lesser talent. That’s different than saying Saban can’t coach. So either you can’t read or you are the dumbest ass on this entire board.

          Thugs? Really? Its funny that LSU has slightly higher graduation rates for its football players, both white and black than Alabama does. I guess if they are thugs as YOU accuse them of being (which says a lot about the kind of person your are to attack kids that you don’t even know) they are smart thugs who are graduating more ofter than bama’s choir boys are.

          Read more:

          But unlike past years, when BCS title game teams often had less than stellar academic credentials, both of this year’s participants — LSU and Alabama— rank high, with APRs of 966 and 963, respectively.

          LSU graduates 77 percent of its players overall and 91 percent and 69 percent of its white and African-American players, respectively. Alabama graduates 69 percent of its players overall 89 percent and 62 percent of its white and African-American players

          What was the name of the Alabama player that failed a durg test the same week as the LSU players? Was he kicked off the team? No, he was not so again you are full of shyt as to what you think Saban is and what he would do. What a hypocrit you are Brando.

          And as for as your comment about maintaining success, like LSU is having this season, is toughter than you might think. Well of course maintaining undefeated success would is tough, even Saban has only done it once, but Miles has proven he can maintain success. His LSU teams have won at least 11 games five out of 7 seasons culmanating with this undefeated season. I would say thats maintaing success pretty well wouldn’t you Brando? That’s longer than Saban has even coached anywhere?

          Facts will defeat your bullshyt everytime Brando.

          • 72

            Or, just read the post right above mine, and read what you said.

            “So for being such a great coach and great recruiter, Saban sure hasn’t done much in the state of Louisiana, a place he spent five years developing relationships with all the high school coaches. I think that says a lot about Saban’s relationship building skills, or should I say lack there of.”

            “Saban continued what Dinardo had started, however, but he only had ONE year in five that was better than Dinardo’s 10-2 year, but that ONE great year did win us a National Championship for which we are and will forever be gratefull. But Saban was only 9-3 the next year, with all that “GREAT TALENT” he supposedly left MILES. MILES then took that same “Great Talent that SABAN went 9-3 with and went 11-2 the next year. The rest is history. His now 3-2 against Saban and is on the verge of winning his SECOND BCS National Championship!”

            and so on an so forth….
            The same repetitive bullshit over and over. Then you say “I didn’t say anything bad about Bama or Saban! You can’t read, and you are a stupid Bammer, and Miles, oh Miles is the most intelligent, superior coach that has ever been! Saban doesn’t stand a chance because Miles is 3-2 against him!”


            Since you can’t figure it out, I was talking about the FELONY assault charges. And Miles history with FELONY committing players. How many chances did Perriloux (sp) get before he got the boot? But congratulations on getting a team of thugs to the big game. Kind of like the Bad News Bears story. Props to you guys. But every remark you make reeks with getting in a dig about Saban, somewhere. You obviously think about him a lot, and have a lot of hurt feelings that have turned to anger.

            Lying to us, and yourself doesn’t make it go away. But keep on talking, you babbling douchebag. We have you figured out for what you are, and it is very entertaining to watch you twist and turn everything and try to convince yourself that you are so right, and we are so wrong. Please, carry on with your angry little rants.

  16. 73

    Smurf you retarded S.O.B. That’s twice you said Bama will be #4 in the West because we lose the Oline. Dumb phuck, go worry about your own sorry assed team cause you don’t know shyt about ours. All American Barrett Jones hasn’t decided to leave yet. But that’s beside the point. Because of 11 blowouts and injuries we have backups with as much playing time as starters. And not just any backups. 5* backups. As I said Barrett may return. DJ Fluker returns. Snapper Carson Tinker returns. Then there is Arie K., Cyrus K., Anthony Steen, Tyler Love, Chance Warmack, Kellen Williams and the Samoan Gorilla Manny Tualoa. It’s a who’s who list which weren’t starters but filled in for injured starters at one time or the other and I don’t remember the offense suffering at all. They also played the second halves of 11 games and blocked for Lacy and Fowler who had more yards per carry than Richardson. And I don’t remember McCarron being sacked more than a dozen times all year. Nope asshole, you are completely full of shyt!

  17. 74

    For those who like to check words that are typed wrong and then jump on a person about it is just dumb. A few articles back someone ( you know who you are wise guy) used week for weak. I did not call him out on it Would not have did any good anyway. He would have just blew out more LSU steam. Roll Tide & Mr. Yeldon.

  18. 75

    T.J. I think you will like it on this side of the fence a lot better.If you want to play for championships you came to the right place..No more to be said except looking forward to watching you run the DAM BALL…RTR

  19. 76

    Wow !!!!!! Anger is here today….I am really excited about the game…Hell even if we lose it will be to a outstanding team that had goals such as we did when we went 14 0..I would rather lose to this team than Vandy…That is if we lose…And no one knows who will win except the good lord..Going to be another down right fight..Not going to be easy win….Looking forward tho to a great game!!!!! RTR//

    • 77
      The Flash

      My compliments to you J.W. Great post! I agree with everything you said and couldn’t have said it better myself. Thank you for being a rational Alabama fan. I too am looking forward to a great game, and to maybe meeting an Alabama fan or two like you in New Orleans. I knew there had to be some but you are the first I have found on this particular site.

      If you come you happen to make it to the Great City of New Orleans, I hope you have a great time and enjoy some of the great art, music and food that the City of New Orleans is famous for. If you need any recomendations for any really good places to eat I would be more than glad assist you. Geaux Tigers!

  20. 78

    Flashless was it someone closely related to you that Saban supposedly slept with. Your attitude on here may actually be more like the cuckolded than the jilted lover. You sure are obsessed with him. I, we, could care less about cml.

    • 79
      The Flash

      Well what a suprise another bama fan with perverted thoughts and comments. It must be a thing you gumps learn as little kids. Are all bama fans unable to string together more than two thoughts or comments without a sexual and perverted refrence being thrown in. Or is it just the bottom of barrel, uneducated and classless bama fans that post on this site.

    • 82
      The Flash

      Hey you fraud, you knw that comment could be considered a threat and they do have you email address. It is shyt like that which has gotten Updyke in the criminal trouble he is in. What another dumb ass move by another gump! LMAO

      • 83
        Darren Franks

        Just got back from the Bama/Oklahoma State basketball game and the tide offense still looks pretty bad 2 me altough they did show some improvement.The ball movement was terrible and the ball rarely goes inside at all.I hope its just the youth of this team.No knock down shooters at all but plenty of raw talent

    • 84

      Flash, I have the means to submit your i.p. address both to the authorities and to the University. You would have a black SUV in your driveway in hours.

      Think hard and long about what you say on the internet.

  21. 86
    The Flash

    “Trent’s not coming back, but if he does come back just to win the Heisman, he better hope Matt Barkley doesn’t come back.” – Just a Fan December 19, 2011

    “Fag you dumbass moron, Barkley has already said goodbye.” – Crimsonite’s reponse December 20, 2011

    Once again Crimsonite you proved you are a liar and/or you don’t know what the phuck you are talking about.

    YOU are an ignorant moran and you porve it everytime you open your mouth and put in down in black and white for everyone to read. LMAO

    “LOS ANGELES — Quarterback Matt Barkley will remain with USC for his senior season”

    Baww Waaa Waaa!!

    • 87
      Darren Franks

      ITK although Flash seems to be a real smart ass.I never for one second thought he would post something like that.Surely you did think he would do that.Futhermore whoever used his name is a piece of shit.

      • 88
        Darren Franks

        O yea Flash Matt Barkley is comming back.”DONT YOU LOOK LIKE A FOOL”.Looks like you jumped the gun on that one dumb ass.You should try getting your facts from somewhere besides ESPN.Although ESPN did report that he was leaving.Several web sites were reporting that he was not leaving.Well Flash you have shown me that you dont have a clue.You just like to come on this site and act as if you know whats going on.All you talk about is”just another dumb ass bamer dropping the f-bomb”.Well it looks like you are just another clueless coonass who thinks he knows something about college football. LMAO!!!!!!!!!!!

          • 92
            The Flash

            Hey moron if you could read, I didn’t claim to know or not know if he was staying or leaving. All I said was that Trent better hope Barkley was not staying, if he was only coming back for another chance to win the Hiesman.

            Can you not read? Seriously? LMAO

        • 93
          The Flash

          Maybe you better go back a read that again Darren. LMAO

          That is a perfect example of you bammers reading or comprehension skills.

          It was crimsonite on Dec. 20th that said “Barkley has already said goodbye” in response to my post that said “Trent’s not coming back, but if he does come back just to win the Heisman, he better hope Matt Barkley doesn’t come back.” NOW who looks stupid and doesn’t have a clue. LMAO

          One thing is for sure if your a real bammer Darren you want come back and repond to this and admit you were wrong/mistaken/misread. Bammers think they are perfect and never make mistakes.

          • 94
            The Flash

            And if you’ve got any credibility once you realize your mistake, lets see if you riducule Crimsonite for not having his facts straight and making comments like he knows what’s going on.

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